Emmanuel Macron

25th President of the French Republic more on Wikipedia

Moukhtar Abliazov, the political refugee Kazakh which was worth seven billion dollars France Kazakhstan 9h
Jon Batiste to sing for Macron at Biden’s first state dinner US France 1d
France's judiciary takes a close look at Macron's relationship with McKinsey France 2d
Emmanuel Macron will go to a big crew in Washington and New Orleans US France 3d
Emmanuel Macron election campaign probed by prosecutors, reports claim France 3d
Macron’s electoral campaigns under investigation – media France 3d
Macron says core of campaign probe 'is not about me' – DW – 11/25/2022 France 3d
Azerbaijan says no to Armenian peace talks if Macron present France Armenia Azerbaijan 3d
Azerbaijan Says No Armenia Peace Talks If Macron Attends France Armenia Azerbaijan 3d
Azerbaijan Says No Armenia Peace Talks If Macron Attends France Armenia Azerbaijan 3d
France: Justice checks Emmanuel Macron's campaign financing France 3d
France aims to lure India from its main arms dealer: Russia India Russia France 3d
French prosecutor to investigate role of consultancy firms in presidential elections France 3d
French McKinsey investigation widened to cover election campaigns France 4d
The French government is developing a new ultra-secure phone for Emmanuel Macron France 4d
Germany's Scholz says Putin can no longer win in Ukraine – DW – 11/23/2022 Russia Germany France Ukraine 5d
President Duda spoke with Russian prankster for over 7 mins thinking it was Macron Russia France Poland 6d
President Andrzej Duda recorded by Prankster. How do Polish services protect the head of state? Russia France Poland 6d
Russian prankster impersonating Macron spoke to Poland's Duda after blast Russia France Poland 6d

