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Publisher loses appeal in Meghan battle over privacy 28m
Angela Merkel backs vaccine mandate as Germany imposes further restrictions on unvaccinated Germany 28m
Driver ‘told by Ghislaine Maxwell to collect young girls’ 28m
School ‘concerned’ about 15-year-old’s behaviour before Michigan massacre 28m
Blinken, Lavrov get together for ‘serious’ talks on Ukraine crisis US Russia Ukraine 28m
Macron reportedly branded Johnson a ‘clown’ and ‘a knucklehead’ UK 28m
Labour calls for probe into festive parties held at No 10 Downing Street during lockdown 28m
Spacewalking astronauts avoid debris as they repair antenna 5h
Household visits and hospitality under scrutiny again amid Nphet concern 5h
Angela Merkel urges Germans to shun hatred as she prepares to step down 6h
Court says son of Muammar Gaddafi can contest presidential election in Libya Libya 6h
Ghislaine Maxwell jurors hear expert testimony about sexual predators UK 8h
Cillian de Gascun: 'Six or seven out of ten’ - Nphet member Cillian de Gascun rates his level o... 8h
Otters separated from mothers during storms start life in new riverside home 2h
Europe’s markets swing back lower as Omicron concerns continue 9h
US, EU, Britain and Canada hit Belarus with co-ordinated sanctions US Canada UK Belarus 9h
Booster shot bonus as Covid infections drop among people aged over 65 – 4,163 confirmed cases t... 9h
Conservationists rescue two species of snail thought to be extinct for 100 years 9h
Elderly dog abandoned at Christmas ‘happy and healthy’ after finding new home 9h

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‘Wicked’ stepmother and ‘pitiless’ father guilty of six-year-old boy’s killing 10h
Russia deploys missile systems near Pacific islands claimed by Japan Russia Japan 9h
Biden administration to reinstate Trump-era Mexico border policy US Mexico 10h
Pubs and restaurants ‘will not be able to keep their doors open’ without State support Ireland 10h
I can’t get my kids to wear gloves for five minutes, so good luck to the teachers policing mask... 10h
South Africa accelerates vaccination campaign amid Covid surge South Africa 11h
Meghan Markle: Mail on Sunday loses appeal in privacy battle over letter to estranged father 11h
Germany excludes unvaccinated people from non essential shops, as well as cultural and recreati... Germany 12h
German parliament to consider vaccine mandate as Covid restrictions tightened Germany 12h
Covid outbreaks in primary schools increased by 700pc in two weeks, from four to 32 12h
US warns Russia as Kremlin talks about war threat in Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 12h
China clears Boeing 737 Max to fly again China 13h
Deliveroo founder Will Shu sells £47m in shares to pay tax bill 13h
British veteran’s virtual learning tool helps to educate girls in Afghanistan UK Afghanistan 14h
Omicron and Delta spell return of restrictions 14h
Bank of Ireland fined 24.5m euro for breaching IT regulations Ireland 14h
British Rubik’s Cube champion looks ahead to world cup UK 14h
Family of endangered Asian elephants undecorate their Christmas tree 15h
Kremlin says Ukraine may use force to reclaim rebel regions Russia Ukraine Ukrania 15h
Tel Aviv ‘world’s most expensive city to live in’ Israel 15h
Snowstorm in Denmark strands customers overnight in Ikea Denmark 17h
Boyfriend arrested in hotel bathrobe for allegedly beating US tourist to death at Mexico resort US Mexico 17h
Downing Street staff ‘repeatedly held banned Christmas lockdown parties’ 17h
Annual Covid-19 jabs ‘likely to be needed’, says Pfizer boss 17h
Rothermere increases offer to buy newspaper group after investor backlash 18h
One million Afghan children ‘will starve by end of this year’ if emergency food supplies don’t... Afghanistan 18h
Injured sea turtle from Maldives finds new home 5,000 miles away... in Scotland Maldives Scotland 18h
Serco set for profits blow as Covid contract work eases back 18h
Appeal court to rule today on latest round of Meghan privacy battle against newspaper 19h
Omicron virus could ‘go either way’ says public health expert 19h
‘I met Trump at 14 and flew with Andrew,’ says Maxwell accuser 1d