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"France could provide much better support to activists from non -democratic countries" Russia 37m
Hoaxers tell French MPs their child is in hospital before pensions vote - The Times UK 47m
Millions face threat of flooding from glacial lakes - BBC US UK 2h
"There are too many Russian corpses in the cupboards of the French Republic" Russia Germany French Republic 2h
About fifty encrypted letters from Marie Stuart found and deciphered England 6h
Live: New German defence minister arrives in Kyiv on surprise visit - FRANCE 24 English Germany Netherlands UK Ukraine Denmark 7h
Meta announces metaverse academy in partnership with Tuwaiq Academy at LEAP23 8h
Paris mayor says she's against Russia's participation in Paris 2024 Olympics Russia Ukraine 9h
Are Macron’s pension reform plans unfair to French workers? 10h
German, French ministers lobby US over green subsidy plans – DW – 02/07/2023 US Germany 10h
Germany, Denmark, Netherlands to provide at least 100 Leopard 1 tanks for Kyiv - Reuters Germany Netherlands UK Ukraine Denmark 10h
Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: France sends its campaign hospital Syria Turkey 11h
Live: Third wave of strikes, protests across France against Macron's pension reform - FRANCE 24... UK 12h
Fires and clashes break out at French protest (VIDEOS) 12h
Pension in France: third strike day against Macron's plans 12h
French and German ministers raise EU fears over IRA in Washington talks Germany 12h
Photo of Turkish man holding hand of dead daughter underlines earthquake despair - The Guardian UK Syria Turkey 14h
The fate of far left Italian activists requested by Rome before the Court of Cassation Italy 15h
Live: Third wave of strikes, protests across France challenges Macron on pension reform - FRANC... UK 15h

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Photo of Turkish man holding hand of dead daughter underlines earthquake despair - The Guardian UK Syria Turkey 15h
Macron's pension reform meets stiff resistance in parliament - Financial Times UK 15h
Russia unwittingly becomes the largest donor of tanks to Ukraine - The Irish Times Russia Ireland UK Ukraine 16h
Strikes threaten power and fuel supply in France – media 16h
Erdoğan declares state of emergency in Turkey in wake of deadly quake - Financial Times UK Syria Turkey 17h
Third day of strikes and protests in France over Macron pension plans - The Guardian UK 17h
Watch live: Protests held in Paris over French pension reforms 18h
Kosovo's PM accepts EU, France, Germany backed normalisation plan Germany Kosovo 18h
Pornography in France: A new initiative to block access for minors 19h
Third day of strikes and protests in France over Macron pension plans 19h
France hit by more strikes as part of protest against raising pension age 20h
Franco-Algerian activist Amira Bouraoui escapes extradition to Algiers from Tunisia after Franc... Tunisia Algeria 20h
Ukrainian troops begin training on German Leopard tanks in Europe - FRANCE 24 English Russia Germany Canada UK Ukraine Poland 20h
Fresh round of strikes build pressure over Macron's pension reform 21h
Russia-Ukraine war latest: Russia pouring troops into Eastern Ukraine ahead of new offensive -... Russia UK Ukraine 21h
Live: French unions launch third wave of strikes, protests over pension reform 22h
Pension reform in France: The government can still hope | NZZ 22h
First Leopard tank arrives in Poland in boost for Ukraine as Russia 'plans major offensive' - E... Russia Germany Canada UK Ukraine Poland 22h
Italian and French defense ministers agree to supply long-range SAMP/T MAMBA air defense system... Italy Ukraine 23h
Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: at least 4,365 dead, Western help arrives Syria Turkey 1d
Frenchman held in Iran starts new hunger strike: sister Iran 1d
Burkina Faso: in the roots of resentment against France Burkina Faso 1d
France first to demand proof of age to access online porn using new digital certificate 1d
France to force pornography viewers to prove their age with 'digital certificate' - The Telegra... 1d
France: Mum and seven children die in house fire after tumble dryer 'burst into flames' - Metro... 1d
France: Mum and seven children die in house fire after tumble dryer 'burst into flames' - Metro... 1d
Is Russia extending its reach in Africa? Russia 1d
France moves to block access to pornography sites for minors 1d
Female genital mutilation: 'Women circumcise little girls for men' - FRANCE 24 English India UK Nigeria 1d
