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The US is building a new $537 million consulate on reclaimed land in Nigeria US Nigeria 3mos
Ahead of its IPO, India’s biggest life insurer loses market share consistently India 3mos
Quad or no Quad, India and Australia must build on their ties India Australia 3mos
Why the elitist IITIIMshaadi.com matrimony portal is harder on men than women India 3mos
Two-wheelers catching fire could derail the growth in India’s booming EV sector India 3mos
What can East Africa’s trading bloc do about violence in the DRC? 3mos
Reliance defended its abrupt takeover of Future stores India 3mos
India is suddenly the center of global wartime diplomacy India 3mos
Global mobile money transactions crossed $1 trillion for the first time 3mos
Tales from “love motels,” Taiwan’s safe spaces for couples India Taiwan 3mos
Why Citibank left India India 3mos
Nigerian soccer fans’ rage could have financial consequences Nigeria Ghana 3mos
IIT-ian Raj Subramaniam’s journey to the top at FedEx 3mos
India lets investors withdraw from a public offer of a Patanjali-backed firm India 3mos
US lowers India on covid threat but warns against crime and terrorism India US 3mos
Singapore’s Shopee suddenly shuts shop in India  India Singapore 3mos
What made “penniless” Anil Ambani quit his own firms’ boards? China 3mos
The Democratic Republic of Congo is officially part of East Africa’s trading bloc Congo 3mos
Ghana becomes the latest African country to ease covid-19 measures Ghana 3mos

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An NFT of Nelson Mandela’s arrest warrant raised $130,000 3mos
India’s biggest banks need a strategy for financing the country’s energy transition India 3mos
Byju’s tried-and-tested sports sponsorship goals get bigger with FIFA India 3mos
Tata and Adani are queueing up to take over Anil Ambani’s debt-laden company 3mos
How will Togo make the most of managing Google’s Equiano cable? Togo 3mos
Russia needs Indian energy buyers more than ever now India Russia 3mos
A Cameroon-born entrepreneur is trying to make African soccer more transparent Cameroon 3mos
An Indian teen’s viral video is taking him closer to his army dreams India 3mos
Indian health workers fear attacks over a family planning kit containing a rubber penis India 3mos
Sri Lanka’s worsening economic crisis may have triggered an exodus towards India India Sri Lanka 3mos
Instant delivery algorithms aside, what about the humans of Zomato? 3mos
Are India’s oil investments in Myanmar an act of support to its military? India Myanmar 3mos
India says EV prices will be down in two years to petrol vehicles’ level. But how? India 3mos
Nigerian startups with abusive work cultures have been put on notice Nigeria 3mos
Why a British ferry company has hired Indians at “poverty wages” UK 3mos
Griots, rappers and composers redefine opera in Burkina Faso Japan Burkina Faso Congo 3mos
Young, Famous & African’s creator wants to show “a different side” to the continent 3mos
How Zomato will deliver restaurant food in 10 minutes 3mos
All-woman Indian media platform says Oscar-nominated documentary misrepresents its work India 3mos
India puts Boeing 737 aircraft under surveillance after China crash China India 3mos
Amazon’s Africa headquarters may be put on hold over indigenous people’s concerns South Africa 3mos
Indian tax officials say crypto profits are like lottery wins 3mos
What the Blinkit-Zomato deal says about 10-minute grocery delivery in India India 3mos
Why did Amazon accuse India’s largest private firm of “fraud”? India 3mos
Google's Equiano cable is making its first landing in Togo Nigeria Togo 3mos
Africa's tech media outlets are entering a growth stage 3mos
Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons eyes India with 300 outlets in 10 years India Canada 3mos
Since 2013, Indian billionaires have created more wealth than London’s GDP India 3mos
Future Group accuses Reliance of “forcefully” taking over its retail stores 3mos
Diesel price hike compounds stress for Nigerian businesses Nigeria 3mos
Sokowatch is taking its B2B model to Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal Senegal 3mos