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Russian defense chief inspects troops that took Avdeevka 36m
China lashes out at ‘agent of trouble’ NATO 36m
Ukraine ready to go to war with China if US asks – MP 2h
Houthi attacks foiled – US military 3h
Former head of US gun rights group fined $4 million 4h
EU punishes Chinese companies 4h
Zelensky said Ukraine will ‘lose war’ without US aid – Senate leader 6h
Ukraine makes threat to EU member state 8h
No such thing as ‘occupied Ukrainian territories’ – Russia’s UN envoy 10h
Germany legalizes recreational cannabis 12h
Israeli Foreign Minister faces Brazilian backlash over AI image 12h
Fyodor Lukyanov: Does Russia want Donald Trump to win? 12h
Hungary blocks joint EU statement on Ukraine anniversary – media 13h
Obama’s daughter reveals new name 13h
US rate hikes cut both ways: Why what used to cause the classic emerging-market crisis now seem... 14h
VICE shuts down website and lays off ‘hundreds’ of staff 15h
France split over Ukraine’s EU bid – poll 16h
US announces new Russia sanctions, longest blacklist on record 16h
Former Democrat endorses Trump for US president 17h

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NATO has allowed Ukraine to attack Russia with F-16s – Stoltenberg  17h
Thousands of Ukrainians homeless in UK – government 18h
Russia is a power with ‘enormous tradition of statecraft’ – New Delhi  18h
Russia’s Olympic appeal rejected 18h
‘A massive project with great promise’: Phoenix team leader Shishkin on Games of the Future and... 18h
China promises payback for UK sanctions 19h
EU state provided forged documents to murdered Russian traitor – media 19h
Putin marks major Russian military holiday 20h
Zelensky promises ‘new counteroffensive’ 20h
Latvian federation bans hockey players for participating in Games of the Future 20h
India orders BrahMos cruise missiles worth $2.3bn 22h
‘Day After Hamas’ plan unveiled by Netanyahu 22h
EU imposes new sanctions on Russia 22h
Rodents damage West’s hardware in Ukraine – Le Figaro 22h
Russia seizes more than $1 billion from German firm 23h
Russia was ‘right’ to oppose weapons transfer to US – Ecuador 1d
Kiev’s allies should hold ‘discreet’ talks with Moscow – Ukrainian ambassador 1d
Zelenksy ‘cannot understand’ how Trump could solve Ukraine conflict 1d
Boeing lauds 737 Max as ‘the safest airplane’ 1d
China reacts to US visit to Taiwan 1d
Most Japanese companies stayed in Russia – survey 1d
Biden threatens Putin with ‘major sanctions’ over Navalny’s death 1d
Key members back Mark Rutte as future NATO chief 1d
New Delhi urges protesting farmers to negotiate 1d
US performs first Moon landing since 1972 1d
Armenia ‘suspended’ security pact with Russia – PM 1d
Maxim Yusin: Here’s why Polish-Ukrainian relations are turning ugly 1d
NASA head hopes for peace in space with Russia 1d
Ukraine’s EU bid stalled ‘until summer’ – Brussels 1d
‘Racist’ Google AI suspended after historic failure 1d
Mouth of mass distraction: How Lindsey Graham earned his ‘sponsor of terrorism’ designation 1d