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UAE warns against risk of regional spillover from Gaza war UAE 3mos
U.S. Expands Effort To Choke Russia's Supplies Of Military Technology With New Sanctions China US Russia Turkey Ukraine 3mos
Robust momentum brings Türkiye-UAE trade on brink of $15 billion UAE 3mos
Arab countries condemn targeting of civilians in Gaza Kuwait Israel Morocco Saudi Arabia Qatar Egypt Oman Bahrain Jordan 3mos
Arab countries condemn 'flagrant violations' in targeting civilians in Gaza Kuwait Israel Morocco Saudi Arabia Qatar Egypt Oman Bahrain Jordan 3mos
UAE dispatches urgent humanitarian aid to people affected by earthquake in Afghanistan Afghanistan UAE 4mos
Turkish, Emirati foreign ministers discuss Gaza situation Turkey UAE 4mos
UAE, UNICEF launch climate education initiative for children UAE 4mos
President Erdoğan, UAE counterpart discuss Israel-Palestine crisis UAE 4mos
Russia becomes India’s number one supplier of light-end oil product India Russia 4mos
Egypt energy sector open to Emirati investment, minister says Egypt 4mos
UAE, Brazil FMs discuss strengthening strategic partnership Brazil UAE 4mos
Leading Emirati property developer eyes Russian market Russia UAE 4mos
New football stadium could be constructed in Lucavsala or Ziepniekkalns with support of investo... UAE 4mos
Emirati and Malaysian trade ministers discuss boosting economic ties UAE Malaysia 4mos
Emirati and Egyptian central banks agree to currency swap deal Egypt 4mos
U.S. Imposes Sanctions Aimed At Iranian Drone-Procurement Network US Iran Turkey 4mos
Japan is committed to supporting COP28, Kishida tells UAE Special Envoy Japan UAE 4mos
UAE readies big welcome for Sultan AlNeyadi, first Arab astronaut on long-term space mission UAE 5mos

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Rescue teams pursue search efforts in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains amid challenging conditions Spain UK Morocco Qatar 5mos
Morocco displays its "sovereignty" in the selection of international assistance to the victims... Spain UK Morocco Qatar 5mos
New U.S. Sanctions Target Workarounds That Let Russia Get Western Tech For War US Russia Turkey Ukraine 5mos
US and Bahrain sign deal to enhance security and economic co-operation | Financial Times US Saudi Arabia Bahrain 5mos
A helicopter crashes off the United Arab Emirates coast. 2 pilots are missing 5mos
UAE minister named among Time’s 100 most influential people in AI UAE 5mos
Gulf telecom operators arrive in force in Europe Spain UK Saudi Arabia 5mos
United Arab Emirates creates federal authority for 'commercial gaming' as casino giants flock t... UAE 5mos
Emirati astronaut says Arab world has a young audience ‘thirsty to learn more about space’ UK 5mos
UAE evacuates 34 nationals from Florida, neighboring cities as Hurricane Idalia arrives US UAE 5mos
Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi’s return delayed due to weather conditions 5mos
Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi to return to Earth on Saturday UAE 5mos
Taliban stop women scholars from studying in Dubai – DW – 08/31/2023 Afghanistan 5mos
Taliban stop women scholars from studying in Dubai – DW – 08/31/2023 Afghanistan 5mos
Türkiye-UAE economic agreement to ignite new era in bilateral relations UAE 5mos
In Yemen, ten soldiers killed by the Houthist rebels Yemen 5mos
Six more countries set to join China and Russia in the BRICS economic bloc China Iran Russia Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Argentina Egypt 5mos
Taliban Halts Some 100 Afghan Women From Flying To UAE On University Scholarships Afghanistan UAE 5mos
Wyborcza.pl Iran Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Argentina Egypt 5mos
Six countries to join BRICS group; China labels expansion ‘historic’ China Iran Russia Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Argentina Egypt 5mos
The turning point of the Brics: six new countries enter. China brinda, so the front that challe... China US Iran Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Argentina Egypt 6mos
BRICS Invites Iran, Five Others To Join Developing World Bloc Iran Ethiopia Saudi Arabia Argentina Egypt 6mos
The Ghost village an hour from Dubai becomes something of a tourist attraction 6mos
Faced with Ukraine, the game of Russia between Iran and the United Arab Emirates Iran Russia Ukraine 6mos
Climate summit host country misses own clean power target - but 'continues to embrace' transiti... 6mos
Türkiye's exports to UAE jump more than 30% in 7 months UAE 6mos
Türkiye’s exports to UAE jump over 30% to $2.5B in 7 months UAE 6mos
