Latest stories about Estonia

NATO expanding to northern shores of Baltic Sea good for security - Estonian president Sweden 12h
Estonian Ambassador Leaves Russia As Deadline Expires In Tit-For-Tat Dispute Russia 18h
Estonia exploring ways to help earthquake victims in Turkey Turkey 1d
PM: Estonia working in 5 areas to strengthen security 1d
This is what the Leopard 2 tanks look like in action 1d
Estonian formin to US treasury secretary: Crude oil price cap must be reviewed in March US 3d
Estonia's oldest resident turns 109 3d
Countries could boycott Paris Olympics if Russian, Belarusian athletes compete Russia Belarus Latvia 4d
Travel to the Baltic States is Becoming More Popular: Here’s Why Lithuania Latvia 5d
Thursday flag day in Estonia in honor of anniversary of Tartu Peace Treaty 5d
Estonia to host Open Government Partnership Global Summit in September 5d
Estonian, Finnish parlt committee chairs: Basic rights must be ensured even during crises Finland 6d
President: Estonia, Turkey understand each other's security concerns Turkey 6d
Estonian formin calls on Turkey to approve NATO accession of Finland, Sweden Finland Sweden Turkey 6d
Baltic states and Poland have been shaping European and NATO agenda since Russia's invasion of... Russia UK Ukraine Poland Lithuania Latvia 6d
In 2022, Venipak‘s turnover in Estonia grew by 12 percent 1w
Watch live: Poland, Estonia and Lithuania sign cooperation declaration Poland Lithuania 1w
General Herem, chief of staff of the Estonian armed forces: "The Russians have resources" Ukraine 1w
Estonian local govts to receive over EUR 6.1 mln for integration services 1w

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Estonian PM: Permitting Russians to take part in Olympics a direct mockery of Ukrainians Russia Belarus 1w
Baltic PMs to prepare for NATO summit at meeting in Tallinn Friday Lithuania Latvia 1w
Scandi vibes at a fraction of the price? All the reasons Estonia should be your next winter bre... 1w
Estonian, Finnish formins discuss Finland's, Sweden's accession to NATO Finland Sweden 1w
Estonian defmin: Denmark important part of ensuring defense in Baltic Sea area Denmark 1w
Estonian PM: Reform of electricity as universal service entails risks 1w
Baltics highlighted as 'countries in focus' at Berlinale's European Film Market Lithuania Latvia 1w
Operail sold another batch of wagons Kazakhstan 1w
Russian official sums up relations with Baltic states using GoT quote Russia Latvia 1w
Estonia wants to block Baltic Sea for Russia Russia 2w
Team Estonia’s competition platter at the culinary olympics 2w
Russian Embassy in Estonia halts processing of citizenship renunciation Russia 2w
Estonia and Latvia remove Russian ambassadors as tensions rise Russia Latvia 2w
NATO's Baltic States, Russia Remove Ambassadors As Diplomatic Relations Downgraded Russia Latvia 2w
Solidarity Latvia with Estonia. Reduces the level of diplomatic relations with Russia Russia Latvia 2w
Estonia donates all of its 155mm howitzers and other weapons to Ukraine Ukraine 2w
Russia, Estonia expel ambassadors amid 'destroyed' relations – DW – 01/23/2023 Russia 2w
Estonia ferry disaster inquiry backs finding bow door was to blame 2w
Russia's war: Moscow pulls ambassadors from Estonia and Latvia Russia Latvia 2w
Moscow Expels Estonian Ambassador as Tallinn Pledges More Arms to Kyiv - The Moscow Times Russia Ukraine 2w
Baltic nation expels Russian ambassador Russia 2w
PACE discussing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine Russia Ukraine 2w
Intermediate report: Ferry Estonia was not seaworthy 2w
Russian national team manager dismisses Estonian photo scandal Russia 2w
NATO member Latvia tells Russian envoy to leave, in solidarity with Estonia Russia Latvia 2w
Russia, Estonia downgraded ties, expels envoys in tit-for-tat moves Russia 2w
New 1994 ferry disaster report finds there was no collision and no explosion Finland Sweden 2w
Russia expels ambassador from Nato member Estonia after calls to get German tanks Russia Germany 2w
Russia is publishing Estonia's ambassador. Accuses Tallinn with a total Russophobia and cultiva... Russia 2w
Russia downgrades ties with Estonia, expels ambassador Russia Ukraine 2w
New 1994 ferry disaster report: No collision, no explosion Finland Sweden 2w
