Albin Kurti

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In Kosovo, four dead in the attack on a Serbian commando Kosovo Serbia Servia 2d
Gunmen in northern Kosovo clash with authorities after ambush, says PM Kosovo 3d
Fighting continues after police officer killed in attack in north Kosovo Kosovo 3d
Kosovan PM Albin Kurti says talks with Serbia have reached dead end - The Guardian US Kosovo Serbia 3d
Kosovan PM Albin Kurti says talks with Serbia have reached dead end - The Guardian US Kosovo Serbia 3d
Kosovan PM Albin Kurti says talks with Serbia have reached dead end Serbia 3d
Police officer shot in the Serbian north of Kosovo Kosovo Servia 3d
Kosovo PM Says 'Criminal And Terrorist Act' Kills Police Officer In Mostly Serb North Kosovo Serbia 3d
U.S. Urges Kosovo, Serbia To 'Fully Implement' Obligations After Talks Fail US Kosovo Serbia Servia 6d
Kosovo's Kurti Accuses EU Envoy Of Siding With Serbia Kosovo Serbia 1w
Serbian president responds to ‘suffer and pay’ Kosovo threat Kosovo Servia 1w
Kosovar PM Welcomes European, U.S. Lawmakers' Warning Against 'Belgrade-Centered Policy' US 1mo
Kosovo to hold snap polls in Serb-majority municipalities Kosovo 2mos
Kosovo Buys Turkish Bayraktar Drones Turkey Kosovo 2mos
Kosovo coincides with Turkish battle drones of the Bayraktar type Turkey Kosovo 2mos
Brawl erupts in parliament as opposition politician throws water on Kosovo prime minister durin... Kosovo 2mos
Brawl erupts in Kosovo parliament after minister throws water at prime minister Kosovo Albania 2mos
Watch: Drink thrown as brawl breaks out in Kosovo parliament Kosovo 2mos
Kosovo's PM gets doused with water, inciting a brawl in parliament Kosovo 2mos

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Mass brawl breaks out in Kosovo parliament over Pinocchio picture and water toss Kosovo 2mos
Brawl erupts in Kosovo parliament after water thrown at PM Kosovo 2mos
UAE to fund over $27m to establish new children’s hospital in Kosovo Kosovo UAE 2mos
EU Envoy Says Pristina Must Take Steps To De-Escalate Tensions Before Sanctions Will Be Eased Kosovo Serbia 2mos
Kosovo PM planning new attack on Serbs – Vucic Ukraine Kosovo Serbia 2mos
In Kosovo, Prime Minister Albin Kurti, accused of authoritarian drift Kosovo 2mos
Kurti, Vucic To Meet Separately With Borrell In Brussels Servia 3mos
How Kosovo’s prime minister became America’s ardent frenemy US Kosovo 3mos
Saudi Arabia, Kosovo offcials discuss ways to boost economic relations Saudi Arabia Kosovo 3mos
EU's Borrell Invites Kosovo, Serbia To Brussels For Crisis Meeting Kosovo Serbia Servia 3mos
Kurti Says Kosovo Tightened Border Controls After Three Kosovar Police 'Kidnapped' Kosovo Serbia Servia 3mos
EU to get tougher on Kosovo as tensions flare Kosovo 3mos
Plan To Defuse Tensions In Northern Kosovo Presented As Arrest Made In Clash With Peacekeepers Kosovo 3mos
Albin Kurti, the inflexible Prime Minister of Kosovo Kosovo Servia 3mos
EU, U.S. Diplomats Urge Kosovo To Hold New Elections Amid Tensions In North US Kosovo Serbia 3mos
After unrest: Osze calls for de -escalation in Kosovo Kosovo 3mos
Kosovo PM Kurti hints at new mayoral vote amid tensions – DW – 06/02/2023 Kosovo 3mos
Kosovo crisis: France, Germany call for new elections – DW – 06/01/2023 Germany France Kosovo Serbia Albania 3mos
Kosovo Prime Minister Kurti on recent violence and his rebuke from Washington Kosovo 3mos
Kosovo crisis: US urges Belgrade, Pristina to de-escalate – DW – 06/01/2023 US Kosovo Serbia Albania 3mos
President Erdoğan discusses Kosovo with Serbian, Kosovar leaders Kosovo Servia 3mos
‘Overreaction’: Kosovo leader blasts US response to violent unrest US Kosovo Serbia 3mos
Kosovo’s under-fire PM said he would consider early elections in north if violence ends US Kosovo Albania 3mos
Kurti and Vucic argue on the hump of the Kosovo heirs Kosovo Servia 3mos
Kurti and Vucic argue on the hump of the Kosovo heirs Kosovo Servia 3mos
Ethnic Serb Leaders Slam Swearing-In Of Mayor Elected During Boycotted Vote Kosovo Serbia 4mos
Right-Wing Serbian Parties Protest Agreement With Kosovo On Anniversary Of NATO Bombing Campaig... Kosovo Servia 6mos
EU Envoy Says Agreement Reached By Leaders Of Kosovo, Serbia Is Turning Point On Road To Normal... Kosovo Serbia Servia 6mos
Leaders Of Serbia And Kosovo Meet In Key EU-Mediated Talks Kosovo Serbia Servia 6mos
The Interview - Kosovo's PM 'very optimistic' that agreement with Serbia could happen this year France Kosovo Serbia Servia 7mos
Albin Kurti: "The international community should put more pressure on Serbia" Kosovo Serbia 7mos
