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Toqaev 'Appreciates' Lukashenka's 'Joke' Proposal For Kazakhstan To Join Russia-Belarus Union Belarus 5h
Kazakh Journalist Launches Hunger Strike Protesting Second 25-Day Jail Term 9h
Kazakh Activist Sent To Pretrial Detention Instead Of Being Released After Serving Jail Term 3d
Kazakhstan rejects the federal government of Russia Russia Belarus 3d
Kazakhstan Says It Has No Plans To Join Any Union States 3d
Opinion | A Cold War Weapon Whose Time Has Gone US 3d
Kazakh Court Rejects Russian Citizen's Appeal Against Refusal Of Asylum Russia 4d
Australian tourist who was missing for three days found dead in Kazakhstan Australia 5d
Kazakh Foreign Ministry Defends Rejection Of Hayday's Nomination To Ukrainian Ambassador's Post Russia Ukraine 6d
Uzbek Airline Blocks Kazakh Rights Activist From Boarding Bishkek-Tashkent Flight Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan 6d
The Kazakh Cop Who Turned In His Badge To Became A Photographer In Japan Japan 6d
Kazakh Activist Not Released After Serving 20-Day Jail Term, Police Search His Home 6d
Kazakh Anti-Corruption Activist Gets Eight Years In Prison On Charge He Calls Politically Motiv... 6d
Tajikistan Repatriates Dozens Of Women, Children From Syria Syria Tajikistan 1w
Russia's FSB Detains Chechen Who Sought To Flee To Kazakhstan Russia Ukraine 1w
Kazakh Opposition Politician Zhasaral Quanyshalin Dies Of Heart Attack 1w
China structures its partnership with Central Asia China Uzbekistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan 1w
China's Xi Jinping unveils grand development plan for Central Asia China Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan 1w
Kazakh Activists Jailed, Fined For Rally Plans Amid China-Central Asia Summit China 1w

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Xi extends birthday wishes to Chinese-speaking Kazakh president who defied Putin 1w
How small Kazakh businesses profit from Russia sanctions – DW – 05/18/2023 US Russia 1w
China’s Xi hosts central Asia summit as Russian influence wanes China Russia Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan 1w
Kazakh Activist Detained On Eve Of China-Central Asia Summit China 1w
Kazakhstan, Russia map out gas pipeline to China China Russia 1w
Amnesty Says Executions, Led By Iran, Skyrocketed Last Year Iran 1w
Kazakh President Says It's 'Absolutely Clear' That Taiwan Is Part Of China China Taiwan 2w
Kazakh Activist Starts Hunger Strike To Protest Jailing Qazaqstan 2w
EU Goods Worth $1 Billion In Transit Through Russia Fail To Reach Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzst... Russia Armenia Kyrgyzstan 2w
Kazakh Activist Gets 10 Days In Jail For Placing Toilet In Front Of Soviet Military Monument Russia Ukraine 2w
Visa-Free Travel, Investment, And Summits As 'New Era Of Cooperation' For China and Central Asi... China Kyrgyzstan 2w
Kazakhstan Introduces Strict Customs Control On Electronic Imports To Russia Russia Ukraine 2w
China’s Xi to chair C+C5 summit with Central Asian presidents from May 18 China Uzbekistan Tajikistan Kyrgyzstan Turkmenistan 3w
A Bridge Too Costly? Kazakhstan's Longest Serving Governor Swims In Suspect Tenders 3w
Kazakh Activist Gets Five Days In Jail For Violating Court's Ruling 3w
Kazakh National Gets 13 Years In Prison In Siberia For Throwing Molotov Cocktails At Consciptio... 3w
Activist Starts Hunger Strike In Kazakhstan Demanding Release Of Karakalpaks Jailed In Uzbekist... Uzbekistan 3w
Deserting Putin: A Visit to the Soldiers Who Have Fled Russia's War Russia 3w
Ambulance Called For Hunger-Striking Oil Worker In Restive Kazakh Town 3w
Ex-Wife Of Nazarbaev's Jailed Nephew Gets Seven Years In Prison 3w
Russian ally calls on US to review sanctions policy US Russia 3w
Russian's Kazakh Asylum Request Denied, Gets Suspended Sentence For Crossing Border Illegally Russia Ukraine 3w
Five Kazakhs Killed During Antigovernment Unrest Last Year Convicted Posthumously 3w
Almaty Municipal Lawmaker Resigns After Controversial Facebook Post On Ukraine Ukraine 3w
Kazakh Journalist Sentenced To 25 Days After Online Call For Protest 3w
Police In Almaty Detain Demonstrators Gathered For Anti-Government Rally 4w
Kazakh Family Accuses Russia's Wagner Of Kidnapping Son And Sending Him To Fight In Ukraine Russia Ukraine 4w
No Compassion? Paralyzed Former Islamic State Militant Seeks Release From Kazakh Prison Syria 1mo
Internet Monitor Says Kazakhstan 'Throttling' RFE/RL Sites To Limit Access To Information 1mo
