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Two years of war in Ukraine: Russia’s invasion in numbers 7m
Watch: Zelensky blasts Tucker Carlson’s interview with ‘killer’ Putin 17m
Watch live: View of Kyiv as Ukraine marks second anniversary of Russian invasion 1h
US targets Putin’s war machine with 600 new sanctions - follow live 1h
Woman killed during a celebration of Chiefs’ Super Bowl win to be remembered at funeral 3h
Suspect named and charged with murder of Laken Riley on University of Georgia campus 8h
LA socialite convicted of murder for killing two young boys in hit and run incident 8h
NCAA president says Congress must act to preserve sports at colleges that can't pay athletes 8h
Magician claims consultant for Dean Phillips paid him to create fake Biden audio 8h
Trump officially owes $455m plus $112,000 in daily interest in final fraud ruling 8h
Convicted killer sentenced to death for a third time over child murders 8h
CPAC becomes the Trump veepstakes 9h
What to expect from Trump’s CPAC speech 9h
New York jury orders former NRA head Wayne LaPierre to pay $5m 9h
Moment Fox News takes Trump off air to fact-check South Carolina speech 9h
Matt Gaetz claims he’s always ‘screaming’ about ethics despite sex misconduct probe 10h
Lifetime's Wendy Williams documentary will air this weekend after effort to block broadcast fai... 10h
Girl Scouts threaten to sue troop over Gaza fundraiser 10h
Nikki Haley calls Congress ‘most privileged nursing home in the country’ 11h

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Woman suing Texas over abortion ban plans to move frozen embryos out of state 11h
NOT REAL NEWS: A look at what didn't happen this week 11h
‘Lucky’ the horse lives up to name as LA firefighters rescue her from sinkhole 11h
Man convicted of murdering two Native Alaska women and filming it 11h
US military tracking high-altitude balloon flying over Western US, says report 11h
West Virginia’s last Hooters is being torn down. Locals are holding a candlelit vigil 11h
Trump PAC referred for prosecution by Wisconsin ethics committee 12h
Rhinestone hats, ‘woke tears’ in a bottle, and Jan 6 pinball: Wild MAGA merch at CPAC 12h
Stephen Miller claims Democrats ‘changed the law’ to go after Trump 12h
Ukraine warns the West will fight Russia next if the war is lost 13h
Trump demands ‘immediate solution’ to protect IVF in Alabama 13h
Netanyahu presents Israel’s first official post-Gaza war plan 13h
Live: UN Security Council meets to mark second anniversary of Russia invading Ukraine 13h
Alaska Airlines passenger accused of mid-air pen shank attack 13h
Navalny’s mother given hours to agree to secret burial, allies of Putin critic say 13h
‘We warned you’: LGBTQ activists blame anti-trans legislation for Nex Benedict death 13h
Alaska Airlines passenger accused of mid-air pen shank attack 13h
Far-right speaker calls for ‘end of democracy’ at CPAC as Republicans downplay Jan 6 13h
Watch live: Nikki Haley continues South Carolina campaign as primary draws nearer 14h
Lawmaker says Libs of TikTok has blood on their hands over Nex Benedict death 14h
Meghan McCain eviscerates Kari Lake over attacks on father: ‘NO PEACE, B****!’ 14h
Kimmel ridicules ‘Our worst and dimmest’ at CPAC 14h
Person of interest being questioned in murder of Laken Riley 14h
Alabama couple who spent $50,000 on IVF speak out on controversial pause 14h
More than 50 obstetricians have stopped practising in Idaho since abortion ban 14h
Teen charged with homicide of vigilante paedophile hunter ‘Boopac Shakur’ 14h
Ukrainian panel discuss two years of war with Russia 14h
Colorado Springs dorm shooting suspect had ‘fully-loaded AK47’, court told 14h
Audrii Cunningham cause of death revealed after family friend charged with murder 15h
Trump lashes out at ‘loser’ Jimmy Kimmel over relentless jokes at his expense 15h
World’s tallest man and shortest woman finally reunite 15h