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EU backs financing for greener homes and businesses in North Macedonia Macedonia 15h
Lithuania to renovate private residential buildings and cut emissions with EU help Lithuania 16h
AEJ President’s open letter on Pegasus scandal Greece 5d
Issue 1397: Afghanistan and the Great Powers (Digital Edition) Afghanistan 5d
Pegasus and the threat of cyberweapons in the age of smartphones India Greece 5d
Eriell focuses on Uzbekistan and Russia, eyes Gulf region Russia Uzbekistan 5d
Afghanistan and the Great Powers Afghanistan 6d
EU Cybersecurity Agency says hackers target supplier's code 6d
EU plans climate-proof future infrastructure projects 6d
Ice station Arctic: Rosatom weighs underwater impact for nuke facilities Russia 6d
EU warns Turkish exporters of potential steep extra costs under new carbon rules Turkey 1w
Are Erdogan's ambitions for a new Ottoman Empire becoming too big for NATO? Turkey Ottoman Empire 1w
Cameroon's greatest star: Interview with retired football legend Samuel Eto’o Qatar Cameroon 1w
EU invests €122 million in low-carbon projects Iceland Norway 1w
France has a military generals problem: Why there’s a fray in civilian-military relations US France 1w
France has a generals problem: Why there’s a fray in civilian-military relations US France 1w
French scheme to support electricity production from renewables gets EU nod France 1w
Why we need 'a new way' 5d
Issue 1396: EU to counter cyber threats (Digital Edition) 1w

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EU to counter cyber threats Czech Republic 1w
Italy’s ENI and Kenya’s government to promote decarbonization Kenya Italy 1w
Ukraine to boost low-carbon hydrogen development with EU help Ukraine 1w
Germany bypasses EU, makes Nord Stream 2 deal with US US Russia Germany Ukraine 1w
Pegasus scandal involves over 10 countries and targets thousands via smartphones Hungary 1w
Erdogan’s visit to the Turkish-occupied northern district of Cyprus Turkey Cyprus 1w
Preparing for extreme weather events before disaster strikes 1w
Advances in genetic tests allow pregnant women to make informed healthcare decisions UK England 1w
If Europe is serious about fighting antisemitism, it must skip Durban 20 South Africa 1w
The EU's climate package is sporty, but isn't fit enough 1w
Revised OPEC+ deal very favourable for Russia Russia Saudi Arabia 1w
Going Dom(e): An Israeli ticket home for Ukraine Israel Russia Ukraine 2w
Afghanistan: No peace without a clear vision Afghanistan 2w
US condemns Erdogan, Tatar move to transfer Varosha to Turkish Cypriot rule US Turkey Cyprus 2w
To sanction or not? Will Ukraine’s National Security Council act? Ukraine 2w
African universities face greatest-ever challenge to educate future digital revolution leaders 2w
Making sense of the Italy-UAE rift Italy UAE 2w
Brexit triggers UK interest in Cypriot financial sector UK Cyprus 2w
The new treaty that could transform Germany’s gambling industry Germany 2w
America is on fire, but the country would rather squabble over critical race theory US 2w
Issue 1395: EU climate policy to boost energy security (Digital Edition) 2w
EU to protect and restore forests 2w
EU climate policy to boost energy security Czech Republic 2w
Interview with Oliver Stone US France 2w
New value challenges for an era of confidence 2w
When the “New Middle East" meets the “New Europe" UAE United Arab Emirates 2w
EU foreign policy must stop alienating our trading partners 2w
EU’s Fit for 55 green scheme gamechanger for renewables 2w
EU’s 'Fit for 55' green scheme is a gamechanger for renewables 2w
Is Armenia heading towards a collision with the West? Iran Armenia 2w
From Vienna to Tripoli, the Muslim Brotherhood’s impact is felt on both sides of the Mediterran... Austria 2w