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Russian prankster impersonating Macron spoke to Poland's Duda after blast Russia France Poland 6d
French President Emmanuel Macron slapped again, video goes viral France 1w
War in Ukraine: could China play a role of "mediation"? China Ukraine 1w
"With the return of war on European soil, the challenges of the military programming law go bey... France 1w
Emmanuel Macron accuses Russia of feeding disinformation in Africa Russia France 1w
Leaders of French-speaking countries hold summit in Tunisia Canada France Ukraine Tunisia 1w
France's Macron accuses Russia of 'predatory' influence in Africa Russia France 1w
Armenia's Pashinian Discusses Security In South Caucasus With Macron, Other Leaders France Armenia Tunisia 1w
Emmanuel Macron still hopes to sell submarines to Australia Australia 1w
Opinion | Emmanuel Macron Supports Iran’s New Revolution Iran France 1w
Nuclear tests in Polynesia: the army opens its archives 1w
Between Morocco and France, the great disenchantment France Morocco Algeria 1w
Australia has entered ‘nuclear confrontation’ with China, says Emmanuel Macron China US France UK Australia 1w
France takes jab at US-led Indo-Pacific bloc France Australia 1w
"Ukraine War Is Your Problem Too": France President Macron Tells Asian Countries France Ukraine 1w
France rejects 'confrontation' in Asia, Macron says France 1w
War in Ukraine live: Emmanuel Macron calls on the countries of Asia-Pacific to join the "growin... France Ukraine 1w
G20: Emmanuel Macron returns to the Australian submarines France Australia 1w
France's Macron criticizes sports politicizing ahead of World Cup France 1w
Emmanuel Macron says World Cup in Qatar ‘should not be politicised’ France Qatar 1w
Macron says World Cup in Qatar 'should not be politicized' France Qatar 1w
Qatar 2022: 'Sport should not be politicized,' France's Macron says ahead of World Cup France Qatar 1w
Emmanuel Macron accuses Scott Morrison of provoking 'nuclear confrontation' with China China France 1w
Macron wraps up France's G20 statement with tough message for Iran Iran France 1w
World leaders arrive for APEC under shadow of Ukraine war China France Japan Ukraine 1w
Macron says France’s submarine cooperation offer with Australia still ‘on the table’ France Australia 1w
World Cup 2022: "We must not politicize sport," says Emmanuel Macron Qatar 1w
UK, France denounce Iran for 'hostage taking' of their nationals as more protesters sentenced t... Iran France UK 1w
Macron plans Beijing trip to seek China’s help mediating Russia’s war on Ukraine China Russia Ukraine 1w
Talking China In Eurasia: How Much Leverage Does Xi Have Over Putin? China Russia France Ukraine Singapore 1w
France's Macron: China can play bigger role in Russia de-escalation China Russia France Ukraine 1w
Macron with Greta Thunberg braids. Will he convince young French that he is fighting for the cl... France 1w
China, France seek respect for Ukraine's territorial integrity China France Ukraine Indonesia 1w
Australia live news: Albanese to meet leaders of UK, France and India; flood cleanup begins in... India France UK Australia 1w
G20: Emmanuel Macron revives the simple happiness of diplomacy in "face -to -face" 1w
In Bali, Westerners are trying to isolate Russia Russia 1w
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman chairs cabinet session in Riyadh France Saudi Arabia 1w
War in Ukraine, live: at the G20, Emmanuel Macron calls on France and China to "unite" their "f... China Russia France Ukraine Indonesia 1w
In the G20, for its diplomatic comeback, Xi Jinping plays the appeasement with the Westerners China Ukraine 1w
G20 summit: Emmanuel Macron invites Xi Jinping to unite his forces to France against war in Ukr... China France Ukraine Indonesia 1w
Live: Macron urges China's Xi to unite with France against the war in Ukraine China France Ukraine 1w
Weakened in France, Emmanuel Macron tries to take altitude on the international scene Russia France 2w
Macron vows tougher Iran sanctions amid protests crackdown Iran France 2w
Macron vows tougher Iran sanctions amid protests crackdown Iran France 2w
As EU sanctions come, Macron says Iran 'revolution' harms nuclear deal prospects Iran France 2w
The reception of the "Ocean-Viking" opens a "new breach", judge Gérard Collomb 2w
Macron calls Iran protests a ‘revolution’, says crackdown harms nuclear deal chances Iran France 2w
Tehran castigates Emmanuel Macron's meeting with Iranian opponents Iran 2w
France's Macron Hails Iranian Protests As ‘Revolution’ Iran France 2w
Iran dissidents praise ‘groundbreaking’ Macron talks, urge action US Iran France 2w
Saudi crown prince, French president discuss Mideast security in phone call France Saudi Arabia 2w
Macron meets Iran women activists in Paris and hails 'revolution' Iran France 2w
Macron Meets Iranian Women Activists, Hails 'Revolution' Iran France 2w
Emmanuel Macron met several Iranian dissidents Iran 2w
War in Ukraine, live: Emmanuel Macron "greets Kherson's return to Ukraine; "Today is a historic... Russia Ukraine 2w
What comes next after France ends Sahel military mission? France 2w
Venezuela: Emmanuel Macron wants to help unlock the talks between Nicolas Maduro and the opposi... France Venezuela 2w
France charges right-wingers over plot to attack Macron France 2w
Emmanuel Macron wants "a cyber -densefense first in the world" within five years Ukraine 2w
France officially ends anti-jihadist Barkhane operation, ponders new strategy | Africanews France Mali 2w
Macron tells France's heavy polluters to cut emissions, pledges aid France 2w
Defense: Emmanuel Macron for Europe and NATO France 2w
France ends its anti-jihadist op France 2w
France reorientates its military goals as war returns to Europe France 2w
For Emmanuel Macron, the French nuclear forces "contribute" to the security of Europe France 2w
Live: France announces end of anti-jihadist West Africa military operation France 2w
France sets its military goals as war is back in Europe Russia France Ukraine 2w
Official end of the "barkhane" military operation, after almost ten years of existence Mali 2w
"He is about to die": pressing on Al-Sisi for Fattoh. The activist added that of thirst to the... Germany France UK 2w
Macron tells France's heavy polluters to cut emissions, promises aid France 2w
Türkiye slams Macron over accusation of 'imperialism' in Africa France 2w
Emmanuel Macron will put an official end to the Barkhane exterior operation France Mali Niger Burkina Faso Chad 2w
Macron to pressure France's most climate-damaging industries France 2w
France’s Macron calls Venezuela’s Maduro President in friendly chat France Venezuela 2w
Putin talks of Hiroshima nuclear bomb with Macron US Russia France Japan 3w
Macron releases social media video asking public to ask questions on climate change France 3w
How France became trapped in a spiral of chaos and decline France 3w
Marcon welcomes French questions on climate ahead of COP27 France 3w
The climate is already collapsing in Africa – but its nations have a plan | Emmanuel Macron, Ma... 3w
Five years after Emmanuel Macron's speech in Ouagadougou, the great disenchantment of students France 3w
Does racist comment in French Parliament compromise far right party's strategy of normalisation... France 3w