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French PM says ‘very difficult days ahead’ as Covid-19 ‘sweeps over’ country France 1d
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson tests POSITIVE for Covid-19 infection UK 1d
Iran records 144 new Covid-19 deaths as military sets up emergency 2,000-bed hospital in Tehran Iran 1d
Six months in jail for standing too close to strangers? Countries worldwide roll out draconian... Singapore 1d
Spain's Covid-19 death toll SPIKES again as 769 die in new single day record Spain 1d
Sinking global economy & cheap crude take big bite out of Russia’s forex reserves Russia 1d
Orban imposes 2-week lockdown, expects coronavirus peak in Hungary by July Hungary 1d
UFC fans have field day after Jon Jones urges people ‘not to screw up’ in coronavirus message…... 1d
Indonesian volcano Mount Merapi spews massive ash in 2nd major eruption this month Indonesia 1d
Vietnam aims to keep number of Covid-19 cases under 1,000 – govt Vietnam 1d
Washington cancels major Philippines maneuvers Philippines US 1d
Israel to deploy army to help enforce Covid-19 lockdown Israel 1d
‘Are those who bomb towns going to accuse us of terrorism?’ Maduro rips US over ‘narco-terroris... US Venezuela 1d
Russia records third coronavirus patient death as number infected surpasses 1,000 Russia 1d
‘Enjoy cherry blossoms next year,’ Tokyo governor says as 40 new coronavirus cases reported Japan 1d
European stocks sink as spread of coronavirus explodes across continent 1d
France trying to repatriate 30,000 of its nationals – FM France 1d
Great Depression 2.0? US may be headed for HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT EVER US 1d
China registers first local Covid-19 infection in 3 days as Beijing curbs international travel... China 1d

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Germany’s Covid-19 cases jump by 5,700+ in a single day with death toll up by 55 Germany 1d
Trump signs TAIPEI Act, threatening ‘consequences’ for nations that fail to toe US line on Taiw... US Taiwan 1d
‘I read same reports as you’: US State Dept accuses China of putting conditions on Covid-19 aid... China 1d
2 Florida poll workers test positive for coronavirus, elections office urges in-person voters t... 1d
Rocket lands near Baghdad’s Green Zone, US helicopters scrambled – reports US 1d
European solidarity? Germany offers to take in a few dozen of Italy’s 80,000+ Covid-19 patients... Germany Italy 1d
‘Models don’t match reality’: White House coronavirus chief rejects doomsday predictions as US... China US 1d
US overtakes China as country with highest number of confirmed Covid-19 cases – Johns Hopkins U... China US 1d
‘New way of staging a coup’: Venezuelan FM blasts US for narco-terrorism charges against Maduro US Venezuela 1d
Fear triggered by coronavirus hype may kill its victims faster than the pandemic Italy 1d
‘Too timid’: Italy rejects EU economic proposal, says it doesn’t go far enough as coronavirus d... Italy 1d
Better dead than vegan: The foods panic buyers ignore even during a viral pandemic 1d
‘Unnecessary & damaging’: Canada strongly opposes US deployment of troops near border US Canada 1d
Hard pass on the Noriega remix? US narcotrafficking charges against Maduro straight out of Pana... US Venezuela Panama 1d
Covid-19 cases jump by almost 4,000 in ONE DAY in France, with 365 more deaths France 1d
‘We have no savings!’ Tennis players launch petition asking for financial help during coronavir... 1d
Number of confirmed Covid-19 cases SURPASSES 500,000 globally – Johns Hopkins University US 1d
Putin to G20: ‘Green corridors’ of sanctions-free trade needed during Covid-19 crisis Russia 1d
UFC champion Jon 'Bones' Jones arrested for alleged DWI and negligent use of a firearm – report... 1d
‘Sick and wrong on so many levels’: Irish broadcaster lambasted for ‘Operation Covid Nation’ sh... Ireland 1d
‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’: UK hospital staff shows solidarity with colleagues battling Covid-19... UK 1d
Gantz elected Israel’s parliament speaker, moves closer to unity govt with Netanyahu Israel 1d
US State Dept offers $15 MILLION REWARD for help arresting Venezuela's Maduro after indictments US Venezuela 1d
Artem Lobov calls for UFC Dublin return against Zubaira Tukhugov – and says he'll give ALL his... Russia 1d
China bars foreigners from entry amid Covid-19 pandemic – Foreign Ministry China 1d
DISPERSE! Russian memes teach importance of social distancing using high art Russia UK 1d
'If not for the seatbelt, I would have been thrown from the car: New York Rangers star Pavel Bu... 1d
'I must confess, I don't believe!' Britney Spears claims to break 100m world record, anti-femin... 1d
EU to launch new Libya sea patrols in Mediterranean from April, diplomats say 1d
Washington brings NARCO-TERRORISM charges against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro US Venezuela Panama 1d
Capitalizing on the sick & dying: RT’s Keiser Report explores what’s wrong with the US healthca... US 1d