Latest stories about Iraq

Iraqi Daesh terrorist arrested in southern Turkey Syria Turkey 48m
2 IS militants killed, 6 arrested in Iraq 15h
Details of agricultural products exported to Iraq via Iran's Mehran customs announced Iran 1d
‘As if it was Baghdad’: US Secret Service creates fortified ‘Capitol Green Zone’ ahead of inaug... US 1d
Syria envoy who admitted LYING to Trump about troop levels now defends his Middle East policy,... US Syria 1d
US troop levels cut to 2,500 each in Afghanistan and Iraq US Afghanistan 1d
Iran ready to establish joint automobile company in Iraq Iran 1d
US troop levels cut to 2,500 each in Afghanistan and Iraq, lowest mark in two decades US Afghanistan 1d
Washington Fortress. Before Biden's inauguration, 20,000 people come to the capital. members of... US Syria Afghanistan Somalia 1d
Iraq seeks Iran's investments in car manufacturing sector - Chamber of Commerce Iran 2d
Iraq militia defends official who fought ISIS, mistaken for supporter by U.S. US 2d
American republic at an impasse US 2d
American civil war India US France Nicaragua Italy Jamaica 3d
US sanctions controversial deputy of Iraqi paramilitaries US 3d
Trump: This is what a peaceful transition of power looks like in the US US Afghanistan 3d
The 'jaws of mobocracy' muzzled by a growing National Guard presence on Capitol Hill Afghanistan 3d
From Kufa to Makkah: Reliving the Zubaida Trail 3d
Deadliest Israeli airstrikes on Syria in years kill 57, say observers Israel Syria Afghanistan 3d
Iran and Iraq look to establish joint investment fund, backed by private sector Iran 3d

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The ‘Iran-al-Qaeda Axis’: Here we go again US Iran 3d
Iraq joins the Paris agreement 4d
Twenty-three killed in Israeli strikes in Syria near Iraqi border, watchdog says Israel Syria 4d
Syria says Israeli airstrikes hit sites near Iraq border Iran Israel Syria 4d
Ambassador of the European EU undertaking efforts to remove Iraq from high-risk countries listt... Iran North Korea Syria Yemen Afghanistan 5d
Pandemic restrictions a business boon for some Iraqi women 5d
Iran, Iraq bilateral trade can improve - Energy Minister Iran 5d
Pentagon reports: Troop reduction in Afghanistan and Iraq is proceeding as planned Afghanistan 5d
Protests against Iraqi govt continue for 4th consecutive day (VIDEOS) 5d
Iraqi minister of trade leaves Baghdad for Tehran 5d
Drug trade major source of funding for PKK’s activities in Iraq, Turkmen leader says Turkmenistan 5d
Iraq ranks second among Iran`s export target countries Iran 6d
Policeman killed, dozens injured in southern Iraq clashes 6d
1 policeman killed, dozens injured in southern Iraq clashes 6d
1 policeman killed, dozens injured in southern Iraq clashes 6d
Facebook and Google Earth help probe eco-crimes in the Middle East Syria Yemen 1w
Baghdad still without news from the Iraqi Night King 1w
Home-turned-museum retains ‘soul’ of southern Iraq 1w
In Iraq, displaced people from Jurf Al-Sakhr have lost hope of returning home 1w
Iran tests drones in military exercise | The Chronicle Herald US Iran 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing of Iran general Soleimani Iran 1w
Grievances, reborn as Daesh accusations, tie Iraqis to camps 1w
Iraq militias celebrate US sanctions: "Our leaders are terrifying America" US 1w
‘US democracy is a lie’: Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says Capitol siege is result of Trump’s ‘cr... US Syria Lebanon 1w
US Treasury sanctions Hashd Al-Shaabi leader over human rights abuse Iran 1w
US puts top Iraqi official Fayyadh on blacklist US 1w
'For their own protection': Vice reporter jokes that looted 'artifacts' from US Capitol might t... US 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump over 'premeditated murder' US Iran 1w
Capitol chaos, Bitcoin surge, Neil Young and Iraq’s time keeper 1w
The Iraqi Air Force’s F-16 Fleet Is On The Brink Of Collapse Despite Showy Flybys 1w
Iraq issues Trump arrest warrant for Soleimani hit hours after DC riot US Iran 1w
Iraqi judge issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump US Iran 1w
