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Chilean riot police knock down & drag elderly protester in brutal arrest amid massive anti-neol... Chile 37m
Killing of Islamic Jihad leader & clashes with Gaza come amid Israel’s inner political war Israel 1h
Marco Rubio blames ‘Putin’s disinformation’ for coverage of Bolivia coup that he doesn’t like US Russia Bolivia 1h
Canada’s identity crisis: Wokeness clashes with WWI remembrance in Don Cherry scandal Canada 1h
Virtue-signalling or vehicular sense? Netherlands to lower speed limits to cut emissions - repo... Netherlands 1h
Impeachment whistleblower may have illegally solicited foreign donations, says NEW WHISTLEBLOWE... 2h
‘Dictators? It’s OK’: Trump trolls critics touting his ability to work with anybody if it benef... US 3h
French police close beaches & set up patrols as cocaine packages keep washing ashore France 3h
Battleground Hong Kong: Rioters armed with catapults & javelins destroy university campuses & m... 4h
China & Russia’s ‘worst nightmare’? National Interest piece fantasizing sale of US nuke subs to... China US Russia 4h
Ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales thanks Mexico for saving HIS LIFE, pledges to carry on fi... Mexico Bolivia 5h
Wait, what? Campus newspaper apologizes for DOING JOURNALISM, calls protest coverage ‘retraumat... US 6h
‘Bird of the Year’ flap: More Russian meddling in wildlife contest? Russia New Zealand 6h
Evo’s odyssey: Morales endures banned airspace, unplanned pit stop during flight to political a... Mexico Bolivia 6h
Competition for Moscow? UK election meddling accusations spread from Russia, to India…to Hillar... India Russia UK 6h
Yesterday's 'double champ': 3 yrs on from Conor McGregor's signature victory, it remains his mo... 6h
Leaders address global challenges at Paris Peace Forum in absence of US US France 6h
French riot police join Catalan cops harshly DRAGGING independence protesters blocking border c... France Catalonia 7h
9yo child admits to arson as dozens of WILDFIRES ravage southeast Australia (VIDEOS, PHOTOS) Australia 7h

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‘Freak accident’: 20-year-old US college gymnast dies of spinal injuries after training fall US 7h
Back on track: Federer rescues ATP Finals hopes with win over Berrettini Italy Switzerland 8h
Europeans failed to fulfill their commitments to Iran nuclear deal – FM Zarif Iran 7h
Mystery as ‘thousands’ of birds found DEAD on shores of Indian lake India 8h
‘Never forget what your enemy looks like’: MPs allow use of swastika to condemn Nazi ideology 8h
‘Typical of her’: Hillary Clinton takes to UK airwaves to warn about, yep, Russia… but not ever... US Russia UK 8h
Trump says US economy ‘BOOMING’, predicts stock market will set another record US 9h
EU pushes Britain to name new commissioner despite Brexit plans UK 7h
‘Supremacist’ India has lost the way of Gandhi – Pakistani FM India Pakistan 9h
Corbyn brands cyber attack as ‘suspicious’ after UK Labour Party’s digital systems targeted dur... 9h
One giant leap for robot-kind? Russian humanoid robots slated for spacewalks & moon missions Russia 9h
Dead on arrival? Disney+ experiences major outage right after launch US 10h
Spain’s Socialists, Podemos sign pact on ‘progressive’ coalition govt Spain 10h
People should ditch dollar, fiat currencies in general & buy gold which is ‘a real safe haven’... 10h
Putin & Xi to launch strategic natural gas pipeline from Russia to China in December China Russia 10h
Ex-pornstar Khalifa quashes pregnancy rumors while moving wedding forward one year 11h
‘Sickening’: UK Labour politician slams rival Lib Dem for suggesting she was partly responsible... UK 11h
Iraqi protesters in southern province block oil company, television station – reports Iraq 9h
Cris and make up: Juventus teammates ‘expect apology’ from Cristiano Ronaldo over substitution... Italy Portugal 11h
Israeli settlement products must be labeled as coming from occupied lands, top EU court rules Israel 11h
MMA fighter Tara LaRosa restrains ‘aggressive’ anti-Trump protester at Veterans Day event US 11h
Beautiful, silvery ‘mouse deer’ rediscovered in Vietnam after no sightings for almost 30yrs Vietnam 12h
China’s gold-backed crypto looming as ‘Pearl Harbor type event’ for US dollar in 2020 – Keiser... China US 12h
Erdogan warns Turkey’s talks with EU may end over Cyprus sanctions Turkey Cyprus 8h
EU demands rapid de-escalation in Gaza to safeguard lives of Palestinian & Israeli civilians Israel Palestine 12h
‘That’s bullsh*t’: Rafael Nadal rages at question about marriage after ATP Finals defeat 13h
Don’t stop retrievin’: Russian construction workers save dog from frozen lake with excavator bu... Russia 13h
China looks to import Russian pork to cover domestic shortages due to African swine fever China Russia 13h
Pakistani pop star Rabi Pirzada, who posed in suicide vest, turns to religion after quitting sh... Pakistan 14h
Dramatic CCTV footage shows packed passenger trains colliding head-on in India India 14h
Here’s how to NOT get banned from WhatsApp 14h