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Albania shakes off hybrid regime label in global democracy index 4d
Hundreds of Children Seeking Asylum in U.K. Are Missing 1w
200 asylum-seeking children missing from U.K. care, sparking outrage UK 1w
Hundreds of children seeking asylum disappear in U.K. UK 2w
Former high-level FBI official charged in alleged schemes to help sanctioned Russian oligarch a... Russia 2w
Kosovo police opens fire on Serbs Kosovo 2w
Albanian PM to EU Parliament: ‘Karma is a bitch’ 2w
Albania protests at migration ‘slur’ in Robert Jenrick video on deportations UK 3w
Robert Jenrick accused of ‘lynching’ Albania 3w
Albanian government accuses Tory minister of ‘verbally lynching’ country 3w
Two thirds of tagged Albanian migrants have cut them off or tampered with them 3w
Albania, two strong earthquake shocks: the epicenter near Tirana, fear in the night 3w
Albanian migrants abandon small boat crossings UK 3w
Two Serbian boys were wounded in Gotovusa while carrying a Serbian Christmas tree; shot by an A... Servia 1mo
Two Kosovo Serb youths wounded in drive-by shooting by ethnic Albanian Kosovo Serbia 1mo
Belgrade comments on origins of Kosovo ideology Kosovo Servia 1mo
Greek prime minister hails Albania's EU integration steps Greece 1mo
Greek prime minister hails Albania's EU integration steps Greece 1mo
Albania's army buys 3 Turkish Bayraktar TB2 UAVs Russia Turkey 1mo

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Albania becomes 27th buyer of Turkish pioneering Bayraktar drones Turkey 1mo
Kosovo wants Turkish attack drones – official Turkey Kosovo Serbia 1mo
Albania signs deal to acquire three Turkish Bayraktar drones Turkey 1mo
Greek woodcutters give energy crisis the chop Greece 1mo
Serbia invokes UN resolution on Kosovo US Kosovo Serbia 1mo
Albanian court jails Iranian man for 10 years over terrorism Iran 1mo
London's plan against illegal immigration UK 1mo
Kosovo applies for EU membership Kosovo Servia 1mo
Great Britain: Agreement with Albania is supposed to prevent illegal migration Great Britain 1mo
Rishi Sunak tells MPs he will clear asylum backlog by end of 2023 1mo
UK announces new migrants deal with Albania UK 1mo
Albanian extremists plotting ‘provocations’ in Kosovo – Serbia Kosovo Serbia 1mo
The last of Albania's 'sworn virgins' 1mo
Watch brown bear walk free after 20 years of being caged in a restaurant 1mo
Labour pledges to fast-track Albania asylum claims 1mo
Labour would fast-track asylum cases from ‘safe’ countries to clear backlog 1mo
Special police ‘occupy’ Kosovo city – Serbia Kosovo Serbia 1mo
Behind bars no longer — Charity rescues Albania's last restaurant bear Austria 2mos
An end to the practice of 'restaurant bears' in Albania Austria 2mos
Behind bars no longer, Albania's last restaurant bear 2mos
Albania's last captive bear rescued to Austrian sanctuary Austria 2mos
Albanian children facing racist bullying due to UK asylum row, says envoy UK 2mos
Albanian children ‘bullied in UK schools’ amid small boats row UK 2mos
EU-Western Balkans summit: Accession 'is a two-way street' – DW – 12/06/2022 2mos
Albanian opposition leader punched in face as he marches to protest 2mos
Summit in Tirana: Why the EU is now showing its interest in the Western Balkans Russia 2mos
EU and Western Balkans boost partnership amid Ukraine war Russia Ukraine 2mos
Albanian opposition leader attacked during anti-government protest 2mos
Albanian opposition leader attacked during anti-govt protest 2mos
Albanian opposition leader attacked during anti-govt protest 2mos
EU, Western Balkans States Gather For Summit In Tirana Russia Ukraine 2mos
Balkan leaders to call for EU accession acceleration 2mos
EU courts Western Balkans as Russia, China shadows loom China Russia 2mos
