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Against kyiv and its allies, Moscow intensifies "hybrid" war operations 24m
Fragments of war in Ukraine, so many stories for eternity 1h
War in Ukraine: unprecedented investigation work on thousands of war crimes 3h
Video. Could Ireland be reunified? Understand in three minutes 4h
Andriy Lyubka, Ukrainian poet and novelist: "We have learned to live without paying attention t... 4h
War in Ukraine: after two years of conflict, the unity of the proven country 4h
In Russia, borders in full swing 4h
Between France and Morocco, the beginnings of a thaw 4h
Afalula, the French agency in charge of tourism projects in Saudi Arabia, is the subject of an... 5h
Patrick Artus: "How to correct the handicaps in the euro zone" 5h
Live, war in Ukraine: the Elysée says that France's support in kyiv will not "weaken" 5h
United States: the former boss of the nra weapons lobby found guilty of corruption 6h
American presidential election 2024: In South Carolina, the Trumpist Movement is gaining ground... 7h
The Swedish intelligence seat evacuated, eight hospitalized people after a gas alert 7h
Tunisia: ex-president Moncef Marzouki sentenced in absentia to eight years in prison 9h
In Argentina, thousands of people demonstrate for "food emergency" 11h
In Austria, Sebastian Kurz found guilty of false testimony 13h
"We will defeat": two years closer to Zelensky 14h
Poland obtains from the European Union the release of 137 billion euros 14h

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Gabon: The Bongo family, a thorn in the foot of Brice Oligui Nguema 15h
Despite the war, the unwavering stability at the top of Russian power 15h
Germany legalizes recreational cannabis with one of the most liberal laws in Europe 15h
War Israel-Hamas, day 140: the UN denounces "coarse violations of human rights by all parties"... 15h
The United States strengthens its arsenal of sanctions against Russia, by focusing on long time 15h
Live, war in Ukraine: American sanctions are a "cynical" interference for the Russian ambassado... 15h
Spain: at least ten dead in the fire of a house building in Valence 16h
Two years of war in Ukraine: a catastrophic effect on demography 16h
Off Malta, five migrants died after their boat capsized 16h
In Türkiye, the growing Islamization of public education 17h
Germany, a privileged refuge for Ukrainian exiles 17h
"Robert Badinter wanted justice to deconstruct the false alibis put forward by Putin" 18h
Presidential in Senegal: sixteen candidates and a citizen collective refuse the dialogue propos... 19h
Cornelio Summaruga, former leader of the International Committee of the Red Cross, died 19h
War in Ukraine: the "world" answers to your most frequent questions 19h
The letters of Olga and Sasha: "After two years of war, we are all in a state of vertigo and co... 19h
Live, War in Ukraine: Joe Biden confirms the entry into force of more than 500 new retaliatory... 20h
Put law: Brussels has announced the upcoming release of funds for Poland, recognizing the effor... 20h
Corsica: the European Union is investigating state aid granted to two Ferrys companies 20h
"Excess centralization hinders our ability to achieve our objectives of strategic autonomy" 20h
The Reddit social network begins to go on the stock market 20h
"A proactive policy of prevention of conflicts of interest appears today necessary in Europe" 21h
In the United Kingdom, justice confirms the nationality for the wife of the wife of a jihadist 21h
China denies any link with I-Soon, the Cyberespionage company whose data leaked on Github 21h
European elections: The generation movement is divided on the alliance with rebellious France 21h
In Guinea, internet access restrictions have been lifted 21h
In Burkina Faso, the discordant voices sent to the front or in prison 22h
Economic sovereignty: "The differences of interest is increasingly marked between European stat... 22h
At Boutcha, two years in the life of a Ukrainian family 22h
Economic sovereignty: "Europe still suffers from comparison with the leading actors that are th... 23h
Live, war in Ukraine: "From the first day, Putin's goal has not changed: it is the capitulation... 23h