Latest stories about Turkey

Schliemann’s destruction in Turkey’s Troy repaired after 150 years  Germany 7m
Weekly coronavirus cases per 100,000 climb in Turkey 12m
Erdogan’s call for rate cut compounds lira’s rapid 3-day slide 28m
Turkey Bans Armenian Aircraft from Entering Its Airspace; Yerevan Hasn't Responded In Kind Armenia 42m
Dog days fanning flames set to leave Turkey this week 1h
Ottoman heir’s son recalls father’s longing for Turkey 1h
Over 750 WWI-era grenades found in Turkey’s Diyarbakır 1h
Turkey-UK trade, business ties strong during post-Brexit, virus shocks: Envoy  1h
World's third hottest July ever and the second hottest ever in Europe US Germany 1h
Turkey’s first electric car to enter European markets via Germany Germany 1h
Azerbaijan has always stood by Turkey: FM Bayramov Azerbaijan 1h
Wildfire surrounding Turkish power plant brought under control after evacuation as country cont... 1h
Turkey Olympic medalist Arıcan hopes to bring attention to social issues 2h
Şamdan wins Turkey’s 1st Tokyo 2020 silver in karate final France 2h
Patel touring Greece to try to find solution to foreign migrant-smuggling gangs Greece 2h
Şamdan goes through to Tokyo 2020 Olympics karate final 2h
Hagop Baronian: Armenian Ottoman satirist of 19th-century Istanbul Armenia Ottoman Empire 2h
Syria opposition wants Turkey as guarantor in Daraa amid attacks Syria 3h
Police kill 3 PKK terrorists in eastern Turkey's Van province 3h

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Turkey special country for EU, German envoy Schulz says Germany 3h
Opposition wants Turkey as guarantor in Syria's Daraa amid attacks Syria 3h
Turkish Cargo ranks 3rd among world’s top air cargo firms 3h
In Greece and Turkey, hundreds of fires are still raging Greece 4h
FM Çavuşoğlu, NATO’s Stoltenberg discuss Afghanistan, wildfires Afghanistan 4h
Turkey considers testing unvaccinated people to map out infection 5h
Counterterrorism operation launched in southeast Turkey's Mardin 5h
Turkish side to organize int'l meeting on Cyprus, Varosha issues Cyprus 5h
Counterterrorism operation launched in SE Turkey 5h
Karateka Şamdan confirms another Tokyo 2020 Olympics medal for Turkey Nippon 5h
Turkish karateka Şamdan confirms Tokyo 2020 medal Nippon 5h
What’s up with the bills in Bodrum and how to avoid high prices 5h
The growing influence of Turkey in the Sahel arouses 6h
Forest fires take hold across Turkey’s south as more evacuate 6h
'US did not intend to single out Turkey in Afghan migrant plan' US Afghanistan 6h
Turkish wildfire contained after reaching coal-fired power station 6h
Investigation into some social media messages about forest fires Republic of Turkey 7h
Fire that reached Turkey power plant contained, others burn 7h
Fire near power plant in southwestern Turkey's Milas contained 7h
Haze coats Temple of Olympian Zeus as wildfires rage in Greece Greece 7h
Fire reaches Turkish coal-fired power station, residents via sea evacuated 8h
Fire near power plant in southern Turkey contained 9h
Fleeing the Taliban: Afghans met with rising anti-refugee hostility in Turkey 9h
Power plant breached in Turkey's 'worst ever' wildfires 13h
Wildfire reaches Turkey power plant, prompts evacuations 14h
Turkish power plant 'at risk of being destroyed' by wildfires 15h
Turkish town evacuated as wildfire reaches power station 16h
Turkish wildfires breach coal-fired power plant 16h
Ankara unsettled by role in US program to relocate Afghans US Afghanistan 17h
Turkish power plant EVACUATED as wildfire inferno bears down on facility (VIDEOS) 17h
Power plant in Turkey evacuated as wildfire closes in 18h
