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Asia's top directors, actors and actresses gather for Chinese-language 'Oscars' awards ceremony Taiwan 54m
Future foreign worker influx met with hope and concern in Kansai business world 2h
Despite perceived progress, Japan and Russia remain far apart in territory dispute Russia Japan 2h
Ex-German chancellor warns against demonizing China, says the two economic powers should work c... China Germany 5h
Film bought years ago in Osaka turns out to be lost Disney film showing Mickey Mouse's predeces... 5h
Honed over four decades, Osaka police use facial recognition skills to arrest dozens of wanted... 5h
Top hotel chains in China apologize after dirty-cleaning expose goes viral China 5h
Nippon TV's top program rocked over allegation that it fabricated content at foreign 'festivals... 5h
China, U.S. trade barbs in speeches at Pacific summit China US 6h
Hong Kong's freedoms under scrutiny as Occupy democracy leaders face trial 8h
Work on Japan's new defense guidelines to focus on missiles, cyberattacks Japan 8h
Journalists' spat over wartime 'comfort women' brothels shows Japan's trouble in facing past South Korea Japan 8h
U.N. committee strongly condemns Myanmar's persecution of Rohingya; Japan abstains from vote Japan Myanmar 9h
Japan puts off delivery of first GSDF Ospreys shipment from U.S. due to local opposition US Japan 8h
South Korea to dissolve Japan-funded 'comfort women' foundation South Korea Japan 10h
North Korean official condemns Japan and demands apologies over past North Korea Japan 10h
Diet discussion halted after Justice Ministry says data in survey on missing foreign trainees w... 10h
Poster about sexual harassment draws online criticism 22h
Family and supporters of deceased English teacher urge Japan to minimize use of physical restra... UK Japan New Zealand 1d

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Dismembered body parts thought to belong to missing Chiba woman; police question son 1d
JAL and ANA pledge new measures after pilot drinking scandals 1d
Putin says ownership of Japan-claimed islands remains subject to future talks despite 1956 agre... Russia Japan 1d
11-year-old breaks record as youngest person to pass high level math test 1d
Abe visits Darwin, 75 years after WWII attack on Australian port city Australia Japan 1d
British scholar Ronald Dore, known for his studies about Japan, dies at age 93 UK Japan Italy 1d
North Korea to deport American held since October China US North Korea 1d
Bishop who resisted joining Chinese church is reported missing China 1d
Second swine fever infection detected in Gifu Prefecture 1d
Japan's industries are ready to hire foreign workers, but concerns remain Japan 1d
Japan-born writer Yoko Tawada wins prestigious U.S. literature award for 'Kentoshi' US UK Japan Japan-born 1d
Japan to improve Ebola testing system amid rise in visitors from overseas Japan 1d
Khmer Rouge leaders found guilty of genocide in landmark ruling Cambodia 1d
Trump's summit no-show at ASEAN draws Asian nations closer together US Singapore 1d
Japan eyes holding tests in seven countries for farm jobs under new visas Japan 1d
Key U.N. committee condemns North Korea's rights violations, urges Pyongyang to end abuses North Korea 1d
Japanese expat overcame 'color bar' to become decorated war hero for Britain in WWI UK Japan 1d
The monk in mascara: Japanese man finds 'liberation' through Buddhism and makeup Japan 1d
Skydiving Welsh grandma brings the power of touch to the disabled in Japan UK Japan 1d
North Korea's Kim inspects testing of newly developed 'tactical' weapon North Korea 1d
North Korea's Kim oversees testing of newly developed 'tactical' weapon North Korea 1d
'Sense of closure': Khmer Rouge leaders face genocide verdict for first time as troubled tribun... Cambodia 1d
Bangladesh scraps bid to repatriate 700,000 Rohingya, says no one wants to go back to Myanmar Bangladesh Myanmar 1d
Putin says Japan-claimed islands' ownership subject to future talks Russia Japan 1d
Japan to improve Ebola testing system amid rise in foreign tourists Japan 1d
APEC adopts guidelines on infrastructure investment 1d
Japan eyes holding tests in seven countries for farm jobs under new visas Japan 1d
What's in a name? Sasayama residents to decide whether to become Sasayama Tamba 2d
On U.S. visit, Okinawa governor calls for three-way talks with Tokyo and Washington over plan f... US Japan 2d
Focus on 1956 accord may signal dawn for Japan-Russia isle row Russia Japan 2d
12 Japan Airlines flights delayed in 15 months due to pilots failing alcohol tests 2d