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U.S. chipmakers may give clues on China hazard China 3m
US shutdown stops politicians from using official planes 4m
U.S. Senator Graham says U.S.-Saudi cannot move on until prince... 8m
Senator Graham hopes Trump will slow U.S. Syria withdrawal Syria U.S. Syria 9m
Ex-president George W Bush turns pizza delivery man to treat Secret Service amid US shutdown 14m
US winter storm slows travel in Plains states, heads east 24m
Live updates as Trump makes 'major announcement' on US government shutdown 29m
'There were black Confederates too': Bargaining with US history 39m
They leave water to migrants in the desert, four women to trial in the United States 59m
FBI arrest Isil supporter who planned to attack White House with anti-tank rocket 59m
Robert Mueller disputes Buzzfeed report on Donald Trump Russia 1h
US Senator Graham hopes Trump will slow US Syria withdrawal Syria Turkey US Syria 1h
Uyghur refugee describes horror inside Chinese camps China 1h
Sen Graham: Syria withdrawal without plan can lead to chaos Syria Iraq 1h
Lindsey Graham: US-Saudi ties can't move until MBS is dealt with 1h
Senator Graham says U.S.-Saudi cannot move on until prince is... 1h
American-Born Iranian TV Anchor Jailed In U.S. Not Accused Of Crime Iran U.S.-born 1h
US justice seizes scandal of debts hidden by Mozambique Mozambique 2h
Trump to make 'major announcement' on border wall, shutdown 2h

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IBM HR made me lie to US govt, says axed VP in age-discrim legal row: I was ordered to cover up... 2h
US-China nuclear mission could provide model for North Korea China North Korea 2h
Less paper, more Maduro: Vanezuela's media crisis Venezuela 2h
Taliban Denies Being Ready To Resume Afghan Peace Talks Afghanistan 2h
Weekly review of Azerbaijani currency market Azerbaijan 2h
Special Counsel Makes Rare Statement Casting Doubt On Cohen Report 2h
America: The world’s… 25th greatest democracy? Redacted Tonight reviews jaw-dropping report Chile 2h
YPG political wing of PKK, Republican US Senator Graham says 2h
Challenges await Japan as Trump presidency enters its third year Japan 2h
Afghan Taliban reject talks with U.S. in Pakistan Pakistan Afghanistan 3h
White House adviser says making progress on China trade talks China 3h
14-year-old shot and killed running from US police officer 3h
Laquan McDonald: Ex-US police sentenced for black teen's murder 3h
Afghan Taliban reject talks with U.S. in Pakistan Pakistan Afghanistan 4h
US President Donald Trump plans to make Democrats an offer to end shutdown 4h
Mueller: message about Trumps lawyer incorrect 4h
North American glaciers melting much faster than 10 years ago – study Canada 4h
Women's March 2019: thousands to protest across US 4h
Kazakh tenge slightly down against US dollar over week Kazakhstan 5h
When Kreisky wanted to liberate the US hostages in Iran Iran 5h
Lords of war: US weapons factories dominate global arms trade 5h
Mexico reaches out to new caravan of migrants heading to the United States Mexico 5h
EU’s Narrow Focus for U.S. Trade Talks Risks Trans-Atlantic Clash 5h
Another Caravan Crosses Mexican-Guatemalan Border Mexico 5h
Trump and Kim to Hold Second Summit in February North Korea 5h
Laquan Mcdonald: Officer jailed for shooting teen 16 times 5h
Trump, North Korea's Kim to hold second summit in late February North Korea 5h
Significant decline in North American glaciers since 2000: UNBC study 5h
U.S. Navy chief calls on Japan and South Korea to hold talks South Korea Japan 5h
U.S. special counsel disputes report Trump told lawyer to lie 6h
Products made of threatened African wildlife sold at US expo 6h
Feds confirm jailed Iranian TV anchor not charged with crime Iran 6h
Callgirl 'Visje' behind bars Russia Belarus 6h
"Hands on the dashboard!" 6h
US attorneys say criminals may be roaming free as gov't shutdown slows investigations 6h
An American lights up the Australian Open with LeBron James-style celebrations Australia 7h
Almost 400 arrested over failed bid to tunnel into the United States 7h
Winter Storm Will Cover the Midwest and Head Towards New England This Weekend - TIME UK England 8h
Journalist for Iranian TV Is Detained as Witness in U.S. Investigation Iran 8h
White House ticks along with a skeleton crew as president digs in 8h
Congress to probe claims Trump told Cohen to lie 8h
US arrested Iranian journalist without charge Iran 8h
'Mistreated in prison, family kept in the dark' – ex-colleague of detained Iranian journalist t... Iran 8h
U.S. asked Ecuadorean officials about alleged Assange-Manafort... UK Ecuador 8h
US border patrol arrests the largest group of 376 migrants on Mexico border Mexico 9h
Mueller's office disputes Buzzfeed story on Michael Cohen 9h
How far do free speech protections go in the US? 9h
Opinion: Impeachment inquiry is the right idea right now 9h
Obama's heartwarming words for Michelle on her 55th birthday 9h
Ukraine In NATO? America Should Reject A Bad Idea That Only Grows Worse With Age Ukraine 9h
Trump to hold second summit with North Korea's Kim at end of February North Korea 9h
How two years of Donald Trump have shaped women's rights in the US 9h
Hundreds of Central Americans arrested for tunneling under border barrier, Border Patrol says 9h
News Feature: Deadly deficiency at the heart of an environmental mystery Sweden 9h
Donald Trump to unveil plan to resolve US government shutdown 10h
Vogue misidentifies US Muslim journalist Pakistan 10h
Trump set to hold new summit with Kim Jong-un North Korea 10h
Police officer who killed black teenager in Chicago gets nearly seven years 10h
Record 376 migrants TUNNEL into US to turn themselves in 10h
White House says U.S. making progress with North Korea, sanctions to stay North Korea 11h
Trump announces important communication shutdown Netherlands 11h
Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un to meet for second summit North Korea Singapore 11h
The shutdown weighs on the course of justice in the United States 11h
US holds journalist as material witness Iran 11h
China Offers to Go on a 6-Year Buying Spree to Ramp Up USA Imports China 11h
White House: Next Trump summit with Kim Jong Un will take place near the end of February North Korea 12h
Trump supports anti-abortion activists 12h
White House Denies Report Trump Told Cohen to Lie to Congress 12h
Week ahead: Davos, Brexit, US earnings, ECB 12h
'I was forced to leave': Central American caravan enters Mexico Mexico 12h
Second summit coming for North Korea's Kim Jong Un, US President Donald Trump North Korea 12h
U.N. chief says 'high time' for U.S.- North Korea talks North Korea 12h
Russia conducted another successful test of an anti-satellite missile, US intel report says Russia 13h
US confirms jailed Iranian TV anchor not charged with crime Iran 13h
US Questioning Ecuadorian Embassy Staff Over Debunked Assange-Manafort Story Ecuador 13h
Deadly attack on US forces leaves Syria town fearful for future Syria 13h
Trump giving ‘new life’ to Daesh, former envoy says Iran Russia Syria 13h
Saudi Arabia ‘strongly condemns’ Houthi attack on Yemen UN monitors Yemen Sweden Saudi Arabia 13h
Paris offers Ivanka Trump to sit on the G7 Gender Equality Council 13h
‘He says it's a mistake’: Lawyer for US ‘spy’ detained in Russia says client ‘upbeat, confident... Russia 13h
US political row deepens as government shutdown enters 28th day 13h