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The shared moselle between the vices and virtues of border employment Luxembourg 1h
Elle magazine to drop fur from all international editions 3h
France rejects idea of joint patrols with UK forces on Calais coast UK 3h
Michel Barnier out of French presidential election race 4h
Man dressed as ninja attacks, injures French police officers with sword 4h
France shoots down Britain’s idea to fix Channel migrant crisis UK 5h
Michel Barnier out, hard-Right backer of Eric Zemmour in for final run to lead French conservat... 6h
France rejects British idea of joint border controls amid Channel migrant crisis UK 6h
Sword-wielding man dressed as a ninja shot by French police 7h
French Centroprawica is looking for a rival for Macron. Surprising and Tur 7h
France says it is up to UK to solve Channel boat migrant crisis UK 7h
Presidential election in France: this out for the most prominent applicant 8h
Migrants: Paris's answer to Boris Johnson UK 8h
Presidential election in France: this out for the most prominent applicant 8h
School bullies could face up to three years in jail under new French law 8h
Migrants in the Channel: France does not want joint patrols with the United Kingdom UK 8h
Hunting has become a rare point of consensus for French politicians 9h
Voters dump Barnier and Bertrand in French conservative party primary 9h
Hardliner Eric Ciotti narrowly ahead in French conservative primary, Michel Barnier ousted 9h

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Hard-right French MP tops Les Républicains party’s presidential primary 9h
Ninja attacker injures French agents with saber 10h
Man dressed as ninja and armed with sword attacks two policewomen in France 10h
Defmins of Estonia, France discuss crisis in Ukraine Ukraine Estonia 11h
Agnès Callamard: "France should not participate in the rehabilitation of a killer prince" Saudi Arabia 11h
Emmanuel Macron and embarrassing gulf allies Saudi Arabia Qatar United Arab Emirates 11h
Two French police officers injured by sabre-wielding assailant 11h
UK minister says Boris Johnson ‘not a clown’ UK 11h
Karins calls on Macron to support enforcing NATO presence in Baltic region Latvia 11h
French conservatives choose final two in presidential nomination race 13h
School bullies to face jail under law approved by French MPs 13h
Russian Journalist, Family Given Political Asylum In France Russia 13h
Macron should have called Johnson as "clown" UK 13h
Republican candidates vie to topple Emmanuel Macron — and keep far right at bay - The Times 14h
When a far-right candidate has ‘le buzz’, France shouldn’t take young people for granted | Oliv... 15h
Macron labels Johnson ‘a clown’ – media UK 16h
First case of Omicron variant case found in mainland France 17h
As French Election Looms, Candidates Stake Out Tough Positions on Migrants 17h
French presidential candidate accused of ‘piracy’ 18h
Follow live travel updates as France demands negative tests from Brits 19h
French conservative presidential voting kicks off with no clear favorite 21h
France: the battle over wind power stirs up the election 22h
France’s right-wing Republicans hold first round of presidential primary 22h
Classroom bullies face 10 years in jail under French law 1d
Macron calls Bojo ‘un clown’ who creates phoney wars to mask Brexit chaos 1d
Emmanuel Macron’s dangerous shift on the New Caledonia referendum risks a return to violence |... Caledonia 1d
Macron privately called Boris Johnson a ‘clown’, says French magazine 1d
Europe's first fully autonomous bus hits the road in France 1d
Bloomberg - Are you a robot? UK 1d
Guernsey issues 43 licences to French fishermen in post-Brexit fishing dispute UK 1d
The Interview - "A deal with Iran is possible" says IAEA director general Iran 1d
France issues arrest warrant over Japan 'parental kidnap' Japan 1d
French firebrand Éric Zemmour is a danger to Britain too UK 1d
Migration to United Kingdom: Priti Patel is looking for help in Europe UK 1d
French parliament clashes over extending abortion deadline to 14 weeks 1d
Fishing spat: France calls for EU measures against UK if talks fail UK 1d
As Covid cases soar among France's children, experts baffled by relaxed school protocol 1d
COVID-19: UK travellers visiting France will need negative coronavirus test as rules tightened... UK 1d
French presidential candidate accused of ‘piracy’ 1d
'Virgil was here:' Inside Virgil Abloh's final show for Louis Vuitton 1d
Muslims in France should assimilate, renounce religion: Zemmour 1d
Rinkevics expresses support for French EU presidency's priorities Latvia Estonia 1d
Post-Brexit Fishing: 40 licenses granted by Guernsey to French boats 1d
The rise of Éric Zemmour shows how far France has shifted to the right | Didier Fassin 1d
Macron sensationally calls Boris Johnson 'a clown' as Britain described as 'CIRCUS' UK 1d
France to demand negative Covid test result from all non-EU visitors 1d
France wants EU help in handling UK UK 1d
Renaulution: Renault vows greater presence in Turkey with new subsidiary Turkey 1d
Migrants drowned in the Channel: a survivor tells the night of horror he has lived UK Iraq 1d
South Korean footballer Suk Hyun-jun racially abused during Ligue 1 game, Troyes alleges South Korea 1d
Meet France's far-right presidential candidate who's been likened to Trump 1d
French Parliament passes resolution supporting Taiwan’s participation in global organizations Taiwan 1d
The French want limitations for hunters. Hunting will be one of the topics of the presidential... 1d
​​Macron seeks electoral boost from French sway over EU trade 1d
The Court of Cassation prevents the judgment of a presumed Syrian torturer Syria 1d
Dunkirk’s camps – in pictures UK 1d
Josephine Baker enters France's Panthéon of national heroes - Financial Times 1d
More than 20,000 people blocked in Morocco have been repatriated to France Morocco 1d
Josephine Baker honored with Pantheon burial in France 1d
Josephine Baker takes her place among French greats in Panthéon US 1d
France hits record high in COVID-19 cases since April 1d
Will Emmanuel Macron win a second term? Ultra-progress competitors are coming [Correspondence] 1d
Josephine Baker come to the highest honor - and she becomes the ideal French 1d
France issues arrest warrant for Japanese woman over parental kidnap Japan 2d
France sends police reinforcements to Martinique to quell Covid unrest 2d
Far-right French TV pundit Eric Zemmour launches his presidential run 2d
Macron urges Raisi to respect nuclear obligations ‘without delay’ Iran 2d
Algeria’s FLN narrowly wins local polls Algeria 2d
France sends military police to Carribean island amid anti-vaccine mandate protests 2d
Man who survived Channel boat sinking says he'll attempt to cross again UK 2d
Josephine Baker is first Black woman inducted into France’s Panthéon 2d
Josephine Baker becomes 1st Black woman honoured at France's Pantheon U.S.-born 2d
Video: Josephine Baker Interred in France’s Tomb of Heroes 2d
Josephine Baker Becomes First Black Woman Interred in France’s Tomb of Heroes 2d
Europeans see ‘problem’ if Iran is not serious in nuclear talks this week China US Iran Russia Germany UK 2d
France hit records high in COVID-19 cases since April 2d
Josephine Baker becomes first Black woman honored at the Pantheon in Paris 2d
Black entertainer Josephine Baker honoured at France’s Pantheon 2d
Latest travel advice for France, Spain, USA and more amidst Omicron outbreak US Spain UAE 2d
French police break up camp where Channel tragedy victims stayed 2d
Éric Zemmour announces presidential run 2d