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United States: Alec Baldwin's trial for manslaughter canceled for procedural defect 28m
Live, war in Ukraine: the latest information 2h
Faced with the fate of Palestinian detainees, the Shin Bet admits a "violation of international... 3h
Alec Baldwin trial: the trial suspended after the discovery of new balls 4h
JOUGOU-AURADOU CASE: How does Argentine justice work in matters of sexual violence work? 6h
In Japan, new sexual assaults committed by American soldiers in Okinawa aroused the anger of th... 6h
Finland adopts a controversial immigration law 6h
Live, War in Ukraine: the Attorney General of Ukraine urges the ICC to continue Russia for its... 7h
In Niger, an indefinite number of jihadists has escaped from Koutoukalé's high security prison 7h
War Israel-Hamas, day 279: dozens of bodies still discovered in the city of Gaza; Hamas offers... 7h
Oscar Jegou and Hugo Auradou indicted for aggravated rape in Argentina 7h
In the United Kingdom, the government will release thousands of prisoners to unclog prisons 7h
Forest lights: evacuations ordered in western Canada 8h
Sudan: The parties at war come to Geneva to discuss with a United Nations emissary 8h
Samsung Electronics faced with the first unlimited strike in its history 9h
Fashion: the slowdown in China makes the high -end brand Ba & SH stumble 9h
Palestinians tell the "hell" of Israeli prisons: blows, deprivation, humiliations and rapes 9h
"Russian war": between power, misery and glory 9h
Saudi Arabia will host the first edition of the E-Sport Olympic Games 10h

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Josep Borrell, high representative of the EU: "The genocide of Srebrenica recalls what can happ... 10h
Aleph Alpha, the German hope of the generative AI, won 10h
Live, war in Ukraine: more than 70,000 Russian soldiers put out of combat in the past two month... 11h
The social network X accused of deceiving its users and violating the EU rules with its blue ni... 12h
Video. At the top of NATO, Joe Biden multiplies the slips 13h
"In India, the business world, carried by the growth of the country, remains largely feudal in... 13h
Hamas offers the formation of an apolitical Palestinian government after the cessation of hosti... 13h
In "Europe and its challenges" and "Europe: from market to public power? ", Plunged to the hear... 14h
In Arizona, worried democrats: "We must form a phalanx around Biden" 14h
NATO without clear strategy in the face of Russia 14h
Four migrants die while trying to cross the Channel in Pas-de-Calais 14h
The deployment of tomahawk missiles in Germany: a new "climbing" for Moscow 14h
Live, war in Ukraine: "All the elements of the Cold War are back", judges the Kremlin, after th... 15h
In Nepal, sixty travelers who have disappeared as a result of a landslide 16h
In Japan, the chief of staff of the navy resigned following a scandal relating to classified da... 16h
In South Korea, laser weapons to deal with the threat of North Korean drones 16h
In Kenya, President Ruto dismissed members of his government and promises dialogue 15h
Jerome Charyn, novelist: "The Supreme Court, who dreams of crown Trump, unwittingly made him Bi... 18h
Live, war in Ukraine: France offers its help to rebuild kyiv's children's hospital 18h
American presidential: Joe Biden, more and more disputed, reaffirms wanting to "finish work" 19h
In Washington, NATO tightens the ranks in the face of the Double Russian-Chinese challenge 19h
At the top of NATO, Emmanuel Macron returns "in the center of the photo" for thirty-six hours 19h
Defense: competition between tanks revived by the war in Ukraine 19h
End of life: "Sarco", the blue capsule which causes swirls in Switzerland 19h
Giorgia Meloni at the offensive on Italian public audiovisual 20h
Live, war in Ukraine: France will continue to "support Ukraine as long as necessary," said Emma... 1d
Joe Biden made a monumental blunder a few minutes from a key press conference 1d
Anti -Semitism in full "rising tide" in Europe, according to a study by an EU agency 1d
Live, War in Ukraine: Recep Tayyip Erdogan warns against "the worrying perspective of a direct... 1d
In Serbia, justice opens the way to the controversial project of lithium mine with the giant Ri... 1d
United Kingdom: "Labor presents a program that does not appear to live up to the housing crisis... 1d