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Palestine- Mandela foundation urges action by European leaders Germany France UK South Africa 47m
German intel says Iran 'massively promotes antisemitism, Israel hatred' Iran Germany Lebanon 59m
Israeli plan to annex parts of West Bank may prompt third intifada, Abbas adviser warns 2h
U.K. PM Johnson tells Israel: Do not annex parts of the West Bank 4h
East Jerusalem: Israel accused of ploy to increase control 5h
Area C, the chunk of the West Bank the Israeli right has long coveted US 6h
Switzerland publishes list of ‘high risk’ travel quarantine countries China Kuwait US Russia South Korea Ireland Thailand Peru Germany Canada Bulgaria France Romania Armenia UK Australia Iceland South Africa Morocco Chile Japan Italy Iraq Rwanda Sweden Saudi Arabia Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Brazil Azerbaijan Norway Argentina Qatar New Zealand Colombia Tunisia Bolivia Switzerland Montenegro Honduras Dominican Republic Oman Algeria Cyprus Belarus Croatia Bahrain Uruguay Panama Moldova Cape Verde Liechtenstein 7h
Israeli settlers provoke Palestinians in north of West Bank, clashes erupt 8h
Israeli settlers steal Palestinian water in West Bank village Palestine 9h
Israel's ultra-Orthodox Jews 'least stressed' by Covid-19, says study 9h
'Israeli cyberattack caused explosions at Iran nuclear site Iran 17h
Global protests against Israel's 'Annexation Plan' : Peoples Dispatch 18h
Global parliamentarians express support for Israeli sovereignty 19h
Report: Israeli cyberattack caused Iran nuclear site fire, F35s hit missile base Kuwait Iran 20h
Israel said bracing for retaliation as Tehran points fingers over nuke site fire Iran 20h
BLM demonstrators in DC chant ‘Israel, we know you, you murder children, too’ Palestine 21h
Israel annexation plan: Vatican summons US and Israeli envoys to express concern US 1d
Former world leaders warn against Israel annexation plan 1d
Latin American leaders denounce Israel's West Bank move US 1d

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Settlers and Palestinians unite in opposition to Israeli annexation 1d
Moscow welcomes Fatah & Hamas unity pledge amid Israel’s West Bank annexation plans Russia Palestine 1d
Coronavirus: Britain beware - Israel living the consequences of trying to return to normal UK 1d
Vatican summons U.S., Israeli envoys over West Bank annexation moves US 1d
Premier League ‘besieged’ by complaints claiming Black Lives Matter support is antisemitic 1d
Israel to join Russian-led free-trade zone this year 1d
Week in Review: Netanyahu's annexation plan, China's campaign against Uighurs and Hollywood bef... China Palestine 1d
Iran reports 'accident' at nuclear site, warns enemies Iran 1d
Israel annexation: Proposed legislation would ban US aid from funding plan US 1d
UN suspends two observers in Israel after viral VIDEO of sex in official car 1d
Wirecard waves: The Israel connection of Germany’s multi-billion corporate fraud Germany 1d
UN staff suspended over sex-act in car 2d
Vatican summons Israeli, US ambassadors to protest annexation plans US France 2d
Iran reports 'accident' at nuclear site, warns enemies Iran 2d
Israeli court clears the way to evict Palestinian family from East Jerusalem home Palestine 2d
Elite Israeli troops went on a rogue op inside Syria. The result was deadly Syria 2d
Congo-linked Israeli billionaire said evading US sanctions by money-laundering US Congo 2d
Hundreds March in NYC to Protest Israel's West Bank Annexation Plan (+Video) - World news... Palestine 2d
New ICC Complaint Filed Over US-Israel War Crimes in Palestine US Canada Palestine 2d
Family of Palestinian slain by police sees probe dragging on Palestine 2d
Palestinian rivals Hamas, Fatah threaten Israel's annexation plans Palestine 2d
WATCH: Scientists make light ‘flow’ like a river in incredible breakthrough experiment 2d
Rival factions Fatah, Hamas, vow to fight looming annexation 2d
Palestinian rival factions Fatah & Hamas ‘to unite’ against Israel’s plans to annex West Bank a... Palestine 2d
‘If they annex the Jordan Walley, it’s World War 3’: Hundreds march in New York to protest Isra... Palestine 2d
