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Saudi Arabia, Luxembourg, Norway foreign ministers discuss Gaza Saudi Arabia Norway 3mos
At least 25 dead after mine fire in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan 3mos
Fire at ArcelorMittal mine in Kazakhstan kills more than a dozen Kazakhstan 3mos
Formin in Luxembourg: Estonia to end practice of allocating 'roof monies' Estonia 3mos
EU bids to tighten migration rules after attacks in Arras and Brussels - BBC Israel UK Belgium 4mos
EU members try to find compromise for power market deal – DW – 10/17/2023 Germany France 4mos
In Luxembourg, Xavier Bettel's coalition cannot be renewed 4mos
Wahl Luxembourg: Government alliance of Bettel loses majority 4mos
Election in Luxembourg: Government alliance loses a majority 4mos
Macron and Scholz try to repair the EU’s Franco-German engine | Financial Times 4mos
Luxembourg election delivers likely return to power for centre-right party 4mos
Luxembourg's government coalition voted out 4mos
Luxembourg election delivers likely return to power for centre-right 4mos
Bargain bus trips save the pennies and the planet - The Guardian 5mos
Bargain bus trips save the pennies and the planet - The Guardian 5mos
Visit of Charles III in France, live: Follow the King's speech before the French parliamentaria... France UK 5mos
All aboard! Can Luxembourg's free public transport help save the world? - The Guardian 5mos
Estonia, Luxembourg, Ukraine launch IT coalition to support Ukraine Ukraine Estonia 5mos
Portugal put 9 past Luxembourg, Croatia tops group in Euro qualies Portugal Slovakia Croatia 5mos

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Portugal routs Luxembourg in record 9-0 win without suspended Ronaldo. Drone delays Armenia-Cro... Portugal 5mos
Russia's agricultural bank may get SWIFT access in month: UN Russia 5mos
Sanctions against Russia lawfully in the Ukraine War according to the ECG Russia Ukraine 5mos
European court: Russia sanctions lawfully in the Ukraine war Russia Ukraine 5mos
Britain slips to third biggest defence spender in NATO - UK Defence Journal France UK Ukraine 7mos
Nato summit: Sunak avoids rift with Biden and tells allies 'pay up to deter Putin' - The Times Ukraine 7mos
The leaders of the Netherlands and Luxembourg tell Kosovo and Serbia to normalize ties for EU h... Netherlands Kosovo Serbia 7mos
Kosovo: Dutch, Luxembourg PMs urge de-escalation – DW – 07/04/2023 Netherlands Kosovo Serbia 7mos
Netherlands and Luxembourg PMs urge de-escalation in Kosovo – DW – 07/04/2023 Netherlands Kosovo Serbia 7mos
Dutch and Luxembourg PMs urge Serbia and Kosovo to defuse tensions under shadow of war in Ukrai... Russia Netherlands Ukraine Kosovo Serbia 7mos
Ireland and Luxembourg step up calls for tougher shadow banking rules Ireland 7mos
Rinkevics to participate in EU Foreign Affairs Council 7mos
EU to increase military aid fund for Ukraine by €3.5 billion – DW – 06/26/2023 Ukraine 7mos
Power generating households in EU to be allowed to sell to neighbors in future 8mos
EU split over subsidies for coal plants as Poland seeks extension Sweden Poland 8mos
Lithuania to join allied IT coalition for Ukraine – defmin Ukraine Lithuania Estonia 8mos
Who’s Who: Muna AbuSulayman, a philanthropist and international development leader 8mos
Luxembourg Prime Minister says he has tried mediation between Putin and Zelensky at the start o... Russia 8mos
EU ministers support solidarity mechanism of voluntary relocation Estonia 8mos
The twenty-seven finally agree on the reform of migration policy 8mos
The EU countries agree on tougher asylum rules 8mos
European Union: Acceleration of discussions around migration 8mos
Poland criticises EU’s ‘unacceptable’ proposed charge for refusing migrants Poland 8mos
EU states refusing to host migrants may have to pay up to €20,000 a head 8mos
Ireland rules out ETF share class changes Ireland 8mos
ECJ: Poland's judicial reform from 2019 violates EU law Poland 8mos
Lebanon receives Interpol notice for its central bank governor who was no-show at Paris questio... Germany Lebanon 9mos
Lebanon’s finance minister questioned in Central Bank probe Germany France Lebanon 9mos
EU team presses on with probe of Lebanon Central Bank chief Germany France Lebanon 9mos
Lithuania’s formin to discuss Russia’s aggression, situation in Ukraine with EU colleagues Russia Ukraine Lithuania 9mos
