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Javier Milei is the new president of Argentina: immediately the announcement of a season of sac... 6h
Moscow enlists mercenaries from Nepal, known for courage and ability 8h
In Oslo the award ceremony of the Nobel Peace, an empty chair for Narges Mohammadi 9h
The osteopath enters the royal house, King Carlo prefers pranotherapy, energy exchanges and lig... 11h
William and Kate, the Christmas photo 2023 with the children is in black and white 12h
COP28, Pichetto: "From Italy 10 million euros to the next G7 for food-climate plans in developi... 12h
In Egypt, the seats for the presidential elections open: Abdel Fattoh al Sisi towards the third... 14h
Cop28, uphill agreement: the five things to know in the final days of negotiations 16h
What happened to Navalny? The missed videcolamentation, the excuse of the electric current and... 1d
Ukraine, Olena Zelenska speaks: "If the world does not help us we will die" 1d
Iran, the regime prevents the Amini family from collecting the Sakharov prize 1d
Artificial intelligence, EU agreement on the first law in the world based on risk levels: but t... 1d
Golf divinity Jon Rahm gives America and chooses Arabia for 550 million dollars 1d
Putin announces that he will apply for the presidential elections. And he does it in a meeting... 1d
Depardieu without brakes during a trip to North Korea in 2018. A video with prolonged sexist co... 2d
Girkin's complaint from prison: "I'm afraid they make me the end of Prigozhin". History of the... 2d
Swedish UE Diplomatic detained for 600 days in Iran, the father's appeal: "He is experiencing h... 2d
New accusations for Hunter Biden: "He spent millions in drugs, escorts and luxury hotels instea... 2d
Spain, the alleged lover of Queen Letizia: "I received death threats, but not portrayed of a co... 3d

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London accuses Moscow: "Years of cyber espionage". "New attempts of the FSB to infiltrate Briti... 3d
New troubles for Gerard Depardieu: another actress denounces him for sexual harassment 3d
Fidel and Raul Castro's sister died in Miami. He had worked with the CIA against the Cuban comm... 3d
Paris, mutual-government arm wrestling on the speed limit on the ring road: Hidalgo wants 50 ki... 3d
Russia, a student opens fire in school in Bryansk: he hurts two guys then kills himself 3d
Cop28, children's requests: "Climate change denies us education" 4d
Shooting in a campus in Las Vegas, numerous victims 4d
Belgium, shots in Brussels in the shopping street: three injured 4d
Interpol and Spanish Civil Guard at work to trace Roberta Cortesi, who disappeared in Malaga 11... 4d
"I was the lover of Queen Letizia", ​​the former brother -in -law Jaime del Burgo unleashes the... 4d
Stopping ship, navigation suspended in the Suez channel 4d
North Korea, the dictator in tears to the mothers of the country: "Please, do more children" 4d
Rena Stewart died at 100 years, the secret agent who deciphered the encrypted codes of the Nazi... 4d
The Yemenita plenipotentiary minister in Tehran: "seizures of ships and missile launches to sto... 4d
Moscow rejects the proposal to free the journalist Gershkovich and the former Marine Whelan 4d
From microchip and laser drones: goods and technologies to potential military use towards Russi... 5d
The Spanish Premier Sánchez: "Overcome past divergences, for Giorgia Meloni maximum institution... 5d
The Barbie between XI and Putin among the finalists in the ranking of the characters of the yea... 5d
Gazprom's collapse, so Putin is losing the energy war. Less 41% of revenues in 2023, 10 billion... 5d
The Israeli actress Gal Gadot: it's time to act for kidnapped women 6d
Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro wins the referendum for sovereignty on the axis 6d
Rizz is the word of the year: what it means and why it is depopulated on Tiktok 6d
Maduro conquers the referendum on the annexation of the Venezuela of a part of the Guyana perfo... 6d
Harry and Meghan excluded "from the worldly marriage of the year": the last break after the con... 6d
Isla, the 2 -year -old girl with a Super intellectual quotient: at 18 months she already knew t... 1w
Bomba dell'isis during mass in the Philippines, the claim of terrorists: at least 4 dead. Melon... 1w
New York, massacre in the family in Queens: five dead and two injured agents. The attacker kill... 1w
Paris attack, the tourist killer had ties with numerous terrorists 1w
Terror in Paris, screams "Allah Akbar" and attacks a couple of passers -by: the man died, wound... 1w
Ukraine, Zelensky: weapons are not enough. But the US funds will end at the end of December. Ki... 1w
The great snowfall that paralyzes the south of Germany: Monaco closes the airport 1w