EU, Western Balkans leaders to discuss integration and migration China Russia 2mos
Ukraine Is Putin’s ‘Tool’ to Put Europe on its Knees, Albanian Premier Says US Russia Ukraine Indonesia 2mos
Enlargement On The Agenda As EU Prepares Western Balkans Summit 2mos
Almost fifth of lone Albanian child refugees in Kent missing, says council 2mos
Channel crossings: Dozens of Albanian child migrants go missing 2mos
Albanian who smuggled himself into Britain served lunch to Queen UK England 2mos
German president hails Albania's pro-European stand Germany 2mos
Albanian IT staff charged with negligence over cyberattack Iran 2mos
Dua Lipa awarded Albanian citizenship on country’s independence day UK 2mos
Dua Lipa has been granted Albanian citizenship 2mos
Dua Lipa is granted Albanian citizenship 2mos
Tory MPs call for immediate return of Albanian asylum seekers 2mos
Pop star Dua Lipa made an Albanian citizen for 'making Albanians famous throughout the world' 2mos
Sunak faces fresh revolt from Tory MPs over small boats as No 10 hints at climbdown over onshor... UK 2mos
Pop star Dua Lipa granted Albanian citizenship UK 2mos
Journey of an Albanian migrant: ‘I thought I was saving my daughter — I nearly drowned her’ Scotland 2mos
Music superstar Dua Lipa granted Albanian citizenship UK 2mos
Nearly half a ton of cocaine seized in Albania, 10 arrested Montenegro 2mos
Weather tracker: heavy rain and severe flooding hit the Balkans 2mos
Albanian migrant: 'I wish I'd never tried to enter the UK illegally' UK 2mos
Albania orders extradition of fugitive crypto boss to Türkiye Turkey 2mos
Albania: Wrong for Britain to blame Tirana on migrants UK 2mos
North Macedonia, Albania Agree To Continue Cooperation On Path To EU Membership Macedonia 2mos
Photos: Anti-government protests grip Albania 2mos
Edi Rama: Albanian PM who’s Blair’s buddy and blames Brexit for migrant exodus 2mos
Anti-government protest held in Albania over rising costs 2mos
How Albania Ended Up in Iran’s Cyber Crosshairs US Iran 2mos
Albanians wait in cheap B&Bs while middlemen sort crossing UK 2mos
Documents dropped in Dunkirk dirt reveal a mother and daughter’s journey from Albania to UK France UK 3mos
The number of Albanian boat migrants explodes - and is exciting Great Britain UK Great Britain 3mos
Albanian migrants among dozens of refugees housed in luxury hotel 3mos
Channel crossings: Albanian migrants recruited to the UK by gangs UK 3mos
Albania’s PM slams UK for ‘discrimination’ after migrant remarks UK 3mos
Don't blame us for UK border problems, says Albanian PM UK 3mos
This winter's most exciting ski destination: Albania's Accursed Mountains - Financial Times 3mos
Britain is targeting Albanians to excuse policy failures, says country’s PM UK 3mos
Albania criticises UK’s lack of cooperation over Channel crossings UK 3mos
Türkiye, Albania to sign deals at upcoming meeting 3mos
'There's a war being waged': Inside the battle to save one of Europe's oldest lakes Macedonia 3mos
Illegally to Great Britain: Every third migrant comes from Albania France UK Great Britain 3mos
Sam Kerr scores four in Chelsea's Champions League demolition Australia 3mos
In Israel, Albanian PM to meet cyber chief after Iran hack Iran Israel 3mos
In Israel, Albanian PM to meet cyber chief after Iran hack Iran Israel 3mos
Albanian PM seeks Israel’s cyber expertise after Iranian attacks Iran Israel 3mos
Saudi security university urges Arab countries to step up fight against cybercrime Iran Saudi Arabia 3mos
Bergamo, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama talks about "vaccine smuggling" with Di Maio during t... 3mos
The skepticism of the Western Balkans in the face of the European political community Russia 3mos
Russia vetoes U.S.-led resolution on Moscow's proclaimed annexations, China abstains China Russia Ukraine 4mos