Latest stories about Iran

Israel, US to hold air drill simulating striking Iran nuclear program US Israel 25m
US team captain Tyler Adams praised for handling of Iranian criticism US 49m
‘Respect For Iranian Women’ protester invades pitch at World Cup match Portugal Uruguay 55m
Iran threatened families of national soccer team, according to security source | CNN 2h
Political Fever Pitch Looms Over U.S.-Iran World Cup Match US 2h
Ongoing protests cast shadow over World Cup for Iranian Americans 3h
US coach apologizes after Iran flag scandal US 4h
Germany set to halt deportations to Iran amid protests – DW – 11/28/2022 Germany 4h
French deputies vote a resolution in "support for the Iranian people" France 4h
Fans unimpressed amid flag row ahead of Iran-US World Cup clash US 5h
Iranian general acknowledges more than 300 dead in unrest 5h
A U.S.-Iran Soccer Showdown Intensifies With Protests as a Backdrop Qatar 5h
French lawmakers vote to condemn Iranian protest crackdown France 6h
Iranian Truckers Strike For Third Day In Support Of Protesters 7h
Report: Austrian-Iranian gets medical leave from Iran prison 7h
Iran demands action after US drops Allah from flag ‘to support women’ US 7h
Moscow, Tehran to raise volume of Russian goods to India via INSTC India Russia 7h
Iranian Hard-Liners Propose Punishment For Cooperation With 'Hostile' Countries 9h
Iran calls for US to be kicked out of 2022 World Cup after it changes Iran flag on social media... US 10h

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Iran releases more than 700 prisoners following World Cup win 10h
Iran call for FIFA to kick USA out of World Cup ahead of crunch clash US 10h
Toomaj Salehi: Dissident Iranian rapper could face death penalty 10h
Iran supreme leader's niece calls on governments to cut ties with 'murderous and child-killing... 11h
Iran protests update: Iran Supreme Leader's niece arrested after blasting 'child-killing regime... 11h
Iran seizes filmmaker’s passport and bars him from travelling to Indian film festival India 11h
Iranian authorities threaten to protesters: we will crash you 12h
UNICEF Urges End To Iran Violence After Dozens Of Children Killed In Protest Crackdown 12h
Iran rejects UN investigation into protests 12h
Niece of supreme leader asks world to cut ties with Iran 13h
Prominent Iran actor freed on bail: Report 13h
U.S. soccer federation briefly alters Iran's flag to show solidarity with protesters US 13h
Niece of Iran’s supreme leader faces 15 years in jail after call to boycott 14h
Iran says it has proof that Western states were involved in protests 14h
Iran arrests Khamenei niece after condemning regime: Brother - Region - World 14h
Assad vows to 'continue backing Hezbollah' Syria Lebanon 15h
Iranian artists call for boycott of cultural institutions with links to regime 15h
UNICEF calls for the protection of children against all forms of violence in Iran amid public u... 15h
USA’s problem against Iran isn’t politics. It’s that we don’t know how to win | Eric Wynalda US 15h
Iranian foreign ministry says U.S. accusations that Iran was behind Oman tanker attack are base... US Oman 15h
UNICEF Condemns Violence, Abuse of Children in Iran Protests 16h
Ayatollah’s niece urges world to cut ties with Iran 21h
Top commander promises ‘graveyard’ for the enemies of Iran 21h
Iran calls for discipline after USSF scrubs emblem 21h
Iranian reporters accuse USA press officer of trying to silence them US 21h
Iran calls for the US to be banned from World Cup after social media flag row US 22h
Iran calls for USA to be kicked out of World Cup for doctored flag Twitter post US 23h
Iran leader's niece urges international community to sever ties with the country 1d
Iran calls for US to be kicked out of 2022 World Cup after it changes Iran flag on social media... US 1d
Iran lodges protest with FIFA over US Soccer flag post US 1d
Iran complains to Fifa after US Soccer removes Islamic emblem from its flag 1d
