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Louis Van Gaal: Former Manchester United coach reveals he has prostate cancer Qatar 1mo
Video: Skaters hit the natural ice on record cold day; First April skating since 17th century 1mo
Software glitch halts trains across the Netherlands 1mo
Dutch confiscate more Russian assets, but are still lagging behind other countries - DutchNews.... Russia Ukraine 1mo
Hermitage branch in Amsterdam rebrands after cutting ties with Russia Russia 1mo
Dutch Government Calls On Citizens To Turn Down Heating To Reduce Gas Dependence On Russia Russia 1mo
Islamophobic Pegida plans provocative BBQs near Dutch mosques at Ramadan 1mo
Dutch homeowners bird free in Spain Spain 1mo
netherlands: Water, climate, agriculture, energy in focus as India & the Netherlands mark 75 ye... India 1mo
Painting credited to Rembrandt pupil confirmed as work of Dutch master himself 1mo
Putin does not want euros and dollars more for his gas: Is there still out of Ruble-Rel? 1mo
Dutch look into taxing meat as part of shift towards vegetable protein - 1mo
Erdoğan may win Nobel Prize for Ukraine efforts: Dutch newspaper Russia Ukraine 1mo
The Netherlands has already supplied over 50 million euros worth of weapons to Ukraine Ukraine 1mo
Woman killed by her own ‘highly trained’ K9 personal protection dog 1mo
Zelenskyy to Dutch MP’s: “This cannot last 36 more days” Russia Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
Two shot dead in gunman attack inside Dutch McDonald's restaurant 1mo
2 Turks killed in restaurant attack in the Netherlands Turkey 1mo
Netherlands: Two men shot at McDonald's 1mo

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Two Turks killed in restaurant attack in the Netherlands Turkey 1mo
Two senators leave far-right FVD over Zelenskyy boycott 1mo
Horrifying statement by banker about murder of Dutch pornstar Italy 1mo
Netherlands: two people shot dead in McDonalds restaurant 1mo
Two dead after horror McDonald's shooting with suspect at large in Netherlands 1mo
Martin Kok: Gangland figure guilty of murdering Dutch crime writer 1mo
Defense seeks acquittal of Russian suspect in MH17 downing Russia 1mo
Because of espionage: Belgium and the Netherlands have 38 Russian diplomats Russia Ukraine Belgium 1mo
Because of espionage: Belgium and the Netherlands have 38 Russian diplomats Russia Ukraine Belgium 1mo
Snow showers on the arrival: Here it becomes white 1mo
Dutch PM’s party wants to speed up North Sea gas drilling UK 1mo
Several EU countries expel Russian diplomats over alleged spying Russia Ireland Belgium Czech Republic 1mo
Dutch expels 17 Russians for alleged spying Russia 1mo
Three EU countries expel dozens of Russian diplomats Russia Ireland Belgium 1mo
Ukraine war: Dozens of Russian diplomats expelled by four EU nations Russia Ireland Ukraine Belgium Czech Republic 1mo
Russia sees at least 40 citizens expelled from 3 nations in matter of hours Russia Ireland Belgium 1mo
Four European Countries Expel Dozens Of Russian Diplomats For Alleged Spying Russia Ireland Ukraine Belgium Czech Republic 1mo
Netherlands expels 17 Russian diplomats accused of espionage Russia 1mo
Netherlands extradites 17 Russian intelligence agents Russia 1mo
Dutch investor Prosus ceases all its Russian operations Russia 1mo
Turkey’s Temsa strengthens presence in France with electric buses France Turkey 2mos
Heineken to exit Russia at cost of around 400 million euros Russia 2mos
Heineken is leaving Russia Russia Ukraine 2mos
Dutch Beer Giant Heineken Is Latest Western Business To Abandon Russia Amid Kremlin's War Again... Russia Ukraine 2mos
Hong Kong customs officers seize kratom shipments worth more than HK$150 million US Canada Indonesia 2mos
Amsterdam lowers water temperature in baths 2mos
Christian Eriksen makes fairytale return to Denmark after cardiac arrest Denmark 2mos
French in Countryside to Lot left: Urgent doctors wanted France 2mos
Dutch scientists find evidence of plastic particles in human blood - 2mos
Dutch Cabinet to shelter 15,000 refugees in government buildings 2mos
Boycott of Russian oil "quickly" possible, but will have little effect, Dutch PM says Russia Ukraine 2mos
