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High vaccine skepticism in German-speaking countries - NZZ accent Germany Spain Netherlands Italy Portugal Switzerland 9m
Austrian Chancellor Schallenberg says he will step down 6h
Austria’s Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg to step down 6h
Austria's former Chancellor: How long is a short way? 7h
Austria sees 2nd chancellor step down in less than 2 months 8h
Austria again without chancellor. Alexander Schallenberg resigns 8h
After Sebastian short: Austria Finance Minister Blümel also throws the towel 8h
After Sebastian short: Austria Finance Minister Blümel also throws the towel 8h
A Double Resignation Shakes Austrian Politics in Aftermath of Scandal 8h
Austria's former Chancellor: How long is a short way? 8h
Austria’s ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz quits politics 9h
After ten years of lightning political career, the Austrian ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz throws... 9h
Austria’s former chancellor Kurz quits politics after corruption probe 10h
Austria, Chancellor Schallenberg announces resignation 10h
Austrian Chancellor announces he will step down 10h
Surgeon fined $3,000 for amputating patient's wrong leg 11h
After two months, Governor AUSTRIA announces his departure again 11h
Austrian chancellor resigns after Sebastian Kurz withdraws from politics 11h
Austria's Chancellor Schallenberg stepping down 11h

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Surgeon fined for amputating wrong limb 14h
Sebastian Kurz, former conservative role model and Austrian chancellor, quits politics in shock... 14h
Comment - Austria's Shadow Chancellor takes off - for its party and the country is a deep crest 14h
Austria's Kurz quits politics, leaving ruling conservatives in disarray 15h
‘Neither saint nor criminal’: Austria’s former chancellor Kurz quits politics 15h
The former Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announces his withdrawal of political life 16h
Former Austrian Chancellor Kurz says he's leaving politics 16h
Austria's former Chancellor Kurz retires from politics 16h
Nightmare for patient: surgeon amputates wrong leg 16h
Austria's former Chancellor Sebastian Quick return from all political offices: "My passion for... 17h
Austrian ex-Chancellor Kurz to withdraw from politics 17h
Austrian ex-chancellor Kurz quits politics 17h
Austria, Kurz definitively leaves politics 18h
Doctor fined $3,060 in Austria for amputating wrong leg of patient 19h
Surgeon fined in Austria for amputating wrong leg, judge awards damages to widow of patient 23h
Austria's Lockdown works, but the price is high 1d
Austrian surgeon fined €2,700 for amputating wrong leg 1d
Corona outbreak in Ischgl: Austria does not have to pay damages, decides a court 1d
Austria: Doctor fined for amputating wrong leg of patient 1d
Austria extends Covid lockdown by 10 days – but permits sale of Christmas trees 1d
Austria, who died the NO Vax leader who "was cured" with disinfectant after refusing hospitaliz... 1d
COVID-19: The European Union must "think" to compulsory vaccination, according to the President... Germany 1d
Corona fight: So Austria wants to enforce the vaccination obligation 1d
Austrian lockdown extended through Dec 11 as planned 1d
Coronavirus in the world, in the USA judge blocks a vaccine obligation for doctors and nurses.... US Japan 1d
German parliament to vote on mandatory Covid jabs in coming weeks Germany 2d
Austria pushes on with plan for mandatory Covid vaccines 2d
German and Austrian COVID-19 incidence rate falls, stable in Netherlands Germany Netherlands 2d
Sign on vaccinations now also in Germany Germany 2d
Iran nuclear talks restart as participants draw their lines in the sand US Iran Israel 2d
Covid-19 vaccine mandates are divisive, but they can work. Europe is starting to show how 2d
Four weeks in prison for refuse to vaccinate? This is how the obligation of vaccination in Aust... 2d
Harsh penalties mulled for those resisting compulsory vaccination in Austria – reports 3d
In Vienna, diplomatic reunion tense around Iranian nuclear power Iran 4d
The well-known Austrian antique one died on Covid. The infection treated the bleacher 4d
Czech Republic now wants close connection to Austria Czech Republic 4d
Switzerland today agrees with Covid certificate Switzerland 4d
Austria Arrests 15 Smugglers Plying Balkan Migrant Route 5d
Vienna in the fourth Lockdown: Everything is tight, but it glistens 5d
Migration to Germany: Austrian police arrest 15 tugs Germany 5d
Austria arrests 15 people suspected of smuggling migrants Syria Egypt Lebanon 5d
Bosnia: throw away vaccine from Austria 5d
Our expert in Belarus Belarus 5d
Covid in Europe: which countries are in lockdown and what are the rules? Slovakia 5d
Austria finds bird flu on small chicken farm as virus spreads 6d
New Covid variant: landing ban for seven countries 6d
Mischer’Traxler tangle with the natural world at Design Miami 6d
The extreme right, main antivax force in Austria 6d
Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg — New German government — Luuk van Middelaar Germany 1w
Snowboarder Marko Grilc dies in accident, according to sponsors 1w
Austrian Interior Ministry Advised to Ban Croats’ WWII Bleiburg Event | Balkan Insight Croatia 1w
EU approves Pfizer's Covid vaccine for five to 11-year-olds 1w
Is the vaccination obligation to split Austria? - NZZ accent 1w
In Austria, the Viennese are inevitable against the return of the confinement 1w
Anti-vaxxer dies from after going to 'Covid party' to catch virus 1w
After Austria, Slovakia orders COVID-19 lockdown as cases surge Slovakia 1w
Austrian ski resort authorities will not face charges over Covid outbreak 1w
Austria: No charges over COVID-19 outbreak at Ischgl ski resort 1w
Austrian chancellor hits out at far-right anti-vaxxers 1w
People in Austria, Germany and Switzerland: share your views on compulsory vaccines Germany Switzerland 1w
Also Italian winter sports at stake Italy 1w
Europe and Central Asia could suffer another 700,000 Covid deaths by spring as infections soar,... Germany Netherlands 1w
Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Germany Netherlands Slovakia 1w
New Lockdown in Austria costs 1.2 billion euros per week 1w
Austria lockdown: What do the new rules mean for travellers? 1w
Judges may halt Austrian Covid lockdown of fully vaccinated 1w
Inside the compulsory Covid vaccination conundrum 1w
Austria back into lockdown as Europe struggles with COVID-19 1w
Anger and division in Austria as lockdown returns 1w
Austrian chancellor defends 'drastic' vaccine mandate 1w
Europe must resist Belarus migrants' 'blackmail', Austria says Belarus 1w
COVID-19: Austria coronavirus lockdown feels not just like a health crisis, but also a cultural... 1w
COVID-19: Austria coronavirus lockdown feels like not just a health crisis, but also a cultural... 1w
Your Tuesday Briefing 1w
Austrian Chancellor: 'You don’t only have rights, you have obligations' 1w
Ski slopes remain open despite nationwide Covid lockdown in Austria 1w
Sky News Breakfast: Christmas parade horror in the US and Austria returns to full lockdown US 1w
Covid party kills one man and leaves several others in intensive care Italy 1w
Austria locked, skiing with 2G proof 1w
Germany and Netherlands face fresh Covid rules as Austria enters lockdown Germany Netherlands 1w
As Covid Sweeps Europe Again, Nations Tighten Rules and Protests Erupt Germany 1w