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The Guardian view on Hungary’s anti-Orbán alliance: the making of an opposition | Editorial 6h
Political outsider prepares to take on Hungarian premier Orban - Financial Times 9h
Austrian police find 2 dead men in minibus full of migrants Austria 10h
Conservative mayor handed task of unseating Hungarian premier Orban 23h
Peter Marki-Zay: Could this man oust Hungary's PM Viktor Orban? 1d
Hungary's opposition candidate: Fidesz or non-Fidesz 1d
Hungary's opposition candidate: Fidesz or non-Fidesz 1d
The man for the big surprises: Peter Marki-Zay calls for Hungary Prime Minister Orban 1d
In Hungary’s Heartland, Orban Faces a Unified Challenge to His Rule 1d
Who is Peter Brand-Zay, who will stand in a groom with Viktor Orbán 1d
Challenger of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban is conservative Catholic 1d
Hungarian opposition picks outsider as poll challenger to Orban - Financial Times 1d
Péter Márki-Zay Opposition candidate for the premiere of Hungary. He will face Viktor Orbán 1d
Hungary: Six opposition parties choose a common candidate who will compete against Orban in the... 1d
Hungary: Citizen chose geek to the challenger of Orban 2d
In Hungary, the opposition chooses a "conservative and believer" candidate against Viktor Orban 2d
Hungary’s opposition parties unite to challenge far-right leader Orban 2d
Hungary: Mayor Marki-Zay wins run-off to challenge Orban 2d
Hungary: Small-town Mayor Marki-Zay to challenge PM Orban in 2022 2d

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Small-town mayor to lead Hungary opposition bloc in election 2d
Elections in Hungary: Outsider Peter Marki-Zay joins Orbán 2d
Conservative mayor Marki-Zay wins run-off to challenge Hungary's Orban 2d
Political outsider to stand against Orban in Hungary’s 2022 vote 2d
Márki-Zay should compete for opposition against Orban 2d
Hungarian opposition picks outsider as poll challenger to Orban 2d
Elections in Hungary: Outsider Peter Marki-Zay probably enters Orbán 2d
Opinion: Could other countries follow Czech example? Poland Czech Republic 2d
Food security major objective of Saudi Vision 2030 Saudi Arabia 3d
Hungarian FM: Could Hungary exit the European Union? 3d
EU faces bitter courtroom showdown as Poland-Hungary row explodes Poland 3d
Hungary Taking 50 Patients from Romania Into Intensive Care Romania 4d
"The New York Times": the Czechs reject the populist, showing others how to get rid of the Satr... Czech Republic 4d
Due to constitutional mechanism: Committee in the European Parliament for action against commis... Poland 5d
Due to constitutional mechanism: Committee in the European Parliament for action against commis... Poland 5d
Stability in conflict-hit nations key to tackling illegal immigration to Europe: El-Sisi Egypt 5d
EU’s green energy policy must be based on economic & climate concerns, not political competitio... 5d
FIFA to probe World Cup qualifier crowds disorder after fans fight police, throw water bottles... UK Albania Poland 6d
El-Sisi reaffirms need for deal on Ethiopian dam Ethiopia Egypt 6d
The ECJ's credibility is in tatters | The Spectator Poland 6d
Czechs Defeat a Populist, Offering a Road Map for Toppling Strongmen Czech Republic 6d
The Hungarian revolution begins – archive, October 1956 6d
FIFA condemns crowd trouble at Wembley Stadium after Hungary fans clash with police during Engl... England 6d
World Cup qualifier between England and Hungary marred by crowd violence England 6d
Baton-wielding cops and fans clash in violent scenes after ‘racially-aggravated incident’ durin... England 6d
Hungary backs Poland in legal dispute with EU Poland 6d
Racial abuse arrest sparks clash between Hungary fans and police at Wembley Stadium England 1w
Baton-wielding UK police, Hungary fans fight at Wembley Stadium UK England 1w
Destruction in TSUE regarding "money for the rule of law". Croatian judge to Poland and Hungary... Poland Croatia 1w
Turkic Council transport ministers to attend 5th meeting 1w
Why Hungarian game has huge hooligan problem Albania 1w
