Boris Johnson

British politician, historian and journalist more on Wikipedia

Despite Litany of Failures, Boris Johnson Is in Striking Distance of Brexit Success 1h
Boris Johnson to seek a new vote Monday on his Brexit deal, as confusion swirls over exit delay 3h
'Vote for the deal today': Theresa May shows support for PM's Brext deal 3h
What next for Boris Johnson's Brexit deal? 4h
'I will not negotiate delay with EU': Boris Johnson tells furious MPs 4h
Boris Johnson may be in contempt of court for Brexit delay 'theatre' - John McDonnell 4h
'I'd be behind bars if I had acted like PM has,' says Lord Heseltine 5h
New allegiance of Brexit Spartans could yet win the war for Boris Johnson Greece 6h
Boris Johnson could be held in contempt of court over Brexit letter Scotland 7h
What happens next after UK PM Johnson writes Brexit delay letter? UK 8h
John McDonnell: Prime minister 'is like a spoiled brat' over refusal to sign letter 9h
The Latest: EU ponders UK request for Brexit extension UK 9h
Have you heard of the catastrophic men theory of history? Step forward Boris Johnson... | Nick... 10h
It looks like Boris Johnson was defeated. The opposite might be true 10h
Leo Varadkar suspends disbelief over Boris Johnson’s Scotland-Ulster bridge Ireland Scotland 10h
Text of Brexit delay letter Johnson had to send to EU UK 11h
UK PM sends unsigned letter to EU asking for Brexit delay UK 11h
UK PM Johnson sends conflicting messages to EU on Brexit delay request UK 11h
UK parliament snubs Boris Johnson's Brexit deal UK 11h

