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Aukus defence partnership gets the Philippines’ backing Philippines Malaysia 1d
FM Çavuşoğlu discusses Turkey-Indonesia ties on sidelines of UNGA 2d
Indonesia's most wanted militant killed in jungle gun battle 2d
Indonesia police kill ISIL-linked leader in Sulawesi shoot-out 3d
Indonesia retrieves most-wanted militant's body from jungle 3d
‘Target’: China’s aggressive reaction China Australia Japan 3d
Indonesia’s most wanted militant Ali Kalora killed in jungle shoot-out 3d
Security Forces Kill Indonesia's Most Wanted Militant In A Jungle Shootout 3d
Islamic State affiliate leader killed in raid, says Indonesian military 3d
Malaysia, Indonesia warn Australia’s Indo-Pacific pact could trigger arms race US UK Australia Malaysia 3d
Indonesia: Citizens won with the government. It went for a smog 4d
Indonesia urges China and Australia not to embark on ‘arms race’ China US Australia 5d
CK Hutchison and Oredoo to merge Indonesian telecom units in $6bn deal 5d
Indonesia ‘deeply concerned’ by arms race and power projection in region after Australian nucle... US UK Australia 5d
Indonesia's demographic dividend threatened by lengthy COVID-19 school closures 5d
Indonesia adds patrols after detecting ships in South China Sea China US 5d
Jakarta residents vindicated as Indonesian President and ministers found guilty in air pollutio... 5d
Indonesian court rules president negligent over Jakarta air pollution 5d
Indonesian court finds president guilty in air pollution lawsuit 5d

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Indonesia: Jakarta court rules in favor of residents' clean air bid 5d
Indonesian court rules president negligent over capital city pollution 6d
Jakarta residents win battle for clean air against Indonesian government 6d
Indonesia president found negligent over Jakarta filthy air 6d
Indonesia aims to become a global vaccine manufacturing hub South Africa 6d
Indonesian President Found to Be Negligent Over Jakarta Pollution 6d
Indonesia quells COVID, but is a new wave on the way? 6d
Coronavirus: Sydney to lift curfew as cases stabilise, vaccinations soar Japan 1w
Small cargo plane loses contact in Indonesia's Papua 1w
Indonesia nabs over 100 extremist suspects amid ‘terror season’ fears Japan 1w
Indonesia accused of forcing mass flights of Papuans ‘for business’ 1w
Japan warns citizens of possible attack in Southeast Asia, puzzling nations Philippines Thailand Japan Singapore Myanmar Malaysia 1w
Indonesia's deadly prison blaze highlights region's overcrowded jails Philippines Thailand 1w
Indonesia denies Chinese hackers breached intelligence agency’s servers China US 1w
Indonesia arrests key leader in al-Qaida linked group 1w
Japan warns citizens of possible attack in Southeast Asia Philippines Thailand Japan Singapore Myanmar Malaysia 1w
Indonesian officials arrest suspected key figure in group behind Bali bombings 1w
Suspected militant leader held by Indonesia’s counter-terrorism squad 1w
Former Indonesian minister jailed for 12 years in COVID-19 graft case 1w
‘Teen suicide bombers were victims, too’: Indonesian mum who lost sons 1w
Indonesia ends deforestation pact with Norway, citing non-payment Norway 1w
20 years after 9/11, is feared militant group JI on the cusp of a revival? 1w
The Netherlands sends half a million Janssenvaccins to Indonesia Netherlands 1w
Hong Kong’s Indonesian workers fear ‘distrust’ over vaccine scandals South Korea Japan 1w
Australia-Indonesia counter-terrorism efforts 'critical' after Afghanistan turmoil, foreign min... Afghanistan 1w
Two Preachers in Indonesia Charged with Blasphemy 1w
Indonesia urges Taliban to respect the rights of women Afghanistan 1w
Indonesian troops may join training on Australian soil for the first time as defence ties deepe... Australia 1w
Australia, Indonesia to boost cooperation against terrorism, cybercrimes India US South Korea Australia 1w
