Latest stories about Kuwait

Kuwait crown prince condemns Israeli aggression on Gaza, calls for ceasefire Israel Palestine 1mo
Egypt launches campaign to urge nationals living abroad to vote in presidential elections Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar Egypt Oman Bahrain 1mo
Arab countries condemn targeting of civilians in Gaza Israel Morocco Saudi Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates Egypt Oman Bahrain Jordan 1mo
Arab countries condemn 'flagrant violations' in targeting civilians in Gaza Israel Morocco Saudi Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates Egypt Oman Bahrain Jordan 1mo
Kuwaiti defense minister visits Riyadh counterterror coalition HQ Saudi Arabia 1mo
Saudi, Kuwaiti defense ministers discuss cooperation  Saudi Arabia 1mo
Kuwaiti charity, UNHCR sign agreement to support displaced Sudanese families Sudan 1mo
Video showing Kuwaiti students carrying guns in apparent support for Hamas slammed on social me... 1mo
Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait thank Saudi leaders for hosting GCC-ASEAN summit Saudi Arabia Qatar Bahrain 1mo
Palestinian president among international leaders to attend Cairo peace summit France Palestine Bahrain 1mo
Philippine president arrives in Riyadh for GCC-ASEAN summit Philippines Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar Oman Bahrain 1mo
Kuwait urges citizens in US to avoid ‘gatherings’ US Israel 1mo
Kuwait crown prince receives Saudi FM Saudi Arabia 1mo
Kuwaiti schoolchildren demonstrate solidarity with Palestinians Israel Palestine 1mo
Kuwaiti, Bahraini FMs discuss violence in Palestine Bahrain 1mo
Saudi, Kuwaiti interior ministers discuss security cooperation enhancement Saudi Arabia 1mo
Kuwait elected as new member of UN Human Rights Council China Netherlands Bulgaria France Japan Brazil Malawi Albania Cuba Indonesia Burundi Dominican Republic Ghana 1mo
Kuwait donates $2m to UNRWA to help Palestinian refugees Palestine 2mos
Saudi media minister holds talks with Kuwaiti information minister Saudi Arabia 2mos

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Arab countries support Saudi World Cup 2034 bid Saudi Arabia 2mos
Former Kuwait hostage says she did not expect to survive captivity - BBC 2mos
Riyadh’s tea expo showcases a world of flavors Saudi Arabia Oman 2mos
Former Kuwait hostage says she did not expect to survive captivity - BBC 2mos
Iraq wants to overcome dispute with Kuwait over maritime waterway, PM says Iraq 2mos
Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry, UK delegation discuss commercial partnerships UK 2mos
Kuwait, China sign 7 agreements for major construction work China Saudi Arabia 2mos
GCC, UK urge Iraq to complete demarcation of borders with Kuwait UK Iraq 2mos
Kuwaiti PM says Iraqi ruling on maritime navigation contains ‘historical fallacies’ Iraq 2mos
Kuwait affirms countries’ right to maintain independence, territorial sanctity 2mos
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait ministers discuss social welfare issues Saudi Arabia 2mos
Iraqi FM: Iran threat of violence unacceptable, calls for Kuwait meeting on waterways dispute Iran Iraq 2mos
Turkish police chief pays get-well visit to slapped Kuwaiti tourist Turkey 2mos
Kuwait, Bahrain, Arab Parliament commend Saudi-Omani efforts to resolve Yemen conflict Iran Yemen Bahrain 2mos
Saudi arts workshop explores desert landscapes Saudi Arabia 2mos
Kuwaiti charities reach Morocco’s earthquake-hit regions to support victims Morocco 2mos
Kuwaiti boy jailed for 15 years for killing pregnant Filipino domestic worker Philippines 2mos
Türkiye’s Limak to build Kuwaiti airport in $764 million deal Turkey 2mos
Kuwaiti, French defense ministers discuss boosting military cooperation France 3mos
Durra gas field belongs to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, say GCC ministers Saudi Arabia kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3mos
Kuwait’s crown prince to visit China later this month China 3mos
Kuwait reaffirms unwavering support for Palestinians Palestine 3mos
Cyprus condemns attack on Kuwait tourists Cyprus 3mos
Cyprus condemns attack on Kuwait tourists Cyprus 3mos
Kuwait joins Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia 3mos
Women hikers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait complete daunting Pacific Crest Trail Saudi Arabia 3mos
Kuwaiti crown prince to visit UK UK 3mos
These Are 10 Nationalities With Most Denied Schengen Visas Per Capita in 2022 - SchengenVisaInf... Kosovo Qatar 3mos
Wyborcza.pl Lebanon Algeria 3mos
Kuwait looks to boost cooperation with WHO  3mos