Kosovar PM Calls On West Not To Exert Pressure Over Serb Entity Kosovo Serbia 7mos
President Erdoğan, PM Kurti discuss Türkiye-Kosovo ties 7mos
Kurti Resisting Western Proposal Even Though It Could Cost Kosovo Critical Support Kosovo Serbia 7mos
Kosovo PM would welcome more Swiss soldiers Kosovo Switzerland 8mos
Kosovo PM trying to become ‘new Zelensky’ – Vucic Kosovo Servia 8mos
Albin Kurti: Can Kosovo bond with its ethnic Serbs? Kosovo 8mos
Kosovo's Kurti wants more NATO troops amid Serbia tensions – DW – 01/01/2023 Germany Kosovo Serbia 8mos
Kosovo Needs Stronger NATO Security Presence, Prime Minister Says Kosovo Serbia 8mos
Kosovo PM says Russia is inflaming Serbia tensions as Ukraine war falters Russia Ukraine Kosovo Serbia 9mos
Kosovo formally applies for EU membership Kosovo 9mos
Kosovo formally applies for EU membership – DW – 12/15/2022 Kosovo 9mos
In Kosovo, the Prime Minister's tension strategy Kosovo Servia 9mos
Kosovo's Prime Minister Kurti: "Will submit our EU application for accession in December" Kosovo Servia 9mos
Kosovo PM Says 'Time For Big Steps' In Normalization Talks With Serbia Kosovo Serbia 10mos
Kosovo pauses controversial Serbian car plate scheme for 2 days Kosovo Servia 10mos
Kosovo Postpones Imposition Of License Plate Fines For 48 Hours Kosovo Serbia 10mos
Serbian, Kosovar Leaders To Hold 'Urgent' Talks In Brussels Amid Rising Tensions Kosovo Servia 10mos
Consequences of Russian aggression go well beyond Ukraine Russia Ukraine Kosovo Estonia 10mos
Kosovo PM ready for dialogue with Serbian President – DW – 11/11/2022 Kosovo Servia 10mos
EU-mediated talks fail to settle tensions between Serbia, Kosovo Kosovo Serbia Servia 1yr
Kosovo PM says tensions with Serbs in north could escalate, warns of possible new conflict Kosovo Serbia 1yr
Kosovo police patrol attacked in volatile north China Russia Kosovo Serbia Albania Servia 1yr
Kosovo to Apply for EU Membership by End of 2022 - Exit - Explaining Albania Germany Greece Macedonia Kosovo Serbia Albania 1yr
Albin Kurti: "Russia could expand his war in the Balkans" Russia Kosovo Serbia 1yr
Kosovo to Host 20 Ukrainian Journalists Fleeing Russian Invasion - Exit - Explaining Albania Russia Ukraine Kosovo Albania 1yr
Ukraine is a ‘Sarajevo in the making’, warns Kosovo’s PM Russia Ukraine Kosovo 1yr
Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia and UAE are ‘terrorist actions’: Kosovo PM Saudi Arabia Kosovo UAE 1yr
Serbia's Foreign Minister Signals Dead End On Kosovo Talks Kosovo Serbia Servia 1yr
Albanian Prime Minister Says He Would Vote For Unification with Kosovo - Exit - Explaining Alba... Kosovo Albania 1yr
Despite Lack Of Progress In Talks, Kosovo's Kurti Sees 'Shift For Good' With Serbia Kosovo Serbia 1yr
Serbia 'threatening third Balkan war', warns Kosovan prime minister Germany Serbia 1yr
Kosovo’s PM meets Saudi Islamic affairs minister, thanks KSA for support and aid Saudi Arabia Kosovo 1yr
Kosovo Holds Municipal Elections Amid COVID-19 Surge, Ethnic Tensions Kosovo 1yr
Voters In Kosovo Head To The Polls In Municipal Elections Amid Pandemic, Ethnic Tensions Kosovo 1yr
PM Albin Kurti: Will US troops retreat from Kosovo too? US Kosovo 2yrs
Kosovar Gold Medalist Judokas Get Rapturous Welcome After Returning From Olympics 2yrs
Leaders of Serbia and Kosovo fail to make progress in normalisation dialogue Kosovo Serbia Servia 2yrs
Kurti Says Kosovo Will Not Open Dialogue With Serbia Next Month Kosovo Serbia Servia 2yrs
Two Bodies in Serbia’s Mass Grave Confirmed as Kosovo War Victims - Exit - Explaining Albania Kosovo Serbia Albania 2yrs
Kosovo Opposition Accuses PM Of Stoking Instability Kosovo 2yrs
Kosovo’s Prime Minister Becomes Nation's First Person To Receive COVID-19 Vaccine Kosovo 2yrs
After a year back in office: Albin Kurti is head for the second time by Kosovo Kosovo 2yrs
I would vote to unify Albania and Kosovo, says election winner Kurti Kosovo Albania 2yrs
The opposition wins the elections in Kosovo. Its leader wants the country to connect with Alban... Kosovo Albania 2yrs
Albin Kurti: Warlord days are over, says Kosovo’s landslide winner Kosovo 2yrs
The landslide victory of the left-wing nationalist Albin Kurti is fueling great expectations in... Kosovo 2yrs
Kurti's triumph in Kosovo: "We will also make mistakes, but our goals are noble" Kosovo 2yrs
In Kosovo, a big victory for an anti-corruption coalition Kosovo 2yrs
Elections in Kosovo: According to polls, left clearly prevails Kosovo 2yrs
Kosovar Leaders Cast Votes In Snap Election Kosovo 2yrs