Wang Yi

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China says Asean cooperation shouldn’t be ‘hollowed out’ in swipe at US China US 6h
China and the US step up their tug of war for Southeast Asian allies China US 5d
China states that the Taliban are "a crucial political and military force in Afghanistan" China Afghanistan 6d
China Urges Afghan Taliban to Cut Ties with All Terrorists China Afghanistan Qatar 6d
Relations with Asean are China’s priority, says foreign minister China 1w
China-Taliban ties warming ahead of US withdrawal China US Afghanistan 1w
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi meets with Afghan Taliban delegation in Tianjin China Afghanistan 1w
China seeks Taliban promise to wage war on Uighur fighters in Afghanistan China Afghanistan 1w
Video: China’s Foreign Minister Meets With the Taliban China US Afghanistan 1w
China discusses security with Taliban following concerns of instability in Afghanistan after US... China US Afghanistan 1w
Taliban leader visits China for talks with Foreign Minister Wang Yi China Afghanistan 1w
Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister lays out China's bottom line at talks with Sherman China US 1w
Beijing tightens the tone towards Washington China US 1w
China reaches out to Europe, telling Finland ‘we’re partners, not rivals’ China Finland 1w
China promises US a ‘tutorial’ in treating countries equally China US 1w
China keen to step up in Mideast as US shifts focus to Indo-Pacific China US Syria Egypt Algeria 1w
China seeks Portugal’s backing in opposing politicising of Covid-19 probe China Portugal 1w
China says Syria needs end to US sanctions, not a colour revolution China US Syria 2w
Senior U.S. diplomat to travel to China in highest-level visit under Biden China US 2w

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Senior U.S. diplomat to visit China for highest-level meeting in months China US 2w
Senior US official Wendy Sherman to meet China’s Wang Yi in Tianjin China US 2w
Afghanistan puts China’s vision of SCO to the test China Afghanistan 2w
China urges US not to dump Afghan ‘burden’ on neighbours China US Afghanistan 3w
China demands answers: was Pakistan bus blast a terror attack? China Pakistan 3w
China senior diplomat urges Pakistan to investigate bus blast China Pakistan 3w
China offers to host talks between Afghan government and Taliban China Afghanistan 3w
China Cautiously Eyes New Regional Leadership Role As Afghanistan Fighting Intensifies China Afghanistan 3w
Afghanistan security casts a shadow over Wang Yi’s visit to Central Asia China Afghanistan Tajikistan Turkmenistan 3w
Russia relationship better than an alliance, Chinese foreign minister says China Russia 3w
China looks for ways to fill Afghan void without overcommitting China Afghanistan 3w
China and EU must repair ties and ‘eliminate interference’: Beijing China 3w
China seeks Pakistani help in stabilising Afghanistan after US pull-out China US Pakistan Afghanistan 4w
China blasts U.S. as source of Afghanistan's problems amid troop drawdown China US Afghanistan 4w
China calls for 'Great Wall of Immunity' and pledges to make its vaccines cheaper China South Africa 1mo
China’s foreign minister calls for international ‘Great Wall of Immunity’ to stop Covid-19 China 1mo
China's foreign minister warns foes not to misjudge China’s will China US 1mo
China urges joint efforts in post-pandemic recovery at G20 despite US agenda China US 1mo
Top U.S. envoy has no plan to meet Chinese foreign minister at G20 meeting China US 1mo
China hits out at US missile plans and calls for nuclear cuts China US Iran 1mo
China opposes foreign interference in Ethiopia's internal affairs: Chinese FM China Ethiopia 1mo
Don’t be led astray by US Indo-Pacific strategy, China tells South Korea China US South Korea 1mo
China woos Asean with diplomatic upgrade in its relationship status China 1mo
Asean looks to China for ‘follow-up’ on stalled Myanmar consensus plan China Myanmar Indonesia 1mo
China pledges joint Covid-19 vaccine production plan with Indonesia China Indonesia 1mo
China, Pakistan, Afghanistan FMs to hold trilateral talks to discuss Afghan peace prospects aft... China US Pakistan Afghanistan 2mos
China hits out at vaccine ‘hoarding’ nations during BRICS talks China 2mos
Covid-19: China stands with India, will provide full support to combat second wave, says FM Wan... China India 2mos
Wang Yi calls on EU to be calm and rational as he meets Irish minister China Ireland 2mos
The head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs visits China. Beijing wants to help "Polish... China Poland 2mos
