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trump: Trump aims to countersue sex assault accuser who sued him 13m
Haiti gang demand $17m ransom for release of kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries Canada Haiti 24m
The Sanctions sword of the US has become dull 28m
"Dying for Taiwan? It's very far, Taiwan. To NATO, the Europeans have not signed for that " China Taiwan 54m
Senior US diplomat says ‘no preconditions’ for North Korea talks North Korea 1h
US congressional committee votes to hold Trump ally Bannon in criminal contempt 1h
What the Bannon criminal contempt charge means 1h
taliban: Taliban vow cash, land, to bombers’ kin Afghanistan 1h
Close calls and threats for US missionaries before Haiti kidnapping Canada Haiti 1h
Steve Bannon tried to defy a subpoena over the Capitol riots. A committee just hit back 2h
Capitol riot panel votes to hold ex-White House aide Steve Bannon in contempt 2h
Tributes paid on death of Powell were just ‘fake news’, says Trump 2h
Haiti gang demands $17m ransom for kidnapped US missionaries Haiti 2h
New COVID-19 Variant 'Delta Plus' With 'Higher Transmissibility' Found In US, UK UK 2h
Haiti gang wants $17M ransom for kidnapped American and Canadian missionaries Canada Haiti 2h
Watch: Plane crashes into fireball outside Texas as smoke and flames rise from wreckage 3h
N Korea confirms test of ‘new type’ submarine-launched missile South Korea 3h
UFOs 'crippled ten of my nuclear missiles at ANOTHER top-secret US air base' 3h
US House panel votes to hold Steve Bannon in contempt 3h

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Blinken says Yemen conflict is top US foreign policy priority Yemen 3h
khalilzad: People facing great challenges in Afghanistan: Zalmay Khalilzad Afghanistan 3h
Antony Blinken kicks off three-day Latin America trip 4h
Haiti gang seeks $1 million per person for kidnapped missionaries Canada Haiti 4h
Taliban won't be allowed access to Afghan central bank reserves -Adeyemo Afghanistan 4h
If US and EU were divided on China, Aukus ‘betrayal’ just dug the trenches deeper China 4h
US Ambassador to the UK: Colin Powell 'was a man of great integrity' UK 4h
The US suburban couple accused of a bungled treason plot 4h
US defense chief says Russia is an 'obstacle to peace' Russia Ukraine 5h
Opinion | What Colin Powell Learned From His Own Story 5h
Facebook pays $4.75M US fine plus back pay to settle suit alleging it favoured foreign workers 5h
Global approval of the US grows to 49% from 30% under Trump 5h
US: FBI raids home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska Russia 5h
North Korea says it tested NEW type of submarine-launched ballistic missile with ‘advanced’ gui... North Korea South Korea Japan 5h
A transgender U.S. public health official breaks ground on the pandemic’s front line. 5h
Kidnappers in Haiti want $1M ransom for each abductee Haiti 5h
FBI raids Washington, New York homes linked to Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska Russia 5h
US lawmakers seek further safe harbour actions for Hongkongers and Uygurs China 5h
First black US Secretary of State Colin Powell dies after Covid complications 5h
Haiti gang abducts 17 US missionaries, demanding $US1 million ransom for each person Haiti 6h
austin: US defense secretary underlines support for Ukraine Ukraine 6h
Haiti gang demands $1m each for 17 kidnapped US and Canadian missionaries Canada Haiti 6h
Facebook agrees to settle US discrimination lawsuit by paying fine 6h
Southwest Airlines CANCELS plan to fire unvaxxed workers awaiting exemptions after denying sick... 6h
Steve Bannon faces contempt charges over US Capitol riot 6h
Philadelphia train rape: Train passengers watched attack on woman and did nothing, US police sa... 6h
Why is US wary about China’s interest in CPTPP? | Opinion China 6h
murdaugh: Alex Murdaugh denied bond on $3M theft charges COLUMBIA 6h
Top US and Brazil diplomats discuss 'unprecedented' migration Brazil 6h
ASX set to climb, bitcoin debuts on NYSE Australia 7h
Member of US telecoms agency wants new limits on Chinese drone maker DJI China 7h
