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Tour de France initiatives for Ukrainian refugees Russia Ukrania 1mo
Aid group: More than 90 migrants drowned in Mediterranean 1mo
Election campaign in France: How Macron mobilizes its voters 1mo
Islamophobia rises in France as presidential election nears 1mo
French urged to turn off appliances as Britons told not to use barbecues to heat homes 1mo
Niger: With General Burkhard, to reorganize Operation Barkhan Mali Niger 1mo
Macron seeks to fire up voters, coax leftists onside amid far-right challenge 1mo
How Julia Child mastered French cooking and convinced America to love it too US 1mo
Warsaw Accuses Paris, Berlin Of Being Too Close To Moscow Russia Germany Ukraine Poland 1mo
Far-right politician booted out of Zinedine Zidane’s football club 1mo
French minister in Vilnius calls for common approach on new forces in NATO's east Russia Lithuania 1mo
China must respect EU as "strong and united" entity - Le Drian in Vilnius China 1mo
Lithuanian president urges France to lead Ukraine's EU membership talks Ukraine Lithuania 1mo
War in Ukraine, live: France condemns "massive exactions" committed to Bantha Russia Ukraine 1mo
Who will emerge victorious in the French election? 1mo
War in Ukraine, in pictures: a plush, a basketball jersey, a painting box or a canvas bag ... U... Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
Video. Presidential 2022: is France still a great power? 1mo
Justice: "The protection that was granted to Italians in the 1980s is transformed, four decades... 1mo
French, Spanish events to mark Picasso's 50th death anniversary Spain 1mo

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Can Emmanuel Macron stop France tearing itself apart? 1mo
Emmanuel Macron warns he could lose French election to the far right - Financial Times 1mo
Brexit is proof Marine Le Pen could pull off shock win, warns Emmanuel Macron 1mo
French far-right leader Le Pen softens image for election 1mo
French far-right leader Le Pen softens image for election 1mo
Russo-Ukrainian War: "Let's continue to train students that Ukraine had chosen to welcome" Ukraine 1mo
Emmanuel Macron says Brexit-style upset could hit election in France 1mo
Rescuers search for light aircraft with two onboard missing in Channel 1mo
Search under way in English Channel for missing small plane UK 1mo
British plane with two passengers missing UK 1mo
Macron warns of Brexit-like upset as key French election nears 1mo
Emmanuel Macron warns he could lose French election to the far right 1mo
Macron warns of dangers of extremism at election rally as French polls tighten 1mo
France: Macron vows inflation relief at election rally 1mo
France: Macron promises inflation relief at election rally 1mo
Emmanuel Macron’s novices rally to hear how their elusive leader plans to win a second term 1mo
Election campaign in France: A LA OLA Wave for Macron 1mo
France election: Macron in surveys clear front 1mo
Lower inflation, better jobs … in France la vie est belle UK 1mo
France: a process on a terrorist attack at the Bataclan club. He testified the only living assa... 1mo
France: Emmanuel Macron holds first rally as tight election looms 1mo
Macron's re-election push troubled by 'McKinsey Affair' 1mo
Now Expo is over, will District 2020 leave a positive legacy for Dubai? Saudi Arabia 1mo
European human rights court convicts France for child detention 1mo
France 2022: The Campaign - 'McKinsey Affair': Could using private consultants weaken Macron's... 1mo
If the Socceroos qualify for the World Cup, the draw looks very familiar Qatar 1mo
Will France’s Yellow Vests come back to haunt Macron on election day? 1mo
French retailers face pressure to abandon business in Russia Russia 1mo
World Cup draw concludes as holder France faces playoff winner Qatar Ecuador 1mo
Don’t fall for ‘sham’ Marine Le Pen, Macron camp warns as gap narrows in French election 1mo
Depardieu blasts Putin’s ‘crazy excesses’, Russia offers to explain Ukraine crisis Russia Ukraine 1mo
French Actor Depardieu, Who Received Russian Citizenship From Putin, Criticizes Him For Ukraine... Russia Ukraine 1mo
French court plays tapes of Bataclan killings at survivor’s request 1mo
