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Pro-Palestine crowds try to storm air base housing US troops in Turkey - The Telegraph US UK Turkey 6mos
Jewish woman stabbed on doorstep in France and swastika sprayed on door - Sky News UK 6mos
Nepal earthquake: Thousands spend night outdoors in cold - BBC UK Nepal 6mos
Israeli airstrike hits ambulance convoy in Gaza – video - The Guardian Israel UK 6mos
Rock in a hard place: France-Spain border residents angry over road blocks Spain 6mos
128 6mos
Live: Israeli warplanes slam Gaza refugee camp, killing dozens - FRANCE 24 English Israel UK 6mos
French police probe knife attack for anti-Semitism 6mos
Jewish woman stabbed on doorstep in France and swastika sprayed on door 6mos
French Nuns and Climate Activists Square Off Over Plans for a Megachurch 6mos
"No reconstruction of the Ukrainian economy will be possible in the short term without the cont... Ukraine 6mos
Israeli air force strikes Hezbollah 'terror cells' in Lebanon - The Telegraph Israel UK Lebanon 6mos
Thousands of people march in first authorized pro-Palestinian rally in Paris • FRANCE 24 Englis... Israel UK 6mos
Can Marwan Barghouti, the 'Palestinian Mandela', bring peace to Gaza? - FRANCE 24 English UK Palestine 6mos
UNRWA Situation Report no. 21 on the situation in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, including E... Israel UK 6mos
Seeking 'the perfect combination of Chinese and French cuisine' China 6mos
French Jewish woman stabbed in her home in France's Lyon, police hunts suspect - FRANCE 24 Engl... India Israel UK 6mos
French woman stabbed on doorstep in anti-Semitic attack - The Telegraph India Israel UK 6mos
French Jewish woman stabbed in her home in France’s Lyon, police hunts suspect 6mos

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Woman injured in presumably anti -Semitic attack in France 6mos
Jewish woman stabbed in her home in France with Swastika plastered to door - Express 6mos
French FM warns Africa not to ‘trade off France for Russia’ Russia 6mos
Stripped naked, tortured: Deported Gazans accuse Israeli troops of abuses Israel Palestine 6mos
EXPLAINED: Russia's Dubious 'Stalemate' Denial - Kyiv Post Russia UK Ukraine 6mos
François Gemenne, member of the IPCC: "No area of ​​the world will be spared by climatic migrat... 6mos
War Israel-Hamas: "marches against war" in Paris and elsewhere in France 6mos
Two Israelis wounded by barrage of rockets near Lebanon border • FRANCE 24 English - FRANCE 24... Israel UK Lebanon 6mos
Henri Lopes, former premier of the Congo who became novelist who died Congo 6mos
Putin revokes Russia’s ratification of nuclear test ban treaty - Al Jazeera English Russia Germany UK 6mos
Live: Between 350,000 to 400,000 people still in northern Gaza, says US special envoy - FRANCE... US Israel UK 6mos
What’s in a word? How less-gendered language is faring across Europe - The Guardian 6mos
Five Arab foreign ministers to meet Blinken on Saturday: Jordan - Al Arabiya English US UK Jordan 6mos
3 6mos
Iran: the difficult census of crimes of the Iranian regime from France Iran 6mos
Liberté, égalité and military hardware: France sets its sights on Russia’s former allies Russia Ukraine 6mos
Emmanuel Macron's balancingist, taken in the turmoil of war in Gaza Israel 6mos
Emmanuel Macron's African policy, story of a breakup 6mos
US unveils $425 mln in arms for Kyiv, including anti-drone rockets - Reuters US UK Ukraine 6mos
White House warns that funds to support Ukraine exhausted - Ukrinform US UK Ukraine 6mos
At least 15 dead as Storm Ciaran pummels Western Europe - FRANCE 24 English Spain UK Italy 6mos
Israel deports thousands of stranded Palestinian workers back to Gaza - The Guardian Israel UK Palestine 6mos
Israel sends thousands of cross-border Palestinian workers back to Gaza - Al Jazeera English Israel UK Palestine 6mos
Bangladesh garment worker protests halt production for top fashion brands - FRANCE 24 English Bangladesh UK 6mos
Israeli ground forces strike Hamas positions in Gaza Strip, says IDF - The Times and The Sunday... Israel UK Palestine 6mos
Israel deports thousands of stranded Palestinian workers back to Gaza - The Guardian Israel UK Palestine 6mos
Thai nationals welcomed home after evacuation from Israel Israel Thailand 6mos
Animation visualises how many wildfires are burning across Australia Germany Spain Australia 6mos
Presidential election in Madagascar: France's silence sows the trouble Madagascar 6mos
Live, War Israel-Hamas: Thirty-four French nationals and their families left Gaza on Friday, ac... Egypt Nigeria 6mos
Paris to host ‘humanitarian conference’ on Israel-Hamas war, Macron says 6mos
‘All scenarios are open’: Hezbollah leader in first speech since Gaza war - Al Jazeera English Israel UK Palestine Lebanon 6mos