Kazakh Police General Kudebaev Gets 10 Years In Prison Over January 2022 Unrest Turkey 1mo
Residents Of Kazakhstan's Restive West Protest Against Fuel Price Hikes 1mo
China-India ties depend on border peace: Indian defence minister China India Iran Tajikistan 1mo
Analysis: Journey To 'Judas': How Lethal Unrest Left Nazarbaev's Trusted Enforcer Dancing Alone 1mo
Kazakh Artist Gets Seven Years In Prison On Terrorism Charges That He Rejects 1mo
Fugitive Police General Kudebaev Apprehended In Turkey, Returned To Kazakhstan Turkey 1mo
Hong Kong public universities to ‘launch campaign to lure belt and road students’ South Korea Saudi Arabia Malaysia 1mo
US threatens Russia's neighbor US Russia UK Ukraine 1mo
NATO Secretary General with the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili, 25 APR 2023 - NA... Romania 1mo
Kazakh Prosecutor Seeks Eight Years In Prison For Wife Of Jailed Nazarbaev's Nephew 1mo
Kazakh Student Faces Prosecution At Home For Joining Russia's Wagner In Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1mo
Former Kazakh National Security Committee Chief Gets 18 Years In Prison 1mo
Russia offers cheap gas to Kazakhstan, minister says Russia Belarus 1mo
Kazakh Forced To Join Russia's Wagner Mercenary Group In Ukraine, Mother Says Russia Ukraine 1mo
One Picture Of Poverty In Kazakhstan's Oil-Rich West 1mo
Man From Russia's Kalmykia Deemed Asylum Seeker In Kazakhstan After Fleeing Army Russia Ukraine 1mo
Kazakhstan Investigates 10 of Its Citizens for Fighting in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1mo
Kazakh Official Warns Of Gas Price Hikes In Attempt To Ward Off Surprise, Unrest 1mo
Three Members Of Group Calling For 'Sovereign Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic' Arrested 1mo
What An Oil Workers' Protest Tells Us About The New Kazakhstan 1mo
Another Former Parliamentary Candidate Detained In Kazakhstan Amid Crackdown 1mo
Oil Workers In Restive Kazakh Town Resume Rallies Demanding Jobs 1mo
Refusing Putin’s war: The Russians fleeing to Kazakhstan Ukraine 1mo
Kazakh Journalist Handed 15-Day Jail Term Over Unsanctioned Rallies 1mo
Putin launches huge new ballistic rocket and takes down target in Kazakhstan - Metro.co.uk Russia UK 1mo
Despite Government Promises To Be More Responsive, Kazakhstan's Protesting Oil Workers Are All... 1mo
Russia conducts test launch of intercontinental ballistic missile Russia 1mo
Kazakh Police Detain Two Opposition Figures Over Rallies Challenging Election Results 1mo
Kazakh Police General Kudebaev Flees Country To Evade Trial 1mo
Kazakh Politician Altaev Jailed Over Support For Protesting Oil Workers 1mo
EU nations seeking alternatives to Russian uranium – Bloomberg Russia 1mo
Putin launches huge new ballistic rocket and takes down target in Kazakhstan - Metro.co.uk Russia 1mo
Russia tests intercontinental ballistic missile, its warhead hits target in Kazakhstan Russia 1mo
Police In Astana Detain Dozens Of Protesting Oil Workers From Volatile Zhanaozen 1mo
U.S.-Based Rights Watchdog Condemns Conviction Of Kazakh Opposition Politician US 1mo
'Kazakhstan takes global majors to court over oilfield revenues' 1mo
Kazakhstan Takes Global Majors To Court Over Oil Field Revenues 1mo
Astana, Baku agree on effective use of trans-Caspian trade route Azerbaijan 1mo
Kazakh official: Not the time to resolve differences through war - Al Jazeera English Ireland UK Ukraine 1mo
Sunset For Baikonur? A Contract Dispute With Kazakhstan Flashes Warnings For Russia's Legendary... Russia 1mo
Check and Mate: Russia and China are preparing for a tense stand-off in Kazakhstan China Russia 1mo
Kazakhstan sues oil majors including Exxon and Shell 1mo
‘Kazakhstan is not in favour of great games in the 21st century’ 1mo
Defector who was part of Putin’s elite personal security team spills more beans on ‘paranoid’ R... Russia Turkey 1mo
Yacht and armored train: the secrets of a Putin security service officer who defeated Russia 1mo
‘He’s a war criminal’: Elite Putin security officer defects Russia Turkey Ukraine 1mo
Mothers In Beleaguered Kazakh City Demand Jobs For Their Sons 1mo
Takeaways from AP's report on elite Russian defector Russia 1mo
‘He’s a war criminal’: Elite Putin security officer defects Russia Turkey Ukraine 1mo
'Heat' Turns Up On Pro-Putin Pop Stars Following Latest Zhara Festival Cancellation In Tashkent Russia Azerbaijan 1mo
‘He’s a war criminal’: Elite Putin security officer defects Russia Turkey 1mo
Germany to boost oil imports through Russia Russia Germany 1mo