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Argentinian submarine wreck found a year after going missing with 44 crew members on board Argentina 34m
Donald Trump accused of 'sending a message' by honouring Elvis Presley 2h
CIA concludes Saudi crown prince 'ordered Jamal Khashoggi murder' US Saudi Arabia 8h
The path just cleared for a prominent Trump supporter to become head of the Senate Judiciary Co... 10h
Trump says he ‘just finished, very easily’ answering questions in Russia probe Russia 12h
Trump gets Elvis catchphrase wrong and praises Judge Scalia for how much sex he had in medal ce... US 13h
Betsy DeVos proposes new rules for US campuses that 'could help shield rapists' US 14h
Selfie saves man from life in prison after ex-girlfriend’s false attack accusation 15h
Nancy Pelosi allies ready to battle Democrats opposing her bid to become Speaker 15h
Indonesian teacher sentenced to six months in prison after documenting sexual harassment Indonesia 16h
Camel spotted on highway during Pennsylvania snow storm 16h
Man accused of murdering and eating ex-girlfriend ruled competent to stand trial 16h
How the Velvet Revolution achieved a bloodless end to Communist rule in Czechoslovakia 16h
6 things we've learnt so far from the dramatic 'El Chapo' trial so far 17h
Some of the world's worst polluters have plans that would push global temperature rises above 5... 17h
Journalist's 'creep shot' photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sparks major backlash online 17h
Brazil’s foreign minister says climate change is a 'Marxist plot' Brazil 17h
In Icelandic prisons, the cells are open and inmates do the weekly food shop Iceland 11h
‘Sultan of Coins’ executed as Iran violates human rights to placate anger over economy and corr... Iran 17h

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US might lose war against China or Russia, report to Congress says China US Russia 18h
Danish website bans Nazi Christmas decorations because they ‘may seem offensive’ Denmark 18h
Rare and valuable animal skeletons from 1880 stolen 18h
UN removes experts from Hungary after they are 'illegally denied access to migrant camp' Hungary 18h
Pressure piles on Netanyahu as key coalition partner reportedly calls for early elections 19h
‘No question’ of further Brexit negotiations, says Angela Merkel 19h
Hundreds of mourners hold a burial ceremony for Jamal Khashoggi without his body 19h
Trump's new attorney general 'says Mueller investigation will continue' Russia 20h
Scientist on hike discovers organism so unusual it sits on new 'major branch' of tree of life 21h
Man walks into police station and says he wants to be arrested for child porn possession 21h
Father 'drowned autistic sons to claim insurance money' 21h
Easter Island demands British Museum return 'Moai' statue 22h
Clashes feared in India as women prepare to enter temple of 'celibate' god for the first time India 22h
Myanmar detains over 100 Rohingya refugees in boat off coast Myanmar 22h
Woman hospitalised after she is swallowed by sinkhole in China China 22h
White suspect charged with hate crimes over killing of two black grandparents 23h
Cyclone Gaja hits southern India killing at least 20 after 80,000 evacuated India 23h
Neo-Nazi online harassment is not protected by free speech laws, US judge rules US 23h
Rome mayor to rename streets that honour infamous fascists 1d
Trump's military Space Force will cost ‘less than $5bn’ Pentagon official says 1d
Japan Airlines pilots failed alcohol breathalyser tests 19 times, report claims 1d
Trump forced to give White House press pass back to Jim Acosta after intern incident 19h
This is how Europe's newspapers reacted to Britain's 'Brexit bedlam' UK 1d
Republican senator says it's a 'great idea' to make it harder 'for liberal folks to vote' 1d
Number of people missing after California wildfires leaps to 631 1d
Audience panics as man shouts ‘Heil Hitler, Heil Trump’ at Fiddler on the Roof show 1d
More than 40 people killed after bus catches fire in Zimbabwe Zimbabwe 1d
Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of genocide and war crimes in historic ruling Cambodia Vietnam 1d
Julian Assange has been charged in US, prosecutors accidentally reveal US 1d
North Korea tests mysterious new 'high-tech tactical weapon' North Korea 1d
John Lennon's killer Mark Chapman feels 'more and more shame' every year 1d