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Chances of Trump running in 2020 election ‘diminishing every day’ 13m
Live updates as Trump makes 'major announcement' on US government shutdown US 28m
Man arrested on suspicion of grooming children through Fortnite game 10h
If you thought Trump's first two years were crazy, then buckle up 11h
Michael Cohen seen clutching pillow with arm in sling as reports say Trump ordered him to lie t... Russia 12h
Mass animal deaths and roads melting as temperatures reach record high in Australia Australia 12h
Canadian among six suspects in court over Nairobi hotel attack Canada 13h
Canadian among six suspects in court over Nairobi hotel attack Canada 13h
Everything Donald Trump has ever said about Vladimir Putin Russia 14h
What is the Michael Cohen scandal and how does it impact Donald Trump? 14h
Robert Mueller disputes report claiming Trump told Michael Cohen to lie to congress 9h
White House confirms next Trump-Kim summit 15h
White House confirms next Trump-Kim summit 15h
Asylum seekers pay high price for basic food at detention centres 16h
Former Chicago police officer jailed for murder of black teenager Laquan McDonald 11h
Trump 'tried to cut off' disaster relief money for Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria 16h
Promises made, promises abandoned: Where Trump’s campaign vows stand two years after inaugurati... 16h
Mueller probe has dogged Trump's first two years in office and it should dominate the next two 16h
El Chapo's mistress describes his 'naked escape from authorities' as wife 'cackles' in courtroo... Mexico 16h

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Austrian soldiers find a genius way to clear snow from roofs UK Austria 16h
Swedish centre-left government formed after four-months of political deadlock Sweden 17h
Trump to meet with North Korean envoy in the Oval Office North Korea 17h
Drilling machines help frantic search for trapped Spanish toddler days after he fell down well Spain 17h
Woman refused abortion by Dublin hospital despite Ireland introducing new law Ireland 17h
Watch as Los Angeles air crew rescues person caught in rising river 17h
Mike Pence, under pressure over wife’s job at school banning LGBT students, calls criticism ‘de... US 17h
Elephant, hippo and stingray parts sold ‘illegally' at US trophy-hunters' convention US 18h
Japan launches asteroid-creating satellite Japan 19h
US Senate revives bill to sanction China over treatment of Uighur Muslims China US 19h
Germany’s chancellor-in-waiting appeals to British public to think again and scrap Brexit Germany UK 19h
British government accused of misleading public over arms sales to human rights abusers UK 19h
Sudan police officers shoot at people mourning man killed during anti-government protests, witn... Sudan 20h
Watch Martin Luther King's iconic 'I Have A Dream' speech 90 years after his birth 20h
Trump quotes right-wing newspaper's anonymous source to make unsubstantiated claim about 'praye... 21h
Just four convictions for 1.2 million sexist insults targeted at women in France in 2017 France 21h
Divers capture close encounter with great white shark thought to be one of world's largest 21h
Chinese police officer dies after 24-hour shift China 21h
FBI officials fear government shutdown is harming investigations 21h
US Navy chief hints aircraft carrier could be sent through Taiwan Strait, despite threat of new... China Taiwan 22h
Attempt to turn Bulgarian national park into ski resort defeated in court Bulgaria 22h
Zimbabwe forces ‘total internet shutdown’ amid violent crackdown Zimbabwe 22h
Chinese police ordered to focus on quashing popular uprisings and 'maintaining social control' China 22h
Republican congressman apologises for shouting ‘go back to Puerto Rico’ 23h
Trump administration considered denying children legal right to asylum hearings, document revea... 23h
Trump promises defence system to shoot down missiles ‘anywhere, anytime’ 1d
Barcelona’s ‘alternative community’ rallies round to shelter refugees 1d
Trump told to ‘resign or be impeached’ if reports he instructed attorney Cohen to lie to congre... 1d
President Trump accused of pressuring ex-lawyer Cohen into lying to Congress on Russia - follow... Russia 1d
Women 'snatched from cafes and tortured in secret prisons' in Yemen Yemen 1d
Trump ordered lawyer Michael Cohen to lie to Congress over Moscow tower deal, explosive report... 1d