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Tokyo to prioritize severe patients following Suga’s contentious policy shift 5h
Olympic-medal chomp grosses out Japan and riles Toyota Japan 6h
Explosive COVID-19 surge rekindles debate over lockdowns in Japan Japan 6h
COVID-19 tracker: Tokyo reports more than 5,000 new cases for first time 6h
Tokyo Olympic officials report 31 new Games-linked COVID-19 cases Japan 8h
Olympic merchandise selling well as Japan's medal haul grows Japan 9h
Sapporo hopes Tokyo Olympic success will boost 2030 bid 12h
LDP executives considering presidential election on Sept. 29 12h
Japan fully backs appointment of ASEAN special envoy to Myanmar Japan Myanmar 12h
Japan's population drops by record number to 126.65 million amid pandemic Japan 12h
China clampdown sparks a student exodus from Hong Kong schools China 14h
Myanmar envoy alerts U.N. to alleged 'massacre' Myanmar 15h
Singapore leader urges China and U.S. to stem deteriorating ties China US Singapore 1d
A hunger strike reignites conversations about parental rights in Japan Japan 1d
Rise in COVID-19 cases across Japan takes toll on public health centers Japan 1d
ASEAN appoints Brunei diplomat as envoy to Myanmar Myanmar Brunei 1d
Tokyo reports record 4,166 new COVID-19 cases as surge continues 1d
Japan's ruling LDP to decide date of leadership election on Aug. 26 Japan 1d
A-bomb survivors seek a nuke-free world. Experts say that is unrealistic. Japan 1d

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Olympics organizers report 29 new games-related COVID-19 cases Greece 1d
Japan's top COVID-19 adviser says he wasn't consulted on hospitalization policy shift Japan 1d
Kim Jong Un’s head bandage is added to list of health mysteries North Korea 1d
Japan to give COVID-19 emergency areas AstraZeneca vaccine Japan 1d
China and India agree to pull back troops near site of deadly clash China India 1d
Harris to push back on China's South China Sea claims during Asia trip China US Vietnam 1d
Opposition raps new COVID-19 hospitalization policy 2d
Japan, ASEAN agree on importance of free navigation in South China Sea China North Korea Japan 2d
North Korea wants sanctions eased to restart talks with U.S., Seoul says US North Korea South Korea 2d
India, U.S., Japan and Australia to hold joint naval exercise China India US Australia Japan 2d
Sex toys to tea: Taiwan celebrity loses China endorsements in Olympic row China Taiwan 2d
Tokyo reports 3,709 new COVID-19 cases in third-highest daily tally 2d
New plant-based milk alternatives win fans in Japan Japan 2d
Japan government starts to 'name and shame' quarantine rule-breakers Japan 2d
Germany and Hong Kong now recognize Japan’s vaccine passports Germany Japan 2d
Japan reassures South Korea over Fukushima food safety at Olympics South Korea Japan 2d
German warship heads for South China Sea amid tension with Beijing China Germany 2d
Virus flares in Wuhan as delta challenges China’s defenses China 2d
China orders Henan flood probe after death toll surges to over 300 China 2d
Former farm minister Takamori Yoshikawa pleads not guilty to accepting bribes 2d
Japan's summer heat remains an Olympic challenge for athletes Japan 2d
Financial firms develop plan for early closure of Asian coal plants 2d
One month after Atami mudslide, 300 people remain evacuated 2d
Japan’s revised quarantine measures to take effect Thursday US Russia Japan 2d
A year after taboo on Thai king broken, 103 face prison for royal insult Thailand 2d
U.S. dismisses Myanmar election plan and urges ASEAN pressure China US Myanmar 2d
Locked in, athletes and reporters turn to temporary post offices for Olympic memories 2d
Hong Kong’s fate spurs Japan to speak up about defending Taiwan China Japan Taiwan 2d
Japan advises COVID-19 patients to recuperate at home in bid to stave off medical crisis India Japan 2d
Belarusian Olympic sprinter applies for asylum in Poland Poland Belarus 3d
Pressure builds over raising Japan's age of consent Japan 3d