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Russiagate, Mueller delivers the investigation report 7h
Debby Harry: "I am shocked that there are those who oppose the new EU copyright law" 12h
Gala dinner at the French embassy, ​​but the Italian government is deserting France Italy 13h
Canada, a priest stabbed during mass in Montreal Canada 14h
Brexit, Tusk: "For London all the options open until April 12." May: we will leave the EU UK 17h
Brazil, corruption and money laundering. Former President Temer arrested Brazil 17h
Beijing prepares the debt trap: this makes other countries more vulnerable China Italy 17h
Italy enters the Silk Road. The companies sign 15 agreements Italy Republic of China 17h
Basel, a 75-year-old stabs and kills a 7-year-old child 17h
Holland, populist triumph: first in the Senate Netherlands 17h
Trump wants to recognize Israeli sovereignty over the Golan US Israel 17h
Kenya, the most famous beggar of Africa dies that has captured the hearts of Kenyans Kenya 17h
Iraq, a ferry overturns in the Tigris: dozens of drowned Iraq 17h
China, a violent explosion at a chemical plant: several deaths China 17h
EU directive, Wikipedia is obscured by protest in Germany Germany France Italy Slovakia Czech Republic Denmark 1d
Holland, towards the vote with the exceptional advance of the extreme right of FdV Netherlands 1d
"Erdogan feeds Islamic rage", sparks with Ardern Turkey New Zealand 1d
Brexit, May asks for a postponement to June 30th. Tusk: extension possible if there is an agree... 1d
The EPP suspends Orban's party with immediate effect Hungary 1d

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Karadzic sentenced to life imprisonment on appeal for war crimes, including the Srebrenica mass... Yugoslavia 1d
Alaa al Aswani sued by Egyptian military judges: "I will never stop talking and writing" France Egypt 1d
Brexit, so May plays the card of fear on the hypothesis of a disorderly exit from the EU 2d
EU, fine of 1.49 billion to Google for abuse of dominant position 2d
Mosul, the drones of Italian archaeologists show the damage of Isis to the archaeological herit... Italy Iraq 2d
Brexit: "Theresa May will request a brief extension of article 50 to the EU" 2d
The killer of Utrecht and that note invoking Allah: "terrorist track" 2d
The president-boss of Kazakhstan resigns after thirty years in power Kazakhstan 2d
Israel, the ad on the minister's "fascist fragrance" triggers an uproar Israel 2d
Thirty-four-year-old from Nuoro at the center of a Dda inquiry: "socially dangerous" Syria Italy 3d
Shooting in Utrecht, terrorist track reopened: "The killer had no personal ties to the victims" 3d
Twenty-four-year-old from Pisa dies falling from a window in Warsaw: he was on vacation with so... Italy Poland 3d
Robbery, drugs and sexual violence: the life of Gukmen Tanis spent against the law Turkey 3d
Cyclone kills Mozambique, at least a thousand deaths are feared Mozambique 3d
Shoot on the tram in Utrecht, 3 dead. Mystery about the killer motive 3d
Lorenzo, the Italian who challenged ISIS, was killed. The will in a letter: no regrets Syria Italy 3d
"Proud to be here to fight. This is a civilization war " 3d
Brexit, blocked the third vote on the agreement. May at the corner UK 3d
Among the tearful family: "Devastated but proud of him" 3d
Perrone: "Copyright reform? It's not just copyright, it's a question of democracy " 3d
The prefect of Paris removed after the devastation of the yellow vests in the city France 4d
From Toulouse to Utrecht, all the attacks that have bloodied Europe since 2012 Germany 4d
Ciclone Idai, the president of Mozambique: the dead could be more than 1000 Mozambique 4d
"My afternoon with Lorenzo, the Italian killed by Isis" Syria Italy 4d
Holland, several injured in a shooting in Ultrecht Netherlands 4d
Putin in the Crimea for the fifth anniversary of the annexation Russia 4d
West Bank, dead Israeli wounded in attack Israel Palestine 4d
New Zealand premier Arden announces: "The government will review the law on weapons" New Zealand 4d
Syria, Wall Street Journal: A US plan to hold 1000 soldiers. But Dunford denies it US Syria 4d
US Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is a candidate for the presidential elections US 4d
Mozambique and Zimbabwe flagellate by cyclone Idai: 157 dead Mozambique Zimbabwe 4d