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Trump to meet with Kim Jong Un for second time next month North Korea 1h
Trump seeks to split EU as fight intensifies over Iran nuclear deal Iran 16h
Trump: We will be with NATO ‘100 percent’ US 1d
Giuliani says Trump didn’t collude, but people on his campaign might have 2d
Lavrov: Russia keeps door open for talks with US to save INF treaty US Russia 3d
US Congress members slam State Department for EU downgrade US 3d
This is what happens when Trump makes foreign policy by tweet Syria 4d
When it comes to Trump and Putin, it’s already collusion Russia 5d
Trump lashes out at FBI after report he was investigated over national security Russia 6d
Shutdown now longest in history as Congress skips town 1w
Congolese hope election paves way for EU visa access Congo 1w
The only impeachment guide you’ll ever need 1w
Japanese PM warns UK: ‘World is watching’ on Brexit UK Japan 1w
Pompeo rips Obama’s Middle East ‘mistakes’ in Cairo speech US 1w
Shutdown’s economic damage: $1 billion a week 1w
Top Bernie Sanders 2016 adviser accused of forcibly kissing subordinate 1w
Trump’s not-so-bully pulpit 1w
Trump ratchets up plea for a border wall, calling it ‘a crisis of the soul’ 1w
Manafort shared Trump polling data with Ukrainian associate: court filing Russia Ukrania 1w

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Trump campaign moves to stave off mayhem at 2020 convention 1w
Bolton reassures a nervous Israel about Trump’s Syria plan US Iran Israel Syria 1w
‘Months or even years:’ Both sides brace for lengthy shutdown 2w
Pompeo plans Middle East tour amid confusion over Trump policy Syria 2w
Trump gets a reprieve from the economic freakout, but will it last? US 2w
State Department warns Americans traveling in China to use ‘increased caution’ China US Canada 2w
Nancy Pelosi elected speaker of US Congress US 2w
Trump: Shutdown is Democrats’ attempt to take the presidency 2w
Bernie Sanders apologizes to women who said they were harassed during his 2016 campaign 2w
Can anyone succeed as Trump’s chief of staff? 2w
How Trump got bad at Twitter 2w
Trump says he was lonely over the holidays US North Korea 2w
Pompeo ‘hopeful’ for consular access to detained American in Russia US Russia 2w
Romney savages Trump’s leadership in Washington Post op-ed 2w
US military apologizes for New Year’s Eve bomb tweet US 2w
Warren battles the ghosts of Hillary 2w
Bernie alumni seek meeting to address ‘sexual violence’ on ‘16 campaign 2w
9 days in, White House still seeking a shutdown message 2w
Putin to Trump: Moscow ready for ‘most extensive’ talks US Russia 2w
On shutdown, White House wants Trump’s tweets to do the talking 2w
Congo to EU: Mind your own business Congo 2w
‘He’s still in prison’: Trump lifts Turkey sanctions but Americans remain detained US Turkey 2w
A cooped-up Trump’s threats fail to break budget deadlock 3w
Michael Cohen denies report alleging his cellphone was traced near Prague in 2016 Russia 3w
18 numbers that explain Trump’s 2018 3w
Trump, in Iraq, defends decision to withdraw troops from Syria Syria Iraq 3w
Trump makes first trip to Iraq as president US Syria Iraq 3w
The campaign to confirm a diplomatic novice to America’s top UN post US 3w
Legal weed is everywhere in the US — unless you’re a scientist US 3w
Trump keeps up drumbeat for border wall 3w
Trump invited to visit Turkey US Syria Turkey 3w