Josep Borrell

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Belarusian Opposition Marks National Freedom Day In Exile Belarus 5h
Russia-China Partnership Has Limits, EU's Borrell Says China Russia Ukraine 1d
EU's top diplomat hails deal on artillery shells for Ukraine Russia Ukraine 5d
Serbia, Kosovo agree on how to implement EU plan, envoy says Macedonia Kosovo Serbia 6d
Serbia and Kosovo normalize their relationships Kosovo Serbia 6d
EU says Serbia, Kosovo stop short of deal to normalize ties – DW – 03/19/2023 Kosovo Serbia 6d
Serbia and Kosovo: "We have a deal" Kosovo Serbia 6d
War in Ukraine, live: the arrest warrant against Vladimir Putin is "justified" according to Joe... Ukraine 1w
War in Ukraine, live: the arrest warrant against Putin is "an important decision", according to... Russia Ukraine 1w
War in Ukraine, live: the ICC arrest warrant against Putin is "an important decision", accordin... Russia Ukraine 1w
Israel blocks EU’s foreign chief from visiting over critical comments Israel 1w
Official: EU foreign policy chief unwelcome in Israel Israel 1w
EU seeks closer energy ties with Algeria Algeria 1w
Ukraine War: EU wants to deliver 1 million artillery granades Ukraine 1w
EU arms deliveries: one million grenades for Ukraine Ukraine 1w
EU has almost exhausted options to punish Russia – Borrell Russia Ukraine 2w
EU top diplomat comments on Russia’s G20 membership Russia 3w
Serbia-Kosovo tensions simmer despite leaders' approval of EU plan 3w
Serbia, Kosovo accept EU proposal to normalize long-tense ties Kosovo Serbia 3w

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Serbia, Kosovo Agree No More Talks Needed On EU Plan To Normalize Relations Kosovo Serbia 3w
Serbia and Kosovo accept EU proposal to normalize ties – DW – 02/28/2023 Kosovo Serbia 3w
Borrell Says EU Must Ramp Up Support For Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1mo
EU Foreign Ministers' Meeting: How does Ukraine get ammunition? Ukraine Estonia 1mo
EU’s Borrell outlines ‘red line’ for China China Russia 1mo
'Most Urgent Issue': Borrell Urges EU To Boost Ammunition Output To Help Ukraine Fight Russia Russia Ukraine 1mo
Russia-Ukraine war: foreign ministers to meet on EU-wide ammunition deal after call for urgent... 1mo
EU is in ‘urgent war mode’ – top diplomat Ukraine 1mo
MSC 2023 closes with European security architecture focus – DW – 02/19/2023 1mo
Live: West must provide more military support to Ukraine, says EU's Josep Borrell Ukraine 1mo
Facing pressure over Ukraine, China’s top diplomat calls for closer EU ties China Russia Ukraine 1mo
NATO, EU, Ukraine to hold first trilateral meeting Ukraine 1mo
Keeping EU unity over the war 'has not always been easy,' says Borrell Russia 1mo
Saudi FM meets EU foreign policy chief Iran Saudi Arabia 1mo
Talking Europe - Travelogue: From Brussels to Kyiv, European diplomacy stands the test of war 1mo
EU steps up disinformation fight as threats to staff abroad rise China Russia 1mo
Ban on Russian media protects ‘freedom of expression’ – Borrell  Russia 1mo
World powers rush to offer Turkiye, Syria aid over quake US Syria 1mo
War in Ukraine live: Zelensky believes that kyiv "deserves to start this year the start of nego... Ukraine 1mo
War in Ukraine live: on the eve of an UE-Ukraine summit in kyiv, Brussels announces new militar... Ukraine 1mo
Top EU diplomat speaks out on fighter jets for Ukraine – media Ukraine 1mo
Josep Borrell: "Wagner in Africa has become the Praetorian Guard of Military Dictatorships" Russia South Africa Ukraine Botswana 1mo
EU's Borrell hopes South Africa can convince Russia to stop Ukraine war Russia South Africa Ukraine 1mo
EU Says It Cannot Brand Iran's IRGC As A Terror Group Before Court Ruling First Iran 2mos
EU energy crisis no longer affected by Russia-Ukraine tensions – Borrell Ukraine 2mos
Russia ‘fights to the end’ – Borrell Russia Ukraine 2mos
EU Slams Russia's Comparison of West's Ukraine Policy to the Holocaust - The Moscow Times Russia Ukraine 2mos
Iran warns EU not to list Revolutionary Guards as terrorist entity Iran 2mos
The EU tries to relaunch its partnership with Morocco in a delicate political context Morocco 2mos
In Rabat, Josep Borrell displays his firmness on the "Qatargate" 2mos
Josep Borrell: "Liberty has a price!" 2mos
