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Choices in Hungary. Spectacular victory of the part of Orbana Hungary 3mos
Serbs choose Parliament and the president. Aleksandar Vulcie is holding Serbia 3mos
410 Bodies have discovered Ukrainian investigators in Kiev. West announces more sanctions Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Finland should be a pattern for Poland. The ability to attack Russia is prepared as no other st... Russia Finland Poland 3mos
President of El Salvador announced a war with Gangami. By the way, he suspended civil rights El Salvador 3mos
FideSz or opposition? In Hungary, voting in parliamentary elections ended Hungary 3mos
They survived from the massacre: in Buczy, murders, rapes and plunder 3mos
Choices in Hungary. The opposition did everything to win. But he will probably lose Hungary 3mos
The Kremlin thinks that on a settlement with Ukraine too early Ukraine 3mos
Kaczyński in "Die Welt": Nuclear weapons on the eastern Flance NATO? It makes sense US Russia Ukraine 3mos
Kaczyński's enemy is not Putin, but Germany Germany Ukraine 3mos
Ukraine authorities: Russia uses children as a viable shield Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Proof of war crimes of Russia Russia Ukraine Yugoslavia 3mos
In the Boczy Russian army, there were tens of bodies of murdered civilians behind Russia 3mos
Meat gun fled from Putin's front Russia Ukrania 3mos
Ukraine won the battle of Kyiv. Will he win a battle for Donbas? Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
France: a process on a terrorist attack at the Bataclan club. He testified the only living assa... France 3mos
"NYT": Ukraine will get tanks from NATO. They are crucial for Donbass's defense Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Hungary - the most important country of the Union Hungary 3mos

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Deliver a weapon before Ukraine will drop the second wave [ECFR] Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Orban after the election will make a refund? Already turning to the EU after money Hungary 3mos
Zełenski: Russians leave a minimum field behind them, even the bodies are poor Russia Ukraine 3mos
Everyone suddenly love Erdogan. Because Turkey agrees with neighbors and gives hope for peace i... Saudi Arabia Turkey Ukraine 3mos
Chairman of pride to unsubstitious artists and lecturers: Lost on the pavement Russia Ukraine 3mos
Tne salaries, they release people. Russian companies caught by sanctions Russia 3mos
Pope apologizes the indigenous people of Canada. "I feel shame and pain" Canada 3mos
The Union warns China on Russia, but restrained [correspondence] China Russia Ukraine 3mos
Mer Mariupola: My city turned into hell Ukraine 3mos
More and more acts of violence in Israel and Palestinian Autonomy Israel Palestine 3mos
War in Ukraine will exacerbate the dispute about the kurils Russia Japan Ukraine 3mos
Russians speculate about the state of Putin's health 3mos
The Russians left Chernobyl, distance the Hostoml airport. Experts: This is a regroup that will... Ukraine 3mos
It burns the fuel base under Belgorod. Was this Ukraine hit the Russian territory? Russia Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
On Sunday, elections in Hungary. Will you win with Orbán? Hungary 3mos
The Russians withdraw from the construction of a power plant in Paks? Orbána energy alliance wi... Hungary 3mos
The French government issued hundreds of millions on external consultants. "Total lack of trans... France 3mos
China try to distract attention from the victims of War in Ukraine China US Russia Ukraine 3mos
Red Cross: We do not legitize Russian deportations. This is a harmful disinformation Russia 3mos
The eleven-year-old arrived from Zaporizy to the border with Slovakia. Ten years ago his family... Syria Slovakia Ukrania 3mos
Voices from the Kremlin: Putin has passed. And he knows good about it Russia 3mos
Why did Cherson fell? "Stupidity or betrayal. Or one and the other" Russia 3mos
NATO head: Russian forces do not withdraw. This is just a rearing Russia Ukraine 3mos
Refugees from Marioupol accused Ukrainian soldiers about crimes. The recording has prepared Rus... Russia Ukrania 3mos
The Italian Senate voted for aid for Ukraine and increasing the spending on reinforcement Italy Ukraine Ukrania 3mos
Belarus does not join the war, but more and more Russian aircraft starts from the airport in Br... Russia Ukraine Poland Belarus 3mos
US interview: Putin misleading by advisers. "Tension" between him and military commanders US Ukraine 3mos
Orban accuses Ukrainians for "mixing in the election campaign in Hungary" Ukraine Hungary 3mos
Seoul: North Korea has sped out "Monstrum missile" North Korea 3mos
How much does the atomic bomb costs. I translate the Kaczyński citizen 3mos