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FirstFT: PA could play ‘central role’ in Gaza, Antony Blinken tells Mahmoud Abbas China 5mos
Video: Blinken Visits Iraq in Hopes of Containing Israel-Hamas War Iraq 5mos
Live: Westpac profits jump, and bad news is good news on Wall Street as unemployment increase s... 5mos
U.S. Officials Fear American Guns Ordered by Israel Could Fuel West Bank Violence Israel 5mos
US outlines steps for Israel to cut civilian deaths Israel 5mos
Trump’s political clout is on the rise | Opinion 5mos
Zelensky invites Trump to Ukraine Ukraine 5mos
Trump leads in 5 of 6 key battleground US states as voters blast Biden: Polls 5mos
Israel bombs al-Maghazi refugee camp, killing dozens, Gaza officials say | Israel-Palestine con... Israel UK 5mos
Pro-Palestinian crowds try to storm US base in Turkey - Reuters UK Turkey 5mos
Trump beating Biden in swing states – NYT poll 5mos
From America's $US56m spy craft to Hamas's 'poor man's air force', Gaza's sky is abuzz with dro... Israel 5mos
Blinken says Palestinian voices key to Gaza future Palestine 5mos
C.I.A. Director Visits Israel and the Middle East Amid Israel-Hamas War Israel 5mos
More than 300 Americans got out of Gaza, more remain, White House says 5mos
‘Loss and damage’ deal struck to help countries worst hit by climate crisis - The Guardian 5mos
Blinken on surprise visit to Baghdad, meets with PM Israel Iraq Cyprus 5mos
F-35 jet can kill 300K in Moscow with a single B61-13 strike - Bulgarian Military Bulgaria Hindustan 5mos
Once the war with Israel is finished, what scenarios for a Gaza strip without Hamas? Israel Palestine 5mos

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“Our children will curse us in the trenches we are digging for them,” Lithuanian FM says about... Russia Ukraine Lithuania 5mos
US top diplomat visits Palestinian West Bank as airstrikes kill dozens in Gaza Palestine 5mos
Israel: Flashing speaks with Abbas about the future of the Gaza Strip Israel Palestine 5mos
US Senator Bernie Sanders calls out Israel's bombings spree | WION - WION Israel 5mos
Russia Test Fires Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missile - The Moscow Times Russia 5mos
Pro-Palestine crowds try to storm air base housing US troops in Turkey - The Telegraph France UK Turkey 5mos
Tens of thousands march across the world for Gaza ceasefire - Al Jazeera English Israel UK 5mos
Trump leads in 2024 polls as fears over war and economy hurt Biden 5mos
Newly appointed US envoy to Israel submits credentials to President Herzog, takes charge Israel 5mos
Blinken discusses sea route for Gaza aid with Cyprus president Cyprus 5mos
Blinken meets Palestinian leader Abbas amid Gaza war Israel Palestine 5mos
Schools and hospitals hit by strikes as Israel snubs US with more attacks in Gaza - The Indepen... Israel 5mos
UN climate fund battle looms as US objects to taking lead 5mos
GOP congressman claims some Palestinians are ‘paid actors’ pretending to be dead 5mos
Abbas calls for immediate ceasefire in Gaza 5mos
'We are failing again': UN, US resignations highlight splits over Israel's Gaza assault Israel 5mos
Blinken on Middle East crisis tour as bloody war roils Gaza 5mos
Ukraine hits Russian warship after 15-missile salvo on Crimea shipyard - The Telegraph Russia UK Ukraine 5mos
With the US election a year away, most Americans don’t want Biden or Trump 5mos
Tens of thousands rallied in the U.S. in support of Palestinians. 5mos
Zelenskyy pushes US for more aid, invites Trump to Ukraine Russia Ukraine 5mos
Israel's 'indiscriminate' bombing must stop now: US senator - Anadolu Agency | English Israel UK 5mos
Antony Blinken 'committed' to establishment of Palestinian state in West Bank visit - as Hamas... Israel Palestine 5mos
Retired American General on the war in Ukraine, strategy & the future | Ukraine: The Latest Pod... Ukraine 5mos
Life of German jailed in Iran 'at grave risk' over failing health: Daughter Iran Germany 5mos
Palestinian president presses US to secure Gaza ceasefire as refugee camp struck Israel Palestine 5mos
Between South Africa and the United States, trade to soften diplomatic relations South Africa 5mos
GOP mayor dies by suicide after cross-dressing revealed by rightwing site - The Independent 5mos
Live, War Israel-Hamas: Mahmoud Abbas linked a return from the Palestinian authority to Gaza to... Palestine 5mos
More than 300 Americans, US residents evacuated from Gaza: White House Israel 5mos
Protesters tear-gassed at US nuke base (VIDEOS) Turkey 5mos
