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British police take heat over women & minorities recruitment ad UK 17m
‘Toxic atmosphere’: Audience reveals BBC bias against Labour’s Diane Abbott 27m
Real ladies don’t lick ice cream, Istanbul municipality says in etiquette course Turkey 1h
Super Blood Wolf Moon: Your essential guide to rare lunar event 2h
America: The world’s… 25th greatest democracy? Redacted Tonight reviews jaw-dropping report US Chile 2h
Twitter pillories BuzzFeed after Mueller team dismisses 'bombshell' on Cohen & Trump 3h
Lords of war: US weapons factories dominate global arms trade US 5h
Mueller shoots down BuzzFeed's latest 'Russiagate' scoop with a rare dismissal 5h
March for Life declares victory as media downplay it despite VP visit 6h
US attorneys say criminals may be roaming free as gov't shutdown slows investigations US 6h
Pipeline explosion kills 20, burns 50+ in central Mexico Mexico 7h
'Prove that WALLS WORK!' Trump fundraiser aims to flood Dems' offices with fake BRICKS 7h
Chicago cop who shot black teen Laquan McDonald 16 times sentenced to nearly 7 years 8h
'Mistreated in prison, family kept in the dark' – ex-colleague of detained Iranian journalist t... US Iran 8h
Democrats claims ‘Russians’ tried to hack them after 2018 midterms Russia 10h
Record 376 migrants TUNNEL into US to turn themselves in US 11h
Fortnite used to lure minor into sex, child pornography 11h
Fake news: US Army retracts tale of soldier saving a life with pen & hoodie 11h
What evidence? BuzzFeed fuels ‘Russiagate’ with bombshell report on Trump and Cohen 13h

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‘He says it's a mistake’: Lawyer for US ‘spy’ detained in Russia says client ‘upbeat, confident... US Russia 13h
Russia warns US against arms race on Earth & space after missile defense plans revealed US Russia 14h
Second Trump-Kim summit planned in February – White House US North Korea 15h
Washington Post columnist compares Putin-supporting American Jews to Stalinists US 15h
'The worst belt I've ever seen': UFC trolled on social media over new world championship strap 16h
Media & paramedics among 30 wounded at March of Return protest in Gaza Israel 16h
Anti-vax movement among TOP THREATS to global health, with HIV & Ebola, WHO says 17h
Apophis asteroid could strike Earth in 2068, warn Russian scientists Russia 17h
Yellow Vests ‘the consequence of the corporate world taking over’ – Kusturica to RT France Servia 17h
‘I’m just Theresa, I need your sympathy’: Gollum actor returns to take down PM May over Brexit UK 17h
Twitter admits Android users’ ‘protected’ tweets were left exposed for 4 years 17h
'Summer is happening’: Scientists reveal key new insights into Saturn’s moon Titan Poland 17h
‘Same bull. Same bully’: Iranian FM trolls Bolton with #10YearChallenge tweet US Iran 17h
Data hog: Surgery performed on pig via 5G some 30 miles away China 18h
Man sets himself on fire at Prague square, 50 years after student died in anti-Soviet protest 18h
The Violence Queen: Meet Ariane Lipski, the UFC's newest female MMA star 18h
#ICYMI: Huawei to go: West worries that China’s taking market share in phones and spies China 18h
EU countries could snub US-Mideast meeting in Poland over Iran concerns – report US Iran Poland 18h
British elite reap benefits of Saudi-led war on Yemen – hunger striking labour cllr to RT UK Yemen 19h
Reinforcing northern flank: Russian Arctic troops to get first Pantsir-SA air defense system in... Russia 19h
Newly-elected Omar draws accusations of ‘unbelievable’ bigotry and anti-Semitism 19h
Moscow’s pick of new envoy to conflict-ridden CAR is ‘good choice’ – ex-diplomat to RT Central African Republic 19h
Armed police arrest man with large sword at English train station (VIDEO, PHOTOS) UK England 19h
Car flies through the air, smashes into 2 homes in shocking CCTV footage 19h
Watch Russian figure skating star Medvedeva dodging kiss from intrusive fan Russia 20h
‘No more talks’: Theresa May shuts door on opposition parties, as Brexit descends further into... UK 20h
Spain govt to improve conditions at migrant centers Spain 18h
Italian extreme runner’s documentary crew stranded after vehicle succumbs to -60°C Russian cold Russia Italy 20h
'We were both very relieved': Rachael Ostovich reveals hotel chat with Greg Hardy at UFC Brookl... 21h
Knife attack in Norway probed as ‘terror related’, suspect arrested – police Norway 21h
Tesla to sack over 3,000 workers amid poor profits and Model 3 production challenges 21h