Iran government officials 'took the team's PASSPORTS in 1998 vs USA' US 1d
IRGC Man Says Qatar Helping Iran Silence Dissidents In World Cup Qatar 1d
Niece of Iran’s Supreme Leader urges world to cut ties with Tehran over unrest: Online video 1d
Salami strongly warns perpetrators of recent sedition in Iran 1d
Iran arrests Khamenei's niece after criticizing regime – DW – 11/27/2022 1d
Iran coordinated with Qatar to suppress opposition at World Cup Qatar 1d
Iran complain to Fifa over flag change post by US US 1d
Somalia Questions Iranian, Pakistani 'Hostages' Found Near Al-Shabaab Territory Pakistan Somalia 1d
After public criticism: niece of spiritual head of Iran 1d
Prominent Iranian Actress Reportedly Released After Arrest For Supporting Protests 1d
Football World Cup: Iran protests against the United States for deleting the symbol of Allah fr... US 1d
Khamenei's niece arrested after calling for foreign governments to cut ties with Iranian regime 1d
Iran, the rapper Toomaj Salehi risks the death penalty: he violated the laws of Sharia by suppo... 1d
Niece of Iran’s supreme leader calls on other countries to cut ties with regime 1d
US men’s soccer team briefly scrubs Islamic emblem from Iran flag US 1d
Iran’s World Cup fans: 'Football is meaningless when children are being killed in Iran' 1d
Iran demand FIFA kick USA out of the World Cup amid anger over social media post US 1d
Niece of Iran's Supreme Leader urges world to cut ties with Tehran 1d
Tensions rise with USA & Iran before World Cup game over Iranian flag 1d
US accused of ‘disrespect’ over flag alteration ahead of Iran clash US Qatar 1d
Iran call Klinsmann for resignation following 'gamesmanship' remarks 1d
Iranian drone advisers who were helping Russia bombard Ukraine were killed in Crimea, Kyiv offi... Russia Ukraine 1d
Iran Arrests Khamenei's Niece After She Condemns 'Murderous Regime' 1d
Iran moves closer to ‘anti-sanctions’ regional bloc 1d
List Of Children Victims Of Iran Protest Crackdown; How They Were Killed 1d
Iran want Klinsmann to resign following 'gamesmanship' remarks 1d
Iran Supreme Leader Khamanei: Talks with the US will not resolve our issues, US wants ransom US 1d
Niece of Iran's Supreme Leader urges world to cut ties with Tehran over unrest 1d
Iran Charges Dissident Rapper Toomaj Salehi With Spreading 'Corruption On Earth' 1d
At World Cup, US soccer scrubs Islamic emblem from Iran flag US Qatar 1d
At World Cup, U.S. Soccer Federation Scrubs Islamic Emblem From Iranian Flag US 1d
‘Disgrace to football’: Iran coach demands Klinsmann resignation 1d
Iran manager tells German icon to resign over ‘disgraceful’ comments Germany 1d
Iranian rapper arrested over supporting protests risks death penalty 1d
Iran Bank Manager Reportedly Fired For Serving Unveiled Woman 1d
USA show Iran flag without emblem of Islamic republic before World Cup clash US 1d
Iran World Cup fan holding Mahsa Amini shirt is confronted by security 1d
Video. Revolt in Iran: seven minutes to understand the deep causes of anger 1d
Queiroz Tells Klinsmann To Quit FIFA Role Over 'Outrageous' Iran Rebuke Germany 1d
Iranian Activist Hossein Ronaghi Released On Bail, Transferred To Hospital 1d
They sacrificed lives: Khamenei praises forces for action against Iran's protestors 1d
Syria, Iran deploy increased air defenses near Damascus - report Syria 1d
Iran targets Kurds sheltering in Iraq: ‘We’re being used as a scapegoat’ Iraq 1d
Iranian leader praises force tasked with stopping protestors for their 'sacrifice' 1d
Iran releases footballer, prominent dissident on bail: reports 2d
What message is Ayatollah Ali Khamenei sending to Iran, world? 2d
World Cup: Wales fans pack stadium for key Iran clash 2d
Amnesty International lauds UN probe into Iran human rights violations 2d
Iran rapper arrested over protests risks death penalty: family 2d
England fans brutally celebrate Wales' heartbreaking Iran defeat England Qatar 2d