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Sudan shelling kills 15, paramilitary RSF claims gains in Darfur 1mo
How conflict-torn Sudan has become a magnet for fighters from the troubled Sahel Israel Palestine 1mo
Women abducted as situation in Darfur worsens: UN 1mo
15 civilians killed in Khartoum shelling: Medic 1mo
‘Horrible suffering’ in Sudan only growing as more displaced: UN official 1mo
UN says 'horrible suffering' in Sudan only growing as more people are displaced 1mo
US warns Sudan unit against ‘imminent large-scale attack’ in Darfur US 1mo
Years into a climate disaster, these people are eating the unthinkable 1mo
Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 615 - The Guardian Russia Ukraine 1mo
Ukraine: Report into Hroza missile attack | OHCHR - OHCHR Russia Ukraine 1mo
Spirit Tales: Sudan’s ‘houseguests’ 1mo
Why are Sudan’s warring factions meeting in Jeddah? 1mo
Sudanese army and RSF resume ceasefire talks in Jeddah - Sudan Tribune US UK kingdom of Saudi Arabia 1mo
Return to Sudan talks brings no respite for Darfur Saudi Arabia 1mo
Egypt’s high-speed train network to connect more than 80 cities Egypt 1mo
Saudi Arabia says Sudan peace talks in Jeddah to focus on aid delivery, ceasefire US Saudi Arabia 1mo
The war in Sudan is a consequence of a derailed transition 1mo
Students on the Run, Schools Taken by Troops and a Generation’s Catastrophe 1mo
Sudan’s paramilitary RSF claims capture of second city 1mo

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Sudan conflict: RSF takes control of Nyala in Darfur 1mo
Sudan warring sides resume peace talks in Saudi Arabia - Al Jazeera English US France UK Saudi Arabia 1mo
Sudan opposition forces say they have seized country’s second-largest city 1mo
Sudan peace talks resume in Saudi Arabia after death toll exceeds 9,000 Saudi Arabia 1mo
New talks in Jeddah on peace in Sudan 1mo
Sudan army, paramilitary RSF to resume negotiations in Jeddah 1mo
Sudan army says to resume US and Saudi-led talks on ending war US 1mo
Kuwaiti charity, UNHCR sign agreement to support displaced Sudanese families Kuwait 1mo
When conflict meets climate change, in Gaza and beyond Afghanistan 1mo
Concerns rise among Sudanese evacuees as UK visas run out UK 1mo
Sudanese evacuees in the UK fear limbo as six-month visas begin to expire UK 1mo
Sudan facing humanitarian crisis as relief funding dwindles 1mo
Thousands of refugees in danger as Sudan fighting spreads from Khartoum 1mo
Medecins Sans Frontieres halts surgeries at Khartoum hospital as supplies dry up 1mo
MSF suspends surgery at Khartoum hospital after Sudanese military blocks supplies 1mo
The Hague: Defense of Sudanese war crimes suspect begins – DW – 10/19/2023 1mo
US announces sanctions against a group of 10 Hamas members and financial network US Israel Palestine Qatar Algeria 1mo
Allegations of ‘ethnic cleansing’ in Darfur UK 1mo
Sudan conflict: Ethnic cleansing committed in Darfur, UK says UK 1mo
Interview - mediator in the war in Sudan: «Honestly? I don't have any hope » 1mo
Broker in the war in Sudan: «Honestly? I don't have any hope » 1mo
9,000 killed in Sudan hostilities – UN 1mo
Horrific reports of rape, sexual violence persist as Sudan war goes on: UN humanitarian chief 1mo
UN aid chief says six months of war in Sudan has killed 9,000 people 1mo
Egypt delivered drones to Sudan's military: WSJ Egypt 1mo
Türkiye donates military uniforms, accessories to South Sudan Turkey 1mo
No quick fixes for Arab countries as high grain prices pile on the fiscal pressure India Russia Syria Yemen Iraq Egypt Tunisia Lebanon 1mo
French police clear hundreds of migrants from Calais camp France 2mos
Sudan and Iran resume diplomatic relations Iran 2mos
Palestine, a fracture line between Westerners and part of the Global South China Israel Egypt 2mos
Iran and Sudan agree to resume diplomatic relations China Iran Saudi Arabia 2mos
