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Why some Palestinians expect Trump’s peace push to fail — but don’t mind 5d
Dark clouds hang over Trump’s trade war China 6d
US judge’s rulings break with Australian explanation on Rwandan migrants US Australia Rwanda 1w
Trump administration pressure on Iran strains Bolton-Pompeo relationship Iran 1w
EU to US: Don’t worry about our military plans US 1w
Trump’s Twitter guru is the ultimate insider Syria 1w
Australian PM confirms secret Rwandan guerilla deal Australia Rwanda 1w
‘That’s just insane’: Australia’s secret deal to take in Rwandan guerillas US Australia Rwanda 1w
Trump’s Iran rhetoric sparks warning of Iraq war redux Iran 1w
Australia’s secret US refugee deal faces blowback from victims, Kiwis US Australia Rwanda 1w
Trump says he’s not considering sending troops to Iran, but he ‘absolutely’ would US Iran 1w
EU ministers fear Iran escalation as Pompeo jets into Brussels Iran Greece 1w
Inside Jared Kushner’s two missions impossible 1w
‘America first’ meets ‘Hungary first’ US Hungary 1w
Giuliani cancels Ukraine trip amid political meddling charges Ukraine 2w
Trump: Biden 2020 reminds me of Trump 2016 2w
Libyan military advances get European backing Libya 2w
Pompeo to meet with Putin in Russia next week Russia 2w

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Trump oversight fight raises new alarms about shattered precedents 2w
Corbyn’s support for Venezuela’s Maduro ‘disgusting,’ says Mike Pompeo US Venezuela 2w
Mike Pompeo cancels Berlin visit Germany 2w
Pompeo aims to counter China’s ambitions in the Arctic China Russia 2w
Biden gives Trump a nickname: ‘Clown’ 3w
Europe vows to uphold Iran nuclear deal as Trump raises pressure US Iran Germany France UK 3w
Mercron’s Balkan breakdown Kosovo Serbia 3w
Why New Zealand’s press just put on blinders for its biggest story New Zealand 3w
Venezuela becomes Trump’s latest proxy battle with Russia Russia Venezuela 3w
Acting US defense secretary cancels Europe trip to focus on Venezuela, border situations US Venezuela 3w
Washington is dismissing China’s Belt and Road, that’s a huge strategic mistake China US 3w
How Jared Kushner sought advice from a ‘pro-Kremlin’ Russian Russia 3w
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How Trump took the shine off Washington’s glitziest night 1mo
Inside Joe Biden’s battle plan 1mo
Meet US Democrats’ new voice on foreign policy US 1mo
‘Washington is a bit hysterical’: French envoy offers advice as he bids adieu France 1mo
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Warren calls on Congress to launch impeachment proceedings against Trump 1mo
Ukraine rivals’ bizarre stadium showdown Ukraine 1mo
No proof in Mueller report of Russian meddling, says Kremlin Russia 1mo
Putin’s big Ukraine win Ukraine 1mo
‘I’m f****d’: Trump called Mueller appointment ‘the end of my presidency’ US 1mo
Trump claims victory as damning Mueller details emerge US 1mo
US Justice Department releases redacted Mueller report US 1mo
US attorney general ‘disagreed’ with Mueller’s obstruction theories US 1mo
Ivanka Trump says she passed on her father’s offer to lead World Bank 1mo
Japanese leader plans grueling D.C. dash for Trump face time Japan 1mo
Italy warns against foreign military intervention in Libya Italy 1mo
British MPs urge government to prioritize Assange extradition to Sweden UK Sweden 1mo