Ex-Mexican federal officer admits taking bribes from cartel Mexico 7h
Facebook settles US claims it favoured foreign workers 7h
High ransom for missionaries: Haitian gang wants 17 million dollars for kidnapped hostages Haiti 7h
Brent crude closes above $85 a barrel for first time in 3 years 7h
No jab, no job? Thousands of American workers could get pink slip 7h
Haitian gang demands $1m each for kidnapped US missionaries Haiti 7h
Oleg Deripaska: FBI searches US homes linked to Russian oligarch Russia 7h
U.S. tells Russia to return Crimea to Ukraine, stop cyberattacks on America and allies Russia Ukraine 7h
covid 19: GE mandates Covid-19 vaccines for US workers 7h
Russia’s dramatic decision to cut direct diplomatic ties with NATO further proof that Moscow no... Russia 7h
FBI raids homes linked to Russian oligarch and Putin associate Oleg Deripaska Russia 8h
Ankara summons 10 ambassadors over call to free Turkish philanthropist Germany France Turkey 8h
Tributes are being paid to former US Secretary of State Colin Powell, who has died of Covid-19... 8h
Taliban promise plots of land to families of suicide bombers Afghanistan 8h
How the US faces catastrophic defeat by China or Russia in a hypersonic Third World War China Russia 8h
Remote workers might save rural USA. But they can also drive up house prices and tempt hungry b... 8h
High ransom for missionaries: Haitian gang wants 17 million dollars for kidnapped hostages Haiti 8h
Rachel Levine becomes US’s first openly transgender four-star admiral 8h
US Says “Intermediate Step” Of Brussels Meeting Not Necessary For Iran Talks 9h
deripaska: FBI raids Washington home linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska Russia 9h
Credit Suisse settles Mozambique ‘tuna bonds’ case with US regulators Mozambique 9h
houston: Plane runs off Texas runway, burns; no major injuries 9h
Beirut blast memorial wall covered in portraits of victims 9h
Haiti kidnappers demand $17m ransom for North American missionaries Canada Haiti 9h
US: Taliban will have no access to Afghan central bank reserves Afghanistan 9h
US regulators lay out plan for over-the-counter hearing aids 9h
Haitian gang demand $17 million for release of kidnapped US and Canadian Christian missionaries Canada Haiti 9h
American among six tortured, shot and burned in massacre at Costa Rica farm Costa Rica 9h
Committee probing Jan. 6 siege on U.S. Capitol plans contempt vote for Trump ally Steve Bannon 9h
Storm on the Capitol: How Trump wants to prevent the publication of files 9h
The Mexican dream of thousands of Haitians Mexico Chile Brazil 10h
Storm on the Capitol: How Trump wants to prevent the publication of files 10h
FBI raids Washington home linked to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska Russia 10h
Bitcoin ETF: regulatory arbitrage — by US regulators 10h
United States: the murderers of a young black trial 10h
Opinion | Are the U.S. and Europe Breaking Up? China 10h
Global approval of US jumps nearly 20 per cent 10h
Volcanic activity raises Japanese ghost ships from the deep Japan 10h
U.S. condemns attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh Bangladesh 10h
Taliban promise cash, land, to families of suicide bombers Afghanistan 10h
John Kerry says Glasgow COP26 is the last best hope for the world 10h
Turkish Rumeysa Gelgi is 7ft, 0.7 in tall; she breaks the world’s tallest records – The Manhatt... Turkey 11h
U.S. concerned by possible Chinese, Russian uses of hypersonic weapons China Russia 11h
US workers between ‘fear’ and ‘pride’ in massive strike movement 11h
FBI raids Russian billionaire’s home in Washington DC Russia 11h
US Congress seeks to compel Bannon testimony in January 6 probe 11h
Two vaccine doses required after recovery from COVID-19 for visit to the US 11h
Emma Raducanu lands new gig with luxury fashion house 11h
N Korea test-fires submarine-launched ballistic missile, S Korea says North Korea South Korea 12h
FBI raids Washington house of Oleg Deripaska, once Russia's richest man, reports say, as clips... Russia 12h