EU warned to get its story straight on China, amid ‘divide and conquer’ fears China 10mos
Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy: "the global system is likely to fragment" China Ukraine 10mos
Princess Alexandra of Luxembourg marries Nicolas Bagory in a civil ceremony - Daily Mail 10mos
Hungarian president vetoes anti-LGBTQ law - POLITICO Europe Italy Hungary 10mos
Mass held in Luxembourg pub after church closure - BBC Ireland 10mos
Luxembourg PM stands up for LGBT rights and chastises Hungary Hungary 10mos
Glyphosate: Luxembourg forced by justice to reautorize herbicide 10mos
Ireland extends lead over Luxembourg in ETF industry Ireland 10mos
Cristiano Ronaldo marks two-goal performance with new celebration against Luxembourg Portugal 10mos
Ronaldo steamrolls Luxembourg with brace, takes int'l tally to 122 Portugal 10mos
Corte EU: car manufacturer must compensate the buyer if a system on emissions is manipulated Germany 11mos
Amazon slams $265 mln tax order as it seeks to get EU appeal thrown out 11mos
Economic relations between Latvia and Luxembourg are characterized by positive trade and invest... Latvia 11mos
Luxembourg and Latvia must stand up for international order and resist aggressor countries' att... Latvia 11mos
Luxembourg sends 14 armored ambulances to Ukraine Ukraine Belgium 11mos
We are not as wealthy as Switzerland as to afford that one teacher teaches only ten children -... Switzerland Latvia 11mos
“It’s the homeland of Armenians and nobody has the right to block Lachin Corridor” – Luxembourg... 11mos
Raphaël Halet, the whistleblower of "Luxleaks", can finally become an ordinary citizen again 1yr
EU To Include Iranian Judges On Sanctions List Iran 1yr
Florian Bieber, historian: "In the Balkans, a growing part of the populations thinks that their... Ukraine 1yr
How a Tiny NATO Nation Tackled a Big Problem: Arming Ukraine Ukraine 1yr
Petronas units in Luxembourg ordered seized in colonial-era row Malaysia 1yr
"Luxleaks": the ECHR recognizes French Raphaël Halet as a whistleblower and condemns Luxembourg France 1yr
EU leaders plan tougher border controls as more people claim asylum 1yr
European scholarships are fighting for financial jobs 1yr
Fare deal: Ireland joins Europe-wide efforts to coax people out of cars Ireland 1yr
EU justice examines the European arrest warrant not executed targeting Carles Puigdemont Spain Belgium Catalonia 1yr
Malaysia says court set aside heirs US$15 billion arbitration request France Malaysia 1yr
Salamé affair: beginning of cooperation between Lebanese justice and European magistrates Germany France Lebanon 1yr
Lebanese bankers and officials questioned by European delegation in financial probe Germany France Lebanon 1yr
Four countries urge EU to set end date for new CO2-emitting trucks Netherlands Belgium Denmark 1yr
ECJ rules tourists deserve refunds for COVID-hit trips – DW – 01/12/2023 1yr
ECJ rules against Polish workplace LGBTQ discrimination – DW – 01/12/2023 Poland 1yr
Increases, wages, bills: 60% of Italians dissatisfied for the measures on the expensive prices Malta 1yr
German delegation investigating Lebanese central bank governor storms out of Justice Palace Germany France Lebanon 1yr
James Lowenstein dies at 95; his Senate reports challenged Vietnam War claims Vietnam 1yr
EU investigators begin arriving in Lebanon Germany France Lebanon 1yr
EU delegation set to open investigation into governor of Lebanon’s central bank Germany France Lebanon 1yr
Luxembourg Resident Said To Have Been Sentenced To Death In Iran Iran 1yr
Luxembourg Resident Detained In Iran Sentenced To Death Iran 1yr
The EU country where people are paid the most UK 1yr
CICC unit’s Europe expansion continues with Luxembourg exchange link up China 1yr
Russian oligarchs complain against EU sanctions in Luxembourg Russia Belarus 1yr
An app to donate bicycles to refugee children: here is "Riding the Rainbow", born in a garage i... Ukraine 1yr
Luxembourg ex-finance minister on track to run eurozone bailout fund 1yr
Picasso in the Caribbean: Patrick Drahi's maneuvers not to pay taxes on his works of art 1yr
Fiat wins legal battle over €30mn Luxembourg tax break 1yr
Commission secures ambitious EU negotiating mandate for the COP27 on Climate and COP15 on Biodi... 1yr
Hungary Rejects the EU's 'Crazy' Ideas on Energy Hungary 1yr
EU fears its energy cap will leave Europe subsidising bills in Britain France UK 1yr
EU Energy Ministers Meet To Discuss Gas Price Cap 1yr