Latest stories about Taiwan

Biden administration approves first Taiwan arms sale 1h
China vows to hit back at US$750 million US arms sale to Taiwan China US 4h
US approves potential howitzer artillery system sales to Taiwan China US 5h
Taiwan's national flag anthem played in front of Chinese athletes for 1st time | Taiwan News |... China 9h
Tokyo Olympics: Taiwan welcomes Olympians home with fighter escort, pride in name 10h
$750mn in artillery gear & smart bomb kits: Biden’s first arms sale to Taiwan gets State Depart... 13h
Biden admin. proposes $750 million weapons sale to Taiwan in move likely to anger Beijing 15h
U.S. approves potential sales of Howitzers to Taiwan -Pentagon US 16h
Biden administration approves its first arms sale to Taiwan 16h
Taiwan plans to ban key tech workers from visiting mainland China China 1d
The craven West needs to stand up for Taiwan China 1d
Chinese embassy in UK 'firmly opposes' BBC's reporting on 'Chinese Taipei' Olympic team -statem... China UK 1d
Turkey's Çakıroğlu defeats Taiwanese opponent to reach finals Turkey 1d
Tokyo Olympics: Taiwan stars trolled by Chinese nationalists China 1d
Taiwan to restrict China travel for key industry professionals China 1d
Taiwan to heavily fine ‘critical industries’ workers seeking employment in China | Taiwan News... China 1d
Course on South China Sea: Taiwan praises deferment of German War Sharing China Germany 2d
TV star trolled after calling Taiwanese athletes ‘national players’ China 2d
Sex toys to tea: Taiwan celebrity loses China endorsements in Olympic row China 2d

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Hong Kong’s fate spurs Japan to speak up about defending Taiwan China Japan 2d
Japan demands global response for ‘survival of Taiwan' after China's nuclear threat China Japan 2d
Taiwan report confirms US Patriot experts present at missile tests US 3d
Taiwan’s Olympics victory over China renews calls to scrap ‘Chinese Taipei’ China 3d
Former Taiwanese vice-premier Eric Chu to run for KMT’s top job 3d
'Losing to Taiwan was a disgrace': Chinese trolls react to Taiwan beating China in Badminton China 3d
Japan calls for greater attention to 'survival' of Taiwan - Financial Times Japan 3d
China invasion of Taiwan would be on 'ultra-mega' scale and defy 'human comprehension' China 3d
Japan calls for greater attention to ‘survival’ of Taiwan Japan 3d
Thousands Of Ships, Millions Of Troops: China Is Assembling a Huge Fleet For War With Taiwan China 3d
Japan-US ties must not harm China, Chinese envoy warns China 4d
‘Failed miserably!’ China ‘ran rings around’ US military in simulated ‘Taiwan war drill’ China US 4d
Sherman talks signal firm US support for Taiwan but ‘no blank cheque’ China US 5d
Retired Taiwan general tells military to overthrow DPP, surrender to China | Taiwan News | 2021... China 5d
How Philippine U-turn over US forces helps keep pressure on China China Philippines US 5d
Hong Kong man who stabbed father to death, stole $34,800 found guilty of murder 6d
Nobel Prize winners accuse China of "bullying" scientists China 6d
China warns U.S. will "cut itself" on increasing support for Taiwan China US 6d
‘Biggest destroyer of peace’: China lashes out after US Navy warship sails through Taiwan Strai... China US 6d
WW3 fears as China stages 'Taiwan invasion’ drills and boasts about victory China US UK 1w
Taiwan Strait transit shows US is ‘biggest destroyer of peace’: China China US 1w
Thankful for vaccines, Taiwan praises Czech Republic as democracy partner China Czech Republic 1w
China’s ‘demands’ on Taiwan, regional issues seek to constrain US action China US 1w
US$340 million buys Taiwan hi-tech surveillance of Beijing’s navy 1w
Taiwanese police launch investigation into reports that over 100 ‘high ranking officials’ had m... 1w
PLA simulates amphibious landing and island seizure in battle conditions 1w
Taiwan looks into report officials had messaging accounts hacked 1w
Taiwan plans coronavirus vaccine offensive for diplomatic allies 1w
Grateful Taiwan accepts doses, praises Czech Republic for democracy Czech Republic 1w
Japan Talks of Defending Taiwan Against China Aggression China US Japan 1w
