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British Jews suffering worst levels of hatred for decades, says charity 25m
Cats in Britain dying after mystery illness confuses authorities 34m
Racism in UK police continues a decade after riots 39m
Cats in Britain dying after mystery illness confuses authorities 39m
Rolls-Royce on track for 2021 forecasts despite travel cuts 44m
Migrants: always more crossings of the handle to win the English ribs 45m
UK backed plan to charge non-EU travellers to enter Europe 45m
British police arrest 11 people in UK hate crime investigation following Euro 2020 final Italy England 1h
UK sees record single-day number of migrant arrivals via Channel France 1h
Record day for migrant crossings as 482 cross English Channel on Wednesday France 1h
British Anti-Mask Expat Sent to Mental Hospital Singapore 1h
Travellers are warned they face waiting 10 WEEKS to get a new passport 1h
Inside controversial case of teen nanny accused of shaking baby to death 1h
Tanker hijacked by 'Iran soldiers' & ‘ordered to sail to Tehran’ in Gulf attack Iran 1h
Brit who refused to wear mask in Singapore sent to MENTAL HEALTH ward Singapore 1h
Bumper guide to holiday hotspots on the green list you can visit without hassle Germany Romania Norway Austria Slovakia Latvia Slovenia 2h
Great Britain tolerates a quarantine for travelers from France. The government in Paris called... France England Great Britain 2h
Door is 'ajar' for diplomacy with Iran but inauguration of new president is 'crossroads' moment... Iran Romania Oman 2h
UK police confirm 11 arrests following racist online abuse suffered by England Euro 2020 penalt... Italy England 2h

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Migrant crossings: Record 482 cross English Channel in one day 2h
UK police arrest 11 over racist abuse after Euros final Italy England 2h
UK arrests 11 for racist abuse targeting Black England players Italy England 3h
Pfizer epilepsy drug prices were 'unfairly high,' UK review finds 3h
Britain’s youngsters, excited for Covid shots, tell anti-vaxxers to leave them alone after govt... 3h
Meet the British couple doing 96 events in 17 days: We have blisters on all of our toes! 3h
Sumo scare? Olympic riders say horses might be spooked by statue 3h
Priti Patel visits Greece for discussions with counterparts about tackling illegal migration France Greece 3h
Brits flying to Mexico find out MID-AIR it is being put on red list Mexico 3h
British police arrest 11 in probe of Euro 2020 racist abuse of Black players Italy 3h
UK police arrest 11 over racist abuse after Euros final Italy England 4h
Brexit LIVE: Raab signs Britain up to 10-nation trade club in major win after leaving EU 4h
Crew of tanker said to have thwarted Iranian hijackers by sabotaging the engines US Iran UAE Oman 4h
Teens dominate the park as first-ever Olympic skateboarding wraps up Australia Japan 5h
Translators who helped British ‘abandoned to Taliban revenge’ 5h
Mike Ashley set to hand over business chief reins to prospective son-in-law: Who is the unortho... 5h
'Weather-resistant': Scientists dive into Stonehenge megaliths 5h
UK warship in South China Sea sees memories of 1949 naval clash resurface China 6h
Deal will allow UK performers to do short tours in 19 EU members states visa-free 6h
UK musicians to be able to tour visa-free in 19 EU countries 6h
Quarantine hotel bills rocket to £200 a NIGHT Brazil 6h
Boost for summer getaways as France, India and Dubai trips escape quarantine India France 7h
Gaza conflict led to record rise in UK antisemitic attacks, charity says 8h
Former defence ministers: 'British forces must go back to Afghanistan' Afghanistan 8h
The last humanist: how Paul Gilroy became the most vital guide to our age of crisis 8h
Mattel creates Barbie doll of scientist who designed Oxford coronavirus vaccine 11h
UK increases hotel quarantine price for Brits coming from red list countries 11h
UK citizens must pay £6 for visa to visit European holiday hotspots from 2022 Spain France Greece Portugal 12h
‘Butcher of Tehran’ should work with the West, says Dominic Raab 14h
Britain will extend vaccination to 16- and 17-year-olds. 14h
NHS loses crown as world’s best healthcare system 14h
