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F-35 jet can kill 300K in Moscow with a single B61-13 strike - Bulgarian Military US Hindustan 3mos
Bulgarians Vote In Local Election Runoffs, Including For Mayor Of Sofia 3mos
Israel-Gaza latest news: Hamas 'trying to smuggle wounded terrorists out of Gaza' - The Telegra... UK Egypt 3mos
Canadians stuck in Gaza as other foreigners leave - BBC Israel UK Lebanon 3mos
Bulgarian Family Arrives In Sofia After Fleeing Gaza 3mos
Russia Expels Bulgarian Reporter After Sofia Kicks Out Russian Correspondent Russia 3mos
Election Chaos In Bulgaria After Officials Pull The Plug On Voting Machines 3mos
Bulgaria Says Russian Journalist Is Being Expelled For 'Security Reasons' Russia 3mos
Bulgaria Placed On International Money-Laundering Gray List 3mos
Russian Beriev A-50 aircraft direct S-400 anti-aircraft missiles - Bulgarian Military Russia 3mos
Suspected Russian GPS Jamming Risks Fresh Dangers In Black Sea Region Russia Romania Ukraine 3mos
Bulgaria Approves Construction Of Two U.S.-Built Nuclear Reactors US 3mos
EU state to speed up ban on imports of Russian oil – media Russia 4mos
Ukrainian unit fires a 100 mm gun that took part in World War II - Bulgarian Military Russia 4mos
7 MiG-29s, (AGM-88 carriers) were shot down in a day - Russia - Bulgarian Military Russia 4mos
Investigation Links Notorious Russian Intelligence Unit To Arms Depot Explosion In Bulgaria Russia 4mos
EU discusses Bulgaria's gas transit tax that has angered Hungary and Serbia Russia Serbia Hungary 4mos
European Commission Investigating Gas Deal Between Bulgaria And Turkey Turkey 4mos
Russia secretly placed 4 MiG-31s and 10 Su-27s and Su-30s in Crimea - Bulgarian Military Russia 4mos

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Bulgaria Defends Decision To Impose Tax On Russian Gas Transit As Hungary, Serbia Vow To Respon... Russia Serbia Hungary 4mos
Bulgaria seeks to force out Russian energy companies Russia 4mos
Russia deploys S-300 and S-400 on 50,000 sq m of Kyrgyz land - Bulgarian Military Russia Kyrgyzstan 4mos
Bulgaria slaps tax on Russian gas Russia 4mos
Bulgarian Government, As Expected, Survives No-Confidence Vote 4mos
Bulgaria says will take action with Romania, Türkiye against Black Sea mines Romania 4mos
UK's 'other form of air defense' 30mm Mk44 Paladin leaves for Ukraine - Bulgarian Military Germany UK Ukraine 4mos
Bulgarian Government Faces No-Confidence Vote Over Green Transition Plans 4mos
Türkiye, Romania, Bulgaria to clear Black Sea of mines Russia Romania Turkey Ukraine 4mos
Bulgarian Prosecutors Charge Five Foreigners With Illegal Exports To Russian Units In Ukraine Russia Ukraine Albania Belarus 4mos
Russia fails in bid to return to UN’s Human Rights Council Russia Albania 4mos
Kuwait elected as new member of UN Human Rights Council China Kuwait Netherlands France Japan Brazil Malawi Albania Cuba Indonesia Burundi Dominican Republic Ghana 4mos
Russian Kremlin Critics Fleeing To Bulgaria Often Find They Are Not Welcome Russia Ukraine 4mos
Bulgarian Police Arrest 12 Accused Of Illegally Exporting Goods To Russian Soldiers Russia Ukraine 4mos
Russia Is Denied a Seat on the U.N. Human Rights Council Russia Ukraine Albania 4mos
Ukraine gets thousands of Chinese UAVs to pressure Russian troops - Bulgarian Military China Russia Ukraine 4mos
Wagner's boss Embraer Legacy 600 was blown up from the inside - Bulgarian Military France UK 4mos
Bulgarian Parliament Debates Limiting Role Of President, Other Judicial Reforms 4mos
X-sources: US F-35A aircraft downed Turkish Anka-S over Syria - Bulgarian Military US Syria Turkey 4mos
Migrant crisis: Sunak to urge 'Europe-wide solutions' at summit in Granada - bbc.co.uk Spain UK Belgium Serbia 4mos
Bulgarian Parliament Approves Agreement With Protesting Energy Workers 4mos
Protesting Bulgarian Energy Workers Meet PM For Talks On Green Transition 4mos
Four RAF Typhoons will fly over Poland alongside local F-16s - Bulgarian Military Poland 4mos
Ukraine Russia war latest: Putin's Black Sea fleet 'struggling' with threats as Biden pledges m... US Russia UK Ukraine 4mos
Ukraine may begin production of 7.62x51 CZ Bren 2 BR assault rifle - Bulgarian Military Ukraine 4mos
What we know about Pavel Prigozhin: Wagner son 'set to be next mercenary boss' - The Independen... Russia Ukraine 4mos
Bulgarian Energy Workers Block Roads For Fourth Day To Protest Green Transition Plans 4mos
Bulgaria Bans Entry Of Cars With Russian License Plates Russia 4mos
Protesting Bulgarian Energy Workers Refuse Meeting With PM On Green Transition Plan 4mos
Bulgarian Government Adopts Green Transition Plans Amid Protests By Energy Sector Workers 4mos
Bulgaria to stop imports of Russian oil Russia 4mos
Northern Macedonia against Veto-Law for EU Neumit members Macedonia 4mos