Russia orders Estonian ambassador to leave country Russia 2w
Moscow Expels Estonian Ambassador In Response To Cut In Russian Diplomats Russia 2w
Russia downgrades relations with NATO member Estonia, expels envoy Russia 2w
Russia orders EU country’s ambassador to leave Russia 2w
Moscow expels Estonia ambassador after downgrading ties Russia 2w
Alert: Russian Foreign Ministry expels Estonia's ambassador, says diplomatic mission to be head... Russia 2w
Estonia plans to significantly increase the number of safe shelters - Baltic News Network - New... Lithuania Latvia 2w
Baltics Appeal Jointly To Germany To Send Leopard Tanks For Ukraine's Defense Germany Ukraine Lithuania Latvia 2w
Live: Baltic states call on Germany to provide tanks to Ukraine ‘now’ Germany Ukraine Lithuania Latvia 2w
Guidance on Shipping Pallets to the Baltic States UK Lithuania Latvia 2w
Several countries to announce sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine - Lithuania Germany Ukraine Lithuania 2w
Estonian National Museum, a true wonder, looks to welcome you in 2023 2w
The Estonian energy group is reorganizing its structure 2w
Estonia ups Ukraine military aid to over 1% of GDP Ukraine 2w
Why is the populist radical right so successful in Estonia? 2w
Estonian MEP: EU must review relations with countries backing Russia Russia 2w
Estonia's ex-president Kaljulaid to moderate discussions on future of Ukraine in Davos Ukraine Switzerland 2w
Estonian formin calls on Turkey to ratify accession of Finland, Sweden to NATO Finland Sweden Turkey 2w
Estonian seamen's union: Warning strike on Tallink ships conducted successfully 2w
Estonian trade unions condemning Tallink's behavior in labor dispute 3w
Estonian formin to Armenian president: Ukraine must win the war Armenia Ukraine 3w
Estonian culture minister in Davos: Ukraine needs more than just weapons aid Ukraine 3w
Sille Pihlak is the New Dean of the Faculty of Architecture of the Estonian Academy of Arts 3w
Estonian formin hopes UK sending tanks to Ukraine to prove a trailblazing step UK Ukraine 3w
German jets to perform low-altitude flights in Estonian airspace Germany 3w
Study: Estonian tourism sector needs greater flexibility 3w
Estonian defmin to Finnish colleague: Finland's NATO accession start of new era Finland Ukraine 3w
Man suspected of 1989 murder of Estonian schoolgirls in Moscow caught Russia 3w
Estonian president: Rules-based world order important for small states Armenia 3w
Baltic, Polish speakers want to deepen parliamentary cooperation to counter geopolitical threat... Poland Lithuania Latvia 3w
Report: Greenhouse gas emissions in Estonia are on the rise again 3w
Germany's Defense minister has resigned - Baltic News Network - News from Latvia, Lithuania, Es... Germany Lithuania Latvia 3w
Estonia orders Russia to reduce embassy staff by half Russia 3w
Friday marks 40 years since European Parlt's statement of support for Baltics Lithuania Latvia 3w
Operail has signed the sales-purchase agreement of its Finnish subsidiary and will exit the Fin... Finland 3w
Ambassadors of Norway, Greece present credentials to Estonian president Greece Norway 3w
Estonian parlt speaker confirms support to establishment of intl special tribunal Croatia 3w
Estonia to establish new database to improve migration surveillance 3w
Armenian president to visit Estonia next week Armenia 3w
Estonian president discusses support for Ukraine with Croatian PM Ukraine Croatia 3w
EU backs member states in seizing Russian assets Russia 3w
Estonia expels more Russian diplomats in model for EU Russia 3w
Minister to share Estonia's experience of administrative reform in Finland Finland 3w
Estonian cbank seeking design for collector coin for Olympic Games in Paris 3w
Latvian and Estonian ministers agree that mutually coordinated action is an essential aspect of... Latvia 3w
Heads of Baltic rail companies to discuss cooperation in Riga Lithuania 3w
Estonia Tells Russia To Reduce Number Of Diplomats In Tallinn Russia 3w
Estonian ForMin's secretary general on visit to Ukraine Ukraine 4w
Estonian formin: We must continue isolating Lukashenko regime, step up sanctions Belarus 4w
Estonia to introduce legal blueprint for handling seized Russian assets Russia 4w