Boris Johnson

British politician, historian and journalist more on Wikipedia

Chris Hughes: Tanker capture is extremely serious and may prompt military action 2h
Opinion: Boris Johnson in Brussels — visibly invisible UK 2h
Boris Johnson’s take on Islam is historically illiterate | Jerry Brotton 4h
Boris Johnson uses Sky executive's townhouse as campaign HQ 13h
In British PM race, a former Russian arms tycoon wields influence Russia UK 13h
Donald Trump offers his backing to Boris Johnson to become PM US 15h
The many lies of Boris Johnson show that kippers are the very least of it 15h
Women more likely than men to view Boris Johnson as dishonest – Guardian quiz 15h
EU plans to offer Boris Johnson a no-deal Brexit extension - The... UK 15h
Donald Trump backs Boris Johnson to 'work out Brexit' if he becomes PM US 15h
Brussels to offer Boris Johnson extension on no-deal Brexit 16h
Is Nigel Farage inching his way into Bojo’s plans for post-Brexit Britain? UK 16h
Trump compares himself to Boris Johnson in fresh attack on Theresa May 16h
Brexit quarrels: Finance Minister Hammond does not rule out Johnson's fall 17h
Boris Johnson's PM vision: 'Nobody should have to sell their home for dementia care costs' 19h
Boris Johnson's PM vision: 'Nobody should have to sell their home for dementia care costs' 19h
Javid warns 'UK risks sliding into nationalism' amid growing threat from far right UK 22h
Calling Boris Johnson a clown is unfair to clowns 23h
Boris Johnson’s foes think they’ve thwarted him. But have they fallen into his trap? Ireland 1d

