Latest stories about Cuba

Elián González poised to be top Cuban lawmaker decades after Florida deportation 11h
Cuba ministers express willingness to engage with ‘legitimate’ creditors 1d
Elian Gonzalez set to become Cuban lawmaker 1d
Guantanamo detainee freed to Belize after 20 years in captivity US Belize 5d
2 Cuban sisters' 4,200-mile journey to the US and a new life US Nicaragua 1w
Opinion | Cuba Takes Aim at Peru Peru 1w
Thousands of Cubans left scrambling after new US asylum policy US 1w
Illegal border crossings plunge among Cubans, Nicaraguans US Nicaragua Mexico Haiti Venezuela 1w
Cuba begins London court battle over unpaid Castro-era debt 1w
Brazilian President Calls for Respect for Venezuela and Cuba Brazil Venezuela 2w
Australian rock lobsters face ‘severe’ competition if return to China market China Australia Vietnam 2w
As independent media blossoms in Cuba, journalists face a crackdown 2w
China’s birthrates are falling amid demographic crisis. It is not alone. China Germany Japan Hungary 3w
US to send delegation for law enforcement talks to Cuba US 3w
US delegation is going to Cuba to discuss law enforcement US 3w
Ana Montes: How Cuban spy used incredible memory to betray US US 4w
Ana Montes: Former top spy says she will live in Puerto Rico 4w
Ana Montes was released after twenty years: the story of one of the best known spies of the Col... US 4w
Ana Belén Montes, in the secret service of Fidel Castro 4w

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‘Queen of Cuba’ spy released from US jail US 4w
She spied for Cuba for years from inside the US government. She’s walked free US 4w
American convicted of spying for Cuba freed from US federal prison after 20 years US 4w
Cold War spy among ‘most damaging’ ever found is released after 20 years in US prison US 1mo
'Very deadly' double agent Ana Montes who spied for Cuba is freed after 20 years in jail 1mo
Florida governor takes immigration swipe at Biden 1mo
Florida activates national guard as Cuban arrivals seek refuge US 1mo
Why have record numbers of people been leaving Cuba? US Mexico 1mo
Facing pressure over border crossings, Biden steps up migrant expulsions US Nicaragua Haiti 1mo
US removes Cuban migrants from remote Florida islands US 1mo
US restricts migrants from Cuba, Nicaragua and Haiti – DW – 01/05/2023 US Nicaragua Haiti 1mo
US will begin expelling Cubans, Haitians and Venezuelans who cross border illegally US Nicaragua Haiti Venezuela 1mo
Cuban migrants flow into Florida Keys, overwhelm officials 1mo
US embassy in Cuba resumes full immigrant visa services US 1mo
US restarts Cuba visa service after 'Havana syndrome' scare – DW – 01/04/2023 US 1mo
See: Cuban migrants saved on rowing boat 1mo
US reopening visa and consular services at embassy in Cuba US 1mo
US reopening visa and consular services at embassy in Cuba US 1mo
Cuba: the total deliverance of American immigration visas resumes at the Havana Embassy US 1mo
She spied for Cuba for years from inside the US government. Now she’s about to walk free US 1mo
Influx of Cuban migrants shuts down national park in Florida 1mo
She spied for Cuba for years from inside the US government. She’s about to walk free US 1mo
Human Rights Watch: Ten good changes for children in 2022, including veto for Lex Czarnek Yemen Poland Mauritius Zambia 1mo
Migrant influx from Cuba forces Florida national park to close US 1mo
Cuba: Women boxers allowed to compete after rule change 1mo
Florida islands face ‘crisis’ as nearly 500 asylum seekers arrive US 1mo
‘Crisis’ as at least 500 migrants arrive in Florida Keys 1mo
ECHR receives complaints from Cuban, Syrian, Iraqi citizens against Lithuania Syria Iraq Lithuania 1mo
'Cuba is depopulating': Largest exodus yet, with no end in sight, threatens country 1mo
US to let MLB stars play for Cuba in World Baseball Classic US 1mo
