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Ethiopian army planning to 'eliminate' Tigrayan forces -military official 1h
Sudan deputy leader meets Ethiopia defence minister on rare visit Sudan 3h
Tigray Church denounces conflict, loss of lives in Ethiopian region - Vatican News 5h
Sudan deputy leader on rare visit to Ethiopia amid border tensions Sudan 7h
American diplomat on mission impossible? A new special sentiment should provide peace in Ethiop... US Sudan 12h
Food aid in Ethiopia's Tigray now at 'all-time lowest', U.N. reports 1d
False banana: Is Ethiopia's enset 'wondercrop' for climate change? 1d
UN: Food aid in Ethiopia's Tigray now at 'all-time lowest' 2d
Ethiopia: To achieve peace, take Eritrea out of the game Eritrea 2d
UN boss cites ‘demonstrable effort’ for Ethiopia peace after call 2d
The UN’s Purblind Human Rights Reporting in Ethiopia 3d
In Ethiopia, the diaspora called to the rescue of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed 3d
Comment - War of Nobel Prize: Why the World Abiy Ahmed wrongly assessed - and what about our Af... 4d
Burkina Faso draw with Ethiopia to get into second round Burkina Faso 4d
Live: Tournament hosts and hot prospects Cameroon take on Cape Verde Cameroon Cape Verde 5d
Oldest remains of modern humans are much older than thought, researchers say 5d
Ethiopia, you release the nuns arrested in November 5d
Ethiopia says WHO chief has links to rebellious Tigrayan forces 6d
Saudi authorities arrest 14,000 illegals in one week Yemen Saudi Arabia 6d

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Medics in Tigray plead with Ethiopia for insulin airlift as supplies run out 1w
Nations Cup memories stoked by trio in Cameroon Egypt Sudan Cameroon 1w
New US Africa envoy to visit Ethiopia and Sudan US Sudan 1w
UN decries Ethiopia air strikes; says dozens killed this month 1w
Ethiopia wants WHO to investigate Tedros over Tigray remarks 1w
Ethiopia: Lalibela celebrates the withdrawal of Tigerian soldiers 1w
At least 108 civilians killed so far in January in Tigray airstrikes, UN says 1w
No food, no fuel, no funding: WFP's northern Ethiopia operations grinding to a halt 1w
Ethiopia: Facebook to ‘assess feasibility’ of study into impact on human rights 1w
Ethiopia: Tigray on brink of humanitarian disaster, UN says 1w
Ethiopia at crossroads as drone attacks worsen Tigray crisis 1w
Ethiopia objects to alleged "misconduct" of WHO chief Tedros 1w
Dawn of Humanity Pushed Back 30,000 Years 1w
Ethiopia's Abiy has special duty to end Tigray conflict: Nobel body Norway 1w
Nobel body criticizes Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy over war | AP News Norway Denmark 1w
Ethiopia's conflict and need for comprehensive settlement | Opinion 1w
Nobel Peace committee criticizes prize winner Abiy Ahmed over Tigray Norway 1w
Abiy has special responsibility to end Tigray conflict: Nobel body Norway 1w
Warning over fuel and food stocks as ‘hellish’ Tigray reels from airstrikes 1w
Live: Hosts Cameroon take on Ethiopia, looking to build on opening win Cameroon 1w
Nobel body criticizes peace prize winner Abiy over Tigray Norway 1w
Ethiopia-United States: war tomorrow? US 1w
World Report 2022: Rights Trends in Eritrea Eritrea 1w
Ancient human remains in Ethiopia are much OLDER than thought 1w
Blockade creates ‘hell’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray: WHO 1w
In Ethiopia, the tiger pounded by the Federal Army drones 1w
Egypt: Ethiopia rejecting coordination mechanism over Renaissance Dam Egypt 1w
Ethiopia’s offer of talks signals breakthrough in Tigrayan conflict 1w
Confirmed Arms Transfers To The Ethiopian Military During The Tigray War Iran 1w
Drone strikes kill 19 in Ethiopia's Tigray: aid workers, doctor 1w