Who will pay extra US$2 billion for Indonesia’s China-backed high-speed rail? China China-backed 1w
Fire at Indonesian prison kills at least 41 people, injures at least 80 1w
At least 41 killed, 80 injured in Indonesia prison fire 1w
41 killed, dozens injured in fire at overcrowded Indonesian jail 1w
Indonesia prison fire kills 41 inmates in overcrowded jail 1w
41 people are killed in fire at overcrowded Indonesian prison 1w
Forty-one inmates killed and 80 injured in fire at crowded Indonesian prison 2w
Fire in overcrowded Indonesia prison kills 41 people, many trapped in their cells 2w
Fire at overcrowded Indonesia prison kills 41 inmates 2w
Boeing board to face investor lawsuit over 737 MAX oversight 'lies' before crashes 2w
Indonesia: 41 victims of a fire in a crowded jaw 2w
A fire breaks out in a prison in Indonesia, at least 41 deaths 2w
Indonesia: over 40 dead in fire in prison 2w
At least 41 killed, dozens injured after massive blaze erupts at overcrowded prison near Indone... 2w
Fire at overcrowded Indonesian prison leaves at least 41 dead 2w
Fire in crowded jakarta prison: certainly 40 killing 2w
Fire at a prison in Indonesia kills at least 41 people 2w
Dozens killed in fire at overcrowded Indonesian prison: official 2w
Tangerang: At least 41 dead after fire breaks out in Indonesian jail 2w
Fire at prison in Indonesia kills at least 40 people 2w
Fire at overcrowded Indonesian prison kills at least 40 -official 2w
Indonesia prison fire kills 41 drug inmates, injuring 39 2w
Indonesia records its lowest rate of positive coronavirus tests 2w
Saipul Jamil: Row over sex offender appearing on Indonesian TV 2w
Opinion: This summer is a terrible reminder of why we must build back nature China US Pakistan Germany Madagascar Canada UK Greece Italy Turkey Brazil Nigeria Mongolia 2w
Indonesia records its lowest rate of positive COVID-19 tests 2w
Komodo dragon, shark species lurch toward extinction - Taipei Times 2w
Komodo dragon, 2-in-5 shark species lurch towards extinction 2w
With No Tourist Handouts Because Of COVID, Bali’s Hungry Monkeys Raiding Homes - Scuffed Entert... 2w
Indonesian president’s vaccine passport LEAKED through official government app, sparking greate... 2w
With no tourist handouts, hungry Bali monkeys raid homes 2w
In Guantanamo, the cruel banality of the daily life of an American base symbol of the after-ses... US 2w
Indonesia’s navy seizes tanker over suspected cargo of waste oil 2w
4 soldiers killed in attack in Indonesia's Papua region 2w
Bali bombing suspects formally charged after ‘flawed’ arraignment Cuba 3w
Indonesia: Papuan protesters shot, beaten and racially abused by security forces – new research... 3w
Wild cockatoos observed using tools as ‘cutlery’ to extract seeds from tropical fruit 3w
18 years from attack on Bali Balomers stand in court in Guantanamo US Afghanistan Cuba 3w
Boy, 11, impales his scrotum on 5cm stick after falling off a tree 3w
Penny’s Bay to be used to quarantine returning domestic workers in Hong Kong Philippines 3w
Bali bombings case begins at Guantánamo, with Indonesian and two Malaysians on trial for murder 3w
Couple jailed for beating maid, forcing her to drink water from toilet bowl Singapore 3w
Southeast Asia on alert for al-Qaida and ISIS links after Kabul attack Philippines Malaysia 3w
Bali bomb case starts in Guantanamo Bay 18 years after capture of suspects US Cuba 3w
Jabs rule change allows Hongkongers in Philippines, Indonesia to return Philippines 3w
Guantanamo detainee due in military court over Indonesia bombings Thailand 3w
Children dying from Covid at ‘alarming rate’ in Indonesia LIVE 3w
Some Indonesian students return to schools, at a distance 3w
Children return to school in Jakarta as Indonesia eases Covid restrictions 3w
COVID-19: Indonesia death rate in under-18s more than three times the world average 3w
Overseas students urge Hong Kong to recognise Covid-19 jabs records Philippines 3w
Skeleton found in Indonesian cave has ‘distinct human lineage’ 3w