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Salting with the stars: Messi & Pogba sample famous Salt Bae treatment in Dubai Turkey 1m
‘Go find a court for monsters’: Duterte lashes out at ICC ‘idiots’ Philippines 1m
‘There is no god but Allah’: Pilot converts to Islam while flying plane above Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia Brazil 1h
Lee Camp finds out who meddled with US midterms… but it’s not the usual suspects US 1h
Surprise, surprise: Lab-grown mini-kidneys unexpectedly develop brain & muscle cells 1h
Artificial intelligence to contribute $16 trillion to global GDP by 2030 Russia 1h
Argentine military sub San Juan missing for 1 year found deep in Atlantic, military confirms Argentina 4h
Moscow oil refinery catches fire, huge plums of black smoke rise into sky (PHOTO, VIDEO) 5h
Shanghai ‘earthscraper’: World’s 1st underground hotel opens in China inside abandoned quarry China 5h
‘Migrant tsunami’: Tijuana mayor threatens to deport US-bound migrants amid tensions & clashes 5h
EU army: Will it be easy for Europe to get rid of American political diktat? US 5h
US vows to maintain pressure on China amid wide condemnation of protectionism at APEC summit China US 6h
US water suppliers cover up spikes in hormone-disrupting herbicide contamination, report claims US 7h
Bright fireball lights up Texas night sky (VIDEOS) 8h
Navy SEALs and Marines charged in Green Beret’s murder US 8h
‘We’re feeding a monster’: Resigned Israeli defense minister gives last sinister warning about... Israel Lebanon 8h
Death toll in California blaze rises to 71, over 1,000 now listed as missing – sheriff 8h
US college let booze-soaked, tenured ‘predators’ club’ prey on students sexually for YEARS – la... US 9h
‘Government has nukes’: Democrat congressman tells gun owners to disarm, or else 10h

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Too little, too late? Merkel comes to Chemnitz to ease ethnic tensions, but faces mass protest Germany 11h
CIA ‘concludes’ Saudi Crown Prince ordered Khashoggi assassination – report Saudi Arabia Turkey 11h
Mop, one - Gun, zero: Shop assistant uses simple cleaning device to fend off armed robber Russia 12h
Due process or helping rapists? Department of Education slammed for sex assault definition chan... US 12h
Weight of change: Kilogram shakeup confuses netizens 12h
Tajikistan launches first phase of hydro power station dam, set to become world’s largest Tajikistan 13h
Russia successfully performs first Soyuz flight since October malfunction Russia 15h
‘In-house fake news shop’ – Facebook facing new scandal and losing friends 15h
Free speech for CNN, but not for Assange: The media’s double standard 15h
‘Germany can’t accept being treated like an occupied country’ – Ex-Chancellor Schroeder US Germany 16h
Planning of Khashoggi's 'execution' caught on audio , Turkish reporter claims Saudi Arabia Turkey 16h
‘We’ve done everything they asked’: Martial art favored by Khabib battles for IOC recognition Russia 16h
GI Janes: Russian women sue National Guard for not being allowed to serve as snipers Russia 16h
#Romanovs100 wins silver at Clio Entertainment in LA Russia 17h
Trump says he answered questions for Mueller's Russia probe, but hasn't submitted them yet Russia 17h
Trio who ‘lied’ about campaign for homeless that raised $400k face 10 years in jail 17h
15 years of Messi magic: Leo’s best bits in a Barca shirt 17h
‘I don't really remember how it went’: Serena Williams on infamous US Open umpire row US 18h
A cheeky LOT: Airline asks passengers to help pay for plane repairs in order to take off Poland 18h
Pants of rage: Man attacks police officer with his wet trousers Russia 18h
Legendary ‘Russian Knights’ dazzle Bahrain airshow with stunning aerobatics Russia Bahrain 18h
US sanctions on China may escalate to ‘commercial Cold War,’ French minister warns China US France 18h
Steve Barclay named as new Brexit Secretary 18h
Russian ‘cat city’ invites culture-hungry felines barred from Japanese museum Russia Japan 18h
FYI, saying ‘men aren’t women’ now qualifies as ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter Canada 19h
Kiev scheduled shooting contest to mark Maidan protest, where dozens were killed by snipers Ukraine 19h
Female UFC fighter nearly collapses at weigh-in 19h
From China with might: Military expert breaks down technology behind latest Chinese aircraft China 19h
Kremlin ‘disgusted’ by crime boss’ crab & caviar snacks in Russian high-security prison Russia 19h
Judge says White House must immediately return press credentials of CNN’s Jim Acosta 19h
Outrage as members of Merkel party’s youth wing filmed singing ‘Nazi-era’ song Germany 20h