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Gaza health ministry says two major hospitals are hours away from running out of fuel for gener... Israel UK Turkey Egypt 1mo
'Money makes the devil work': Inside the deadly working conditions of Indonesia's nickel indust... China 1mo
Sahabat Selojene creates 2.8-metre-wide hotel in Indonesia - Dezeen 1mo
Scientists discover 'world's oldest' pyramid: New carbon dating shows Gunung Padang in Indonesi... 1mo
Scientists discover 'world's oldest' pyramid: New carbon dating shows Gunung Padang in Indonesi... Egypt 1mo
Indonesian tribe at risk of losing homeland after court ruling: NGOs 1mo
World's Oldest Pyramid Was Built 25000 Years Ago Inside This Mountain - IFLScience 1mo
In Southeast Asia’s EV race, domestic markets face a long and winding road Thailand Malaysia Vietnam 1mo
Dozens killed in Israeli strike on Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza - Middle East Eye Israel UK Hindustan 1mo
We can’t turn a blind eye to what happens in Gaza: Indonesian ambassador Israel Saudi Arabia 1mo
New strike near Indonesian Hospital - Al Jazeera English Israel UK Hindustan 1mo
New Zealand election results show National needs other parties to form government - Reuters New Zealand 1mo
Gaza’s Indonesian Hospital’s main generator no longer operational - Al Jazeera English Israel UK 1mo
Indonesian bosses given two year sentence for 300+ cough syrup deaths - 1mo
Uncontacted tribe in Indonesia confronted by a bulldozer in 'shocking' footage - UNILAD 1mo
Moment indigenous tribe threatens workers on their territory in Indonesian rainforest.. before... 1mo
IDF soldiers will 'in no circumstances' enter Hamas tunnels, says ex-military chief - The Teleg... Israel 1mo
How an Indonesian hospital is struggling to function amid Israel-Gaza war 1mo
Gaza's only cancer hospital goes out of service, health officials say - Reuters UK 1mo

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Indonesia cough syrup maker boss jailed after child deaths 1mo
EEF recruitment and retention studies: the key findings - Schools Week 1mo
Israel-Hamas war sparks hate crimes against Germany’s Jewish community | FOCUS • FRANCE 24 - FR... Israel Germany France UK 1mo
Gaza’s only cancer treatment hospital shuts down after running out of fuel - Al Jazeera English UK 1mo
Gaza health ministry: Shifa and Indonesian hospitals just 'hours away' from shutting main gener... Israel UK 1mo
As Indonesia’s Jokowi ‘deserts’ ruling party, can it retain its stronghold? 1mo
‘Nightmare is over’: Polish election result brings relief for LGBTQ+ people - The Guardian Poland 1mo
Indonesia to bank on G7 investment deal to make huge emission savings 1mo
'Raised in this struggle': Why these West Papuan young people have been interviewing their Elde... Australia 1mo
Bodies line Gaza hospital wall and surgeons operate in corridors Israel Palestine 1mo
Who are Indonesia's presidential hopefuls? – DW – 10/31/2023 1mo
Indonesia arrests 59 over alleged plot to disrupt presidential election 1mo
Saudi ministry concludes Holy Qur’an competition in Indonesia Saudi Arabia 1mo
Comment - the Asian axis of the Hamas understanders: Malaysia, Indonesia and China are blind in... China Malaysia 1mo
Lithuanian businesses discovering Indonesia’s market – formin Lithuania 1mo
Award-winning Indonesia street photo in focus over claims it was ‘staged’ 1mo
Indonesia candidates call on president to remain neutral ahead of 2024 poll 1mo
At Gaza’s Indonesian hospital, doctors battle blackouts to save lives 1mo
Singapore stands firm on inflation – as Philippines, Indonesia start to sweat Philippines Singapore 1mo
Tourist plunges 30ft to death as glass-bottomed walkway shatters beneath them - The Mirror 1mo
Tourist dies after 30ft-high glass bridge shatters at Indonesian beauty spot - UNILAD 1mo
Israel Hamas war: Israel strikes near Gaza hospital as comms return and death toll rises - Euro... Israel UK 1mo
Indonesian troops recover bodies of 6 workers missing after attack by Papua separatists 1mo
Earthquake of magnitude 5.5 hits Indonesia region–EMSC 1mo
Indonesia election 2024: the biggest issues facing the 3 presidential hopefuls 1mo
‘We are isolated now’: Communications lost with many parts of Gaza - Al Jazeera English Israel UK 1mo
What policies are Indonesia’s 3 presidential hopefuls pushing? 1mo
Indonesia: Tourist dies after 30ft-high glass walkway collapses | World News | Metro News - Met... 1mo
