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China, Philippines should focus on oil and gas, not maritime dispute: Wang Yi China Philippines 6d
China lays groundwork for deeper ties in Southeast Asia with Wang Yi tour China 1w
China’s Wang Yi visits Philippines promising free Covid-19 vaccines, economic support China Philippines US 1w
Why did China’s foreign minister miss Vietnam off his Southeast Asia tour? China Vietnam 1w
China looks to boost ties with Philippines ahead of Biden inauguration China Philippines 1w
China pledges to help Indonesia in fight against coronavirus China Indonesia 1w
China promises to support Myanmar peace talks with rebel groups China Myanmar 1w
China moves to charm Asia ahead of Biden presidency China Myanmar 1w
China keeps promising its African allies that coronavirus vaccines for the continent are a prio... China 2w
EU should not let others interfere in relations with China, Wang Yi says China 2w
Chinese foreign minister’s trip to Africa still on despite coronavirus China 3w
Covid-19 pandemic 'caused by separate outbreaks' around the world, China was only the first to... China 3w
China senior diplomat says U.S. relations at 'new crossroads' China US 3w
Relations between Russia & China at ‘historic high’ after ‘once-in-century epidemic,’ says Chin... China Russia 3w
China says ‘new window of hope’ is open in relations with US China US 3w
‘We don't need a world where China becomes another US’: Beijing names conditions for improving... China US 3w
Relations between Beijing and Washington are at a "turning point", says Chinese diplomat China 3w
Coronavirus emerged in many places, Chinese foreign minister says China 3w
China's foreign minister wants better ties with Biden administration China US 3w

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China-EU investment deal expected ‘soon’ says Foreign Minister Wang Yi 1mo
China seeks US return to Iran nuclear deal and a lifting of sanctions China US Iran 1mo
China’s foreign minister urges Biden to ‘restart dialogue’ with Beijing China 1mo
Japan revamps website on Senkakus after claim by China's Wang Yi in Tokyo China Japan 1mo
China-Russia ties ‘high on Beijing’s foreign policy agenda’ for 2021 1mo
Time for a reset in US-China relations, says foreign minister Wang Yi China 1mo
China in last drive to court Japan and South Korea before Trump exits stage China US South Korea Japan 1mo
Following criticism, Toshimitsu Motegi rebuffs Chinese counterpart's remarks on Senkakus China 1mo
Japan condemns China’s Diaoyu claim days after Wang Yi’s comments China Japan 1mo
China's charm offensive in Japan and South Korea China US South Korea Japan 1mo
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi calls for stronger ties with South Korea China US South Korea 1mo
Japan calls on China to take ‘positive action’ on Diaoyu dispute in talks China Japan 1mo
China, Japan to resume two-way business travel by month’s end China Japan 2mos
China’s top diplomat to visit Tokyo, Korea amid regional tensions China US South Korea 2mos
China supports European push for ‘strategic autonomy’, Wang Yi says China France 2mos
China to assess new prospects for Japan ties as Wang Yi meets PM Suga China Japan 2mos
China’s foreign minister likely to push trade deal on Tokyo, Seoul trips China South Korea Japan 2mos
China Foreign Minister Wang Yi to focus on resuming travel on Japan visit China Japan 2mos
China counts on Russia in fight against world hegemony - Chinese Foreign Minister China Russia 2mos
China to help pay for pan-African free-trade zone, the world’s largest China 2mos
China’s foreign minister may visit Japan this month: report China Japan 2mos
Saudi, UAE foreign ministers take part in GCC-China dialogue China Saudi Arabia UAE 2mos
Taiwanese Military to Highlight Same-Sex Marriages at Annual Mass Wedding Taiwan 2mos
China calls for more dialogue in Gulf to ease concerns over Iran China Iran 3mos
China says it will deliver on vow to make Covid-19 vaccines a global public good China 3mos
US-led Quad a ‘huge security risk’ to Asia, Chinese foreign minister tells Asean China 3mos
China opens its arms – and wallet – to embattled Thai government China Thailand 3mos
China’s Wang Yi seeks to cast Beijing as Thailand’s ‘big friend’ China Thailand 3mos
China accuses US of ‘stirring up confrontation’ in Asia-Pacific China US 3mos
China warns Asian countries to be vigilant on U.S strategy in region China US 3mos
China’s Wang Yi slams US-led ‘Quad’ as ‘Indo-Pacific Nato’ China India US Australia Japan Malaysia 3mos