Thais irked as Kuwaiti bikers living the fast life descend on Pattaya 3mos
Kuwait hails ‘successful’ Iranian foreign minister’s visit to Riyadh Iran Saudi Arabia 3mos
‘Barbie’ fever hits Saudi Arabia US Saudi Arabia Lebanon 3mos
Banned in Kuwait, ‘Barbie’ Sparks Delight, and Anger, in Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 3mos
Barbie faces bans in the Middle East for 'promoting homosexuality' Lebanon 3mos
Middle East countries move to ban Barbie movie over LGBT+ content | Financial Times 4mos
Barbie banned in Kuwait as Lebanon urges action Lebanon 4mos
Barbie movie banned in Kuwait as Lebanon moves to censor film for 'promoting homosexuality' Lebanon 4mos
The film "Barbie" prohibits Kuwait for "infringement of public morality" Lebanon 4mos
Kuwait bans Barbie movie as Lebanese minister calls for action over film Lebanon 4mos
Kuwait bans hit Australian horror film Talk to Me over casting of trans actor Zoe Terakes Australia 4mos
Saudi Arabian Government Asks Citizens To Immediately Leave Lebanon Over Violent Clashes - Saha... Germany UK Saudi Arabia Palestine Lebanon Bahrain 4mos
Kuwait’s FM decries statement by Lebanese economy minister on aid Lebanon 4mos
Lebanon seeks to reassure Gulf, Germany after travel warnings - Reuters Germany UK Saudi Arabia Lebanon 4mos
Kuwait warns bilateral ties could sour over Lebanese minister’s comments Lebanon 4mos
Lebanon seeks to reassure Gulf, Germany after travel warnings Germany UK Saudi Arabia Palestine Lebanon 4mos
The world's hottest city becoming 'unliveable' as even the streets have air conditioning - Expr... 4mos
Saudi Arabia, Kuwait reject Iran claims to disputed gas field Iran Saudi Arabia 4mos
Iran to ‘pursue rights’ over disputed gas field: state media Iran Saudi Arabia 4mos
Iran Insists It Remains Ready To Pursue Its Rights To Disputed Gas Field Iran Saudi Arabia 4mos
Iraq and Kuwait seek to solve contested border issue Iraq 4mos
Fire at Kuwait’s Mina Al-Ahmadi refinery put out: KNPC 4mos
Kuwait submits memo to International Court of Justice on Israeli occupation of Palestine Israel Palestine 4mos
Kuwait: Kuwait executes 5 prisoners, including a man convicted in 2015 Islamic State-claimed mo... 4mos
Kuwait hangs five, including 2015 mosque bombing convict 4mos
In Kuwait, five people were hanged, one of which is for an attack on a mosque in 2015 4mos
Kuwait and Jordan send condolences to Saudi Arabia after airmen die in fighter jet crash Saudi Arabia Jordan 4mos
Kuwaiti, UK FMs discuss bilateral ties UK Iraq 4mos
Kuwaiti FM, European Council chief discuss Schengen visa schemes 4mos
Women in Middle East and North African countries must get men’s permission to travel Saudi Arabia Qatar Jordan 4mos
Naval forces from Kuwait, UK complete joint drills  UK 4mos
Saudi king invites Kuwait, Kazakh leaders to attend Gulf summits in Jeddah next week Saudi Arabia Kazakhstan 4mos
Kuwait Finance Minister resigns after three months  4mos
Saudi, Kuwaiti women embark on quest of a lifetime US Canada Mexico Saudi Arabia 5mos
5 of 10 least peaceful countries are in Arab world: Global Peace Index Ireland Iceland Syria Yemen Iraq Qatar Somalia Sudan Oman Denmark Jordan 5mos
Kuwait’s crown prince receives Saudi minister of state Saudi Arabia 5mos
Kuwaiti FM holds talks during official visit to Rome Italy 5mos
Resources, Al-Durra area exclusively owned by Saudi Arabia and Kuwait Iran Saudi Arabia 5mos
Saudi crown prince exchanges Eid Al-Adha greetings with Kuwaiti counterpart Saudi Arabia 5mos
Iran top diplomat in Oman on second leg of Gulf tour Iran Qatar United Arab Emirates Oman 5mos
Qatar, Kuwait reject racism allegations in international friendlies Ireland Qatar New Zealand 5mos
Kuwaiti parliament elects Ahmed Al-Saadoun as its speaker 5mos
Kuwait: Why the stone-rich country does not progress despite oil billions 5mos
Kuwait: Why the stone -rich land does not progress 5mos
Indian man walks over 8,000 km to perform Hajj India Iran Pakistan Iraq 5mos
Kuwait silent in noisy sporting neighborhood – DW – 06/19/2023 Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar 5mos
Kuwait forms cabinet with new oil, finance and defence ministers 5mos
Kuwait forms new government headed by Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf Al-Sabah 5mos
Kuwait forms new government led by Sheikh Ahmad Nawaf al-Sabah 5mos
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse abruptly removed from cinema listings in more than a dozen... Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar Egypt Lebanon Oman Bahrain 5mos
Türkiye's Baykar, Kuwait finalize $367M drone deal | Daily Sabah - Daily Sabah Turkey 5mos