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Putin accused of ‘genocide’: the horrific fate of trapped civilians 3mos
Western allies vow to hold Putin to account as mass graves discovered 3mos
As war takes its toll, playing the long game will not be easy for Vladimir Putin Russia 3mos
World leaders struggle with response as UN climate report challenges energy plans 3mos
Uproar as Pakistan leader Imran Khan dodges a vote of no confidence and dissolves parliament Pakistan 3mos
Hungarian leader Viktor Orban looks set for re-election despite Putin loyalty Hungary 3mos
Six killed in California’s second mass shooting in just five weeks 3mos
Kim Jong-un’s sister brands South Korean defence minister a ‘scum-like guy’ in angry outburst North Korea South Korea 3mos
Prince alleged to have used palace to clear ‘fraudster’ gift 3mos
Probe under way after man allegedly got 90 doses of Covid jab and sold on fake certs to virus d... Germany 3mos
Police hunt several suspects after six killed in California shootings 3mos
Orban declares victory in Hungarian elections Hungary 3mos
Sri Lankan ministers offer to resign as protests grow over economic crisis Sri Lanka 3mos
Ukraine accuses Russia of massacre as bodies found strewn across city Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Pakistan in political turmoil as prime minister dissolves parliament US Pakistan 3mos
Jordan’s Prince Hamzah drops title in protest over how country run Jordan 3mos
Taliban announces ban on poppy production in Afghanistan Afghanistan 3mos
Covid-19 puts temporary stop on Daniel Craig’s return to Broadway 3mos
Estelle Harris: Seinfeld and Toy Story actor dies at the age of 93 3mos

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Ex-broadcaster Charlie Bird says charity climbs will raise more than 2m euro Ireland 3mos
Ex-broadcaster Charlie Bird says charity climbs raised more than 2m euro Ireland 3mos
Lithuania cuts off Russian gas imports and urges EU to do the same Russia Lithuania 3mos
Ukraine documents alleged atrocities by retreating Russians Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Ukraine sees openings as Russia fixates on besieged Mariupol Russia Ukraine 3mos
‘This is a genocide,’ says Zelensky as Russian war on Ukraine described as ‘elimination of a na... Russia Ukraine 3mos
Six dead and at least nine injured in shooting in California, say police 3mos
Six dead and 10 injured in shooting in California, say police 3mos
Pope prays for end to ‘sacrilegious’ war and urges kindness to refugees Russia Ukraine Malta 3mos
First fuel ship allowed into Hodeida as part of Yemen truce Yemen 3mos
Pakistan’s PM sidesteps no-confidence challenge and seeks fresh elections Pakistan 3mos
Pakistan president dissolves Parliament as PM Khan avoids no-confidence move Pakistan 3mos
Serbs vote in triple election set to keep populists in power Russia Ukraine Serbia 3mos
Pope prays for kindness to refugees as Malta visit ends Malta 3mos
Sri Lanka blocks social media as opposition protests over state of emergency Sri Lanka 3mos
Protesters in Sri Lanka march over economic crisis despite curfew Sri Lanka 3mos
Hungarians head to polls in shadow of war in Ukraine Ukraine Hungary 3mos
Covid cases rise in Shanghai with millions under lockdown China 3mos
Pakistan’s PM faces tough challenge with no-confidence vote Pakistan 3mos
Ukraine sees openings as Russia fixates on besieged Mariupol Russia Ukraine 3mos
Estelle Harris, Seinfeld and Toy Story actor, dies at 93 3mos
North Korea warns Seoul of ‘serious threat’ over missile remark North Korea South Korea 3mos
Obituary: Pierre Zakrzewski, Irish cameraman killed in Ukraine who covered overseas conflicts w... Russia Ireland Ukraine 3mos
Russian invasion in disarray as Putin’s top brass ‘scared to tell him the truth’ Russia Ukraine 3mos
Germany’s rusty military forces are restored in face of threat US Germany 3mos
Echoes of Stalin heard in Moscow, as Russians are asked to inform on their anti-war friends Ukraine 3mos
Emmanuel Macron says Brexit-style upset could hit election in France France 3mos
Hong Kong’s best and brightest flee Beijing repression 3mos
‘Now I know the depravity my son faced as a hostage’ – mother of executed journalist James Fole... 3mos
‘Russian bombs hit a maternity hospital — We had to get Tilly out’ Russia Ukraine Poland 3mos
We drove our Teslas all the way to Poland and came back to Ireland with 72 Ukrainian refugees Ireland Poland Ukrania 3mos