Full list of updated green, amber and red countries - and the rules when you travel 14h
Hopes UK trial will allay pregnant women’s Covid vaccine concerns 15h
Fit former bodybuilder, 42, dies from Covid-19 in hospital after refusing the vaccine 15h
China and Russia's 'team up' could spark international disaster as Beijing may invade China Russia 15h
UK to add several European countries to 'green' travel list Germany Romania Norway Austria Slovakia Latvia Slovenia 15h
UK media unite to urge visas for Afghan reporters at risk from Taliban Afghanistan 15h
Post-Brexit Britain deepens ties with Southeast Asia China 15h
Healthy man, 42, who rejected jab dies four weeks after catching Covid 16h
India among study placement hubs for UK's new post-Brexit scheme | India News India 16h
Covid-19: England to scrap quarantine rule for fully vaccinated travellers from France France England 16h
Brexit POLL: Will you avoid holidays to Europe after charge for Britons announced by EU? 17h
Covid-19 UK jabs will be offered to 16 & 17-year olds to stop Covid spread before new school ye... 17h
Nicola Jennings on fears of travellers to the UK having Covid variants – cartoon 18h
Priti Patel visits ‘inhumane’ Greek asylum reception centre Greece 18h
Video: Britain to Include 16- and 17-Year-Olds in Covid Vaccine Campaign 19h
UK fires back at Iran: Military chief calls to 'restore deterrence' against rogue state Iran Oman 19h
British tourists visiting Europe will have to pay £6 entry fee from next year Spain France Greece 19h
Britons travelling to the EU will need to pay new €7 tax to Brussels 19h
‘Silly talk’: British pundit raises eyebrows by calling Ebanie Bridges ‘a potential Muhammad Al... Australia 20h
Britain will extend vaccination to 16- and 17-year-olds. 20h
U.K. to offer covid vaccines to 16- and 17-year-olds, but remains hesitant to go younger 20h
As fanatics advance, this loyal Afghan is denied sanctuary in Britain  Afghanistan 20h
Great Britain now wants to vaccinate 16- and 17-year-old Great Britain 20h
Israel makes Iran's revolutionary guard responsible for the attack on the "Mercer Street" Iran Israel Oman 20h
Climate change: Wales set to build 20,000 low-carbon social homes 20h
Open letter warns of brutal Taliban reprisals against Afghan reporters Afghanistan 20h
UK to rollout COVID-19 vaccines to 16 and 17 year olds 21h
The risks and rewards of vaccinating UK children against Covid 21h
UK to extend Covid jab rollout to 16-to-17 year olds, vaccine advisory group says 21h
Iran made 'big mistake' in tanker attack that killed Brit, says UK forces chief Iran 21h
Iran Sentences German And British Dual Nationals To More Than 10 Years In Prison Iran Germany 22h
France plans rollout of Covid vaccine booster shots – so far, only for the vulnerable Israel Germany France 22h
Lebanon blast: ‘Path towards reform irreversible’ Lebanon 22h
Suspected ship hijacking ends in Gulf of Oman Oman 22h
‘Butcher of Tehran’ sworn in as Iran’s President as tensions with West escalate Iran 22h
British holidaymakers will have to pay €7 to enter Europe under EU plans 22h
Afghanistan risks becoming failed state: British general Afghanistan 22h
British study shows children unlikely to contract severe Covid as UK reportedly set to begin va... 23h
Britons to pay €7 to enter Europe – but UK rules out reciprocal fee 23h
Fauci says America is on Delta variant trajectory matching UK US 23h
Lappish company HaliPuu hosts tree hugging world championships and offers trees up for adoption US Finland 23h
UK coronavirus cases drop for sixth day in row as 138 more deaths recorded 23h
As US launches huge Indo-Pacific drill, what’s the message to China? China US Australia Japan 1d
Spain, Greece and France issue new travel rules for tourists Spain France Greece 1d
Which countries are vaccinating minors against Covid? US 1d
Father sees car be stolen (with his children in it!) 1d
Rich countries turn to booster shots. Will the US follow suit? US Israel Germany 1d
Barbie launches new line of coronavirus-fighting dolls featuring British vaccine developer Sara... 1d
BBFC responds to ‘shock’ over The Suicide Squad’s age rating 1d
Greece, Spain, Italy, France and Portugal issue new travel rules for UK tourists Spain France Greece Italy Portugal 1d