More solar panels to be made in Europe to cut reliance on Russian gas Russia Italy Slovenia 1mo
French presidential elections: 'I gave my vote to a foreigner' Morocco 1mo
McKinsey affair ‘galvanises’ Macron’s opponents – but gives them a ‘weak weapon’ 1mo
Russian misinformation: "We reacted too late, the Kremlin speeches are already far too implante... Russia Ukraine 1mo
French election polls: who is leading the race to be the next president of France? 1mo
Kremlin hits back at French actor Gérard Depardieu over Putin criticism Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biathlon coach explains why he rearranged French flag into Russian one Russia Belarus 1mo
French officials confirm some E coli cases linked to Nestlé pizza (employees are reporting horr... 1mo
EU court rules on RT France request 1mo
Spy chief loses job over Ukraine – media Ukraine 1mo
France’s Macron is a key enabler of NATO’s anti-Russian provocations 1mo
Germany and France react to Russia’s gas-for-ruble demand Russia Germany 1mo
Literature in Douala, Festival in Vincennes, Contemporary Art in Lyon: the cultural agenda of t... 1mo
Submarine crisis: the breakdown of the "contract of the century" will cost up to 3.7 billion eu... Australia 1mo
Reporters - A country short of doctors: Exploring France's 'medical deserts' 1mo
Gerard Depardieu: Kremlin responds to actor's Putin criticism Russia Ukraine 1mo
France’s military spy chief ‘forced out after failing to predict Ukraine war’ Ukraine 1mo
French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier dies at 78 1mo
Patrick Demarchelier, famed fashion photographer, dies at 78 1mo
Rare upsurge in bird flu makes for worst-ever crisis in France 1mo
Cancelled French submarine program could cost taxpayers over $5 billion Australia 1mo
The French government issued hundreds of millions on external consultants. "Total lack of trans... 1mo
‘McKinseygate’ dogs Macron’s reelection campaign US 1mo
The Green Brief: France's awkward 'business as usual' in Russia Russia 1mo
Don’t back down, Britain urges Ukraine US Russia Germany UK Ukraine 1mo
Latest entry rules for Spain, Turkey, France, Portugal and Greece this Easter Spain Greece Portugal Turkey 1mo
French authorities froze the ownership of 2 helicopters linked to Russian oligarch Alisher Usma... Russia 1mo
France's intelligence chief who failed to predict invasion to step down 'immediately' 1mo
Belgian man accused of helping terrorist escape Paris denies involvement Belgium 1mo
France 2022: The Campaign - 'McKinsey Affair': could using private consultants weaken Macron's... 1mo
French military spy chief quits after Ukraine failings, sources say Ukraine 1mo
Jean-Yves Le Drian in Figaro: "I do not see any inflection of the Russians" Russia 1mo
U.S. sanctions global network of firms helping the Russian military evade export controls US Russia Spain UK Malta Singapore 1mo
France, Germany reject Putin demands for gas payments in roubles as 'blackmail' Russia Germany 1mo
Macron Goes on Defensive Over Use of McKinsey and Other Consultants 1mo
Medical charity says 5 abducted workers are freed in Nigeria Nigeria Cameroon 1mo
French military intel chief's resignation seen as fallout for misjudging Putin's intentions in... US Russia Ukraine 1mo
France, Germany reject Putin's roubles for gas demand Russia Germany 1mo
French military intelligence head steps down over Ukraine: Reports Ukraine 1mo
France, Germany reject Putin's roubles for gas demand Russia Germany 1mo
France and Germany ready to block Russian import gas. It's Italy? Russia Germany Italy 1mo
French military spy chief quits after failure to predict Russian invasion Russia Ukraine 1mo
France and Germany must remember who their allies are Germany Ukraine 1mo
Military spy chief forced out after France fails to predict invasion Russia 1mo
Pilots with Ryanair’s Malta Air unit in France urged to strike at Easter 1mo
France's Finance Minister: "We need the total energy independence of the EU" 1mo
French military intelligence head steps down over Ukraine - reports Ukraine 1mo
Macron under fire as election rivals brand costly consultancy fees a ‘state scandal’ US 1mo