What China’s struggles with a Thai railway say about the Belt and Road China Thailand 3mos
China backs Iran nuclear deal, calls for new MidEast forum China Iran 3mos
China Backs Iran Nuclear Deal, Calls For New Middle East Forum China Iran 3mos
China not interested in competing for world leadership, foreign minister says China Philippines 3mos
In Cambodia, China’s Wang Yi set to challenge US pressures China US Cambodia 3mos
Vaccine diplomacy: China, Indonesia to cooperate in fight against Covid-19 China Indonesia 3mos
China-ASEAN senior diplomat visits to strengthen ties amid US discord China US Thailand Singapore Malaysia Cambodia 3mos
China starts diplomatic drive in Southeast Asia China US 3mos
China's foreign minister may visit Japan as early as October China Japan 3mos
Chinese foreign minister may visit Japan in October, news report says China Japan 3mos
Russia eyes East and West border threats, looks to China for closer ties China Russia 4mos
China looks to neighbours amid ‘new threats and challenges’ in the region China US Russia Mongolia 4mos
China’s foreign minister Wang Yi calls for mutual respect in Mongolia visit China Mongolia 4mos
Mongolians protest visit of China diplomat as language dispute simmers China Mongolia 4mos
China's foreign minister suggests America stop meddling in country's affairs: "The U.S. has gon... China US 4mos
US has 'gone too far' interfering in other countries' affairs, Wang Yi says China US Russia 4mos
Chinese foreign minister says US should stop interfering in Beijing’s affairs China US Russia 4mos
India, China reach 5-point consensus on easing border tensions at Jaishankar-Wang meet China India 4mos
China, India agree to disengage troops at disputed border China India 4mos
China, India foreign ministers agree to ease border tensions China India 4mos
China’s Wang Yi calls US ‘biggest driver’ of South China Sea militarisation China US 4mos
U.S. becoming driver of militarization in South China Sea, senior China diplomat says China US 4mos
China slams US ‘bullying’ of tech firms, unveils data security initiative China US 4mos
Chinese foreign minister sees only limited gains from European trip China US 4mos
European tour tests Chinese foreign minister's pulling power China 4mos
Germany urges Hong Kong national security law withdrawal, seeks Xinjiang access China Germany 4mos
China's foreign minister in Berlin: an offer that is easy to refuse China 4mos
Germany presses China over Hong Kong security law, Uighurs China Germany 4mos
Not all in Europe are convinced by US’ anti-China call to arms China US 4mos
China says Czech senate president ‘will pay heavy price’ for Taiwan visit China Taiwan Czech Republic 4mos
Czech Senate chair will "pay a heavy price" for Taiwan trip, says Chinese Foreign Minister - Pr... China Taiwan Czech Republic 4mos
Difficult Chinese diplomatic tour in Europe China 4mos
China vows to make Czech politician ‘pay’ for visiting Taiwan China Taiwan Czech Republic 4mos
Europe should stop grovelling to Beijing China UK 4mos
China says Czech senate speaker must pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit China Taiwan Czech Republic 4mos
Czech senate speaker must pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit: China China Taiwan Czech Republic 4mos
China says Czech senate speaker must pay 'heavy price' for Taiwan visit China Taiwan Czech Republic 4mos
Wang Yi calls for deepening mutual trust between China and France on 2nd day in Paris China France 4mos
China issues warning over awarding Nobel peace prize to Hong Kong protesters China Norway 4mos
China seeks French cooperation in fight against Covid-19 China France 4mos
Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi casts doubt on coronavirus originating in China China 4mos
China warns Norway not to politicize the Nobel Peace Prize - China Underground China Norway 4mos
China coronavirus: Top Chinese official gives crucial update on origins of deadly virus China 4mos
Senior Chinese diplomat Wang Yi casts doubt on COVID-19 originating in China China 4mos
China’s foreign minister warns against giving Hong Kong protesters Nobel Prize China 4mos
Canada warns China ‘coercive diplomacy’ won’t secure Meng Wanzhou’s release China Canada 4mos
China’s top diplomats in back-to-back Europe trips amid tensions with US China US Spain Greece Portugal 4mos
Human rights, trade on agenda as Wang Yi arrives in Norway Norway 4mos
Canadian foreign minister presses China over detainees, Hong Kong China Canada 4mos
Canada presses China’s foreign minister about detainees, Hong Kong China Canada 4mos