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Gaza fallout: US university head quits in antisemitism row sparked by Israel-Hamas war  6h
Austria signals softer stance on Romania, Bulgaria over air traffic 9h
Gibraltar airport key to Spain-Britain deal, says Spanish foreign minister  10h
Dombrovskis signals Brussels will push ahead on Mercosur despite French opposition 12h
Finland considers reopening border with Russia after immigrant row 2d
Finland: We ‘trust’ China will help probe Baltic Sea pipeline damage 2d
EU must accept there won’t be a united Cyprus, Turkish Cypriot leader says 2d
Macron faces backlash after Jewish ceremony at presidential palace 2d
Orbán calls Ukraine ‘one of the most corrupt countries in the world’ 2d
He’s running! Putin wants to be Russian president again 2d
Jailed Russian nationalist Igor Girkin fears being eliminated like Wagner’s Prigozhin 2d
Qatargate: Where do we stand a year after the corruption scandal erupted? 2d
United opposition poses stern test for Vučić in Serbia’s election 3d
Russia to hold presidential elections in March 3d
John Kerry warns UK and Germany against ‘business as usual’ on climate 3d
Israel could open second front in Lebanon, defense minister hints 4d
How to navigate Belgium’s EU presidency policy agenda like a pro 4d
China’s paranoid purge 4d
Ukraine’s tensions at the top spill into the open 5d

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Russian oil price cap has largely failed, new report finds 5d
More EU countries threaten to close Russian borders amid migrant surge 6d
Europe’s far right flexes anti-Brussels muscles as it launches EU campaign 1w
France, Germany deplore Paris knife attack that left German national dead 1w
Pentagon: US arms industry struggling to keep up with China 1w
Russia’s ‘cynical’ actions at border aim to sow discontent, Finland says 1w
‘Everything indicates’ Chinese ship damaged Baltic pipeline on purpose, Finland says 1w
Putin’s buddy Orbán pushes EU to the brink over Ukraine 1w
The most powerful people in Europe (for better or worse) 1w
Emmanuel Macron to head to Qatar after COP28 1w
Benny Gantz eyes his moment to topple Israel’s Netanyahu 1w
Estonia could close Russian border in face of ‘hybrid attack’ 1w
COP28’s success judged on challenging fossil fuel industry, UN official says 1w
Time to ‘step up’: Mark Carney throws down the gauntlet at COP28 1w
Tucker Carlson, Trump’s shadow diplomat 1w
NATO vows to stick with Ukraine ‘as long as it takes’ 1w
Sweden says Turkey pledges to ratify its NATO bid ‘within weeks’ 1w
Zelenskyy’s split with military is ‘Russian propaganda’: Ukraine parliament chief 1w
Netanyahu: Don’t accuse me of boosting Hamas with Qatari money 1w
Kazakhstan: EU’s helped us hold our own against Moscow, Beijing 1w
Ukrainian spy chief’s wife poisoned, Kyiv says 1w
Israel-Hamas truce extended by 2 days, Qatar says 1w
UAE plotted to use COP28 to push for oil and gas deals, leaked notes show 1w
A football star, caviar and a water show: Inside Saudi Arabia’s campaign to host the 2030 Expo 1w
Parable pitfall: Irish leader’s biblical allusion draws wrath of Israel 1w
Sullivan details mechanisms to keep humanitarian aid from falling into Hamas’ hands 1w
Fragile Gaza truce appears to hold as Hamas releases more hostages 1w
Cyprus outlines plans for seaborne aid to Gaza 1w
Arab states condemn Geert Wilders for push to relocate Palestinians to Jordan 1w
Israel accuses Spain, Belgium leaders of backing ‘terrorism’ after Gaza remarks 1w
Israel and Hamas prepare to exchange more prisoners, hostages on second day of truce 1w