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Angela Merkel: Germany's outgoing chancellor honoured at military farewell ceremony with hymns... 28m
Angela Merkel claimed to be the great unifier — she leaves as the great divider 58m
Angela Merkel backs vaccine mandate as Germany imposes further restrictions on unvaccinated 1h
Colombia seizes hundreds of tarantulas and insects bound for Germany Colombia 1h
Facebook sold ads comparing vaccine to Holocaust US 2h
With God, roses and punk, German military honours Merkel 3h
Germany's new foreign policy route will be felt all over the world 3h
Video: Germany Announces New Virus Restrictions for Unvaccinated 3h
Between pomp and punk: German military bids Angela Merkel farewell 4h
German military honors outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel with punk rock sendoff 4h
Covid: Unvaccinated banned from pubs and non-essential shops in Germany South Africa 4h
Germany: Angela Merkel's military farewell features punk singer's hit 4h
Angela Merkel’s Parting Message to Germany: Trust One Another 4h
Covid curbs come back as more countries report Omicron cases US 5h
Merkel emphasizes democratic values in farewell military speech 7h
Angela Merkel bows out to the sound of Beethoven and an East German punk hit 7h
After 16 years of rule, Angela Merkel says goodbye with Nina Hagen song 7h
Why did Merkel's military farewell include a song made famous by punk rocker Nina Hagen? 7h
Merkel points to danger of 'conspiracy theories and popular heading' during farewell 8h

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Merkel evokes during farewell to prevent conspiracy cherry 8h
Scholz eyes Joachim Nagel to run Germany’s Bundesbank 8h
Germany considers COVID-19 vaccine mandate as cases surge 8h
Omicron: Norway reports 50 new variant cases from one Christmas bash Norway 9h
Bundesliga crowds limited to 15,000 as restrictions reintroduced amid rising Covid cases in Ger... 9h
RWE wins tender to build Denmark's largest ever offshore wind farm Denmark 9h
PIS chief Kaczyński: "Germany wants to build an IV rich" Poland 9h
merkel: Germany locks unvaccinated out of public life; mandate looms 9h
PIS chief Kaczyński: "Germany wants to build an IV rich" Poland 9h
"The Netherlands looks at the vaccination obligation with a keen eye" Netherlands 10h
Latest entry requirements for Germany, Italy and Ireland Ireland Italy England 10h
Germany announces de facto lockdown for the unvaccinated 10h
Germany moves towards mandatory vaccination and tightens Covid curbs 10h
Covid: Germany puts major restrictions on unvaccinated 10h
Bloomberg - Are you a robot? US 10h
Germany sends the uncovered in the Lockdown 11h
Germany imposes curbs on unvaccinated, considers jab mandate 11h
Merkel proclaimed Lockdown for Unvacaked 12h
Mandatory vaccinations also in Germany? The future Chancellor Scholz is behind 12h
Germany: Final stages begin in landmark Syrian state torture trial Syria 12h
Germany targets unvaccinated ahead of push for mandatory COVID jabs 12h
Germany announces tough restrictions for unvaccinated people. 12h
Thai king Rama X lets fourteen aircraft flock full of art treasures to german stay Thailand 12h
Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated 12h
Germany excludes unvaccinated people from non essential shops, as well as cultural and recreati... 13h
German parliament to consider vaccine mandate as Covid restrictions tightened 13h
Germany could make Covid vaccination mandatory, says Merkel 13h
Germany to ban unvaccinated citizens from large parts of public life 13h
Germany backs restrictions for unvaccinated as mandate looms | AP News 13h
COVID-19: Jabs to be mandatory in Germany from February as tougher restrictions brought in for... 13h
Germany approves new national COVID-19 restrictions 13h
The end of the Ke Dysyliniący Procumentation Germany. Berlin "clearly recognizes the authority... 13h
Germany announces nationwide lockdown for the unvaccinated 13h
Germany wants to vaccination obligations next year 13h
Germany to impose sweeping curbs on unvaccinated 13h
German leaders about strict corona measures for unfaccainers 14h
Germany to announce nationwide Covid lockdown for the unvaccinated 14h
Merkel brings Bundeswehr orchestra in Bredouille 14h
Merkel picks German punk singer Hagen for last serenade 15h
Germany’s new government offers more than meets the eye 16h
'Afrocensus' results: What is it like to be Black in Germany? 18h
Germany to tighten coronavirus restrictions 18h
Association rejects claim that Circassians assimilated in Turkey Turkey 18h
Germany prepares arrangement for vaccinations 18h
Germany's unvaccinated could soon face even tougher Covid-19 restrictions 20h
Germany follows Italy and Portugal with military vaccination tsar Italy Portugal 21h
Angela Merkel to bow out with ceremony live on German TV 22h
Germany’s incoming foreign minister vows ‘toughness’ with China China 1d
Germany’s incoming chancellor wants vaccinations to be mandatory. 1d
WWII bomb explodes at construction site in Germany, wounding four 1d
Bloomberg - Are you a robot? 1d
Germany’s next chancellor backs mandatory vaccination for all from February or March 1d
COVID-19: Towards compulsory vaccination in Germany 1d
WW II bomb explodes at Munich construction site, injuring 4 1d
Angela Merkel leaves a mixed legacy in Africa 1d
Germany chooses the hard line: it is a crime compare the holocaust vaccines, condemned a no vax 1d
Leaked documents 'link' top Chinese leaders to crackdown on Uyghurs China 1d
Germany faces chaos amid plans to treat only those with Covid booster jabs as fully vaccinated 1d
Explosion of WWII bomb in Munich injures 4, disrupts trains | AP News 1d
Four injured as old bomb explodes near train station in German city of Munich 1d
Germany’s incoming chancellor wants vaccinations to be mandatory. 1d
Old plane bomb explodes in Munich: certainly four people injured 1d
Germany reports highest daily COVID-19 death toll in nine months 1d
TAV, Fraport make best bid of $8.2B for Turkey's Antalya Airport Turkey 1d
Four injured after Second World War bomb explodes at Munich construction site 1d
‘Long reigns often leave long shadows’: Europeans on Angela Merkel 1d
Three injured in Munich after second world war bomb explodes 1d
COVID-19: The European Union must "think" to compulsory vaccination, according to the President... Austria 1d
Three injured after Second World War bomb explodes at Munich construction site 1d
Mysterious theories about music choice Merkel at farewell 1d
Construction site blast in Munich injures 3, disrupts trains 1d
Explosion near train station rocks German city of Munich 1d
The German court issued the first jerlin for the genocide 1d
Live | Germany has set more than 10 million booster tips 1d
Belarus president offers to host Russian nuclear weapons | AP News US Russia Belarus 1d
Premiums, Housing Allowances, Function Cars: The President of the European Court of Auditors at... 1d
Germany. Antelkocyckowcy pinches the stars of David - on the persecution sign 1d
Fraud allegations against the President of the EU Court of Auditors 1d
No more free coffee for Berlin’s unvaxxed 1d
Germany reports highest daily COVID-19 death toll for 9 months 1d
Germany beats Britain to reach first Davis Cup semi in 14 years UK 1d