Latest stories about Estonia

Members of Estonian govt not meeting with Taiwanese formin Taiwan 7mos
US aids Estonian assistance efforts for Ukrainian refugees US 7mos
Estonian Culture Ministry wants tax exemption for racing, vintage vehicles 7mos
Pan-European digital transport project led by Estonia receives EUR 28.3 mln in funding 7mos
The European Capital of Culture Tartu 2024 invites to the Big Baltic Roast 7mos
Hunt For Answers Continues Over Chinese Ship's Suspected Role In Damaging Baltic Pipeline China Russia Finland 7mos
Estonian govt considering granting temporary license to oil plant 7mos
Estonian interior minister: Russia trying to mobilize pro-Russian minority Russia 7mos
Foresight Centre: The best model for supporting Estonian energy cooperatives is yet to be found 7mos
NEXPO Tallinn to focus on urban transport 7mos
Further cost reduction for Operail would jeopardise rail transport capacity in Estonia 7mos
IAEA: Estonia's preparation for deciding on nuclear energy is comprehensive 7mos
Center Party chair: Car tax must be waived or revenue from it directed to those in need 7mos
Estonia introduces food cards for the poor 7mos
Estonia's challenges in education similar to Latvia Latvia 7mos
Estonian health minister says ambulance scandal must be investigated 7mos
Estonia signs arrangement on security of supply in defense field with US US 7mos
Orbán's Putin handshake was 'middle finger' to dying Ukrainians, says Xavier Bettel - POLITICO... Russia Ukraine Hungary Lithuania 7mos
Three Baltic pipe and cable incidents 'are related', Estonia says 7mos

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Concerns raised about EU’s finances as bloc’s leaders meet in Brussels – Europe live 7mos
Lithuanian president calls Orbán a Russian 'flirt' after Putin handshake - POLITICO Europe Russia Hungary Lithuania 7mos
Minister: Israel-Palestine conflict spilling over into Estonian society must be avoided 7mos
Estonian PM to attend European Council in Brussels 7mos
Estonian ministry: Immigration quota should be distributable as needed 7mos
Finmin: Estonia running out of time re use of EU funds for East-Viru County 7mos
Chinese ship's anchor caused damage to Baltic gas pipeline, Finland suggests China Finland 7mos
Russia claps back at Latvia amid Balticonnector investigation - POLITICO Europe China Russia Finland Latvia 7mos
Finland says gas pipeline likely broken by ship dragging anchor - Reuters Finland 7mos
Telia planning to have its 5G network cover 95 pct on Estonia's population by end-2024 7mos
Estonian parlt speaker: Russia must compensate Ukraine for war damages Russia Ukraine 7mos
Formin in Luxembourg: Estonia to end practice of allocating 'roof monies' Luxembourg 7mos
EU state fines man €400 for wearing ‘Soviet hat’ – media 7mos
Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 608 US Russia Sweden 7mos
Turkey’s Erdogan submits Sweden’s bid for NATO membership to parliament - Al Jazeera English UK Sweden Turkey 7mos
Recep Tayyip Erdoğan submits Sweden's Nato bid to Turkish parliament - Financial Times UK Sweden Turkey 7mos
China cautions Finland and Estonia over pipeline 'sabotage' probe - Euronews China Russia Finland UK Sweden Latvia 7mos
Foresight Centre: How effective schools are is affected most by the incomes of families and the... 7mos
Underwater infrastructure combined under Baltic Protection Finland 7mos
Protect underwater infrastructure, a headache for Baltic Sea countries Finland Sweden 7mos
European leaders seethe over Putin-Orbán meeting - The Guardian Russia Hungary 7mos
Finnish Police Complete On-Site Probe At Damaged Baltic Sea Pipeline Finland 7mos
Hungarian FM accuses Baltic leader of ‘hypocrisy’ Hungary 7mos
Estonia's Kallas dismayed by Hungary's Orbán handshake with 'criminal' Putin - EURACTIV China Russia Ukraine Hungary 7mos
Estonia sends 3rd rotation of ESTPOL8 police unit to help at Latvia-Belarus border Latvia 7mos
Estonian parlt panel chair: Without Sweden, defense of Nordic-Baltic region not complete Sweden Turkey 7mos
Minister Skuodis to meet Latvian and Estonian Ministers in Riga to discuss the progress of Rail... Latvia 7mos
Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 602 - Al Jazeera English Russia UK Ukraine Hungary 7mos
Elering and AST sign memorandum to develop a new Estonian-Latvian interconnection Latvia 7mos
Satellite images show damage to Russian-occupied Berdyansk airfield after Ukraine’s October 17... Russia UK Ukraine Hungary 7mos
