Boris Johnson

British politician, historian and journalist more on Wikipedia

Macron reportedly branded Johnson a ‘clown’ and ‘a knucklehead’ UK 1h
Starmer says Boris Johnson ‘taking people for fools’ – as it happened 3h
France rejects idea of joint patrols with UK forces on Calais coast France UK 5h
Migrants in the Channel: Epistolar rebound between Paris and London UK 6h
France rejects British idea of joint border controls amid Channel migrant crisis France UK 8h
Migrants: Paris's answer to Boris Johnson France UK 9h
Migrants in the Channel: France does not want joint patrols with the United Kingdom France UK 10h
Joe Biden backs off US travel quarantine in favour of negative pre-departure Covid test US UK 11h
UK minister says Boris Johnson ‘not a clown’ France UK 12h
Tensions over omicron advice as Boris Johnson contradicts medical adviser 14h
Britain Appoints Balkan Envoy, Citing Threats To Stability, Security UK 15h
Travel costs may rise after call for pre-flight Covid testing UK 17h
Macron labels Johnson ‘a clown’ – media France UK 17h
Boris Johnson faces grilling over alleged 'boozy' Christmas parties last year UK 21h
Macron calls Bojo ‘un clown’ who creates phoney wars to mask Brexit chaos France 1d
Scottish Independence Support Rises to 55% After Boris Johnson Stumbles 1d
Macron privately called Boris Johnson a ‘clown’, says French magazine France 1d
COVID news live: UK daily coronavirus cases near 50,000 - as Omicron infections rise again UK Iceland 1d
Boris Johnson does not deny ‘boozy’ Christmas party was held in Downing Street during lockdown... UK 1d

