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European monitoring organizations of the freedom of media become in defense of Ewa Siedlce Poland 3h
Austria again without chancellor. Alexander Schallenberg resigns Austria 7h
French Centroprawica is looking for a rival for Macron. Surprising and Tur France 8h
A new medicine against Covid-19 approved in Great Britain. Reduces the risk of death by 79 perc... Great Britain 10h
Goodbye, Dear Petra! How difficult it is to write about you during the past 10h
The EU imposes new sanctions on Belarus. Among others for the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian b... Belarus 12h
Mandatory vaccinations also in Germany? The future Chancellor Scholz is behind Germany 12h
Leader of the Hungarian opposition Peter Brand-Zay in Warsaw. He persuaded Tusk and Hołowni to... Hungary Poland 13h
The US Supreme Court can agree to the largest tightening of abortion regulations US 13h
The end of the Ke Dysyliniący Procumentation Germany. Berlin "clearly recognizes the authority... Germany 13h
Kremlin spokesman: the probability of a conflict in Ukraine is high Ukraine 15h
What to expect from the future US Ambassador in Poland Marek Brzezinski US Poland 15h
Polish defeat as to "money for the rule of law". The TSUE spokesman rejects the arguments of th... Hungary Poland 16h
Doctor who, as one of the first to banned himself with Omisbron: I grabbed him in London, proba... Israel Great Britain 16h
TSUE Ombudsman: "The complaint of Poland and Hungary must be dismissed" Hungary Poland 18h
Survivors from the tragedy in the La Manche channel: people died on my eyes 22h
From Lebanon to the EU through the Polish-Belarusian border. "This is a journey that I would no... Lebanon 23h
Petr Uhl is dead. Journalist, defender of human rights and a friend of Poland was 80 years old Poland Czech Republic 1d
Hearing Marek Brzezinski. "I will remind Poland about allied values" US Poland 1d

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Salvador must pay compensation and change the right after the death of a woman sentenced to mis... 1d
China felt offended, so they introduce a new foreigner surveillance system China 1d
Ursula von der Leyen: Mandatory vaccinations? We must consider this 1d
The European Union presented an alternative to the Chinese silk route China 1d
CNN suspended the presenter of Chris Cuomo for helping brother - I was Governor 1d
There will be mandatory vaccinations in the Union? Ursula von der Leyen: It's time 1d
A repressed publisher from Hong Kong Jimmy Lai with a golden freedom pen 1d
The Orbána government surveys the Hungarian opposition and collects hooks on it Hungary 1d
The EU limits asylum rights in Poland [correspondence] Poland Lithuania Belarus Latvia 1d
Bomb from World War II exploded in the center of Munich. They are wounded 1d
Due to the US Omisron, they plan to exacerbate the requirements of the entrance to the country US 1d
The German court issued the first jerlin for the genocide Germany 1d
Great Britain: Through a delay pandemic in the planned treatment of other diseases Great Britain 1d
Russia throws american diplomats from the US embassy in Moscow US Russia 1d
Germany. Antelkocyckowcy pinches the stars of David - on the persecution sign Germany 1d
The French want limitations for hunters. Hunting will be one of the topics of the presidential... France 1d
Matteo Salvini still can not develop wings, and now PiS will cut it 1d
Polish country very high risk. CDC has updated a list US Niger Poland Papua New Guinea Trinidad and Tobago 1d
Spain: Okląć to Freedom Terrorists from ETA do not want public travels Spain 1d
Will Emmanuel Macron win a second term? Ultra-progress competitors are coming [Correspondence] France 1d
USA. Shot in high school. Three people are dead US 2d
NATO threatens the Kremlin with raw sanctions if you attack Ukraine [correspondence] Russia Ukraine 2d
Christmas is coming, and in Great Britain some industries are already trembling in front of Omi... Great Britain 2d
China promised Africa billion doses vaccines. This is a diplomatic and business offensive eleme... China 2d
Lukashenka does not exclude the deployment of Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus Russia Germany Poland Belarus 2d
GREECE: Mandatory vaccination against COVID-19 for people over 60 Greece 2d
CIA about Briefing with Trump: the most difficult experience in history 2d
In the USA, a new battle for Alamo aroused. It went about the dead US 2d
A great holiday on Barbados. Elżbieta II is no longer a queen of the Caribbean island UK Barbados 2d
Who is who in the new Government of Germany? Finances in the hands of liberals, Ms - Greens Germany 2d
Memorny head with vaccines and omicrous: it will not be good 2d