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Tour de France initiatives for Ukrainian refugees Russia France Ukrania 3mos
"In Russia, crises are not the exception, they are the rule" Russia 3mos
"It is not possible to let Ukraine gnaw through the brake in the antechamber of the European Un... Ukraine 3mos
Serbia: The outgoing President Aleksandar Vucic announces an overwhelming victory Ukraine Serbia Servia 3mos
The "ramadan basket", a tradition that is expensive in Senegalese Senegal 3mos
Hungary: Viktor Orban claims victory to the legislative and goes towards a fourth consecutive t... Hungary 3mos
Refugees: Pope Francis exhorts Europe to avoid "the sinking of civilization" Malta 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: accused of war crimes in the city of Bantcha, Russia denies and asks the... Russia Ukraine 3mos
War in Ukraine: "Why is we so afraid of Putin, instead of scaringly to scare this man who does... Russia Ukraine 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: the bodies discovered in Bantha "raise serious questions about possible w... Russia Ukraine 3mos
In Pakistan, Imran Khan causes anticipated elections Pakistan 3mos
War in Ukraine, in pictures: a plush, a basketball jersey, a painting box or a canvas bag ... U... France Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Massacre of Bantha: the international community denounces the "atrocities committed by the Russ... Russia Ukrania 3mos
Video. Presidential 2022: is France still a great power? France 3mos
Justice: "The protection that was granted to Italians in the 1980s is transformed, four decades... France 3mos
Born of deaf parents, Thibault Duchemin, the start-upster who dreams of a world "100% accessibl... 3mos
War in Ukraine: Around kyiv, scenes of desolation after the withdrawal of the Russian forces Russia Ukraine 3mos
Sri Lanka placed in a state of emergency Sri Lanka 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: France condemns "massive exactions" committed to Bantha Russia France Ukraine 3mos

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War in Ukraine, live: a series of explosions heard in Odessa Ukraine 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: Russians target oil infrastructure in Odessa; Negotiations with kyiv will... Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Russo-Ukrainian War: "Let's continue to train students that Ukraine had chosen to welcome" France Ukraine 3mos
The unexpected victory of a trade union movement party at Amazon in New York 3mos
War shakes up safety equations in the Indo-Pacific India US Russia Australia Japan Ukraine 3mos
Presidential Election 2022: Emmanuel Macron, a candidate in the costume of the armies Ukraine 3mos
Azerbaijan: several victims after an explosion in a nightclub in Baku Azerbaijan 3mos
Presidential 2022: how Marine Le Pen was forgotten on the war in Ukraine Ukraine 3mos
Argentina continues to claim sovereignty on the Malouin Islands UK Argentina 3mos
In Norway, Kirkenes mourks Russia Russia Norway 3mos
Turkish drone galvanizing Ukrainian resistance Russia Turkey Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Ukraine announces real advanced in negotiations with Russia Russia Turkey Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: The Ukrainian negotiator is possible a meeting between Zelensky and Putin... Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Twenty dead in the attack of a gold mine in Burkina Faso Burkina Faso 3mos
War in Ukraine: Bantha, bodies lying in a street discovered after the liberation of the city Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Mohamed Bazoum: "The G5 Sahel has lead in the wing" Nigeria 3mos
A three-three Russian masts taken in a geopolitical swell Russia Ukraine 3mos
"Private spatial stations will be even more international than the ISS" US Spain 3mos
Pope Francis condemns "the purious and destructive aggression" of Vladimir Putin, without name... Malta Argentina 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: the Ukrainian government claims the release of "the entire kyiv region" Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
The tranquil metamorphosis of Warsaw 3mos
War in Ukraine, Live: kyiv provides for violent fighting in the south and east of the country,... Russia Ukraine 3mos
War in Ukraine: Gérard Depardieu reviews his position on Putin, aroused the wrath of the Kremli... Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
India refuses to yield to Western pressures and negotiates with Moscow India US Russia Ukraine 3mos
War in Ukraine: between China and the EU, the summit of disagreement China Russia Ukraine 3mos
Historical Excuses of Canada Aboriginal Pope India 3mos
Ramadan in Algeria: the authorities are trying to limit the rise in food prices Ukraine Algeria 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: "Europe does not have the right to stay silent in front of what is happen... Ukraine 3mos
War in Ukraine, live: the evacuation of the inhabitants of Maroupol continues, seven humanitari... Ukraine 3mos
Yemen: the belligerents agree on a truce of two months Yemen 3mos
"I did not understand why they had removed me." The mayor of Melitopol, first elected Ukrainian... Russia Ukrania 3mos