Sudan war spreading as death toll tops 9,000 2mos
An aid group says artillery fire killed 11 and injured 90 in a Sudanese city France 2mos
UN rights commission accuses South Sudan of violations ahead of elections 2mos
In Chad, a "major humanitarian emergency" for the 400,000 Sudanese refugees Chad 2mos
Insecurity, lack of funds slowing Sudan aid: UN 2mos
AI: Voice cloning tech emerges in Sudan civil war - 2mos
South Sudan leader fires central bank governor and deputies 2mos
AI: Voice cloning tech emerges in Sudan civil war 2mos
Western countries want a UN team created to monitor rights violations and abuses in Sudan US Germany UK Norway 2mos
Paramilitary shells kill 10 civilians in Khartoum: activists 2mos
EU agrees sanctions framework for key actors in Sudan war — sources 2mos
Sudan conflict ‘like planning for the apocalypse’, say aid workers 2mos
Thousands flee Sudan town as war grips country’s south: witnesses 2mos
Marketing War - Phenomenal World 2mos
No reprieve from hardship in South Sudan for people fleeing Sudan conflict 2mos
Sudan conflict: Living in Cairo, longing for Omdurman 2mos
Western group to ask UN body to investigate Sudan atrocities - document US Germany UK Norway 2mos
Analysis: Can Sudan’s civilian leaders save their country from collapse? 2mos
Sudan’s diaspora sends home aid as world’s attention drifts 2mos
Talking Peace in Sudan, the U.A.E. Secretly Fuels the Fight Chad 2mos
South Sudan’s leader discusses closer ties in energy, trade with Russian President Putin Russia 2mos
US imposes fresh round of sanctions over instability in Sudan US Russia 2mos
Putin meets with South Sudanese president Russia 2mos
Greenpeace warns over safety of Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant - The Guardian UK Ukraine Austria 2mos
Tête à tête - 'I feel ashamed we haven't done a better job in Sudan,' says ICC chief prosecutor 2mos
Sudan selects Cannes award-winning film ‘Goodbye Julia’ for Oscars 2mos
Sudan’s displaced millions struggle to survive as economy seizes up 2mos
Ukraine wants to thwart Moscow plans to Africa Ukraine 2mos
Hundreds dead from dengue fever in war-torn Sudan, medics say 2mos
Hundreds dead from dengue fever in Sudan Ethiopia 2mos
Latest talks between Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt over mega dam on the Nile end without breakthrou... Ethiopia Egypt 2mos
Zelensky stops in Shannon on way back from UN Assembly - US Russia Ireland UK Ukraine 2mos
Second round of negotiations on Ethiopia’s mega-dam wrap up Ethiopia Egypt 2mos
Sudan army chief claims he's ready for peace talks – BBC News - BBC News Ireland UK 2mos
Ukraine's Zelenskiy meets Sudanese leader, discusses Russian paramilitaries - Reuters UK US Russia Ireland UK Ukraine 2mos
Ethiopia, Egypt, Sudan resume Nile dam talks Ethiopia Egypt 2mos
Zelenskiy Meets Sudanese Leader, Discusses Russian Paramilitaries Russia Ireland 2mos
Sudan army chief: ‘Revolution can be restored’ 2mos
Sudan war: Army chief Burhan claims he's ready for peace talks - BBC UK 2mos
Sudan war: Army chief Burhan claims he's ready for peace talks - BBC UK 2mos
Sudan war: Army chief Burhan claims he's ready for peace talks 2mos
Sudan army chief warns UN that war could spill over, engulf region - Al Jazeera English UK 2mos
Sudan army chief warns war could spill over into neighbours - BBC UK 2mos
Sudan leader urges UN to designate RSF a ‘terrorist’ group 2mos
Sudan army chief warns UN that war could spill over, engulf region 2mos
Sudan's al-Burhan tells UN war could spill over in the region 2mos
Sudan army chief warns UN that war could spill over in region, seeks action against RSF backers 2mos
Sudan leader warns war could spill over into neighbours 2mos
Sudan army chief warns UN that war could spill over in region 2mos
South Sudan hails Türkiye's humanitarian, peace contributions 2mos