Viktor Orbán

Hungarian politician, chairman of Fidesz more on Wikipedia

Son of Viktor Orbán graduates from RMA Sandhurst, Hungary foots the bill UK Hungary 2d
Hungary could return to ‘normal life’ by summer if Chinese vaccine is approved, PM Orban says China Hungary 2d
Hungary's opposition agrees on the “change of epochs”: the end of Viktor Orban's rule Hungary 1w
Hungary’s Orban says he’s still in vaccine talks with China, Russia, & Israel, as EU’s von der... China Israel Russia Hungary 1w
Senior Orban aide says Hungary will not use Russia's Sputnik vaccine China Russia Hungary 1w
Hungary, newest battlefield in Western media’s Covid-19 information war, still open to Russia S... Russia Hungary 1w
Budapest Black Lives Matter artwork sparks rightwing backlash 1w
Hungary says will not use Russian vaccine due to lack of capacity China Russia Hungary 2w
Israeli ambassador to Hungary backs Viktor Orban's government Israel Hungary 2w
Israeli ambassador to Hungary backs Viktor Orban's government Israel Hungary 2w
In Hungary, Katalin Novak, very conservative family minister of Viktor Orban Hungary 2w
Hungary's opposition: Viktor Orbán and his opponents Hungary 3w
In Hungary, the opposition unites to try to beat Viktor Orban Hungary 3w
Election in 2022: opposition allies against Orbán Hungary 3w
6 Hungarian parties join forces to try to defeat Orban Hungary 3w
6 Hungarian opposition parties unite to unseat PM Orban in 2022 elections Hungary 3w
Hungarian opposition unites ahead of the 2022 elections. Hungary 4w
Another annoying post from Luxembourg for Viktor Orban Luxembourg Hungary 1mo
Orban continues to amend the constitution. "From now on, corruption was de facto part of the po... 1mo