Türkiye’s exports to UAE reach $2.5B in 7 months UAE 6mos
An Oil-Rich Ally Tests Its Relationship With the U.S. China US Russia 6mos
Moscow Court Imprisons Man Wanted In Dubai For Alleged Involvement In Murder Of Kadyrov Foe 6mos
Struggle of influence between Mohammed ben Salman and Mohammed Ben Zayed in the Middle East Saudi Arabia 6mos
UAE humanitarian team distributes food aid to Sudanese refugees in Chad UAE Chad Sudan 6mos
‘It’s a new era for Arab space exploration,’ Emirati astronaut Sultan AlNeyadi tells Arab News Saudi Arabia UAE 6mos
Growth in UAE-Türkiye trade, new projects expected in next 5 years UAE 6mos
Upcoming 5 years to see growth in trade, new projects with UAE UAE 6mos
Turkey’s Erdogan arrives in Saudi Arabia to kick off Gulf tour Saudi Arabia Turkey Qatar 7mos
Erdoğan’s Gulf tour to diversify, upgrade ties for new period Saudi Arabia UAE Qatar 7mos
Turkey and the Gulf states: A complicated relationship – DW – 07/16/2023 Saudi Arabia Turkey Qatar 7mos
French minister praises UAE’s COP28 efforts during Dubai Bastille Day celebrations France UAE 7mos
TikTok star arrested in Dubai over video poking fun at Emiratis 7mos
Pakistan gets $1 billion boost from UAE ahead of key IMF decision Pakistan UAE 7mos
UAE could invest up to $30 billion in Türkiye: Trade Minister Bolat UAE 7mos
Abu Dhabi Secrets: How the UAE Seeks to Leverage Its Influence in Europe Germany UAE Qatar Switzerland 7mos
Russia surpasses Saudi, Iraqi oil supplies to India India Russia Iraq Saudi Arabia 7mos
‘Dream come true’: Emirati astronaut conducts interview with CNN from the ISS UAE 7mos
New deals in sight as President Erdoğan set to travel to UAE UAE 7mos
Apology after Philippines tourism video uses foreign footage Philippines Switzerland Indonesia 7mos
Huge fire rips through tower block in the UAE - The Telegraph UAE 7mos
Watch: Fire engulfs 36-storey high-rise residential building in UAE UAE 7mos
Flames engulf Ajman One Towers in the United Arab Emirates - The Telegraph 7mos
Hong Kong’s MTR unit invests in mobile green energy systems start-up US 7mos
Leaders of Russia, UAE hold phone call on mutiny attempt in Russia Russia UAE 7mos
Croatia added to ‘grey list’ by financial crimes watchdog Mali Croatia Panama 8mos
Türkiye hopeful for Gulf investments after top-level UAE visit Saudi Arabia UAE 8mos
UAE leader welcomes Iranian foreign minister in latest softening of Persian Gulf tensions Iran 8mos
Türkiye's VP Yılmaz, Finance Minister Şimşek head to UAE for visit UAE 8mos
Türkiye's VP Yılmaz, Fin. Min. Şimşek head to UAE for working visit UAE 8mos
Iran top diplomat in Oman on second leg of Gulf tour Kuwait Iran Qatar Oman 8mos
Putin to meet UAE president in St. Petersburg on Friday Russia UAE 8mos
COP28 president says fossil fuels phasedown is inevitable - Reuters UAE 8mos
Among the Arab opponents in exile, the fear of a wave of transnational repression 8mos
Dubai, new promised land of Israelis the Hebrew state 8mos
Between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a free trade agreement which includes the Jewish c... Israel the Hebrew state 8mos
'UAE, Türkiye to maintain cooperation on economic development' UAE 8mos
US, UK navies say they responded to distress call as Iran’s Revolutionary Guard ‘harassed’ ship US Iran UK 8mos
UAE, Türkiye ratify comprehensive partnership agreement UAE 8mos
Wyborcza.pl 8mos
Arabian spacecraft to search asteroid belt for clues to life's origins 8mos
The Middle East welcomes the victory of Erdogan, guarantor of the regional status quo Israel Saudi Arabia Turkey Qatar 8mos
Emirati leaders invite Israel's Netanyahu, Herzog, to join COP28 climate conference in Dubai Israel 9mos
Kingdom makes history as Saudis soar into space Saudi Arabia KSA 9mos
International Space Station welcomes Saudi astronauts Saudi Arabia 9mos
UAE receives ‘wanted terrorist’ from Jordan UAE Jordan 9mos
airBaltic to launch direct flights from Vilnius to Dubai in November – minister UAE 9mos
Sending Saudi astronauts to the ISS: "Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are in a space... France Saudi Arabia 9mos
President Joe Biden's national security advisor to visit Saudi Arabia India Saudi Arabia 9mos
Explosion hits Revolutionary Guard base in Iran, killing 2 Iran 9mos
UAE sends humanitarian aid for Sudanese refugees in Chad UAE Chad Sudan 9mos
1st spacewalk by an astronaut from United Arab Emirates US 9mos
In Sudan, the Arab myth of counter-revolutionary “stability” stole Saudi Arabia Egypt Sudan 9mos
Iran TV airs footage of commandos seizing US-bound tanker Iran Oman 9mos