Poland and Hungary attempt to refute the "Money for the Rule of law" in TSUE Poland 1w
Czech president says transgender people 'disgust' him Czech Republic 1w
Two Orban challengers face off in Hungary primary race 1w
The Czechs are in Europe. Unexpectedly showed a BABisz red card 1w
Hungary’s Orban leaps to Poland’s defence over defiance of EU law Poland 1w
Thriller film sinks teeth into Hungary's opposition 1w
Hungary: Orban signs resolution supporting Polish court ruling Poland 1w
Hungary, Orban takes place with Poland: "National law prevails over the European" Poland 1w
Priority for national law: Hungary supports Polish EU judgment Poland 1w
Lily Elbert reveals horrifying reality of life at Auschwitz 1w
Landmark global corporate tax deal finally wins agreement US Ireland Estonia 1w
OECD cheers 'major victory' as holdout countries back corporate tax reform 1w
Global Tax Deal Moves Closer as Hungary, a Low-Tax Holdout, Signs On 1w
Karácsony withdraws from the primaries. The mayor of Budapest will not throw Gloves Orbán 1w
Hungary’s Orban blames Brussels & its climate change policies for soaring EU gas prices 1w
Hungarian dispute over paintings: Who includes John and his disciples? 1w
Hold-outs Ireland, Estonia sign up to global tax reform deal Ireland Estonia 1w
Babish like an orban. Scarges before the elections of refugees who will take Czechom houses Poland 1w
Hungary’s PM launches new effort to gain control of Budapest airport 1w
The US right’s love affair with Hungary’s Orban US 1w
Some dogs can learn up to 12 new toy names in one week 1w
In Hungary, the seduction game of Viktor Orban with Beijing 2w
Emerging central banks’ inflation headache faces energy costs test 2w
Hungary’s Leader Fights Criticism in U.S. via Vast Influence Campaign US 2w
Orbán opponents in Hungary: Jobbik loses the area 2w
Kiev’s criticism of Hungary’s gas deal with Russia irrelevant because government accountable to... Russia Ukraine 2w
Russia can cut Ukraine out of new gas deal, Kiev’s energy czar says, as long as Moscow keeps ha... Russia Ukraine 2w
VDL poised to cut funding to Hungary and Poland in huge punishment for eurosceptics Poland 2w
Ukraine demands sanctions on Russia's Gazprom after Kyiv loses gas imports US Russia Germany Ukraine 2w
Ukraine Says Russia Halts Gas Flows To Hungary, Adding To Jitters In European Gas Markets Russia Ukraine 2w
Ukraine says Gazprom suspends use of transit system to Hungary Russia Ukraine 2w
Kiev fuming as Russia begins pumping natural gas to Hungary bypassing Ukraine Russia Ukraine 2w
Hungary and Poland face threat of fresh EU rule of law action Poland 2w
Babis orban meeting: TV channel ARD excluded Czech Republic 2w
"I will not participate in kicking up journalistic autonomy with Füssen» - the boss of the Slov... Slovenia 2w
North Stream: Budapest and Kiev arguing about Russian gas supplies Russia Ukraine 2w
Pro-EU Dobrev leads in opposition primary to take on Hungary's Orban 2w
Hungary's Orban hits Czech campaign trail to back PM Babis Czech Republic 2w
Now Donald Tusk warns Poland could leave EU and Hungary admits: 'Time to talk about Huxit' UK Poland 2w
Hungary: Anti-Orban organize their primary 3w
Ukraine, Hungary in major row over Russian gas supply deal Russia Ukraine 3w
Ukraine, Hungary have major row over Russian gas supply deal Russia Ukraine 3w
Hungary blasts Ukraine for ‘interfering’ in its internal affairs as Kiev rages at new Russian g... Russia Ukraine 3w
UK named alongside Russia, Poland and Hungary in damning LGBT+ hate report Russia UK Poland 3w
Hungary accuses Ukraine of meddling as it signs Russia gas pact Russia Ukraine 3w
Hungary inks new gas supply agreement with Russia, bypassing Ukraine Russia Ukraine 3w
The Polish opposition should carefully follow the elections in Hungary Poland 3w
On the Hungarian Province on politics, it is better not to speak. "Orbana's eye is everywhere" 3w
Ukraine won’t join NATO until it achieves ‘democratic standards’ & respects rights of minoritie... Ukraine 3w
The AP Interview: Hungary committed to contentious LGBT law US 3w