Wildfire reaches Turkish power plant, workers evacuated 18h
Turkey’s vaccination program to continue at full speed 18h
Fires threaten power plant and antique Olympia 18h
15 of 187 fires ongoing in Turkey: Erdoğan 19h
Turkey fires: President Erdogan watches from afar as his country burns 20h
Hiker catches moment mum-in-law falls from 230ft cliff as he films scenery 20h
How heat dome has sparked worst wildfires in a decade across parts of Southern Europe Greece Italy 21h
Turkey's Lake Işıklı dazzles visitors with colorful water lilies 21h
Turkey reveals details of unmanned fighter jet project  23h
Turkey united: Aid, support pour in amid wildfires  1d
US resettlement of Afghans may cause great migration crisis, Turkey says US 1d
Turkey shuffles army commander, promotes generals 1d
Islamophobia prevents diversity, coexistence, Turkish minister says 1d
Turkey’s Baykar in talks with 10 countries for TB2 UCAV sales 1d
Turkish NGO to produce stone paper under EU-funded project 1d
Most burn Turkey extinguished, also rescued power plant 1d
Turkey’s TIKA to help revive economy of Colombia’s Indigenous Colombia 1d
Turkey to crack down on steep price hikes amid wildfire battle 1d
Istanbul breaks water consumption record in scorching heat 1d
Wildfires burn for an eighth day in coastal Turkey 1d
Firefighters Get Help From Russian Military To Battle Major Blazes In Yakutia Russia 1d
Father calls for life over Turkish woman’s brutal murder 1d
Excavations restart on 5,500-year-old settlement in Turkey's Yozgat 1d
Hiker films the moment his mother-in-law, 71, falls to death off cliff 1d
Turkey's support for Lebanon boosts bilateral ties, envoy says Lebanon 1d
Turkey slams US statement on planned resettlement of Afghans US 1d
Athens, already crushed by heat, wakes up in the suffocating smoke of fires Greece 1d
Vaccine plea grows as Turkey’s coronavirus cases increase 1d
‘Turkey won’t serve as waiting room for US Afghan migrant policy’ US Afghanistan 1d
Wildfires burn for a 7th day in coastal areas of Turkey 1d
Turkish groups in Australia launch aid campaign for wildfires in Turkey Australia 1d
31 Kurdish families reunite with children abducted by PKK 1d
In Turkey and Greece, a heat wave and firelight Greece 1d
Departure from Afghanistan: Turkey criticizes US program for taking assistants US Afghanistan 1d
Turkey's support vital for Turkish Cyprus' survival: Tatar Cyprus 1d
Over 250,000 people trying to enter Turkey illegally held: Minister 1d
Turkish soldiers continue to help destitute in northern Syria Syria 1d
Forest fires, new and old, burn across Turkey’s west and south 1d
Turkey eyes Tokyo 2020 gold medals as women boxers reach finals 1d
Departure from Afghanistan: Turkey criticizes US program for taking assistants US Afghanistan 1d
Turkey's Çakıroğlu defeats Taiwanese opponent to reach finals Taiwan 1d
S. Korea beats Turkey in Tokyo Olympics volleyball quarterfinals South Korea 1d
Turkey rejects US' ‘irresponsible decision' on Afghan refugees US Afghanistan 1d
Turkey president Erdogan faces mounting criticism over wildfires 1d
Live: Turkey wildfires - Firefighters work to extinguish Bodrum blaze 1d
‘Our lungs burning’: Turkish mayor issues desperate plea for help as raging wildfires close in... 1d
Turkey wildfires - Terrified tourists airlifted & rescued by boats from Brit resorts killing si... UK 1d
Turkey wildfires - Flames fill the sky as inferno rages on, killing 8 1d
Turkey's coronavirus cases jump to nearly 25,000, highest since early May 1d
Live: Turkey wildfires - Firefighters work to extinguish Marmaris blaze 1d