US risks disaster if it continues Trump’s ‘wrong China policies’: Beijing China US 1w
Opinion | Tokyo Lobs the Ball Back at Beijing China Japan 1w
TSMC eyes Germany as possible location for first Europe chip plant Germany Japan 1w
PLA sea, land and air forces hold cross-sea exercises amid Taiwan secessionist moves 1w
Chinese anti-submarine turboprop enters Taiwan’s ADIZ | Taiwan News | 2021-07-26 10:45:00 China 1w
War fears as Chinese military expert warns US over Taiwan invasion- 'Won't stand a chance' China US 1w
Medics see complacency behind Taiwan's unusually deadly COVID-19 wave 1w
Australia could be 'collateral damage' in all-out war with China over Taiwan, says MP China US Australia 1w
Why do these athletes compete for a country that 'doesn't exist'? 1w
Taekwondo Is Path to Medals for Countries That Rarely Get Them Afghanistan Ivory Coast 1w
Fresh floods in central China as typhoon heads towards east coast China 1w
Tennis top-seed Ashleigh Barty knocked out of Olympics in first round as US picks up first meda... China US 1w
China ‘hurt’ by NBC’s ‘incomplete map’ shown at Olympics ceremony China 1w
China criticises NBC Olympics broadcast for 'incomplete map' China 1w
Taiwan president thanks Japan after name slip at Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony China Japan 1w
‘Hurt dignity’: China complains after US broadcast of Olympics leaves Taiwan off Chinese map China US 1w
China cancels flights, moves ships as typhoon approaches China 1w
China criticises NBC Olympics broadcast for 'incomplete map' China 1w
WW3 fears as China boasts US would have 'no chance' stopping Taiwan invasion China US 1w
China blasts NBC for using ‘incomplete’ map on Olympic broadcast China 1w
New phase of airport antibody tests ‘delayed by rise in Delta cases’ US Canada Japan Singapore 1w
As China steps up military pressure on Taiwan, the self-governing island is preparing for the n... China 1w
TSMC in Arizona: Why Taiwan's chip titan is betting on the desert 1w
Zhengzhou mops up but other cities prepare for flood havoc to come China 1w
Coronavirus: Taiwan eases lockdown as cases wane 1w
Typhoon to bring heavy rains to Taiwan, China over weekend China 1w
Coronavirus live news: Taiwan to ease restrictions; vaccinations rising in US states with high... US 1w
Taiwan’s thematic ETF market takes off as competition increases 1w
Taiwan to ease Covid-19 restrictions as cases drop 1w
Opinion | Strengthening Taiwan’s Resistance 1w
Typhoon In-fa lashes Japan's southern islands as another tropical threat looms China Japan 1w
China thanks Taiwan president, indirectly, for concern over floods China 2w
Trade war, what trade war? US-China trade stable despite deteriorating ties China US 2w
US senators introduce legislation to strengthen defence ties with Taiwan US 2w
Taiwan’s major Buddhist group secures 5 million doses of Pfizer coronavirus shot, bringing nati... 2w
Buddhist foundation buys millions more vaccine doses for Taiwan China Germany 2w
‘Gross interference’: China hits back at Japan’s defence take on Taiwan China Japan 2w
Hong Kong broadcaster warned against implying Taiwan is country 2w
Japan, U.S. and South Korea affirm importance of peace across Taiwan Strait US North Korea South Korea Japan 2w
Taiwan angers China with first Europe office using its name China Lithuania 2w
Taiwan angers China with first Europe office using its name China Lithuania 2w
Typhoon In-fa strengthening while on track to impact Japan, Taiwan and China China Japan 2w
Taiwan to open de-facto embassy in Lithuania under own name China Lithuania Republic of China 2w
Britain to Permanently Deploy 2 Warships in Asian Waters  China US UK Japan 2w
Taiwan fines man with Covid-19 who had sex with five different people as pandemic crackdown con... 2w
Taiwan to use its own name at new Lithuania office Lithuania 2w
Staff at Hong Kong public broadcaster RTHK ordered not to refer to Taiwan as a country, or its... China 2w
Taiwan’s Medigen Covid vaccine to be trialed in Paraguay despite corruption charges filed by op... Paraguay 2w
US military planes’ Taiwan visits signal new tactic to Beijing, analysts say US 2w
US backs Taiwan’s move to open de facto embassy in Lithuania US Lithuania 2w