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Punishing Russia could ‘threaten humanity,’ says Putin’s predecessor – follow live 43m
Ex-'Cheer' star Harris gets 12 years for seeking photos, sex 2h
Sadness and defiance as Mississippi’s only abortion clinic closes 4h
Elon Musk secretly fathered twins with Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis: report 4h
Elon Musk secretly fathered twins with Neuralink executive Shivon Zilis: report 4h
FBI chief and deputy targeted by Trump both underwent rare intensive IRS audits 4h
Georgia Guidestones: ‘America’s Stonehenge’ bulldozed after bomb attack 5h
Georgia's Brian Kemp raises $3.8M for reelection bid 4h
Black Wall Street Chamber of Commerce president found dead in Oklahoma home 5h
Democrats press Joe Biden to pardon Americans for nonviolent cannabis offences 5h
Georgia Guidestones monument critics dub ‘satanic’ levelled after bomb attack - live 5h
CCTV captures Georgia Guidestones being blown up 6h
How the Georgia Guidestones became a ‘demonic’ conservative obsession 6h
How was Robert Crimo able to legally buy guns after he threatened to kill his family? 5h
Georgia monument that some called satanic damaged by bomb 6h
Biden under fire for letting 5 million barrels of oil go overseas as US prices surge 6h
Biden’s communications director Kate Bedingfield is leaving the White House 5h
What are the Georgia Guidestones and where did they come from? 5h
Toddler orphaned after father shielded him during Highland Park shooting - live 6h

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Biden jokes ‘unfortunately that’s probably Trump calling me’ as phone goes off 5h
Mass shooting in Virginia’s capital thwarted on July 4th after tip-off 4h
Who are the victims of the Highland Park mass shooting? 4h
Helicopter crash causes power outage in Washington state 3h
Reagan shooter John Hinckley Jr: ‘There are too many guns in America’ 3h
Uvalde students ‘could have been saved’ if officer was allowed to shoot, report finds 3h
Iran media: Revolutionary Guard accuses diplomats of spying 3h
Man accused of fatally shooting Lyft driver to steal car and go to family gathering 3h
State senator defends twerking in video highlighting record and support from voters 3h
Last surviving member of ‘Band of Brothers’ dies aged 97 3h
More than $2m raised in hours for boy orphaned in Highland Park shooting 3h
China poses far bigger threat to West than Russia say MI5 and FBI 2h
Robert Crimo makes first court appearance over Highland Park shooting 2h
Ukrainian MP calls on Boris Johnson successor to ‘do more’ for Kyiv 2h
Dad used his body to shield 2-year-old son left orphaned from Highland Park shooting 2h
Grandfather becomes seventh named victim of Highland Park July 4 shooting 1h
Robert Crimo planned a second shooting in Wisconsin, say police 1h
San Francisco couple banned from parking at own home of 36 years 1h
Robert Crimo given public defender after parents hire attorney who represents R Kelly 1h
Trucker convoy leader arrested along National Mall in Washington DC 1h
Highland Park suspect’s mother confronted SWAT team in hours after deadly attack 9h
The $2.9m startup trying to become the LinkedIn for formerly incarcerated people 1h
Biden calls Brittney Griner’s wife after she attacked him for not helping WNBA star 58m
Arise, ye workers: The Knights of Medieval Times embark on a noble quest to unionise 53m
The largest abortion provider in Texas will close its clinics and move to New Mexico 38m
Ex-Trump White House counsel Pat Cipollone to testify before January 6 committee 33m
Biden tells with Griner's wife he's working to get her home 28m
Georgia student suffers stroke and brain damage at routine chiropractor visit 23m
Democrats frustrated by party's response to abortion ruling 17m
Australia flooding: Stranded cargo ship saved before ‘environmental disaster’ 13m
Relatives and detectives share theories on mystery of Alcatraz’s three missing men 18h