Ethiopia: 19 people killed in latest drone strikes in Tigray 1w
On Day Biden Calls Ethiopia’s Leader to Urge Peace, a Drone Strike Kills 17 1w
Ethiopian drone strike kills 17 on day of Biden-Abiy call | AP News Kenya 1w
Air strike in Ethiopia's Tigray kills at least 17, aid workers say 1w
17 killed by Ethiopian drone attack in Tigray: Aid workers 1w
The photographer taking a serious look at child's play US Spain Burkina Faso Honduras 1w
Biden speaks to Ethiopia’s Abiy, raises civilian deaths, arrests 1w
Biden raises concerns to Ethiopian PM about Tigray conflict 1w
World news latest: Russia seeks ban on future NATO expansion during tense talks with US US Russia Netherlands Ukraine 1w
In Ethiopia, the political bet of Abiy Ahmed 1w
Recap: UAE Air Force Armed Drones Over Tigray 1w
Ethiopia: Aid agencies suspend work in northwest Tigray after deadly strike 1w
"Global paralysis" at U.N. over Ethiopia war allows atrocities to continue unabated 1w
Cape Verde sink 10-man Ethiopia in Africa Cup of Nations surprise Cape Verde 1w
Ethiopia's rebellious Tigray party accuses Eritrea of attacking its forces Eritrea 1w
Aid agencies suspend work in northwest Tigray after deadly strike 1w
Does Ethiopia’s PM want a peaceful end to the Tigray war? 1w
Thousands of labor, residency, border violators arrested across KSA Yemen Saudi Arabia 1w
Iranian Drone Munitions Found In Ethiopia Iran 1w
Ethiopian airstrike kills 56 civilians, Tigray fighters say 1w
Air strike in north-west Tigray camp for displaced people leaves 56 dead, as Ethiopian conflict... 1w
Ethiopian air strike on Tigray camp for displaced kills dozens, say aid workers 1w
Tigray forces say Ethiopian airstrike kills 56 civilians 1w
Dozens killed in Ethiopian air strike on IDP camp in Tigray Eritrea 1w
AFCON: Ethiopia's soccer team hopes to unite country Cameroon 2w
Ethiopia: At least 56 killed in Tigray airstrike on camp for internally displaced, aid workers... 2w
Ethiopia, Aerial Raid on a refugee camp in the Tigrè: 56 dead 2w
Ethiopia to generate electricity from GERD amid negotiations deadlock Egypt Sudan 2w
Ethiopia: 56 dead at attack on refugee camp 2w
Ethiopia’s Tigray conflict: Dozens killed in airstrike at camp, say aid staff 2w
Ethiopian airstrike on Tigray IDP camp kills 56: Aid workers 2w
Aid workers say Ethiopia air strike in northwest Tigray killed 56 people 2w
Ethiopia: 56 people killed in airstrike at camp for internally displaced 2w
Aid workers say Ethiopia air strike in northwest Tigray killed 56 people 2w
Ethiopia: At least 56 killed in Tigray air strike on camp for internally displaced, aid workers... 2w
Ethiopia frees opposition leaders from prison, announces political dialogue 2w
Tigray conflict: Ethiopia frees rebel leaders in Christmas amnesty 2w
Ethiopia announces amnesty for jailed opposition politicians 2w
Ethiopia announces pardon of several political prisoners 2w
Ethiopia announces amnesty for prominent opposition figures 2w
Ethiopia Frees Prominent Political Prisoners, Calls for Reconciliation 2w
Ethiopia announces pardons for high-profile political prisoners 2w
Ethiopia grants amnesty to high-profile political detainees 2w
Ethiopia releases opposition leader Eskinder Nega 2w
AFCON: Ethiopia's national soccer team hopes to unite country Cameroon 2w
UN: Ethiopian air strike kills three in camp for Eritrean refugees Eritrea 2w
UN: Some Ethiopian aid will stop without cash, fuel and food 2w
US names David Satterfield new special envoy for Horn of Africa US Sudan 2w
Horn of Africa: China announces new envoy as US one departs China US Somalia 2w
Turkish, Ethiopian FM’s discuss bilateral ties, regional issues Turkey 2w
Ethiopia civil war: Tigray hospital running out of food for starving children 2w