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US sanctions Chinese company, big buyer of Iranian oil  China US Iran 18m
Gender-selective abortion? No girls born in 3 months across 132 Indian villages India 33m
Black helicopters over DC? Pentagon accidentally reveals ‘classified’ domestic Black Hawk missi... 48m
UK calls for EU-led armada in Persian Gulf over tanker tensions with Iran Iran UK 53m
Venezuela’s information minister blames nationwide blackout on ‘electromagnetic attack’ Venezuela 1h
‘Big victory’? Trump & Democrats agree to offload US debt issue on next president & future Amer... US 1h
NASA’s legendary flight director Christopher Kraft dies aged 95 US 2h
Widespread power outage hits Venezuela Venezuela 2h
India to buy Russian rocket engines for its space program India Russia 3h
French MPs call for boycott of address by environmentalist ‘apocalyptic guru’ Greta Thunberg France Sweden 3h
It’s BlaBlaCar, not BlaBlaTrain! Locomotive driver suspended for selling rides to carpool app u... 4h
Iranian TV shows video of detained crew on seized British tanker Iran UK 4h
Ronaldo rape charges dropped US 4h
Nice try, wrong missile: US botches propaganda video accusing Russia of INF violation US Russia 4h
‘No such request made’: India DENIES Trump was asked to mediate Kashmir crisis India US Pakistan 4h
Largest protest in Puerto Rico’s history calls for resignation of beleaguered governor 5h
'Jon Jones slapped my p*ssy' – new claims emerge from UFC star’s strip club accuser 6h
‘This is slander’: China says US criticism over South China Sea prevents resolution of disputes China US 6h
Post-apocalypse US: Russian fan turns iconic ‘Electric State’ comic into movie before Hollywood US Russia Sweden 6h

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Forget the howls of injustice, Real Madrid are RIGHT to dump injury-prone misfit Bale France 7h
As Mueller’s ‘book’ becomes a live show from The Hill, is America sick of ‘Russiagate’? US 7h
Russian boxer Dadashev showing 'severe signs of brain damage', in coma after 11th round TKO Russia 7h
‘I don’t want to kill 10 million people’: Trump says he could win Afghanistan war in 10 days US Pakistan Afghanistan 7h
Ivanka Trump gets dog-piled by liberals for gifting her daughter a white pooch 8h
Satanic ‘666’ graffiti sprayed on dozens of graves in Danish cemetery Denmark 8h
PM Hun Sen denies allowing China naval base in Cambodia China Cambodia 8h
Aussie swimmer Mack Horton warned after China podium snub China South Korea Australia 9h
Turkish designer unveils badge of his country’s 1st S-400 squadron US Turkey 9h
‘Missed you guys’: John McAfee reemerges after ‘going dark’ following ‘CIA encounter’ 9h
'He's a normal dad!' Youngster enjoys dream beach kickabout with Messi after holiday meeting UK 9h
‘No sorties in the area’: Moscow says reports on deadly Idlib airstrike are ‘fake’ Russia UK Syria 10h
Hell freezes over? New York Times wants closer relationship with Russia, congratulates Trump China Russia 10h
French medics outraged as nurse denied citizenship for working too much France 10h
Turkey may launch military op in N. Syria ‘if safe zone not established’ – FM Syria Turkey 10h
Hype over Russian pic editor FaceApp generates $1 million in 10 days – report Russia 10h
Britain to send 250 troops to Mali for peacekeeping operations – ministry UK Mali 8h
China slaps anti-dumping duty on stainless steel from EU, Indonesia, Japan, and S Korea China South Korea Japan Indonesia 10h
French submarine that disappeared with 52 sailors on board in 1968 found France 10h
Tory MP charged with sexual assault against two women 10h
‘Not a threat or a bluff’: Turkey promises tit-for-tat response if US imposes sanctions over S-... US Russia Turkey 11h
Missing Moscow link? Anonymous MI6 sources blame Russia for Iran seizing BRITISH ship Iran Russia UK 11h
European ministers seeking accord on migrant issue at Paris meeting 8h
Covering herself in glory! Russian pole vaulter celebrates with blanket instead of flag Russia Sweden 11h
Sandbags! Russian Beach Rugby Champs match between Dagestan & Moscow ends in mass brawl Russia 11h
Pompeo shrugs off Iran’s claim that it has busted a CIA spy ring US Iran 11h
'Zero truth': Trump says Iran's claim it captured CIA spies is 'totally false' Iran 11h
‘Deal of the century’ is US plot that uses money to destroy Palestinian identity – Iran’s Khame... US Iran Palestine 12h
Chinese Speed: RT doc looks at China’s high-speed rail breakthrough China 12h
‘Definitely not in any trouble’: UFC champ Jon Jones fires back at strip club battery claims 12h
Iran won’t give up on Palestine, supreme leader tells Hamas delegation Iran Palestine 10h