Indonesia: Tourist dies after 30ft-high glass walkway collapses - 1mo
Tourist dies and three others are injured when 30ft-high glass walkway shatters at Indonesian b... 1mo
Indonesia makes first flight using palm oil fuel 1mo
Muslim-majority countries in Asia rally behind Palestinians Bangladesh Pakistan 1mo
TikTok shops around for options in wake of Indonesia app ban China 1mo
Ithra calls on best and brightest to support refugee relief Bangladesh Ethiopia Zimbabwe Jordan Mauritania 1mo
In Indonesia, President Joko Widodo chooses a former rival to ensure his political heritage 1mo
Indonesian descendants of Japanese occupation victims recall pain Japan 1mo
Age no barrier as Indonesia gears up for February 2024 elections 1mo
Indonesia arrests TikTokker for ‘blasphemy against Christianity’ 1mo
Indonesia’s Prabowo registers in three-way 2024 presidential race 1mo
Sri Lanka to offer visitors from China, Malaysia, elsewhere free tourist visas China India Russia Thailand Japan Malaysia Sri Lanka 1mo
Saudi king attends cabinet meeting discussing GCC-ASEAN summit, Gaza conflict Saudi Arabia Singapore Malaysia Republic of Korea 1mo
Indonesia to probe conflict of interest in age vote ruling backing Jokowi’s son 1mo
Jokowi stresses need to ‘prepare for long run’ as Indonesia’s currency struggles 1mo
How palm oil companies are illegally burning forests to clear land in Indonesia 1mo
Prabowo, 72, eligible for presidential run as Indonesia court rejects age limit 1mo
Indonesia 2024 election: will Prabowo’s choice of running mate backfire on him? 1mo
Prabowo picks Jokowi’s son as running mate in Indonesia presidential bid 1mo
Indonesia’s TikTok Shop ban reveals mixed feelings on e-commerce revolution 1mo
Joko Widodo’s son chosen as running mate for Indonesia presidential candidate Prabowo 1mo
Live news: Indonesian defence minister chooses president’s son as running mate 1mo
Indonesian officials visit Makkah cultural district 1mo
Indonesia's leading presidential hopeful picks Widodo's son to run for VP in 2024 election 1mo
Indonesia’s Subianto picks president’s son as election running mate 1mo
Indonesia seeks free trade talks with Saudi Arabia, GCC    Saudi Arabia 1mo
Indonesia: the island of Rebang is resistant to Chinese ambitions China 1mo
In Indonesia, Chinese “new silk roads” with slaughtered strap China 1mo
Why Indonesia can’t stop crocodile attacks - 1mo
Why Indonesia can’t stop crocodile attacks 1mo
How the world's push for electric vehicles is transforming lives for better and worse in Indone... 1mo
Dutch self-image challenged as country confronts its colonial past Netherlands 1mo
GCC and ASEAN nations to hold biennial summit: Saudi FM says Saudi Arabia 1mo
Amid Gaza aid delay, protests surge across region US Israel Egypt 1mo
Can Indonesia’s Anies Baswedan convince voters he is a moderate? 1mo
Protesters march to US Embassy in Indonesia over Israeli airstrikes US Israel 1mo
Israeli soldiers patrolling devastated kibbutz villages find Hamas terrorists hiding out near m... Israel 1mo
Indonesia presidential race starts with Joko Widodo’s legacy and family in focus 1mo
Rempang Eco-City: 'We will not leave', say the islanders fighting eviction 1mo
Indonesian ex-governors register for presidential race as election season begins 1mo
Biden's risky diplomatic mission to Israel must prove critics wrong - his authority and regiona... Israel 1mo
Unconditional humanity needs to be restored in Gaza - Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) Internatio... 1mo
Indonesia: Corruption scandals escalate as election nears – DW – 10/18/2023 1mo
Malaysia, Indonesia urge immediate Gaza ceasefire after hospital blast Malaysia 1mo
Putin gets diplomatic stage at belt and road gathering in Beijing Russia Thailand Hungary Vietnam 1mo
Jokowi’s son could run against Indonesia ruling party’s VP pick in election 1mo
Hamas and Hezbollah: how they are different and why they might cooperate against Israel - The C... Israel Lebanon 1mo
AirAsia chief catches flak for sharing shirtless massage photo on LinkedIn 1mo targets TikTok’s Chinese merchants after regulations force change China 1mo
Rebels in Indonesia kill 7 people during gold mine attack in Papua 1mo
Joko Widodo’s son can run for Indonesian vice-president after controversial court ruling 1mo
Jokowi’s son among ‘strongest’ VP candidates for Indonesia’s Prabowo: official 1mo
Japan still relies on Middle East oil 50 years on from crisis Japan 1mo