Iran warns Trump of 'revenge', Iraq issues arrest warrant for president in Soleimani killing Iran 1w
Iraq issues warrant to arrest Donald Trump for 'premeditated murder' US Iran 1w
Carrying Death Sentence If Convicted, Iraq Issues Arrest Warrant for Trump on Murder Charges US Iran 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Trump over Soleimani killing Iran 1w
Iraqi court issues arrest warrant for Trump over killing of top military commander US 1w
Iraq Issues an Arrest Warrant for President Trump 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump over Qassim Soleimani killing US Iran 1w
Iraqi court orders Trump arrest over Soleimani drone strike US 1w
Iraqi court issues ARREST WARRANT for Trump over killing of Soleimani & local militia leader US Iran 1w
Iraq court issues arrest warrant against Trump for murder Iran 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Trump over Soleimani killing Iran 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Trump over Soleimani killing Iran 1w
Donald Trump arrest warrant: US president faces death penalty after Iraq issues demand US 1w
Iraq issues arrest warrant for Donald Trump over Qassim Suleimani killing Iran 1w
Trump calls Rep Liz Cheney ‘weak’ and says US should have stolen Iraqi oil US 1w
Ukraine extradites senior FETÖ members to Turkey Turkey Ukraine 1w
Pardons and Iraq: A familiar story 1w
Iran tests drones in military exercise US Iran 1w
Iraqi Turkmen Front: PKK conducts drug trade in Kirkuk 1w
Turkish doctors bring healing aid to Iraqi infants with heart defects Turkey 1w
Iran's blocked money in Iraq affect transactions between two countries Iran 1w
Turkey scrapped planned military raid on ISIS, struck a secret deal to release ISIS terrorists Syria Turkey 1w
Chanting anti-American slogans, thousands of Iraqis converged on a landmark square in central B... US Iran 1w
“Victory for Julian”: U.K. Blocks WikiLeaks Founder Assange Extradition to U.S. on Espionage Ch... US UK Afghanistan 1w
Iraq: militias polish their weapons against America US 1w
$239.7 billion smuggled outside Iraq since 2003 US invasion US 1w
British court rejects U.S. extradition request for WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange US UK Afghanistan 1w
Iraq, Struggling to Pay Debts and Salaries, Plunges Into Economic Crisis 1w
Iran ticking timebomb: West on alert as Tehran makes terrifying step towards nuclear war US Iran 1w
Iraq boosts coffers by $2bn in Chinese prepaid oil deal China 1w
Iran still ruminates on its revenge against America US Iran Syria 1w
Iraq militia supporters mark year since Soleimani's killing Iran 1w
Israel dismisses ‘nonsense’ Iran charge it seeks to trick US into war US Iran Israel 1w
Rally in Baghdad marks one year since Iran general’s killing US Iran 1w
Mock funeral held in Iraq to mark anniversary of Soleimani killing by US drones US Iran 1w
Tens of thousands of Iraqis take to the streets to kill Soleimani US Iran 1w
Iraq agrees to open a new account to pay out its debts to Iran Iran 1w
Iraqis demand US troops pull out on Soleimani killing anniversary US Iran 1w
Iran's foreign minister urges Trump to avoid Israel 'trap' to provoke war US Iran Israel 1w
100 Iraqi refugees in Turkey return home after Daesh terrorism eliminated Turkey 2w
Blackwater guard defends actions in Iraq after Trump pardon 2w
Baghdad procession marks anniversary of Iran general’s death US Iran 2w
Thousands of Iraqis Conspire US on First Anniversary of General Soleimani's Death US Iran 2w
Iranian general Qassem Soleimani remembered at vigil marking his death by U.S. drone strike US Iran 2w
Thousands march in Baghdad on anniversary of Soleimani assassination US Iran 2w
Iraqis commemorate General Soleimani after Trump drone attack: Israel on edge US Iran Israel 2w
Blackwater contractor defends actions in Iraq after Trump pardon - Al Jazeera English UK 2w
Thousands march in Baghdad to mark anniversary of Iran general's assassination US Iran 2w
Iran claims Israeli agents ‘plotting attacks’ on US in Iraq to spark conflict US Iran Israel 2w