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Boris Johnson asks for Brexit extension in three letters UK 11h
What's new about Boris Johnson's Brexit deal? 13h
What is the new Brexit deal? We explain Boris Johnson's agreement  and how it differs from Ther... Ireland 16h
Boris Johnson 'to send Brexit delay request' after setback in UK parliament UK 23h
Other times MPs have sat in the House of Commons on a Saturday UK 23h
A second Brexit referendum? London protesters keep the cry alive. 23h
Boris Johnson Has a Trust Problem in Parliament 1d
UK PM 'undaunted' by MPs' backing for Brexit extension UK 1d
Labour celebrates ‘pyrrhic victory,’ but Boris Johnson’s plan is a done deal – George Galloway UK 1d
France's Macron calls on UK's Johnson to clarify Brexit France UK 1d
Analysis: Super Saturday turns into Setback Saturday for Johnson 1d
Bexit setback leaves Boris Johnson weighing next move 1d
Boris Johnson's siren song – cartoon Ireland 1d
Boris Johnson responds to MPs passing Letwin amendment to delay vote of Brexit bill UK 1d
Boris Johnson's Brexit deal faces knife-edge vote - how MP numbers stack up 1d
BREXIT BREAKING: Defiant PM 'will not negotiate a delay' 1d
British MPs approve delay to Brexit deal decision UK 1d
Tampon tax nearly derailed Brexit deal at the last minute 1d
Super Saturday timetable - what's happening & when MPs vote on new Brexit deal 1d
Unionism 'more than red post boxes,' blasts DUP's Nigel Dodds over Varadkar Brexit reassurance... Ireland 1d
BREAKING: Theresa May on Boris Johnson's new Brexit deal 1d
MPs vote for Letwin amendment which could lead to a Brexit delay 1d
Boris Johnson: I will not negotiate a delay with the EU 1d
Brexit deal vote: Letwin amendment passes by 322 to 306 in huge blow to Boris Johnson's deal -... 1d
UK PM Johnson's spokesman refuses to answer any questions on next Brexit steps UK 1d
British MPs vote to postpone crucial Brexit vote UK 1d
MPs back Brexit deal delay 1d
UK lawmakers vote to delay final Brexit decision again UK 1d
Boris Johnson will have to ask EU to delay Brexit after Parliament blocks vote on his deal 1d
Boris Johnson will have to ask EU to delay Brexit after Parliament blocks vote on his deal 1d
Brexit blow for Johnson after lawmakers defer decision UK 1d
UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he will push ahead and try to have Britain leave the Europ... UK 1d
EU withdrawal deal: How did your MP vote on the Letwin amendment? 1d
Brexit blow for Boris Johnson after lawmakers defer decision on deal UK 1d
Brexit: 'I will not negotiate a delay with the EU,' Boris Johnson tells MPs after vote defeat –... 1d
UK lawmakers delay Brexit vote and force Boris Johnson to ask for deadline extension UK 1d
MPs put brakes on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal with rebel amendment 1d
UK PM Johnson: I will not negotiate Brexit delay UK 1d
British MPs approve amendment to delay Brexit UK 1d
Extinction Rebellion: police release activist who scaled Big Ben's tower 1d
UK PM Johnson refuses to negotiate Brexit delay past Oct. 31 with EU despite just-passed amendm... UK 1d
U.K. Lawmakers Disrupt Boris Johnson’s Brexit Plan UK 1d
Brexit: UK MPs accept Letwin amendment to withhold approval of deal until legislation to ratify... UK 1d
What does Oliver Letwin's amendment mean for Brexit? 1d
Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal mostly ‘cut and pasted’ from May’s UK 1d
Led By Donkeys book extract: ‘We decided that Boris Johnson said it, so he should own it’ 1d
Not responsible for PM to threaten 'my deal or no deal': UK lawmaker Letwin UK 1d
Does Boris Johnson have the votes to pass his Brexit deal? 1d
Anti-Brexit Protesters Descend on London as Parliament Debates 1d
Why is the DUP turning down Johnson's and Varadkar's cake? Ireland Republic of Ireland Great Britain 1d
PM says Brexit delay is 'pointless' as Commons debates deal - live UK 1d
Can Boris Johnson’s people v parliament Brexit strategy win the next election? I FT UK 1d
What is the Letwin amendment -- and could it really change everything? UK 1d
Brexit heartland: Hull wants to take back control UK 1d
Boris Johnson ‘very confident' MPs will back his Brexit deal 1d
Nigel Farage pleads with Eurosceptics to reject Boris Johnson's 'reheated' deal 1d
Brexit in the balance on 'super Saturday' in U.K. Parliament 1d
UK PM Johnson says hopes this is the moment to get Brexit resolution UK 1d
UK PM Johnson says there's little appetite in the EU for further delay UK 1d
Boris Johnson implores MPs to 'get Brexit done' in 'super Saturday' session 1d
Nigel Farage Would Prefer a General Election Over Boris Johnson's Deal | Good Morning Britain UK 1d
Boris Johnson's mass charm offensive to win votes of friend and foe 1d
Explainer: Britain's 'Super Saturday' Brexit showdown in parliament UK 1d
Brexit day of reckoning: Johnson's deal faces wrecking amendment 1d
EU leaders divided over whether to delay Brexit if MPs vote down deal UK 1d
LIVE: 'This is the moment': PM addresses MPs ahead of crunch vote on Brexit deal 1d
Johnson will pull vote on Brexit agreement if amendment strengthening legislation against no-de... UK 1d
Boris Johnson faces historic Brexit vote in Parliament 1d
UK Brexit showdown: All the latest updates UK 1d
Macron says Boris Johnson is ‘a leader with strategic vision’ and should be taken seriously 1d
Vote on Boris Johnson's Brexit deal in Parliament - live updates 1d
Boris Johnson brings his new Brexit deal to a vote in emergency Saturday sitting 1d
What to Watch For in Today’s Brexit Vote: Live Updates UK 1d
New Brexit deal is still bad for business and the UK economy UK 1d
Boris' Brexit deal could be derailed by Remainer plot to force extension 1d
British MPs hold historic vote on Johnson’s new Brexit deal UK 1d
'I'll suck it up and vote for Boris Johnson's deal' – Brexiteer Bridgen vows to back PM 1d
DUP will consider backing amendment to UK PM Johnson's Brexit deal Ireland UK 1d
Sir Oliver Letwin tables amendment to ensure Boris Johnson will be forced to ask for Brexit ext... 1d
Brexit deal YouGov poll shows just how divided the UK is UK 1d
MPs blink first over Remainer plot to secure second Brexit referendum UK 1d