The Dutch have now seized €400 mn in Russian assets, minister confirms - Russia 2mos
Anne Frank betrayal book pulled by publisher as historians discredit findings of cold case inve... 2mos
Dutch Hunting Hunting at Colombia Colombia 2mos
Dutch Publisher of ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank’ Halts Publication 2mos
Dutch court rejects suit of Nigerian widows against Shell Nigeria 2mos
Dutch Publisher of ‘The Betrayal of Anne Frank’ Halts Publication 2mos
Dutch publisher pulls Anne Frank betrayal book amid critique 2mos
Customs Union will be priority in Turkey-EU talks: Dutch PM Rutte Turkey 2mos
Dutch publisher pulls Anne Frank betrayal book amid critique 2mos
EXCLUSIVE Dutch bank ING ends financing for new oil and gas projects 2mos
Rutte's visit key step to mend Turkey-Netherlands ties: Dutch media 2mos
Turkey, Netherlands patch up relations amid Ukraine crisis Russia Turkey Ukraine 2mos
Anne Frank: Dutch publisher recalls book on diarist’s betrayal after critical report 2mos
European chains Metro, SPAR still active in Ukraine, Russia Russia Germany Ukraine 2mos
Dutch publisher recalls discredited Anne Frank book after new report criticizes findings 2mos
Rutte praises Turkey's role, Erdoğan's leadership in Ukraine crisis Turkey Ukraine 2mos
Could the new BA.2 variant cause another surge? A medical expert explains Germany UK 2mos
We are glad Turkey took lead in Ukraine tensions: Dutch PM Rutte Turkey Ukraine 2mos
"Scenario Running Barrel War is becoming more realistic" Russia Ukraine 2mos
Erdoğan receives Dutch PM Rutte for talks on bilateral ties, Ukraine Ukraine 2mos
Dutch freeze €392 million in Russian assets Russia 2mos
Dutch football coach calls Qatar World Cup "ridiculous"; Satisfied with successor Germany Qatar Denmark 2mos
Prime Minister Rutte impressed by Polish refugee shelter Poland Lithuania Ukrania 2mos
Dutch royal family to house Ukrainian refugees in castle Ukrania 2mos
Nauseda invites Dutch companies leaving Russia to Lithuania Russia Lithuania 2mos
Lithuanian, Dutch PMs discuss support to Ukraine, security situation Ukraine Lithuania 2mos
Number of corona patients in hospitals rises above 2000, also number of positive tests continue 2mos
Disgraced Dutch, Ajax great Overmars finds new job at Antwerp Belgium 2mos
Number of corona patients in hospitals rises above 2000: highest number in three months 2mos
Dutch PM Rutte set to hold talks with Erdoğan in Ankara Turkey 2mos
Riyadh governor receives Dutch envoy to Saudi Arabia Syria Saudi Arabia 2mos
Dutch woman raped by masseur in Jaipur hotel | Jaipur News 2mos
Dutch court releases two detained Ukrainians to fight against Russia Russia Ukraine 2mos
Dutch Patriot missiles delivered to Eastern Europe next month Germany Slovakia 2mos
Symptoms of covid as 'Deltacron' found in UK, France and Netherlands France UK 2mos
Man rapes woman from Netherlands in Jaipur under pretext of massage, held 2mos
Italy, first country for naturalization in the European Union: here are how many new citizens a... Finland Italy Sweden Portugal 2mos
India calls out Western duplicity over import of oil from Russia India Russia Germany France Italy 2mos
Finns for fifth year in a row of happiest people in the world: "People help others in need" Iceland Switzerland Denmark 2mos
Dutch have now frozen more than 200 million euros in Russian assets -central bank Russia Ukraine 2mos
More Ukrainians arrive in the Netherlands as Dutch step up preparations - Ukrania 2mos
Live | Family of the left Dutch people to Ukraine make themselves big worries Russia Ukraine Ukrania 2mos
Bolshoi's Lead Dancer Leaves Russia Over Invasion Of Ukraine Russia Ukraine 2mos
Russian ballerina leaves for Netherlands after denouncing war Russia 2mos
russia: UN court orders Russia to cease hostilities in Ukraine Russia Ukraine 2mos
Olga Smirnova: Ballerina leaves Russia for Netherlands after denouncing war Russia 2mos
Russia Must Suspend Military Operations In Ukraine, Directs International Court of Justice Russia Ukraine 2mos
China’s Hikvision to kick-start chip production with used ASML equipment China US 2mos
Dutch Covid denier Willem Engel arrested for sedition 2mos
UN court to rule on bid for order to Russia to halt invasion Russia Ukraine 2mos