Emmanuel Macron

25th President of the French Republic more on Wikipedia

Election in France: Madame instead of Macho? France 1d
Election in France: Madame instead of Macho? France 1d
Faced with Russia, Emmanuel Macron wants to make the voice of Europe heard US Russia France Ukraine 1d
Emmanuel Macron ready to send armed forces to Romania France Romania 2d
European Parliament President Roberta Metsola — Macron on EU — Merkel’s next gig France 2d
Journalists boycott Macron-EU press conference as no questions taken 2d
Macron is getting tough on the unvaccinated. Here's what that looks like France 2d
Macron slammed for turning EU into ‘Africa’s hotel’ & ‘Beijing’s prey’ France 2d
Video. Crisis in Ukraine: Facing Russia, Emmanuel Macron wants Europe to "puts its requirements... Russia Ukraine Ukrania 2d
Europe: the new battle of the rule of law France 2d
Emmanuel Macron wants to register the right to abortion in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of... 2d
EU must hold its own talks with Kremlin on Ukraine crisis, says Emmanuel Macron Russia France Ukraine 2d
Channel crossings: UK 'needs to change immigration policies', says French President Emmanuel Ma... France UK 2d
Macron calls for ‘frank’ EU dialogue with Russia on security Russia France 2d
During the wishes to the armies, Emmanuel Macron boasts the constant increase in the defense bu... France Mali 2d
French Senate votes to ban headscarves from sports competitions France 3d
Macron in the European Parliament: Rule of law is not the invention of Brussels. This is our tr... France 3d
Rivals say Macron is using EU as springboard for French vote France 3d
In the European Parliament, the ambitions of Emmanuel Macron cross the French presidential camp... France 3d