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Introduce day eight PCR tests for all returning travellers to combat omicron, Sage urges No 10 1d
Donald Trump says Boris Johnson making ‘big mistake’ backing wind power US UK 1d
‘Pushback’ of refugee boats will go ahead despite drownings, Boris Johnson vows 1d
Boris Johnson does not deny party held in Downing Street last Christmas 1d
Guest at Farage: Trump throws Johnson "Huge Error" UK 1d
UK issues call to arms for Omicron booster drive UK 1d
Boris Johnson cannot just wish away European tensions 1d
Macron sensationally calls Boris Johnson 'a clown' as Britain described as 'CIRCUS' France UK 1d
Guest at Farage: Trump throws Johnson "Huge Error" UK 1d
Boris Johnson says he is a ‘devotee’ of Tayto crisps Ireland UK 1d
Trump a guest at Farage: "An Saudi Arabia of Wind power" UK Saudi Arabia 1d
Boris Johnson accused of flouting Covid rules with No 10 parties last Christmas 1d
Covid: Boris Johnson leads press conference as UK battles Omicron variant | ITV News UK 1d
Everything Boris Johnson announced in the Covid press conference today 2d
COVID-19: Downing Street denies Boris Johnson broke COVID lockdown rules with No 10 parties at... 2d
Key points from Boris Johnson's Downing Street press conference on booster jabs 2d
Don’t cancel Christmas parties or nativity plays, says Boris Johnson 2d
Boris Johnson and No 10 staff accused of breaking Covid lockdown rules last Christmas 2d
Tory MPs accuse Boris Johnson of ‘scaremongering propaganda campaign’ to combat Omicron variant UK 2d
Boris Johnson 'broke Covid lockdown rules' with Downing Street parties at Xmas 2d
Carry on socialising, declares Boris Johnson, after Dr Jenny Harries causes fright before Chris... 2d
Omicron variant: Boris Johnson promises boosters for every adult by January UK 2d
COVID-19: PM says plan is to offer booster jabs to everyone eligible by end of January to deal... England 2d
Boris Johnson contradicts expert advice to curb Christmas socialising 2d
Boris Johnson says people shouldn't cancel Christmas parties over Omicron – video 2d
All adults to be offered third Covid jab by end of January, says Boris Johnson 2d
Boris Johnson says all adults to be offered booster jab by end of January – live 2d
Omicron Scotland: Boris Johnson rejects Nicola Sturgeon's call for more travel restrictions Scotland 2d
Covid, Boris Johnson to the British: "Third dose to all adults by January, we don't give the vi... UK 2d
MPs vote for stricter Covid rules on mask-wearing and isolation in England England 2d
New Covid rules in England ‘a gateway to Christmas lockdown’, Tory MPs fear England 2d
Will there be a new UK lockdown before Christmas as Omicron cases rise? UK 2d
Boris Johnson announces press conference on Tuesday amid Omicron variant fears UK 2d
France accuses UK of ‘quasi-modern slavery’ amid Channel crisis row France UK 2d
Mask mandates to tackle Omicron come into force in England England 2d
Boris Johnson to hold press conference as Omicron cases rise 2d
Boris Johnson to hold press conference today on Omicron variant England 2d
Johnson’s migrants tweet was insult to France – minister France UK 3d
Boris Johnson rejects Nicola Sturgeon's call for stricter travel rules UK 3d
Boris Johnson and two cabinet ministers attended event linked to Covid cases 3d
Mark Drakeford issues demands to Boris Johnson over new variant Scotland 3d
Schools will not break early for Christmas, says Boris Johnson 3d
Nicola Sturgeon plea for Cobra meeting rejected by Boris Johnson 3d
Live: Sajid Javid makes Covid statement in face of spreading new Omicron variant 3d
Channel crossings: France says Boris Johnson making 'mockery' of UK-French relations as it urge... France UK 3d
Boris Johnson under pressure to further curb rules on MPs’ outside work 3d
Boris Johnson faces old dilemma on new coronavirus variant UK 3d
Boris Johnson sowed the seeds of French hostility US France 3d
Aldi issues statement after Boris Johnson's Omicron COVID variant announcement UK 3d
Aldi issues statement after Boris Johnson's Omicron COVID variant announcement UK 3d
Boris Johnson and Emmanuel Macron are locked in a post-Brexit duel 4d
Boris Johnson’s Omicron restrictions dismissed by scientists as ‘plan B Lite’ 4d
Boris Johnson orders return to face masks and isolation to slow omicron variant 4d
COVID news live: Date revealed for mandatory mask-wearing as health secretary says he hopes new... UK Australia South Africa 4d
British Prime Minister: Boris Johnson is not at the end UK 4d
Boris Johnson’s phoney posturing at the French won’t resolve the migrant crisis | Andrew Rawnsl... France UK 4d
Covid: Travel and mask rules tightened over Omicron variant England 4d
Boris Johnson announces measures to contain UK spread of Omicron variant - Financial Times UK 5d
UK back in isolation and masks as variant hits Europe UK 5d
Boris Johnson ‘ignored’ my plan to tackle deadly Covid variants – senior official UK 5d
Boris Johnson makes statement about Christmas as fears grow over new variant 5d
Boris Johnson strains to remain upbeat as new Omicron variant forces rapid crackdown 5d
Boris Johnson announces tougher entry rules to halt spread of omicron variant 5d
New self-isolation and travel rules for Scots due to fears over Omicron variant England 5d
Mask-wearing back for shops and transport and PCR tests for arrivals, PM announces 5d
Boris Johnson tightens rules on travel and mask-wearing over Omicron concerns UK 5d
Boris Johnson announces new Covid measures amid Omicron variant 5d
Face masks return in shops and public transport as new strain arrives in UK UK 5d
Boris Johnson announces new Covid measures amid Omicron variant 5d
Boris Johnson confirms first cases in the UK UK 5d
Boris Johnson reveals UK’s response to Omicron strain of Covid UK 5d
COVID news live: Boris Johnson to hold news conference from 5pm as Omicron variant reaches UK UK South Africa 5d
After Boris Johnson's letter, the lowest relationships between Paris and London France UK 6d
Johnson accused of ‘double-speak’ by French over letter France UK 6d
Between Paris and London, the migration crisis turns to the cordial misunderstanding 6d
Boris Johnson gives Poland’s populist prime minister ‘very odd’ thumb greeting Poland 6d
Boris Johnson’s bridge to Northern Ireland ‘impossible to justify’ Ireland 6d
Macron attacks Johnson for trying to negotiate migration crisis via tweets – video France 6d
Macron says Boris Johnson not taking migrant crisis seriously – live updates 6d
France-U.K. Acrimony Over Channel Crossings Deepens France UK 6d
French politician reacts to Boris Johnson's plan after Channel deaths France UK 6d