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EVP kneels again before Viktor Orban Hungary 1mo
Hungary approves constitutional change to effectively ban adoption by same-sex couples Hungary 1mo
Hungary Passes Laws Curtailing Gay Rights and Expanding Executive Power Hungary 1mo
Hungary Passes Laws Curtailing Gay Rights and Expanding Executive Power Hungary 1mo
Fidesz politicians at sex party: When sin becomes virtue 1mo
Orban sees himself as the "winner" against Soros Hungary 1mo
Merkel moderately satisfied. Poles and Hungarians in a victory tone 1mo
'We're fighting for common sense!' Orban fires brutal warning at EU before crunch showdown Hungary 1mo
EU inches toward landmark budget, virus recovery fund deal Hungary 1mo
Poland and Hungary open the door in order to veto the European budget Germany Hungary Poland 1mo
Orban proposes 'looser cooperation' with EPP after call for Fidesz expulsion Hungary 1mo
Hungary’s budget veto leaves Orban isolated Hungary 1mo
Orban to leave the European People's Party? Hungarian prime minister wants to "loosen cooperati... Germany Hungary 1mo
Orlen's takeover of regional media, or how PiS follows Orbán 1mo
George Soros: Orbán turns to familiar scapegoat as Hungary rows with EU Hungary 1mo
'We're not HUNGARY': Macron aims brutal dig at Orban - and hits back at Erdogan France Hungary 1mo
Radosław Sikorski: "It is Viktor Orban who risks the biggest because he is the one who steals t... Hungary Poland 1mo
Viktor Orban: Hungary will stick by EU budget veto threat Hungary 1mo
Caught with pants down, Fidesz MEP exposes Orban's agenda Hungary 1mo
Brussels sex party brings Viktor Orban into trouble Hungary 1mo
Euro MP for Viktor Orban's anti-LGBTQ party quits after being caught at gay lockdown orgy 1mo
Viktor Orban disowns Jozsef Szajer after MEP’s arrest at gay orgy Hungary 1mo
Hungarian politician Szajer quits ruling party after Brussels scandal, Orban says his acts ‘ind... Hungary 1mo
Orban on gay orgy riot: incompatible with our values Hungary 1mo
Sex party in Brussels: Orban's friend leaves Fidesz Hungary 1mo
Orban lashes out at Hungarian MEP’s ‘gay gang bang’ in Brussels, calling it ‘indefensible’ & ‘i... Hungary 1mo
At gay orgy, MEPs no longer caught a member of party Orban Hungary 1mo
Hungarian journalist on the sex scandal of MEP Fidesz: for Viktor Orban it is a personal traged... Hungary 1mo
Hungarian MEP: The orgy ends at the gutter Hungary 1mo
A MEP from Viktor Orban's party resigns after an evening of sexual debauchery in full confineme... Hungary 1mo
Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer arrested after fleeing ‘sex party’ Hungary 1mo
Hungarian lawmaker resigns after police apprehend him fleeing reported ‘sex party’ amid pandemi... Belgium Hungary 1mo
Hungarian MEP for anti-LGBT party resigns after lockdown orgy Hungary 1mo
Hungarian cultural functionary describes Europe as "Soros gas chamber" Hungary 1mo
Hungary's nepotism: «God, luck and Viktor Orban» Hungary 1mo
Hungary's government spars with George Clooney after actor's criticism of Orban Hungary 1mo
'Our position is rock solid': Hungarian PM refuses to compromise over EU budget veto Hungary 1mo
In Brussels, they are more concerned with Hungary's veto than with Poland, and they mold Orbán Hungary Poland 1mo
Hungary and Poland confirm veto of European budgets Hungary Poland 1mo
Orban and Morawiecki still talk about a veto against the EU budget Hungary Poland 1mo
Orbán responsible for corruption in Hungary, says former Belgian PM Belgium Hungary 1mo
Hungarian pro-state press slam George Clooney for criticising Orban Hungary 1mo
Hungary’s Orbán: George Soros Is ‘the Most Corrupt Man in the World’ Hungary 1mo
George Clooney in spat with Hungary’s Viktor Orbán Hungary 1mo
Hungary's government spars with George Clooney after actor's criticism of Orban Hungary 1mo
Gov't Suspects Soros Behind George Clooney's Orbán-Criticism 1mo
Guy Verhofstadt furious at Hungary's threat to veto EU budget - 'We will not give in!' Hungary 1mo
Will the Hungarians abandon the PiS government over the veto over the EU budget? Germany Hungary Poland 1mo
Orban says Hungary blocked EU budget over migration 'blackmail' Hungary 1mo
Hungary says it blocked EU budget over migration 'blackmail' Hungary 1mo
Hungary sticks to veto of EU budget over rule-of-law issue Hungary 1mo
Hungary rejected EU budget because of immigration ‘blackmail’ Hungary 1mo
Hungary vetoed EU budget because Brussels forces states to accept immigration, Orban says Hungary 1mo
Covid-19: Hungary to import doses of Russian Sputnik-V vaccine Russia Hungary 2mos
Hungary and Poland to veto EU budget and recovery fund Germany Hungary Poland 2mos
EU faces crisis as Hungary says it will veto seven-year budget Hungary 2mos
Orban: "Good Austrians are our laboratory" Hungary Austria 2mos
Like Viktor Orban before: Poland is also threatening to veto the EU budget Hungary Poland the states 2mos
Hungary and the EU: Viktor Orban's battle with the rule of law Hungary 2mos
Polish government warns Brussels: we will veto the "money for the rule of law" rule Hungary Poland 2mos
In Hungary, Viktor Orban is preparing the legislative elections in his own way Hungary 2mos
Hungary reverses course to sharply tighten pandemic rules Hungary 2mos
Hungary government proposes constitutional amendment mandating Christian gender roles Hungary 2mos
Hungary tightens coronavirus curbs amid jump in infections Hungary 2mos
Hungary threatens to veto the EU budget for the rule of law Hungary 2mos
Hungary declares state of emergency, announces coronavirus restrictions Hungary 2mos
Hungary closes bars, imposes night-time curfew to curb coronavirus Hungary 2mos
Hungarian politician fined €12,000 for giving potatoes to Viktor Orbán Hungary 2mos
No Sputnik-V for you! EU insists only ‘approved’ Covid vaccines allowed after Orban says Hungar... China Russia Hungary 2mos
Hungary likely to declare victory over coronavirus in April – PM Orban China Russia Hungary 2mos
Why a Joe Biden win would be disastrous for Boris Johnson US Iran Israel Russia UK Turkey Hungary Brazil 2mos
Tusk Blasts Hungarian PM's Vision Of Democracy, Says Belarusian Opposition 'Close To Victory' Hungary Belarus 2mos
In Hungary, Viktor Orban helpless in the face of student occupation of cinema and theater colle... Hungary 2mos
Hungary: Thousands march through Budapest demanding academic freedom Hungary 2mos
SW Trump populists 2mos
Is Orban the future of Christian democracy? Who will stop the erosion of liberalism in the Unio... 3mos
Hungary's head of government: Orbán's anti-liberal worldview Hungary 3mos
'Leave our children alone' Hungarian PM tells publisher of LGBT book Hungary 3mos
Radio Free Europe relaunches assault on Hungary US Hungary 3mos
Book of fairy tales crosses the "red line" at Orban Hungary 3mos
Hungary suspends relations with Commissioner Jourova, calls for her resignation Hungary 3mos