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Macron proposes security pact to make Europe a 'power of the future' Russia France Ukraine 3d
France's Macron Calls For EU Security Pact To Put Forward To Russia Russia France 3d
Macron proposes European security pact to put to Russia Russia France Ukraine 3d
Emmanuel Macron calls on the EU to be 'tough' on the UK Ireland France UK 3d
France's Macron calls for EU plan to ease Russia tensions Russia France 3d
Macron says EU must work on new security pact to put to Russia Russia France 3d
Macron Calls To Add Abortion, Climate Protection To EU Charter France 3d
What Emmanuel Macron won’t tell the European Parliament France 3d
Emmanuel Macron to present priorities to the European Parliament France 3d
Presidential Election 2022: Emmanuel Macron wants to play the European card France 3d
Eric Zemmour: Far-right French presidential candidate convicted of inciting racial hatred over... France 5d
"Emmanuel Macron makes the opposition between Pro and Anti-Vaccine the decisive political cleav... Italy 5d
Pascal Canfin: "We must avoid a" yellow vests "effect" with the Green Deal France 5d
Christiane Taubira joins France's presidential race in bid to rally divided left France 1w
China, France hold 22nd strategic dialogue China France 1w
Emmanuel Macron under threat as parents and teachers strike over school Covid chaos France 1w
Teachers across France stage a one-day walkout over Covid rules. France 1w
French Senate approves latest COVID measures and vaccine pass France 1w
Emmanuel Macron shutters against Fake News and conspiracy theories. Soon presidential elections... France 1w
France wants US included in Ukraine peace talks US France Ukraine 1w
France's new-generation nuclear plant delayed again France 1w
Second round of French election could see conservative Pecresse level with Macron -poll France 1w
Lebanon: United Arab Emirates join the Franco-Saudi Fund Lebanon 1w
French mayors set to scupper Emmanuel Macron rival Eric Zemmour's presidential bid France 1w
Macron warns against fake news ahead of French election France 1w
French politician pelted with mud outside home by anti-vax mob France 1w
Emmanuel Macron to 'double police on streets' but rivals say France has met its 'security Water... France 1w
Emmanuel Macron underlines security credentials in election year France 1w
French MP pelted with seaweed as cases of violence against politicians rise France 1w
Macron vows to put more police on streets as rivals criticise him on security France 1w
claireaux: French politician attacked by anti-Covid vaccine pass demonstrators France 1w
Eric Zemmour's presidential bid gets boost after conservative MP defects 1w
Anti-vax protesters tell France's Macron: 'We'll piss you off' France 1w
Corruption claims threaten Emmanuel Macron's fighter jet deal India France 1w
Emmanuel Macron on a slippery slope as France turns away British skiers France UK 1w
European Defense: "The Community system is not a threat to sovereignty, but a means of preservi... 1w
COVID-19: Tens of thousands protest in France over Emmanuel Macron's planned coronavirus restri... France 1w
Video: Macron Defends Remarks About France’s Unvaccinated Population France 2w
Anti-vax protesters in France tell Macron, ‘we’ll piss you off’ France 2w
Anti-vax protesters tell France's Macron: 'We'll piss you off' France 2w
French parliament approves Macron's vaccine pass France 2w
Macron wants to benefit from EU presidency France 2w
Emmanuel Macron calls for stronger EU defence strategy as France takes over leadership of bloc France 2w
Emmanuel Macron wants to chair "a useful moment for Europe" France 2w
In Paris, the kickoff of great pomp of the French Presidency of the EU France 2w
Macron remains with 'Pest statements' about unfaccainers: 'civilians have rights and obligation... France 2w
Macron says he stands by remarks pledging to 'piss off' France's unvaccinated France 2w
Macron maintains rude remarks about France's unvaccinated France 2w
Macron maintains rude remarks about France's unvaccinated France 2w
Emmanuel Macron rival promises to 'clear out crime-ridden cities with a power hose' 2w
French President Emmanuel Macron says he is concerned about Kazakhstan situation France Kazakhstan 2w
France takes EU reins with push for more sovereignty France 2w
France takes over EU presidency with push for more sovereignty France 2w
France takes EU reins with push for more sovereignty France 2w
Algeria’s ambassador returns to Paris after 3-month dispute France Algeria 2w
Novak Djokovic faces French Open ban as Emmanuel Macron comes down hard on anti-vaxxers France 2w
Macron’s ‘coarse’ attack on antivaxers tightens grip on re-election 2w
‘I’d like to feel free’: Unvaccinated French people on life without a health pass France 2w
Macron’s conservative challenger Pécresse vows to get tough on crime France 2w
Criticism of Unstopped: Macron's force was not a slip France 2w
Emmanuel Macron needles rivals with crude threat to unvaccinated France 2w
After three months of crisis, Algiers restores his ambassador to Paris Algeria 2w
French lawmakers approve new ‘vaccine pass’ after fierce debate France 2w
Your Thursday Briefing 2w
macron: Uproar in France after Macron vows to hassle unvaccinated France 2w
Parliament suspends debate as France PM Emmanuel Macron criticises Covid unvaccinated France 2w
Macron’s blunt vow to ‘piss off’ the unvaccinated takes aim at swing voters France 2w
These five files at the heart of the European agenda of Emmanuel Macron 2w
Emmanuel Macron is not afraid to hit a fist in the table and face unfilled [correspondence] France 2w
Rel to Pest statement Macron: "He did this express" France 2w
New French election poll shows Macron would beat main challenger Pécresse France 2w
French parliament suspends COVID-19 debate after Macron says he wants to 'piss off' the unvacci... France 2w
French parliament suspends Covid-19 debate after President Macron ‘piss off’ remark France 2w
France's Macron takes heat after warning unvaccinated with vulgar slang France 2w
Macron vows to ‘piss off’ the unvaxxed into submission France 2w
Macron says he wants to 'piss off' the unvaccinated, as tensions rise over new French vaccine p... France 2w
Shrill protests in France as Macron targets unvaccinated France 2w
Macron vows to pressure unvaccinated to get Covid jabs France 2w
Macron: "Unvaccinated to the bitter end of nerves" France 2w
President Macron determined unfair unfolded unaccounted: "I feel like bullying them" France 2w
Macron says he wants to 'piss off' France's unvaccinated France 2w