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France, at the demonstration against expensive fuel, a woman dies hit by a car France 1h
The Argentine San Juan submarine disappeared a year ago: they died in 44 US Argentina 3h
The CIA: the order to kill Khashoggi started from Bin Salman US Saudi Arabia 4h
Trump is wrong, the blue wave was really there 6h
Cnn wins against Trump: the judge orders the return of the pass to the reporter 18h
Fears of America over China and Russia: "A war today we could lose it" China US Russia 19h
Ukraine, pressing on Italy: "Schedule family and accounts of your foreign fighter" Italy Ukraine 19h
Break between Netanyahu and Bennett, Israel towards early voting Israel 21h
Why does California burn more and more? 1d
Hell of fire in California, 63 dead and at least 600 missing US 1d
May's lunge: forward on Brexit. But in Westminster the agreement does not like it 1d
Libya, the Muslim Brotherhood: "Sarraj will meet our militiamen Libya 1d
Khashoggi case, Riad ready to execute the n 2 of the Intelligence Saudi Arabia 1d
The crucial points of the agreement UK 2d
Theresa May loses the pieces, the minister for Brexit Raab resigns (but from ultra-Eurosceptic... UK 2d
Too many tourists at the mills, the revolt of the Dutch: "Here is not Disneyland" Netherlands 2d
May Victory, first yes on Brexit UK 2d
Erdogan's wrath unleashes militias in Tripoli: storming the airport to challenge Sarraj 2d
Brexit, towards the EU summit on the 25th: the next steps Ireland UK 2d

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Brexit, yes of the British Government to the agreement UK 2d
Vienna and the temptation of oblivion: cafes, fountains and monuments demolished to make room f... 2d
Spying and corruption: the earthquake that makes Ethiopia tremble Ethiopia 2d
Contrary to the ceasefire signed with Hamas, Defense Minister Lieberman ready to leave Israel 3d
Trump attacks Macron, and teases him: "An EU army? Pay for NATO " US France 3d
The rage of the brigades and the tribes: "Libya does not adjust with the summits" 3d
Palermo, handshake between Haftar and Sarraj. Yes to the UN plan, but it's a clash with Turkey Turkey Libya 3d
Spying and corruption: the earthquake that makes Ethiopia tremble Ethiopia 3d
Merkel to the EU Parliament: "Nationalisms and selfishness must not rise again" Germany 3d
Murder Khashoggi: "Tell your boss", new shadows on the Saudi prince US Saudi Arabia Turkey 4d
The rocket rain continues on Israel which warns Hamas, 400 launches Israel 4d
Sea getting hotter. Herring fleeing from the South of the Baltic Germany 4d
The oil companies will be unified: here is the plan for peace on crude oil US Italy 4d
Haftar goes to Palermo: frost with Sarraj and vertex already uphill 4d
Israel, a train to unite the Middle East: thus Tehran island rail diplomacy Israel 4d
The general ex-friend of Gaddafi who holds East Libya in his hands 4d
The EU Parliament accuses Romania: "It does not defend rights and freedom" Romania 3d
Mozambique: the longest suspension bridge in Africa has been inaugurated China Mozambique 4d
Macron challenges Trump in Paris: "Nationalism is a demon" 4d
Alleged organ traffickers burned in Mexico, but the widespread alarm on WhatsApp was false Mexico 4d
He faced the Melbourne terrorist, 80 thousand euros of donations for the homeless hero Australia 4d
Israeli blitz in Gaza, killed a commander of Hamas Israel 4d
The vote against Kiev between Ak-47 and sweepstakes Ukrania 4d
Macron challenges Trump in Paris: "Nationalism is a demon" 4d
In the barrios of Buenos Aires where populism was born: "Now the country is in the abyss" 4d
Midterm's vote, the recount could help the Democrats 4d
China towards the conquest of Antarctica, work began to build an airport China 6d
At least 23 dead in the fires that suffocate California. Trump: "Catastrophic Destruction" US 6d
Moscow, Putin's chef check out the negotiations on Libya with General Haftar Russia 6d
Midterm, Florida goes to the recount of votes 6d
Libya, towards a security summit 6d