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Germany deploys 'economic clout' with €200bn energy aid package - Financial Times 2m
German Inflation Soars to Double Digits for First Time in Decades 3h
German government approves arms exports to Saudi Arabia: reports Yemen Saudi Arabia 3h
Herd the news? Wild boar piglet adopted by cows 4h
Germany vows not to follow UK down ‘risky’ economic path Russia UK Ukraine 7h
Pentagon Plans to Set Up a New Command to Arm Ukraine, Officials Say US Russia Ukraine 7h
Russia says Nord Stream likely hit by state-backed 'terrorism' Russia 7h
Chancellor Scholz announces a 200 billion euro “defense umbrella” against the energy crisis - a... Russia 7h
German inflation hits record high 8h
Faced with the outbreak of energy prices, Berlin unlocks 200 billion euros 8h
Zimbabwe court finds author and activist Tsitsi Dangarembga guilty of inciting violence Zimbabwe 8h
Germany announces €200bn energy aid package 8h
Lidl ordered to destroy its Lindt-like chocolate bunnies by Swiss court Switzerland 9h
Germany agrees 200 bln euro package to shield against surging energy prices 9h
Germany: Parliament rejects request to increase arms supplies to Ukraine Ukraine 9h
German gas consumption too high – energy regulator 9h
Who gains most from Nord Stream sabotage? US Russia 10h
First German parliamentary group to visit Taiwan in 3 years to come Oct. 2 - Focus Taiwan Taiwan 10h
Scholz: 200 billion floor against dear gas in Germany 10h

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Germany introduces €200 billion gas price cap to counter Russia’s ‘energy war’ Russia 10h
Ukraine latest news: Putin to declare parts of Ukraine are now Russia in ceremony - taking war... US Russia Ukraine 10h
Germany presents new €200 billion relief plan in response to soaring energy prices Russia Ukraine 10h
Germany presents new €200 bilion relief plan in response to soaring energy prices 11h
German annual inflation rate at 10% in September - Business Insider, citing govt sources 11h
Germany will enter recession next year, say leading economists - Financial Times 11h
Porsche shares rise on first trading day in €75bn stock market float 12h
Germany-Japan air exercise ‘needed in face of China’s military build-up’ China 13h
Russian Opposition Politician Leaves Country After Serving 30 Days In Jail Russia 13h
Economists expect Germany to enter recession in 2023 13h
Germany will enter recession next year, say leading economists 15h
Live Updates: Russia-Ukraine War Russia Sweden 15h
Japan and Germany vow to enhance cooperation between their air forces Japan 15h
Japan, Germany air forces to further enhance defense cooperation Japan 16h
Criticism of the human rights situation: German EU ambassador must leave Nicaragua Nicaragua 16h
Recession in Germany Can Turn the European Union Bankrupt 17h
Despite Ukraine, Europeans expect a clear decline in the influence of the United States US Ukraine 20h
German spies helping Ukraine – media Russia Ukraine 1d
EU Countries Summon Iranian Ambassadors as Foreign Minister Claims "There's No Big Deal in Iran... Iran Spain 1d
German lawmakers break Europe's silence on suspected Nord Stream pipeline saboteur to point the... Russia 1d
Nord Stream damage might be irreparable – media Russia 1d
Germany and Japan: Military cooperation at the Fuji volcano Japan 1d
Nuclear plant operators and German government agree to extend operations until April 2023 1d
Attack to the north stream, the German media: "Maybe unusable forever" 1d
German security agencies fear Nord Stream 1 may be unusable forever: Report 1d
Judge: Berlin will likely need to repeat its 2021 election 1d
US warned Europe Nord Stream pipelines could be attacked US 1d
German Lawmakers Point Finger at Russia Over Nord Stream Sabotage Russia 1d
Leaves on North Stream: "stupid and absurd" to suspect Russia, says the Kremlin Russia 1d
Germany extends life of two nuclear power plants to stave off winter energy shortage Russia France 1d
Turkey summons German envoy after top lawmaker calls Erdoğan ‘sewer rat’ Turkey 1d
