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At least 10 dead as floods devastate capital of Madagascar 3d
Heavy rains in Madagascar cause flooding in capital, 10 dead 3d
Woman arrested after newborn baby found alive in plane toilet bin 2w
Why seed-banking threatened species in Madagascar is vital 3w
Turkey extends condolences to Madagascar over fatal boat accident Turkey 4w
Madagascar shipwreck death toll rises to 85 4w
Death toll from Madagascar shipwreck rises to 85 4w
Madagascar’s police minister survives helicopter crash, swims 12 hours to shore 4w
Madagascar’s police minister survives helicopter crash, swims 12 hours to shore India 4w
'Not my time to die': Madagascan minister on surviving 12-hour swim after crash – video 4w
Madagascar minister ‘swims for 12 hours’ after helicopter crash at sea 4w
Madagascar police chief swims to shore after helicopter crash 1mo
Madagascar boat accident kills at least 64; minister swims to safety 1mo
Madagascar's police chief swims 12 hours to shore after helicopter crash India 1mo
Madagascar's police chief swims to shore after copter crash India 1mo
Minister swims for 12 hours after chopper crashes into ocean 1mo
Scores killed in Madagascar boat accident, dozens still missing 1mo
Madagascar minister survives 12 hours in ocean after helicopter crash 1mo
Madagascar minister 'swims 12 hours' to shore after helicopter crash 1mo

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Madagascar: minister swims 12 hours to safety after helicopter crash 1mo
Madagascar minister Serge Gelle swims 12 hours to shore after chopper crash 1mo
Politician sponge after crash 12 hours of the shore 1mo
Madagascar: Minister 'swims for 12 hours' after helicopter crashes at sea 1mo
'Steel' Minister Madagascar swims 12 hours to coast after helicopter crash 1mo
Madagascar, sinks a merchant: 17 deaths and 68 dispersed 1mo
Ship sinks off Madagascar coast; 17 dead and 68 missing 1mo
How bringing back the wild yam is feeding the hungry in drought-hit Madagascar 1mo
Madagascar court jails 2 Frenchmen for plotting failed coup France 1mo
Andry Rajoelina: French nationals sentenced for Madagascar coup plot France 1mo
Madagascar food crisis: How a woman helped save her village from starvation 1mo
In Madagascar, two French accused of being the brains of a presumed coup in a criminal courtyar... France 1mo
Swiss Firm Executive Operates Secret Surveillance Operation, Sources Say China US Iran Israel Russia Germany Bulgaria Afghanistan Serbia Switzerland Denmark Cyprus Zambia 1mo
UN wrong about world’s first ‘climate-induced famine’ – study 1mo
The U.N. blames climate change for Madagascar’s food crisis. Scientists say it’s not the main c... 1mo
The U.N. blames climate change for Madagascar’s food crisis. Scientists say it’s not the main c... 1mo
Madagascar's food crisis has been blamed on climate change. Scientists say that's wrong 1mo
Climate Change Not a Driver of Madagascar Drought, Analysis Finds 1mo
Poverty, not climate breakdown, caused Madagascar’s food crisis, finds study 1mo
Saudi Arabia suspends flights to and from 7 more African nations due to new COVID-19 variant Saudi Arabia Malawi Comoros Angola Mauritius Zambia Seychelles 1mo
UN raises red flag as 1.3m people face hunger in Madagascar 2mos
Poverty fuelled by climate change is driving deforestation and poaching - putting Madagascar's... 2mos
More than 1 million need urgent food aid in south Madagascar 2mos
Climate change: The desperate people risking their lives in illegal mines that are destroying M... 2mos
Madagascar is drying out – there’s no harvest, only hunger | Anonymous 2mos
Consequences of climate change: hunger alarm in the south of Madagascar 2mos
Madagascar paying price for cheap European flights, says climate minister 2mos
In Madagascar, pockets of famine as risks grow for children, warns WFP 2mos
World Food Program Raises $1.8 Million Following David Muir’s Report on Madagascar’s Climate Ch... 2mos
