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More than half of LGBT+ adults in the US say they have experienced violent threats, study finds 6m
U.S. government prepares to issue landmark report on UFOs 11m
In windfall for Xinjiang, US mutual funds invest millions in its companies 16m
Why has the US blocked Iranian media websites? Iran 16m
The conservatorship is ‘toxic’: How Britney Spears’s testimony rippled beyond the U.S. 21m
Tech mogul 'commits suicide' after deal to extradite him from Spain to US Spain 21m
‘Seek the truth’: Pelosi forms panel to investigate Capitol riot 46m
U.S. bans imports of solar panel material from Chinese company China 51m
Nord Stream 2 dispute 'solvable,' German business minister says on US trip Germany 1h
US and Israel Vote 'No' as 184 Nations Condemn American Blockade of Cuba Israel Cuba 1h
'The building is literally pancaked': US apartment block collapses, prompting emergency respons... 1h
Taliban takeover of Afganistan not inevitable, say US experts Afghanistan 1h
Mystery illness strikes down birds across US south and midwest 1h
Rudy Giuliani has New York law licence suspended 1h
America’s top general defends study of critical race theory by military 1h
Taking the pulse of the US economy: What the latest data tells us 2h
U.S. targets five Chinese entities over alleged forced labor in Xinjiang China 2h
Automation Helped Kill up to 70% of the US's Middle-Class Jobs: Study 2h
A Republican-appointed judge just smacked down GOP deniers on January 6 3h

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China's military warns of 'war' if Taiwan pursues independence China Taiwan 3h
'I want to understand': top US general defends studying critical race theory in military – vide... 3h
All-time record triple digit heat forecast for many people that don't have AC 3h
These are the two key groups now being hit hardest by Covid-19 3h
U.S. and allies increase pressure on Russia to keep humanitarian aid route into Syria open Russia Syria Turkey 4h
US announces historic investigation into ‘unspoken traumas’ at Native American boarding schools Canada 4h
US army chief defends teaching of critical race theory at academy 4h
US seizure of Iran-linked websites ‘shortsighted’, analysts say Iran 4h
US to move Afghan translators who aided troops to secure location as Taliban threatens takeover Afghanistan 4h
Why Garland and DOJ haven't charged anyone with sedition for the US Capitol riots 4h
Footage shows aftermath of Miami building collapse – video report 4h
Cuban migrants are attempting treacherous journey to US Cuba 4h
Why airfares will likely keep getting more expensive 4h
Honduras opens embassy in Jerusalem, 4th country to do so Israel Honduras 5h
Biden warns Delta strain ‘more contagious, deadlier’ and urges unvaccinated to get shots – live 5h
Pentagon translator jailed for exposing US sources in Iraq Iraq 5h
Hundreds of bodies are found at Native American school in Canada Canada 5h
'I'm ashamed': Woman who breached Capitol receives probation in 1st sentence handed down for Ja... 5h
The racist roots of US police 5h
What’s behind the US labour shortage? 5h
This year's COVID-19 death total has already surpassed that of 2020 India 6h
Explainer: Where things stand for Afghanistan as Ghani visits US Afghanistan 6h
Brandi Levy: swearing US cheerleader wins free speech fight 7h
UNGA votes overwhelmingly to condemn US embargo on Cuba Cuba 7h
Mariam Thompson, love-struck US army linguist, jailed for 23 years Iraq 7h
Lawyer says death of McAfee surprised the US mogul's family Spain 7h
Obituary: John McAfee, antivirus software designer, dies aged 75 Spain 7h
China says after massed drills that Taiwan's future lies in 'reunification' China Taiwan 8h
Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe headline US women's Olympic roster 8h
Uruguay accused of squandering early Covid success amid deadly surge Uruguay 9h
U.S. to Move Afghans Who Aided Troops to Third Countries 9h
Former Saudi officials to be questioned about alleged links to 9/11 attackers Saudi Arabia 9h
In Pictures: Afghans sift through leftovers of US occupation 9h
Biden targets gun ownership to stem summer violence 9h
Sherman: US is 'not withdrawing from Afghanistan' China Iran Afghanistan 10h
Sydney enters ‘scariest’ phase of pandemic as delta variant spreads, leader says 10h
Poll: Many Democrats want more US support for Palestinians 11h
‘Abolish the filibuster’: Democrats demand action after GOP blockades on voting rights threaten... 11h
US votes against UN resolution condemning US embargo on Cuba Cuba 11h
California Democrat suggests Catholic church should be stripped of tax-exempt status if it deni... 11h
Blinken to meet Israel's new foreign minister in Rome Israel Italy 11h
Biden nominates Cindy McCain to UN food and agriculture post 11h
US military chief links Capitol riot to ‘white rage’ and defends study of critical race theory 11h
US set to delay next round of Iran talks to hear new Israeli position Iran Israel 11h
Welcome to the US southern border: same country, different planet 11h
U.S. Confirms Removal of Wuhan Virus Sequences From Database 11h
Russia in showdown with UN and West over aid to Syria Russia Syria Turkey 11h
U.S. life expectancy decreased by an 'alarming' amount during pandemic 12h
Iran says U.S. to lift oil sanctions, U.S. says nothing agreed Iran 12h
Severe heatwave in US states breaks June temperature records 13h
San Francisco will require all city employees to be vaccinated. 13h
Falling short: Why the White House will miss its vax target 14h
Ex-Army man shares journey walking across America after becoming homeless 14h
Meeting top US officials, Kohavi blasts American plans to rejoin Iran deal Iran 14h
American ‘was warned’ over shortages that prompted flight cancellations 14h
USITC says tires from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam hurt U.S. industry | Taiwan News | 2021-... South Korea Thailand Taiwan Vietnam 14h
America’s rich have another reason to quit mutual funds 15h
India’s Rajasthan Royals cricket team valued at $250m with US stake India 15h
Why has the Hoover Dam hit an historically low water level? 15h
US senators say deal reached on infrastructure proposal 15h
New videos show Capitol rioters attacking police line from officers' point of view 15h
Antivirus entrepreneur John McAfee found dead in Spanish prison – video Spain 16h
Why has the Hoover Dam hit an historically low water level? - BBC News 17h
U.S. tire industry harmed by Korea, Taiwan, Thailand tire imports -trade panel South Korea Thailand Taiwan 17h
Software guru John McAfee found DEAD in Spanish prison after court approves extradition to US Spain 17h
China issues furious response after Canada condemns human rights record - The Guardian China Canada UK 17h
Honduras to open embassy in Jerusalem this month, president to travel to Israel Israel Honduras 17h
US says Chinese scientists asked for removal of virus records from database - Financial Times China 17h
FDA to add warning about rare heart inflammation to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines 18h
Brazil environment minister quits amid inquiry into illegal Amazon logging Brazil 18h
West and Russia clash over Russian mercenaries in CAR Russia France UK Central African Republic 18h
Beach club tied to US senator refutes claims its ‘all-white’ 18h
Afghan government could collapse 'several months' after full US military withdrawal: Gen. Keane Afghanistan 18h
‘I want my life back’ Britney Spears tells US judge 19h
Pandemic probably caused biggest drop in US life expectancy since 1945 – study 19h
Why has the Hoover Dam hit an historically low water level? 19h
US bans some imports of solar products from Xinjiang 19h
US sanctions Chinese solar firms for Uighur human rights abuses China 19h
John McAfee found dead in cell after Spanish court approved extradition to U.S. Spain 19h
US crime: Is America seeing a surge in violence? 20h
Calls grow to evacuate Afghans who helped US troops to Guam Afghanistan 20h