RT Germany to shut down following latest EU sanctions Russia Germany 1d
France a step closer to adding abortion rights to constitution 1d
Benjamin Brière, French national held in Iran, launches new hunger strike Iran 1d
Frenchman Held In Iran Reportedly Starts New Hunger Strike Iran 1d
Tunisia is preparing to expel a French nationality opponent and journalist towards Algiers Tunisia 1d
Mass hacker hit around the world. Paralyzed over 2,000 companies, among others in Finland, Fran... Finland Italy 1d
Media Watchdog Urges Release Of Journalist Detained In Kabul Afghanistan 1d
Over Lithuania, French Rafale fighters cross paths with Russian aircraft Russia Lithuania 1d
Media watchdog urges release of journalist detained in Kabul Afghanistan 1d
Mother and seven children tragically die in France house fire 1d
Live news: EU leaders plan Zelenskyy visit to Brussels for summit this week - Financial Times Russia UK Ukraine 1d
French parliament to debate Macron's pension reform bill 1d
France and Germany set to push back against US green tech poaching - Financial Times US Germany UK 1d
Crunch week for Macron as parliament debates pension reform ahead of strikes 1d
Mother and seven children died in house fire France 1d
Drama in France, mom and seven children die in the fire of the house 1d
Female genital mutilation: 'Women circumcise little girls for men' 2d
Turkey's President Erdogan says Western missions will 'pay' for closures - Reuters US UK Turkey 2d
Russia 'within firing distance' of last few roads out of 'Fortress Bakhmut' - The Telegraph Russia UK Ukraine 2d
Live: Ukraine calls for fighter jets as fierce battles rage in Bakhmut - FRANCE 24 English UK Ukraine 2d
Macron gives ground to allies in unpopular pension reform bid 2d
Title holders France survive Italy scare to win Six Nations opener Italy 2d
Does Russia deliver a war by proxy against France in Africa? Russia Syria Ukraine 2d
France and Germany set to push back against US green tech poaching US Germany 2d
French PM offers to ease pension overhaul for conservatives' backing 2d
Chile wildfires kill at least 23 people as state of emergency extended further - The Guardian UK Chile 2d
France’s PM Borne offers to partially change pension reform for conservatices backing 2d
General Pervez Musharraf: Former president of Pakistan dies after long illness - Sky News Pakistan UK 2d
Italian mafia boss arrested in France after 16 years Italy 3d
Russia putting 'more and more forces' into Donbas battle, says Zelensky - FRANCE 24 English Russia UK Ukraine 3d
Ukraine war: Half a million without power after 'significant' accident at electricity substatio... Russia UK Ukraine 3d
Ukraine power substation fire leaves Odesa’s grid on the brink - Al Jazeera English Russia UK Ukraine 3d
How the sleepy French port of Le Havre became Europe's new drug hub - The Telegraph 3d
Russian Advances In Bakhmut | Ukrainian Army Struggles | Russia Vs Ukraine War Update | News LI... Russia UK Ukraine 3d
'Take your dirty hands off of Turkey', Ankara's interior minister tells US envoy - Middle East... US UK Turkey 3d
France, India, UAE agree on climate cooperation – DW – 02/04/2023 India UAE 3d
Russia slams EU-Ukraine summit where countries pledged new round of sanctions Russia Italy Ukraine 3d
Ukrainian tank crews "quick to master" the Challenger 2 in training, UK defense ministry says UK Italy Ukraine 3d
In France, the Russian diesel embargo maintains the pressure on prices at the pump Russia Ukraine 3d
France comments on Ukraine’s NATO prospects Ukraine 3d
Live updates: Russia's war in Ukraine Russia Italy Ukraine 3d
Macron calls Putin at Zelensky’s request – Paris 3d
India, France, UAE to work on climate change, biodiversity India UAE 3d
"Without him, the operation could have turned to disaster": how the new Czech president saved 5... Czech Republic Yugoslavia 3d
France seizes Iran assault rifles, missiles heading to Yemen Iran Yemen Oman 3d
Qatargate: Two MEPs lose immunity in corruption case - BBC UK Belgium 3d
Why your dream European vacation is already booked solid Spain Italy 3d
Burkina junta chief not severed ties with Paris, denies Wagner presence Russia 3d
Yemeni minister condemns Iran’s escalated arms smuggling to Houthis US Iran Yemen Oman 3d
Foch aircraft carrier: splendors and miseries of the former glory of the French Navy Brazil 3d
U.S., Allies Criticize Iran's Response To UN Nuclear Watchdog Report US Iran Germany UK 3d
Should Europe’s pension schemes be reformed? 3d