Four European foreign ministers to head to China as EU ties fray China Ireland Serbia Hungary Poland 2mos
China plays up trade with Britain but seeks respect for sovereignty China UK 2mos
Chinese foreign minister tells Germans ‘you know what genocide looks like’ China 2mos
Wang Yi says EU parliament wrong to tie investment deal to Xinjiang China 2mos
Chinese foreign minister slams EU's 'unacceptable' politicization of trade, warns it ‘will lead... China 2mos
China tells UN Africa needs more support in fighting Covid-19 China 2mos
Chinese FM urges US to 'adjust' stance on Israel-Palestine issue China US 2mos
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi to host UN Security Council open debate on Middle East situati... China 2mos
China Calls For UN Intervention For De-Escalation In Israel-Gaza, Slams US China US 2mos
China says extremism must not be allowed to return to Afghanistan China Afghanistan 2mos
US, China take a less belligerent tone in remarks to UN Security Council China US 2mos
Blinken to join China UN event on global cooperation - Taipei Times China US 3mos
Philippines’ top diplomat apologises for profanity towards China China Philippines 3mos
Top US diplomat Blinken to join China UN event on global cooperation China US 3mos
China says it will help South Asian countries get COVID-19 shots China 3mos
‘Democracy is not Coca-Cola’: Beijing says US shouldn’t assume that representative government ‘... China US 3mos
Senior Chinese diplomat hopes ASEAN summit helps with Myanmar 'soft landing' China Myanmar 3mos
Engage, don’t isolate, Chinese and German foreign ministers urge EU China Germany 3mos
China urges UN to back African peacekeeping efforts China 3mos
China cautions Japan ahead of U.S.-Japan summit China US Japan 3mos
China warns Japan against sanctions over Xinjiang, Hong Kong China Japan 3mos
Chinese foreign minister warns against foreign interference in Myanmar China Myanmar 4mos
Beijing lauds French writer, 79, who disputes Uighur genocide China France 4mos
Malaysian foreign minister clarifies controversial ‘older brother’ remark during China visit China Malaysia 4mos
Why is China interested in the Middle East and Turkey? | Opinion China US Turkey 4mos
Why is China interested in the Middle East and Turkey? | Opinion China US Turkey 4mos
China pleased Asean ‘adopted a non-interference policy towards Myanmar’ China Singapore Myanmar 4mos
China says it will stand with Middle East against foreign interference China 4mos
Will Myanmar be on the agenda as China’s Wang Yi meets his Asean counterparts? China Philippines Singapore Myanmar Malaysia Indonesia 4mos
China to host top-level talks with South Korea as US presses containment strategy China US South Korea 4mos
Beijing courts Southeast Asia in bid to counter diplomatic backlash China 4mos
Bahrain’s leaders hold talks with Chinese foreign minister China Bahrain 4mos
Chinese foreign minister hits out at West on UAE coronavirus diplomacy stop China UAE 4mos
China, UAE FMs agree to enhance cooperation in varied fields China UAE 4mos
Iran-China to sign 25-year cooperation pact: Tehran China US Iran 4mos
China and Iran expected to sign 25-year accord, Iranian state media says China Iran 4mos
China seeks Turkish support for its policies on Xinjiang China Turkey 4mos
Beijing relies on a revival of the atom deal with Tehran China 4mos
China urges US to seek Iran nuclear talks after ‘new developments’ China US Iran 4mos
Turkey raises Uighur issue with China as hundreds protest China Turkey 4mos
Chinese FM discusses bilateral ties with Erdoğan during Ankara visit China 4mos
Uighur Muslims in Turkey stage protest at visit of Chinese foreign minister China Turkey 4mos
Uyghurs in Turkey protest Chinese foreign minister’s visit China Turkey 4mos
Chinese FM received by Erdoğan, discusses bilateral ties in Ankara China 4mos
Uighur Muslims protest in Turkey as Chinese foreign minister visits China Turkey 4mos
As China faces sanctions from the West, it looks to the Middle East China Saudi Arabia 4mos
Wang Yi starts Middle East tour with Iran deal, alliances high on agenda China Iran Saudi Arabia 4mos
Saudi and Chinese foreign ministers discuss relations in Riyadh China Saudi Arabia 4mos
China and Russia oppose a brow common to the West China Russia 4mos
Chinese FM says plans to invite Palestinian, Israeli personalities for talks in China China Israel Syria Yemen Saudi Arabia Palestine 4mos
Biden administration sanctions two Chinese officials for human rights abuses against Uyghurs China US 4mos