Northern Macedonia: Foreign Minister to Bulgaria's Veto against EU accession Macedonia 4mos
Bulgarian Parliament Approves Sending Antiaircraft Missiles To Ukraine Ukraine 4mos
This is the first confirmed destruction of Marder 1A3 IFV in Ukraine - Bulgarian Military Ukraine 4mos
Five Bulgarians charged with spying for Russia appear in UK court Russia UK 4mos
Former Wirecard executive linked to alleged Russian spying ring | Financial Times Russia UK 4mos
Putin On Trial: The Play 'The Hague' Opens At Bulgaria's National Theater Russia 4mos
Five alleged Russian spies appear in London court Russia 4mos
What to Know About 5 People Suspected of Spying for Russia in the U.K. Russia 4mos
After Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine, Bulgaria Is Rapidly Trying To Modernize Its Armed Forces Russia Ukraine 4mos
Bulgaria's GERB Nominates Journalist As Sofia Mayoral Candidate 4mos
Crowd Gathers To Demand Reopening Of Russian Orthodox Church In Bulgaria 4mos
Russia Calls Bulgaria's Decision To Expel Cleric 'Blasphemous,' Summons Ambassador Russia 5mos
UK to charge five Bulgarian nationals with spying for Russia Russia UK 5mos
Five Bulgarian nationals to appear in London court accused of spying for Russia | Financial Tim... Russia UK 5mos
Russia Says Bulgaria Expelled Russian Orthodox Cleric Russia 5mos
British Prosecutors OK Charges Against Five Bulgarians Suspected Of Spying For Russia Russia UK 5mos
British authorities approve charges against alleged Russian spies Russia UK 5mos
‘Not everyone can be perfect’, Bulgarian minister says, after revelation almost everyone in Eur... 5mos
Poland will no longer send weapons to Ukraine, says PM, as grain dispute escalates - The Guardi... France UK Ukraine Poland 5mos
Poland will no longer send weapons to Ukraine, says PM, as grain dispute escalates - The Guardi... France UK Ukraine Poland 5mos
Poland Says It's Stopped Supplying Ukraine Weapons Amid Grain Dispute - Bloomberg France UK Ukraine Poland 5mos
Bulgarian Farmers Reach Deal To Halt Protest Against Food Imports From Ukraine Ukraine 5mos
Poland ramps up Ukraine criticism ahead of elections - Financial Times UK Ukraine Hungary Poland Slovakia Croatia 5mos
After failure of Ukraine's “spring offensive,” US-NATO escalate war against Russia - WSWS Russia Ukraine 5mos
Northern Macedonia: Bulgaria continues to block EU accession negotiations Macedonia 5mos
airBaltic to fly from Tallinn to Burgas, Bulgaria, from May 2024 Latvia 5mos
UN chief warns 'our world is becoming unhinged'; Zelenskiy to address UN - live updates – live... Russia Ukraine 5mos
Ukraine-Russia war live: Zelensky questions Russia's UN seat as he visits New York - The Telegr... China Russia Ukraine 5mos
Croatia won't import Ukrainian grain, says prime minister - POLITICO Europe Germany Ukraine Poland Croatia 5mos
Update on the Challenger tank destroyed in Ukraine - UK Defence Journal US Russia UK Ukraine Ukraine   UK 5mos
Ukraine files WTO lawsuit against Poland, Slovakia, Hungary over agri import ban - EURACTIV Germany Ukraine Hungary Poland Slovakia 5mos
Ukraine war latest: Russian jet intercepts US navy plane; Bulgaria detonates explosive-laden dr... US Russia Ukraine 5mos
Live news: Ukraine files WTO complaint over neighbours' grain import bans - Financial Times Germany Ukraine 5mos
Explosive-laden drone detonated after being found in Bulgarian tourist town - Evening Standard 5mos
NATO's Bulgaria finds crashed killer drone on its land - POLITICO Europe 5mos
Russian B-237 Kilo-class sub was hit about the main pressure hull - Bulgarian Military Russia 5mos
EU country’s farmers stage major Ukraine grain protest Ukraine 5mos
Live news: Bans on Ukrainian grain 'incompatible' with EU unity, says Spain - Financial Times Spain Romania Ukraine Hungary Poland Slovakia 5mos
Bulgaria Investigates Suspected Drone Remains Found On Its Territory Romania 5mos
Bulgaria sends team to inspect drone that landed in Black Sea resort - Reuters 5mos
Brussels calls on EU countries to 'engage constructively' on Ukraine grain - POLITICO Europe Romania Ukraine Hungary Poland 5mos
Live news: EU to allow Ukraine grain ban to expire despite neighbour protests - Financial Times France UK Ukraine 5mos
Ukraine makes last-minute push for European Commission to lift grain restrictions as deadline l... France UK Ukraine 5mos
EU Hails End Of Monitoring Mechanism for Romania, Bulgaria Romania 5mos
Bulgaria to drop ban on Ukrainian grain imports - POLITICO Europe Romania UK Ukraine Poland 5mos
Saudi assistant minister of culture holds talks with Bulgarian minister of culture Saudi Arabia 5mos
Von der Leyen: Bulgaria & Romania Should Be Admitted in Schengen Without Further Delay - Scheng... Romania 5mos
Bulgaria decides to end Ukrainian grain import ban 5mos
Ukraine Thanks Bulgaria For Not Extending Food-Export Restrictions Ukraine 5mos