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Africa’s appetite for digital currencies is growing 12m
Nigeria’s awful Tokyo Olympics made Puma cancel a $2.7 million deal Germany Nigeria 57m
Tanzania’s new mobile money tax is a blow to the booming sector Tanzania 5h
How much has Africa’s media landscape changed since Binyavanga wrote his viral Granta essay 7h
Can bitcoin help Indians hedge against rising inflation? 7h
Meet Ravi Dahiya, the dark horse of India’s wrestling contingent at the Olympics India 7h
At least 30 million Indian kids had no way of attending online school during the pandemic India 8h
Why it’s not nearly enough that Germany is returning Nigeria’s looted Benin bronzes Germany Nigeria Benin 1d
How likely is it for an African fintech startup to scale? 2d
What it takes to be the largest condom brand in sex-shy India India 2d
What an Olympic medal would mean for Indian hockey India 2d
India’s vaccine supply is a curious mix of abundance and shortage India 3d
Africa’s post-Covid economic recovery will be an uphill battle US UK 3d
India’s central bank has been focused on reviving economic growth during Covid, but what about... India 3d
Nigeria’s first feature-length animated film goes global after inking a new deal Nigeria 6d
How Covid-19 has changed the way we use emojis 6d
Despite the pandemic, the Delhi government has budgeted $6 million for flags and nationalism India 6d
Why fighting sexism in the workplace could help men too 6d
Google will vet India’s personal loan apps more harshly India 6d

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The NFL is hunting for talent in Africa 1w
The NFL is talent scouting in Africa 1w
Covid-19’s third wave dashes hope of tourism revival in east Africa 1w
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