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Judge orders White House to return press credentials to CNN’s Acosta 19h
Michelle Obama wants to save politics by staying out of them US 23h
Saudi prosecutor seeks death penalty in Khashoggi killing Saudi Arabia 1d
France slams Trump’s lack of ‘decency’ on anniversary of Paris attacks US France 2d
Trump says he knows about North Korea’s hidden missile bases North Korea 3d
How US Republicans gave up on porn US 4d
UK urges Saudis to ‘cooperate fully’ in Khashoggi investigation UK Saudi Arabia 4d
Macron’s Trump containment operation France 4d
Macron wants Europe to buy its own military hardware France 4d
Trump castigated for missing WWI event due to rain 4d
Macron takes implicit dig at Trump, denouncing ‘nationalism’ France 4d
Trump seeks to project strength abroad after discord at home France 6d
Trump isn’t Orwell’s nightmare. He’s the kind of politician Orwell thought would save us. 6d
Truce in Paris after Trump’s offense at Macron’s EU army pledge US France 6d
Pentagon: No more refueling of Saudi aircraft bombing Yemen US Yemen Saudi Arabia 1w
Austrian colonel spied for Moscow for decades, says Vienna Russia Austria 1w
Trump administration ups sanctions on Russia before Paris summit Russia 1w
Trump’s narrative vs. Pelosi’s subpoenas 1w
Democrats take the House, GOP holds Senate in US midterms US 1w

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What the US midterms mean for the world US 1w
Will Trump shatter his own mystique? 1w
‘King of the world’: Trump to ditch DC for Paris days after midterms US France 1w
Pompeo: US to hold Khashoggi killers accountable while maintaining US-Saudi ‘strategic relation... US Saudi Arabia 1w
Iran seeks EU guarantees against Trump’s sanctions US Iran 2w
Trump aides warn Iran of looming pain as oil sanctions snap back Iran 2w
Turkish official: Jamal Khashoggi’s body was dissolved in acid Turkey 2w
Trump’s State Department eyes ban on terms like ‘sexual health’ US 2w
Macron’s approval ratings slip again in latest opinion poll France 2w
Austria will not sign UN migration treaty Austria 2w
Copenhagen accuses Iran of planning to kill opponent on Danish soil Iran Denmark 2w
Trump says he will end birthright citizenship by executive order 2w
From Paris to Pittsburgh: Politics of terrorism shift against Trump 2w
Trump cries media bias in fallout from bomb scare, synagogue shooting US 2w
Subdued Trump tones rhetoric down ‘just a little bit’ at Illinois rally US 2w
Saudi Arabia won’t extradite suspects in Khashoggi killing to Turkey Saudi Arabia Turkey 2w
Trump fumes after mail bomber ‘interrupts’ his campaign message 3w
This is what it’s like to be a migrant in the age of Trump US 3w
Mail bomb suspect appeared to be fervent Trump supporter 3w
Trump lashes out at Twitter over his follower count 3w
Trump rejects blame for bomb scare, suggests double standard 3w
Erdoğan’s risky Saudi strategy Saudi Arabia Turkey 3w
MEPs call for EU-wide arms embargo on Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 3w
NYPD investigating suspicious package addressed to Robert De Niro 3w
Jailed Ukrainian filmmaker wins EU’s Sakharov prize Ukrania 3w
Nicolas Sarkozy to stand trial over allegations of illegal campaign financing France 3w
Potential explosive devices sent to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama 3w
Trump warns that migrants created ‘total mess’ in Europe US 3w
NATO chief says US complies with arms control rules, Russia is ‘the threat’ US Russia 3w
Trump calls Saudi response to Khashoggi death ‘the worst cover-up ever’ US Saudi Arabia 3w
Nuclear fear: Last US-Russia arms pacts could ‘simply die’ US 3w