Rebuke from IMF is a global embarrassment for Truss and Kwarteng US 1d
German charged with crimes against humanity, IS membership Syria 1d
Pooches vs poachers: India trains ‘Super Sniffer’ dog squad to protect cheetahs India 1d
Judith Schalansky is ninth author to write secret work for Future Library 1d
German CDU leader accuses Ukrainians of candy trips: "Cheap Populism" 1d
Nordstream Pipeline Suffers Gas Leaks in Baltic Sea, Sabotage Suspected as Explosions Heard Bef... Russia 1d
Fresh recession warning issued for Germany 1d
German conservative leader accuses Ukrainian refugees of ‘welfare tourism’ 1d
What a Baltic gas leak means for Europe's energy bills — and the war in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 1d
EU states criticize Ukrainian ‘welfare tourism’ 1d
U.S. Blew Up Russian Gas Pipelines Nord Stream 1 & 2, Says Former Polish Defense Minister US Russia Poland 2d
Meta says it has taken down the Kremlin's 'largest' propaganda operation of the Ukraine war UK Ukraine 2d
CIA warned Germany of Nord Stream attack – Spiegel 2d
Seismograph spiked twice on day of Baltic pipeline leaks - Germany's GFZ Denmark 2d
Ukrainian refugees push Germany's population to record high Russia Ukraine Yugoslavia 2d
Germany delays exit from nuclear power to offset energy shortfall Russia France 2d
Germany plans to keep 2 nuclear power plants in operation 2d
Alisher Usmanov: German police raid yacht of Russian oligarch Russia 2d
CIA warned Berlin about possible attacks on gas pipelines in summer - Spiegel Russia 2d
German population hits a record 84M due to Ukraine refugees Ukraine 2d
Poll reveals attitude of Germans towards Scholz 2d
Leaks on Russian gas pipelines raise concerns about sabotage Russia 2d
German Police Search Superyacht Believed To Be Owned By Uzbek-Born Russian Tycoon Russia Uzbekistan 2d
Türkiye responds to ‘vulgar’ comments by German politician 2d
Nord Stream pipeline leaks: What happened, what’s the impact? Russia 2d
Seismic network registers two explosions near Russian gas pipeline leaks Russia Sweden 2d
Berlin may extend nuclear power use — minister 2d
Leaks on Russian gas pipelines raise concerns about sabotage Russia Norway Poland Denmark 2d
Sabotage claims after leaks detected in Russian gas pipelines Russia Norway Poland 2d
'Unprecedented' Nord Stream pipeline damage in Baltic Sea raises suspicion as to causes Russia Poland 2d
Germany Not Ruling Out Possible Attack on Nord Stream Pipelines 2d
Fears of sabotage as gas leaks into Baltic from Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines 2d
German opposition leader sorry for Ukraine 'welfare tourism' jibe Ukraine 2d
Italy moves onto Nations League finals, while England is relegated after playing out thrilling... Netherlands Italy England Hungary Croatia 2d
Mysterious leaks hit Nord Stream pipelines linking Russia and Germany Russia 2d
German officials reportedly believe the crucial Nord Stream natural-gas pipelines connecting Ru... Russia Denmark 2d
Germany Summons Iran’s Envoy Over Crackdown On Protests Iran 2d
Authorities seek cause of leaks from Russian gas pipelines on inauguration day Russia 2d
Nord Stream Says Damage to Gas Pipeline to Germany Unprecedented China US 2d
[translated] The German theory: Deliberate attack on Nord Stream 1 and 2 2d
Nord Stream Says Damage to Gas Pipeline to Germany Unprecedented 2d
Ukraine refugees push German population to all-time high Ukraine 2d
Pressure drops in Nord Stream pipelines as gas leaks into sea Russia 2d
Italy in Nations League final 4 as England, Germany play out draw Italy England 2d
Italy grabs Nations League top 4 card; England, Germany in 3-3 tie Italy England 2d
Germany: Pressure drops in 2nd Russian gas pipeline Russia Denmark 2d
Germany is investigating leaks in Nord Stream gas pipelines from Russia. Russia 2d
Pressure drops in second Russia gas pipeline, German economy ministry says Russia Denmark 2d
Germany secures just one tanker of LNG from UAE – media UAE 2d
German players to bag $390K each if they grab World Cup gold Qatar 2d