Iranian, EU nuclear negotiators meet in Jordan — Iranian media Iran Jordan 3mos
No consensus in EU over Ukraine tribunal – top diplomat Ukraine 3mos
EU steps up sanctions on Iran over protest crackdown Iran Russia Ukraine 3mos
Josep Borrell calls EU parliament's Qatar scandal 'very, very worrisome' - Financial Times Qatar 3mos
New EU sanctions on Russia not ready – Borrell Russia 3mos
EU lacks ‘critical defense capabilities’ – Borrell 3mos
EU, UN call for probe into point-blank shooting of Palestinian Israel Palestine 3mos
EU's Borrell Says Russia Must Pay For Ukraine Reconstruction Russia Ukraine 3mos
EU-Med forum: South needs investment, immigration policies Russia Ukraine 4mos
EU slams Kosovo, Serbia over car plates dispute, as fears of violence grow Kosovo Serbia 4mos
Dispute over license plates: Borrell warns of violence in Nordkosovo Kosovo Serbia 4mos
Dispute over license plates: Borrell warns of violence in Nordkosovo Kosovo Serbia 4mos
EU must offer alternative to Russia and China, Borrell says China Russia Ukraine 4mos
In Brussels, the possible appointment of Luigi di Maio in European diplomacy creates waves Italy 4mos
Selection of EU special representative to the Gulf: Risky business for the EU's High Representa... 4mos
Borrell’s ideas deepen EU divisions – Moscow Russia 4mos
EU Defence Ministers met in Brussels Russia Ukraine Czech Republic 4mos
The heads of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the EU deb... Russia Ukraine 4mos
The ‘garden versus jungle’ worldview of the EU’s top diplomat is not only racist, it’s delusion... 4mos
EU’s road and rail infrastructure must be revised for military purposes – Borrell 4mos
EU compares dependency on Russia and China China Russia 4mos
Putin can’t occupy Ukraine, so he seeks to destroy it, EU diplomacy chief says Russia Ukraine 4mos
Iranian Foreign Minister Plans EU, IAEA Talks On Nuclear Issues Iran 4mos
Top EU diplomat apologizes for ‘jungle’ remarks 5mos
EU top diplomat denies 'jungle' remark was racist – DW – 10/19/2022 5mos
UAE summons EU mission head to explain Borrell comments it says were racist UAE United Arab Emirates 5mos
UAE rejects ‘racist’ remarks by EU foreign policy chief, summons diplomat Belgium 5mos
Borrell’s statements insult rest of world: AK Party spox 5mos
UAE furious over EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell’s ‘jungle’ remarks 5mos
UAE Rejects 'Racist Statement' by EU's Josep Borrell -State News Agency UAE 5mos
China competition swamps all other EU relations with Beijing, top diplomat says China 5mos
EU sends monitors to Russian ally Russia Armenia Azerbaijan 5mos
Josep Borrell as Europe’s racist ‘gardener’ 5mos
Top EU diplomat talks on future financial aid for Ukraine Ukraine 5mos
Brussels Seeks Hard Evidence Of Iranian Involvement In Ukraine War, Says EU's Top Diplomat Iran Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russia's army would be 'annihilated' by the West if Putin uses a nuke in Ukraine, senior EU off... Russia Ukraine 5mos
EU concerned over UN vote on Ukraine – Borrell Ukraine 5mos
Top EU diplomat calls most of the world ‘jungle’ 5mos
European Union: the invigorating lesson in geopolitics of Josep Borrell 5mos
EU warns Russian army will be ‘annihilated’ if Putin uses nuclear weapon on Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 5mos
Russian army will be 'annihilated' if Putin nukes Ukraine: EU foreign policy chief Borrell Russia Ukraine 5mos
Borrell keeps his diplomat a stand-he is looking for a new role for "EU exposure service" frust... 5mos
EU Geopolitical Muse Explains The Biggest Threat To The West And Democracy Ukraine Hungary 5mos
EU 'did not believe' US warnings over Russia's invasion, says Josep Borrell US Russia Ukraine 5mos
EU foreign policy chief says diplomats are slow, ineffective and patronising Ukraine 5mos
Josep Borrell wants to see the diplomacy of the EU adapting to "a world of radical uncertainty" 5mos
Europe did not think Russia would invade Ukraine, admits top EU diplomat Russia Ukraine 5mos
EU Ambassadors Annual Conference 2022: Opening speech by High Representative Josep Borrell | EE... 5mos
EU prosperity based on China and Russia – Borrell China Russia 5mos
EU condemns 'barbaric' Russian missile attacks, warns Belarus Russia Ukraine Belarus 5mos