Democrats call for aid cut to Israel over annexation 2d
Redknapp and Evra ditch BLM badges after movement's extreme statements 2d
Germany rejects Israel's West Bank annexation plans as illegal Germany 2d
Redknapp and Evra ditch BLM badges after movement's extreme statements 3d
Israel Leverages Dubious 'Nuclear Archives' to Re-Enlist IAEA in Campaign Against Iran US Iran 3d
Controversial BLM leader remains defiant as support ebbs away UK 3d
Israeli annexation a 'final nail in the coffin' of Palestine 3d
Global reaction to Israel's imminent annexation plans 3d
Will annexation of the occupied West Bank trigger turmoil? US 3d
Israel Moves Forward With Annexation Plans, Leaving Palestinians Hopeless | Muslim Palestine 3d
Johnson warns Israel against West Bank annexation UK 3d
Palestinians rally against Israeli annexation as West Bank goes on Covid-19 lockdown Palestine 3d
Opinion | Netanyahu Needs to Slice the Annexation Salami 3d
3D-printed fake meat: The healthier, greener future of food? 3d
'Annexation will suffocate us': Jericho's Palestinians fear being cut off 3d
France warns Israeli annexation of West Bank won’t be ‘without consequences’ France 3d
Middle East matters - Special edition: Israel's contentious annexation plan for the West bank 3d
US Democrats, rights groups warn against West Bank annexation US 3d
Boris Johnson warns against annexation in Israeli newspaper article UK 3d
‘I urge you not to annex’: UK PM Johnson warns Netanyahu annexation of West Bank parts would vi... UK Palestine 3d
Boris Johnson pleads with Israel not to illegally annex more of West Bank 3d
Why West Bank annexation poses an existential threat to Jordan Jordan 3d
Netanyahu hints he will miss target date to start annexing the West Bank 3d
Israel signals occupied West Bank annexation move not imminent 3d
What will Israel's West Bank annexation plans mean for the region? 3d
What will Israel's annexation plans mean for the region? 3d
Israeli FM casts doubt on annexation as target start passes 3d
Whatever Israel decides, a one-state reality looms 3d
Israel's prime minister hints that annexation of West Bank will be delayed 3d
Israeli Annexation Plans: The West Bank Faces a New Reckoning - DER SPIEGEL - International 4d
After embassy move, U.S. to sell envoy’s house near Tel Aviv US 4d
Netanyahu hints at delay to plans to annex the West Bank 4d
» Israeli Navy Attacks Palestinian Fishermen off the Coast of Gaza– IMEMC News Palestine 4d
Israel undeterred by international opposition to annexation 4d
Reporters - Video: Stateless in Palestine 4d
Israel orders US-based Christian 'missionary' TV channel off air 4d
‘Nothing is clear’: July is nearly here — will Israel move to annex much of the West Bank? 4d
Israeli minister hints major West Bank annexation may be delayed 4d
Lack of security camera footage mars Israel's probe into its killing of autistic Palestinian Palestine 4d
Israel annexation: What is the West Bank? - BBC News 4d
Could Israel's annexation plans trigger another Intifada? 4d
Israeli AG rejects Netanyahu request for financial legal aid US 4d
Israeli AG rejects Netanyahu request for financial legal aid US 4d
Hubris: Israel's endgame in Palestine 4d
Israel's annexation plans 'illegal' — UN rights chief 4d
Palestinians offer negotiations days before planned annexation - report 4d
What does Israel’s annexation plan for the West Bank mean? 4d
The apricot farm caught in the middle of Trump's 'deal of the century' Palestine 4d
Israel undeterred by international opposition to annexation 4d
How will Arab states react to Israel's annexation plans? 4d
GOD TV is dead? Israel kicks US-based evangelical Christian channel off air 4d
UN human rights chief Bachelet calls Israeli plan to annex parts of West Bank ‘disastrous’ 4d
‘Annexation will wait’: Defense Minister Gantz says Israel’s top priority is pandemic crisis 4d
Netanyahu’s annexation plan threatens Palestinian, Israeli economies already struggling after C... Palestine 4d
'Annexation is illegal. Period': UN rights chief warns Israel against West Bank move Palestine 4d
For $87 million, this U.S. ambassador’s residence in Israel could be yours US 4d