Madagascar: People becoming desperate as climate change risks destroying country's natural reso... UK 2mos
Madagascar on brink of world’s ‘first climate-induced famine’ 2mos
S. Madagascar on the verge of climate change-induced famine: How to help 2mos
UN: Hungersnot on Madagascar for climate change 2mos
'Heartbreaking' Madagascar is wake-up call to climate crisis 2mos
Madagascar is on the brink of famine caused by climate change, with children most at risk 2mos
1M to face starvation due to drought in Madagascar: Amnesty 2mos
Amnesty urges urgent relief for ‘deep hunger’ in south Madagascar 2mos
Madagascar: Severe drought could spur world’s first climate change famine 2mos
In Madagascar, the first climate famine 2mos
Pandemic travel news: Australia, Thailand and Madagascar are all opening up Thailand Australia 2mos
'Days without eating': World's first 'climate change famine' hits Madagascar 3mos
Climate change and famine | Start Here 3mos
Largest underwater eruption recorded gives birth underwater volcano 3mos
Villages fight famine as Madagascar faces worst drought in 40 years 4mos
In the south of Madagascar, villages strangled by famine 4mos
Poor payer, Madagascar loses his only military transport aircraft France 4mos
Madagascar is suffering from a climate change famine 4mos
Blink and you'll miss it! Tanzania awarded spot-kick FIVE SECONDS into World Cup qualifier Tanzania 4mos
Opinion: This summer is a terrible reminder of why we must build back nature China US Pakistan Germany Canada UK Greece Italy Turkey Brazil Nigeria Indonesia Mongolia 4mos
Madagascar on the brink of first climate-induced famine, UN warns 4mos
World’s first famine driven by climate change not conflict 4mos
Madagascar on the brink of the world’s first ‘climate change famine’, UN warns 4mos
Madagascar is hit by the world’s first climate change famine 4mos
'A wake up call': Madagascar teeters towards world's first climate change induced famine US 4mos
'Unprecedented': Madagascar on Verge of World's First Climate-Fueled Famine 4mos
Madagascar on the brink of climate change-induced famine 4mos
New Drug-Resistant Plague Discovered in Madagascar - MEDizzy Journal 5mos
Madagascar confronts its worst drought in decades 5mos
Madagascar president sacks all his ministers, citing 'failures in government' 5mos
Madagascar's worst drought in decades India 5mos
Bonus Edition: Brain hacking, Olympics, Madagascar, Lebanon Lebanon 5mos
What we know about the supposed attempt at Putsch in Madagascar France 5mos
Why has climate change caused famine in Madagascar? 5mos
Madagascar arrests generals over plot to kill President Rajoelina 5mos
Aid organization: Hunger catastrophe in Madagascar endangers children 5mos
More arrests in Madagascar in connection with plot to kill president 5mos
Southern Madagascar on the brink of famine as rising temperatures create catastrophic drought 5mos
UN says hunger will rise in 23 global hotspots in next three months Ethiopia Yemen Nigeria Sudan 5mos
UN warns hunger is expected to rise in 23 global hotspots Ethiopia Yemen Nigeria Sudan 5mos
Oil firm confirmed request to fund coup in Madagascar | Africanews 5mos
Frenchman among six arrested over plot to assassinate Madagascar president France 5mos
French person among 6 held over plot to kill Madagascar president France 5mos
‘Nothing left’: A catastrophe in Madagascar’s famine-hit south 5mos
Madagascar famine becomes first in history to be caused solely by climate crisis 5mos
Madagascar says several people arrested over foiled plot to kill president 6mos
An attempted assassination of the president of Madagascar, two Frenchmen arrested 6mos
Madagascar president targeted in assassination plot — prosecutors 6mos
Madagascar says it foiled plot to kill President Andry Rajoelina 6mos
Madagascar president targeted by assassination plot — prosecutors 6mos
Madagascar foils assassination attempt on President Rajoelina 6mos
Madagascar claims to have foiled an attempt at the president's assassination, two French arrest... France 6mos