Crocodile dies after chewing on electric wire after being ‘attracted’ to it 1mo
Dagoberto Valdes: Communism in Cuba is dying China 1mo
Putin says Russia ready to negotiate over Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1mo
Yoani Sánchez: Cuban youth learned that the fate of the nation must not be given to one man 1mo
Yoani Sanchez: I stay in Cuba, against the dictatorship 1mo
Sixty years on from the Cuban missile crisis, the US has learned its lessons – but Putin has no... US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Indian rupee goes global, the likes of Cuba, Sudan want to follow suit India Sudan 1mo
Cuban families seek answers on relatives thought lost at sea 1mo
Mark Cuban renews scrutiny of Musk’s Twitter plans by calling out ‘downvote’ proposal 1mo
Cuban curiosity: Raft with US flag caught in plain view US 1mo
Democratic lawmakers visit Havana, meet with Cuban president US 1mo
‘Cuba Is Depopulating’: Largest Exodus Yet Threatens Country’s Future US 1mo
Cuba gets $100M from China to help survive economic crisis | TRT World China 2mos
What future for Cuba without castrism? 2mos
Human rights groups criticize Cuba’s new criminal code 2mos
Cuba says its allies have pledged help to end its economic crisis China Russia Turkey Algeria 2mos
Cuba calls migrant boat crash an accident, denies ramming 2mos
Cuba wins China debt relief, new funds China 2mos
Cuba wins China debt relief after leaders’ Beijing meeting China 2mos
The hedonistic drink that’s transforming the fortunes of communist Cuba 2mos
China Pledges $100 Million to Cuba, Discusses New Debt Terms, Says Minister China 2mos
Xi Jinping pledges support for Cuba on 'core interests' China 2mos
Cuban opposition calls on voters to skip upcoming local elections 2mos
UN rights body condemns bloody Iran crackdown on protests, establishes probe China Iran Pakistan Armenia Venezuela Eritrea 2mos
Türkiye, Cuba sign 6 agreements, vow to enhance cooperation  2mos
Erdoğan, Cuban counterpart meet in Ankara for talks 2mos
Cuban leader to hold talks with Erdoğan in Ankara 2mos
Cuba stands with Moscow against shared enemy as president meets Vladimir Putin Russia 2mos
World Cup 2022: Harry Maguire a man renewed – but not quite redeemed 2mos
Cold War echoes as Vladimir Putin looks to take control of the Arctic Russia 2mos
Evoking Castro, Putin and Cuban leader pledge to deepen ties US Russia 2mos
Cuban president blames US, NATO for Ukraine conflict US Ukraine 2mos
Pablo Milanés, legendary Cuban singer-songwriter, dies aged 79 2mos
Cuban leader to hold talks with Erdoğan in Türkiye on Wednesday 2mos
Pablo Milanés: Cuban music legend dies aged 79 2mos
Death of the Cuban singer Pablo Milanés 2mos
Colombia and Eln-Guerilla are back at the negotiating table Norway Colombia Venezuela 2mos
Cuba’s leader to visit China as island battles struggling economy, energy woes China 2mos
Swimming with bull sharks: Cuba's underwater tourism bet 2mos
Cuba hopes to attract visitors with shark tourism efforts 2mos
Families of jailed Cuban protesters blocked from meeting US officials US 2mos
Putin to meet Cuban president next week in Moscow - Kremlin Russia 2mos
Turkish Karpowership’s 7th floating power ship to help enlighten Cuba Turkey 2mos
Turkish Karpowership’s 7th electric-generating ship arrives in Cuba Turkey 2mos
Canada asked to hit Cuba with sanctions for repressing thousands after major protests Canada 2mos
Cuba welcomes gay rights as progressive family code takes hold 2mos
Photos: Climate change puts Cuba’s agriculture under threat 2mos
Is the Collapse of Cuban Rum on the Horizon? 2mos
Droughts, rising sea levels, Cuba's agriculture under threat 2mos
Droughts, rising sea levels, Cuba's agriculture under threat 2mos
Cuba agrees to accept U.S. deportation flights as border crossings rise US 2mos