Turkish manufacturers seal $211M armored vehicle deal with Estonia Turkey 7mos
Russia-Ukraine war: Hungary’s Viktor Orbán shaking hands with Putin ‘very, very unpleasant’, sa... Russia UK Ukraine Hungary 7mos
Russia-Ukraine war: Hungary’s Viktor Orbán shaking hands with Putin ‘very, very unpleasant’, sa... Hungary 7mos
Telecom cable between Sweden and Estonia was damaged - POLITICO Europe Sweden 7mos
Sweden says undersea telecoms link to Estonia damaged - The Guardian Russia Sweden 7mos
Sweden reports damage to Baltic Sea cable with Estonia – DW – 10/17/2023 Russia Finland Sweden Ukraine 7mos
Sweden says undersea cable to Estonia ‘damaged’ Sweden 7mos
Sweden investigating damage to Baltic undersea cable Finland Sweden 7mos
Sweden says telecom cable with Estonia damaged Sweden 7mos
Telecoms cable between Sweden and Estonia damaged, Sweden says Finland Sweden 7mos
Estonia requests longer transition period for buses running on biomethane in EU 7mos
Helen Saarniit to serve as advisor on EU mission in Ukraine Ukraine 7mos
Joint statement made by chairs of foreign affairs committees of Israel, Baltic states Israel 7mos
Estonia: 'Women, Peace and Security' conference to focus on war in Ukraine Ukraine 8mos
Estonian parlt's foreign affairs committee chair to visit Israel with Baltic counterparts Israel 8mos
President: Security picture for Estonia, South Korea interconnected North Korea Russia South Korea 8mos
Estonian Climate Ministry: Development of waterworks with EU funds soon not available 8mos
Recognized British comedians are coming to Estonia UK 8mos
U.S. supports Finland, Estonia as it probes Baltic Sea pipe burst, says Blinken - Reuters US Finland France UK 8mos
Estonian PM to participate in meeting of leaders of JEF nations in Gotland Sweden 8mos
Estonian president stresses cooperation in meeting with South Korean counterpart South Korea 8mos
EUR 3.3 mln redirected from Tallinn Art Hall to Estonian Natl Library renovation 8mos
Alexela Expands Its Operations to the Latvian Energy Market Latvia 8mos
Estonia Hailed as the European Epicenter of Entrepreneurship 8mos
Court orders Estonian state energy firm to halt shale oil plant construction 8mos
Nato to respond if Baltic Sea pipeline damage deliberate: Alliance chief Finland 8mos
Estonia Demands Answers Amid Reports Pipeline Damaged By 'Mechanical Impact' Finland 8mos
Leaked the BalticConnector pipeline: Finland and Estonia suspect an act of sabotage Finland 8mos
'Quite heavy force' damaged Finland-Estonia gas pipeline Finland 8mos
Finland, Estonia gas pipeline, telecom link damaged by ‘external activity’ Finland 8mos
Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 595 of the invasion Russia Finland 8mos
'Probable Blast' Was Detected Near Damaged Baltic Sea Pipeline, Institute Says As Probe Launche... Finland Norway 8mos
Finland investigates suspected sabotage of Baltic-connector gas pipeline Finland 8mos
Leck discovered in the gas pipeline between Finland and Estonia: authorities assume sabotage Finland 8mos
Finland investigates potential sabotage to Baltic gas pipeline | Financial Times Finland 8mos
Finland Says 'Outside Activity' Likely Damaged Gas Pipeline, Telecoms Cable Finland 8mos
Finland, the submarine pipeline sabotage: the suspicions about Russia Russia Finland 8mos
Finland: Baltic Sea gas pipeline damage probably from ‘external activity’ Finland 8mos
Sabotage suspected in Baltic pipeline leak Finland 8mos
PM: Estonia ready to lose funding if Ukraine joins EU Ukraine 8mos
Search for damage to Balticconnector gas pipeline starts on Tuesday Finland 8mos
Foresight Centre: Refugees from the war in Ukraine have done better in the labour market than e... Ukraine 8mos
Estonia ready to lose funding if Ukraine joins EU, prime minister says | Financial Times Ukraine 8mos
Saudi and Estonian ministers discuss economic ties Saudi Arabia 8mos
2023 already more than 800,000 asylum applications in EU, Switzerland and Norway Germany Norway Switzerland Belarus Latvia 8mos
Baltic natural gas pipeline shut over suspected leak Finland 8mos
Estonian police wins Europol's innovation award 8mos
Estonia expecting EUR 230 ml in revenue from car tax in 1st year 8mos
Estonian Jewish Community: We fully support Israel's war on terror Israel 8mos
Chinese embassy sends note to Estonian ForMin over MPs' Taiwan remarks China Taiwan 8mos
Alexela Unveils New Energy Station on Via Baltica: A Fusion of Gourmet Dining, Super Charging,... 8mos