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In Kazakhstan, more than 450 people arrested for "terrorism" and "mass disorders" after the rio... Kazakhstan 2h
Friedrich Merz, a rival of Angela Merkel, elected new President of the German Conservatives Germany 4h
Presidential Election in Italy: Mario Draghi's bet Italy 6h
With Belarus, Ukraine threatened with encirclement by the Russians Ukraine Belarus 7h
Germany: the four challenges of the Ultraliberal Friedrich Merz at the head of the CDU Germany 8h
EI jihadists on the run after the attack of a Kurdish prison in the north-east Syrian Syria 8h
Accor at H & M, these Western groups who stay in Burma Myanmar Burma 9h
After weeks of demonstrations, Serbia "puts an end" to the Lithium mine project of Rio Tinto Serbia 9h
COVID-19: Brazil reports to April its famous carnival parades Brazil 11h
In Honduras, the election of the President of the Parliament turns to Fiasco Honduras 12h
In Lithuania, a European border Russia Lithuania Belarus 13h
General Bernard Norlain: "Talk about deterrence such as the ultimate guarantee is promising a n... 13h
The American traveler Gabby Petito was murdered by his fiancé US 14h
United States: The Trump Camp wanted to seize electoral machines after its defeat in the presid... US 16h
Ukrainian crisis: the United States committed to responding to Russia in writing US Russia Ukrania 23h
In Kabul, the repression increases against Afghan activists Afghanistan 23h
In Senegal, the formidable battle for the Dakar City Hall 23h
Alain Lamassoure: "The teaching of history is a field of mines for European countries" 1d
"The French President did not keep his commitment": with the Afghan forgotten operation of the... France Afghanistan 1d

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"A special mode of state capitalism has emerged in China, led by the Communist Party" China 1d
The "foreign policy" journal calls France to find its "great strategy" France 1d
Yemen: The military coalition led by Saudi Arabia multiplies bombings and causes an internet br... Yemen Saudi Arabia 1d
Photo and cinema in Paris, installation in Brussels: the cultural agenda of the "World Africa" Congo 1d
Information: "The brutalization of the public debate disarms France against foreign interferenc... France 1d
"We are not expecting a breakthrough": beginning of the discussions between Russia and the Unit... US Russia Ukraine 1d
In Belgium, the strong inflation revives the debate on the automatic indexing of wages Belgium 1d
Totalnergies resign themselves to leaving Burma, pointing "abuses and violations of human right... Burma 1d
Total announces his withdrawal from Burma, almost a year after the coup France Burma 1d
Sexual abuse in the Church: Joseph Ratzinger accused of inaction Germany 1d
In Peru, a black tide endangers flora and wildlife Peru Tonga 1d
Beijing reacts with restraint at the resolution on the Uighours in France China France 1d
In the United States, the relationship is between Tesla and road safety US 1d
In Burkina Faso, two prohibited events in Ouagadougou Mali Burkina Faso 1d
New Scandinavian social democracy clothes 1d
The University of Saclay benefits "Shanghai effect" 1d
Ukrainian crisis: Joe Biden sows the disorder by his ambivalent remarks on the Russian threat US Russia Ukraine Ukrania 1d
Podcast. Should we fear a Russian invasion in Ukraine? Russia Ukraine 1d
Faced with Russia, Emmanuel Macron wants to make the voice of Europe heard US Russia France Ukraine 1d
In the United Kingdom, beaches dirty by wastewater UK 1d
In Mexico, the Cartel War defies the strategy of the President "Amlo" Mexico 1d
In Spain, two and a half years in prison for a famous pirate television showy Spain 1d
Death, 91 years old, from the Brazilian singer Elza Soares Brazil 1d
Rule of law: the European Commission determined to hit Poland in the portfolio Poland 1d
In Syria, jihadists escape after the attack of a prison by the Islamic State Syria 1d
Four Belarusian leaders charged in New York after running an airplane to stop an opposition jou... Belarus 1d
Austria adopts compulsory vaccination, a first in the European Union 1d
Ex-hostage Ingrid Betancourt Precharimonidate to the Presidential of Colombia Colombia 2d
Morocco: Belgium opens an investigation for "attempted terrorist assassination" after the aggre... France Morocco Belgium 2d
North Korea threatens to resume nuclear missile tests US North Korea 2d
Namibia refuses to recognize gay couples married abroad Namibia 2d