Blinken meets Palestinian leader Abbas in surprise West Bank visit Palestine 5mos
Massive march in Washington, as millions take part in global protests against the genocide in G... Israel UK Hindustan 5mos
Blinken meets Abbas in the West Bank in the latest stop on his diplomat push on the Israel-Hama... Palestine 5mos
Middle East war could spark global recession, say Wall Street experts 5mos
Iranian Minister Amir Abdollahian wants to be the voice of the "resistance axis" against Israel... Iran Israel 5mos
Netanyahu rules out cease-fire unless hostages freed | DW News - DW News Israel Hindustan 5mos
Biden accused of turning blind eye to genocide - TRT World Israel 5mos
Iran says US ‘will be hit hard’ if no cease-fire in Gaza -Tasnim Iran Israel 5mos
Palestinian Authority could only return to Gaza if ‘solution’ found to conflict: Abbas Palestine 5mos
Lebanese PM calls for urgent Gaza ceasefire in Amman talks with Blinken Israel Lebanon 5mos
Hypocritical Putin torn to shreds over Israel attack with Ukraine war 'fatigue' setting in - Ex... China Israel Russia UK Ukraine 5mos
US small biz owners brace for holidays, taking cue from consumers 5mos
Blinken meets Palestinian president in West Bank as blast hits Gaza refugee camp Palestine 5mos
US mayor and pastor, Bubba Copeland commits suicide after his cross-dressing photos hit interne... 5mos
'No ceasefire, no votes': Biden gets stern warning from thousands of pro-Palestinian protesters Israel 5mos
US mayor and pastor, Bubba Copeland commits suicide after his cross-dressing photos hit interne... 5mos
Lithuanian FM on ‘peace agreement’ with Russia: Our children will curse us in trenches - Ukrinf... Russia Ukraine Lithuania 5mos
Tens of thousands march in US for Gaza ceasefire 5mos
Israel-Hamas war: List of key events, day 30 - Al Jazeera English Israel UK Jordan 5mos
2 Israel 5mos
Palestine's Abbas decries 'genocide' as Blinken visits West Bank Israel Palestine 5mos
Ford Otosan unveils Yeniköy factory, bolsters Türkiye's EV focus 5mos
How Taiwan won battle for return of Chiang Kai-shek diaries from US Taiwan 5mos
Ukraine's Zelensky Denies War with Russia at 'Stalemate' - The Moscow Times Russia UK Ukraine 5mos
Ceasefire or humanitarian pause? The bitter debate on the best route to peace - The Guardian Israel UK 5mos
The great American spending spree 5mos
Iran says US 'will be hit hard' if no ceasefire in Gaza Iran 5mos
Israeli strikes ‘kill 21 members of one family’; US secretary of state Blinken in surprise meet... Israel Palestine 5mos
Russia-Ukraine Latest News: November 5, 2023 - Bloomberg Russia UK Ukraine 5mos
Which US states don’t observe daylight savings time? 5mos
Dozens killed in strike on Gaza refugee camp as Antony Blinken meets Mahmoud Abbas Palestine 5mos
Russia-Ukraine war live: Zelenskiy's office rebukes top military commander for saying war at 's... Russia UK Ukraine 5mos
Blinken visits West Bank to meet Palestinian leader Abbas as Gaza war rages Palestine 5mos
Western officials broach with Kyiv issue of possible peace talks with Moscow, NBC reports - Reu... Russia Ukraine 5mos
US’s Blinken headed to West Bank amid Gaza ceasefire calls by Arab leaders Palestine 5mos
Palestinians report Israeli strike on school ahead of diplomatic talks Israel Jordan 5mos
'We won every state': Trump ramps up his 2020 US election lies against Biden 5mos
Brazil submits letter of intent to host 2027 Women's World Cup Germany Netherlands Mexico Belgium Brazil 5mos
Israel strikes Gaza refugee camp as Antony Blinken travels to West Bank Israel Palestine 5mos
Pressure grows for Gaza ceasefire as Israel-Hamas conflict enters fifth week - The Guardian India Israel Jordan 5mos
West races to challenge China’s dominance in African minerals market China 5mos
Warplanes strike Gaza refugee camp as Israel rejects US push for a pause in fighting Israel 5mos
Israel-Hamas war: What are the US MQ-9 Reaper drones that have been flying over Gaza? - Reuters Israel 5mos
Joe Biden threatens to abandon Israel as top official pushes for pause in Hamas war - Express Israel 5mos
Pressure grows for Gaza ceasefire as Israel-Hamas conflict enters fifth week - The Guardian Israel 5mos
‘Take it or leave it’: Acrimony flares amid tenuous agreement on climate aid 5mos
‘Take it or leave it’: Acrimony flares amid tenuous agreement on climate aid 5mos
The EU’s plan to regain its competitive edge China 5mos
Top US gas producer says pipeline fights endanger industrial world 5mos
Pressure grows for Gaza ceasefire as Israel-Hamas conflict enters fifth week 5mos