'All scenarios are open': Hezbollah leader in first speech since Gaza war - Al Jazeera English Israel UK Palestine Lebanon Israel Lebanon 6mos
Watch: Storm Ciaran sweeps away cars as five people die in Italy - The Telegraph Spain UK Italy 6mos
France is out, who is in? African countries are building a new security order 6mos
Macron moves to add abortion to France’s constitution, reacting to U.S. US 6mos
Blockbuster show on Genghis Khan opens in France after row with China China 6mos
Israel 'on very high alert' along Lebanon border as Hezbollah leader gives speech - Evening Sta... Israel UK Lebanon 6mos
Tories under pressure to return Lycamobile donation after fraud ruling UK 6mos
French Institute in Gaza and AFP office hit by Israeli air strike Israel 6mos
Will Germany leave the FCAS program to join the British GCAP Tempest? - AeroTime Germany UK 6mos
France travel warning as UK Foreign Office changes advice - Liverpool Echo UK 6mos
Tensions rise on Israel-Lebanon border ahead of Hezbollah chief's speech • FRANCE 24 English -... UK 6mos
Putin signs law revoking Russia's ratification of nuclear test ban treaty - FRANCE 24 English Russia UK 6mos
Israel-Hamas latest news: IDF 'on high alert' ahead of Hezbollah leader's speech - The Telegrap... Israel UK Lebanon 6mos
Several killed as Storm Ciaran lashes Europe with heavy rain, winds Spain Italy 6mos
Finulum, at the heart of tensions between Lebanon and Israel Israel Lebanon 6mos
Storm Ciarán continues to wreak havoc with three dead in Italy; Greece issues emergency weather... Germany Spain Netherlands Greece Italy Belgium 6mos
Live, War Israel-Hamas: France condemns attacks against United Nations sites and humanitarian s... 6mos
Yasmine Znaïdi, condemned in France, affected by a bombardment in the Gaza Strip Israel 6mos
Storm Ciaran sweeps into Italy as death toll mounts – DW – 11/03/2023 Germany Netherlands Italy Belgium 6mos
Israeli police storm hospital in East Jerusalem, detaining Gaza visitors - Middle East Eye Israel UK Egypt 6mos
Tensions rise on Israel-Lebanon border ahead of Hezbollah chief's speech Israel Lebanon 6mos
French rising star Wembanyama shines in breakthrough NBA game 6mos
In the Sahel, the insurmountable failure of the French strategy 6mos
Immigration: between Morocco and France, the ballet of agricultural seasonal workers Morocco 6mos
Deadly Storm Ciaran wreaks havoc on western Europe – DW – 11/03/2023 Germany Netherlands Belgium 6mos
Israel-Hamas war: Lebanese peace plan reflects country's lack of appetite for more conflict - T... Israel UK Lebanon 6mos
French defense minister fears ‘untenable situation’ for UN peacekeepers in Lebanon Iran Israel Lebanon 6mos
'Hugely concerning' German bid to block £15bn Typhoon deal 'imperils' UK defence industry - Exp... Germany UK 6mos
Macron risks being humiliated again as Germany set to abandon French project to team up with UK... Germany UK 6mos
Live: Israeli army fires on Lebanon's Hezbollah following attack on border positions - FRANCE 2... Israel UK Palestine Lebanon 6mos
$14bn aid to Israel bill passes US House of Representatives - Financial Times US Israel UK Ukraine 6mos
House passes Israel aid bill despite Biden veto threat - BBC US Israel UK Ukraine 6mos
Germany denies plan to quit £87bn fighter jet project with France in favour of UK deal - The Te... Germany UK 6mos
UK to ease post-Brexit travel rules for French school trips UK 6mos
Iraq summit for ‘regional stability’ pushed back over Gaza war Iraq 6mos
Reporters - Africa's Sahel region: A media desert Mali 6mos
Are Israel’s attacks on Gaza’s hospitals legal? - Al Jazeera English Israel UK Egypt 6mos
Technip Energies defends Moscow exit as it insists it complied with sanctions Russia 6mos
In photos: Storm Ciarán lashes the U.K. after battering northwestern France UK England 6mos
‘There’s something healing about winter in the Riviera’: low season in the south of France - Th... 6mos
France Charges Russian Billionaire Kuzmichev With Tax Fraud - The Moscow Times Russia 6mos
Why a global anti-Hamas coalition pushed by Macron is a bad idea Israel 6mos
Storm Ciaran: Record winds cause deaths in western Europe 6mos
Hijab-wearing woman shot by police in Paris metro - India 6mos
Aid in Gaza and Storm Ciarán hits France: photos of the day – Thursday - The Guardian Ireland 6mos
Israel’s army meets fierce resistance ‘at the gates of Gaza City’ - Al Jazeera English Israel UK 6mos
Storm Ciarán hits U.K. after battering France with strong winds, power cuts UK 6mos
Since Hamas attack, France's Jewish community faces a surge in anti-Semitism Israel 6mos
Israel 'breaks through Hamas front lines': IDF claims vital breakthrough of invasion with satel... Israel UK 6mos