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USA. Speculator Robert Mueller ended the investigation on Russiagate US Russia 6h
Theresa May: There may be no vote on brexit UK 7h
Trump gives Netanyahu the Golan Heights in an election gift US Israel Russia Syria 11h
Kim withdraws from the joint liaison mission in the demilitarized zone 16h
Children's grenades. And automatons [WHAT IS MY WRINKLE?] 17h
Merkel to Macron: Do you want us to go down in history as those who allowed brexit chaos withou... 17h
China. The explosion in the factory, dozens of people are dead China 17h
Before the local elections in Turkey. Will the expensive food overcome Erdogan? Turkey 17h
Hundreds of women are abducted from Myanmar to China and raped. They are to give birth to child... China Myanmar 17h
Brexit on April 12 without a contract or on May 22 with a contract. It all depends on voting in... 17h
What should the EU do with the British now? Give us one more chance UK 17h
Trump: "The time has come for the US to recognize Israel's sovereignty over the Golan Heights!" US Israel Syria 17h
The UN accuses the Venezuelan regime of crimes. Only in January in Caracas, police and paramili... Venezuela 17h
1,600 guests from South Korean hotels were recorded from hiding. Sex scenes were broadcast live... South Korea 17h
Why the decision of the European Christian Democrats to suspend Fidesz will not change Orban's... Hungary 1d
The Prime Minister of New Zealand wants to ban the weapons used by the assassin New Zealand 1d
The Prime Minister of New Zealand wants to ban the weapons used by the assassin New Zealand 17h
Dalai Lama: I will be reborn in India. I do not believe in returning to China China India 1d
Jarosław Kaczyński met with another European populist. Who is the head of the Spanish nationali... Spain 1d

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On the Polish rule of law in the European Parliament. Of all the Union's tools, the CJEU works... Poland 1d
Fidesz Viktor Orbán suspended in the rights of a member of the European People's Party Hungary 1d
In Italy, the driver set fire to the bus with students. He shouted that people can not die anym... Italy 1d
Erdogan spits fire before the election. He supports a terrorist from New Zealand Israel Turkey New Zealand 1d
The court in The Hague issued a verdict against Radovan Karadzic. Serbian criminal sentenced to... Bosnia and Herzegovina Servia 1d
Losers Islamic fighters ask for help in the "land of unbelievers" Germany Syria 2d
May letter to Tusk: London wants to translate brexit until June 30 2d
Instead of putting on Kim's embalming, it's better to fight hunger in Korea North Korea South Korea 2d
The powerful cyclone Idai passed through Africa. "The worst humanitarian crisis in the history... Mozambique 2d
Poles are the largest euro-enthusiasts in the EU, the French see the future pessimistically, an... US Germany Spain Netherlands France Greece Italy Sweden Hungary Poland Great Britain 3d
In France, trade unionists follow the "yellow vests" and strike. The government wants to smear... France 3d
The "big Khan" of Kazakhstan is leaving, but not immediately China Kazakhstan 3d
In Venezuela, the opposition is pushing and the regime is regrouping. Maduro mentions the gover... Venezuela 3d
The French minister called the Brexit cat. "Because he sits in the open door and meows that he... France UK 3d
The cutthroat attacked at the Norwegian school. They are wounded Norway 3d
The court over the PiS power. The EU Court of Justice will assess the legality of the new Natio... Luxembourg Poland 4d
Researchers from Cambridge have developed a game to vaccinate people against fake news. There w... Poland 4d
British government dotted. The House of Commons announcer rules out re-voting over the brexit c... UK 4d
Vladimir Putin and the Night Wolves celebrate the fifth anniversary of the annexation of Crimea US Russia 4d
Xi Jinping is going to Europe to tempt the Silk Road 4d
Thousands of protests in the Balkans without Western support. "The EU is seen as a guarantee of... Serbia Albania Montenegro 4d
The President of the Philippines wants to change the name of the country Philippines 4d
Utrecht: The man opened fire on the tram 4d
Massacre in Christchurch. The Polish terrorist manifesto included Polish threads Australia New Zealand Poland 5d
After the attack on the journalist "Wyborcza" Tomasz Surdel. The eloquent silence of the Polish... Poland 5d
Spain: The church is researching the pedophilia of the clergy reluctantly Spain 5d
"I want to postpone a divorce by 500 years." Brainstorming on the Islands before an important w... 5d
The Slovak activist may become president. Silhouette of Zuzana Caputova Slovakia 5d
Will the Slovakians choose the president? Zuzana Caputová won the first round of the election Slovakia 5d
New Zealand: Prime Minister Ardern announces a change to the rules on access to weapons New Zealand 5d
Sharp clashes in Paris, serious destruction on the Champs Elysees 6d