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Victoria must be in the lockdown for the sixth time Australia 32m
Asylum forces: Belarus closes border Lithuania Belarus 32m
USA Search $ 6000-Dollar Whiskey for Mike Pompeo US Japan 2h
Dead Bub in river: stepfather and mother in custody 2h
"Boss the boss" of the'ndrangheta in Madrid Spain 2h
Telegram groups lure refugees to Lithuania Lithuania 4h
D: Green cutting men from group photo 4h
USA: Rabinater Passenger Fixed on aircraft seat US 4h
Report: US entry in the future only for full vacancies US 8h
Fires in Greece: "Danger is not over" Greece 8h
Sexual harassment: from the abuse of power 8h
More than 200 million corona cases worldwide 16h
Germany: For unclear new restrictions? Germany 16h
Spain allows viewers again at sports events Spain 16h
Fires threaten power plant and antique Olympia Turkey 18h
Israel aggravates measures - soon new lockdown? Israel 19h
EU secures up to 200 million NovaVax doses US 19h
Sea-Watch: "Condition of the guests worsens" 19h
Great Britain now wants to vaccinate 16- and 17-year-old UK Great Britain 21h

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No OSCE mission at Russian parliamentary election Russia 21h
Who requires stop of refresh vaccinations 21h
Iran only ten weeks before "weapon-capable material" Iran Israel 23h
Joe Biden demanded withdrawal of Governor Cuomo 23h
Obamas 60s celebration after swirl in a smaller frame 23h
Macron invites to auxiliary conference for Lebanon France Lebanon 1d
Bangladesh: 15 wedding guests made of lightning Bangladesh 1d
Belarusian TV channel wants to hang "traitor" Belarus 1d
"War" for custody for cable car survivors 1d
Storm on Capitol: Four policemen began suicide US 1d
Lambda variant could handle vaccination protection US 1d
Veteran urge with grenade in government buildings Ukraine 1d
According to Darm-OP: Pope took up audiences 1d
Disney employee wanted to rape children US 1d
Trains collided: two dead in the Czech Republic Czech Republic 1d
Large children's porn raid: 33 objects searched 1d
Terrorism investigation after cyber attack in Rome Italy 1d
Corona: Children on average after six days healthy UK 1d
USA: Weaponing lawyer pair now paired US 1d
EU procures vaccine reserve for virus variants 1d
US policeman was stabbed before the Pentagon US 1d
Shots in Swedish small town: 3 injured Sweden 1d
New Yorks Governor has sexually harassed women 1d
"Ascherneg": Readers report from fire areas Greece Italy Turkey Croatia 1d
Afghanistan: Violent explosion shakes Kabul Afghanistan 1d
Threatening attack on oil tanker: NATO admonishes Iran Iran 1d
Couple wanted to save dogs from fire and dies 1d
Iran: Record number of over 39,000 new infections Iran 1d
EU Commission: restraint at third-party vaccination 2d
Corona: More than 3800 new infections in Israel Israel 2d
Glut heat in Europe continues to ensure fire inferno Greece Italy Turkey 2d