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Philip Hammond signals he could vote to bring down Boris Johnson 1d
Johnson will resist calls for Brexit delay, lawmaker Rees-Mogg says UK 1d
At Brexit negotiations: a new tone UK 1d
Boris Johnson could be the UK’s last PM as SNP ramps up independence threats UK 1d
Boris Johnson could be the UK’s last PM as SNP ramps up independence threats UK 1d
Friday briefing: 'Every inch of the way' against no-deal Brexit 1d
What diplomats really think about Boris Johnson 1d
EU: There’s something fishy about Johnson’s ‘Brussels bureaucrats’ kipper claim UK 1d
In Northern Ireland, the brutal Brexit wanted by Boris Johnson could encourage the return of vi... Ireland 1d
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Manx kipper causes confusion following speech at final Tory hustings UK 1d
Three British ministers set to resign if Johnson becomes PM: The Times UK 1d
British MPs issue a warning to Boris Johnson by voting a hostile text to a Brexit without agree... UK 1d
Tory rebels send stark warning to Boris Johnson over no-deal Brexit 1d
MPs vote to block Boris Johnson from forcing through a no-deal Brexit 1d
Euromyth: Boris’s kipper claim shot down 1d
Brexit no-deal, no go? British MPs back bid to block shutdown of Parliament UK 1d
Is Boris Johnson right about rules on kippers? 1d
Boris Johnson refuses to answer questions over party in Lebedev mansion Italy 1d
Cold dish for Eurocentrists: BoJo brings smoked fish on stage to show ‘regulatory overkill’ by... UK 1d
Ursula von der Leyen is a fanatical European federalist – which could make her Boris Johnson's... 1d
Boris Johnson blames EU for kipper rules, which are actually British – video UK 1d
Rebellion against No-Deal-Brexit: less room for Boris Johnson 1d
Conservative leadership race: Kipper convinces Boris Johnson to light bonfire of red tape 1d
A hefty blow to a no-deal Brexit 1d
U.K. Lawmakers Create Hurdle to No-Deal Brexit, in Blow to Boris Johnson UK 1d
Conservative leadership race: Stay out of the gutter, May tells Johnson in final speech as PM 1d
Kipper rules Boris Johnson blamed on EU are actually British, says Brussels UK 1d
Boris Johnson shoots down his own Brexit plan with bizarre kipper-waving rant 1d
British rules to blame for kipper 'plastic ice pillow' that Boris Johnson blamed on EU in bizar... UK 1d
Boris Johnson unveils instant No Deal Brexit drive as EU declares UK isn't ready UK 1d
Gordon Brown: 'Boris Johnson could be UK's last prime minister' UK 1d
Barnier says May never threatened no-deal Brexit 1d
EU warns UK must 'face the consequences' of no-deal Brexit as MPs scramble to stop Boris Johnso... UK 2d
Boris Johnson's no-deal Brexit threat risks being ignored by the EU UK 2d
UK's Johnson declines to comment on plan to facilitate a no-deal... UK 2d
Jeremy Hunt warns Boris Johnson could bodge Brexit 2d
Theresa May swipes at Boris Johnson and Trump in thinly-veiled last speech as PM 2d
Theresa May speaks out against No Deal Brexit in jab at Boris Johnson as she blasts 'gutter' po... 2d
Theresa May signs off with the speech she should have made in 2017 2d
Johnson rules out Farage pact as Tory rivals warn against early election 2d
UK's Johnson wants any Brexit transition to end before next election UK 2d
Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt make final pitch to Conservatives UK 2d
Johnson declines to comment on plan to send lawmakers away to go... UK 2d
With new Tory chairmanship: The deal is as good as dead 2d
Tory vote: Boris Johnson breaks donation record 2d
House of Lords passes amendment to help prevent no-deal Brexit 2d
Voters nearly 20 times more likely to describe Boris Johnson as 'buffoon' than 'statesman' 2d
Boris Johnson's support for EU revealed in Leon Brittan letter 2d
Exclusive — Nick Clegg: Brexit likely means “the end of the United Kingdom” US Russia UK 2d
Boris Johnson smashes record for most money raised by UK politician UK 2d
A Trump-style blimp of Boris Johnson will fly over London this weekend to protest against Brexi... 2d
What Boris Johnson’s Forgotten Novel Says About the U.K.’s Likely Leader 2d
Tories stay ‘silent’ on Bojo’s racist columns & May’s ‘go home vans’ – SNP’s Ian Blackford 2d
Hammond 'terrified' by Rees-Mogg claim of no-deal Brexit boost 2d
Boris Johnson won final showdown with Jeremy Hunt, poll of Sun readers says 2d
Boris Johnson won final showdown with Jeremy Hunt, poll of Sun readers says 2d
Meet the 0.25 percent of Brits who will pick the next prime minister UK 2d
What does Boris Johnson’s terrible novel Seventy-Two Virgins tell us about him? 3d
Brexit conspiracy: Farage claims Boris sabotaged in Strasbourg by Tory no deal rebels 3d
UK's Johnson planning summer 2020 election: Times UK 3d
Fury after Boris and Hunt threaten fuel duty hike for millions of motorists 3d
Boris Johnson is no Donald Trump - but he might just be the next Stephen Harper Canada 3d
Conservative leadership race: Boris Johnson’s tearful tale of stolen bike spins the truth 3d
Johnson and Hunt condemn Trump over 'go home' comments US 3d
Tory leadership candidates refuse to call Trump's racist tweet racist, amid anger over Boris Jo... 3d
Michael Gove says Boris Johnson will be 'great' as PM 3d
Gove 'keeping shtum' over Tory leader choice 3d
As Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt raise the stakes with the EU on no-deal Brexit, who will blink... 3d
Michael Gove makes pitch for position in Boris Johnson's cabinet 3d
Boris Johnson slams Trump's 'totally unacceptable' tweets US UK 3d
Boris Johnson 'is 'unfit to be PM', says journalist 3d
Boris Johnson says last time he cried was over a stolen bike 3d
Beware Boris Johnson’s lust for the limelight and power | Letters 3d
Boris Johnson faces more accusations of Islamophobia over newly-unearthed text UK 3d
UK PM candidate Johnson could send lawmakers away to go for no-deal... UK 3d
Boris Johnson said Islam put Muslim world 'centuries behind' the West 3d
For all Jeremy Corbyn's flaws, he is the only viable alternative to Boris Johnson PM US UK 3d
Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt asked if Donald Trump's comments racist US 3d
A Boris Johnson declaration of no deal? Ireland 3d
EU braces for no-deal Brexit or another delay under Boris Johnson 3d