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This is why the British buy another 114 million vaccines UK 14h
Dutch football fans respond to Covid restrictions with incredible 5am gesture for their team 14h
Press freedom in Greece under increased threat: Journalists, NGOs Greece 15h
Museum rivalry could make Dutch Vermeer show last of its kind 17h
6 years on, Dutch mother still searching for missing daughter in Uganda Uganda 19h
Nike, Patagonia named in Dutch lawsuit on Xinjiang forced labour China 1d
Here’s how two flights to the Netherlands could have helped Omicron spread. 1d
Netherlands in opposition to Brussels plan for limit validity Coronapas 1d
Belgium is bending over close nuclear power stations Belgium 1d
Netherlands: official apologies presented to trans people 1d
Naturheiler boom, "lateral thinker" and patchwork policy: Why the vaccine skepticism is so high... Spain Italy Portugal 1d
omicron: Omicron was present in Europe days before flight ban: Officials 2d
Couple arrested after fleeing Dutch Covid hotel told they can leave the country 2d
Netherlands says Omicron variant was already in country earlier than previously thought South Africa 2d
Married couple arrested after fleeing Dutch quarantine hotel and boarding plane 2d
Dutch officials found two omicron cases before South Africa alarm was raised: Latest COVID-19 u... South Africa 2d
Quarantine officer: "Were treated like dogs" 2d
Dutch ICU beds running out as weekly COVID-19 cases hit record high 2d

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Netherlands says omicron variant was within its borders a week before South Africa revealed it... South Africa 2d
Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Tuesday Canada South Africa 2d
German and Austrian COVID-19 incidence rate falls, stable in Netherlands Germany Austria 2d
Omicron found in Europe earlier than previously thought 2d
Dutch Covid case: Escaped couple fight quarantine in TB ward 2d
Omicron Covid variant ‘present in Europe at least 10 days ago’ South Africa 2d
Dutch health authority says Omicron there two weeks ago South Africa 2d
Omicron COVID variant was in Europe before South African scientists detected and flagged it to... South Africa 2d
Covid: Omicron variant in Netherlands earlier than thought South Africa 2d
Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Tuesday Canada South Africa 2d
Omicron variant ‘in Netherlands days earlier than previously thought’ South Africa 2d
Omicron variant in the Netherlands a week earlier than previously known US Japan 2d
Omicron strain emerged in Netherlands before South Africa's report South Africa 2d
Nations close borders as more Omicron cases emerge globally 2d
Omicron variant was detected in the Netherlands before S. Africa flights South Africa 2d
Prince Charles sees how Barbados Republic becomes: singer Rihanna immediately national hero UK Barbados 2d
The quarantine rules are so strict in other countries 2d
Barbados says goodbye to Queen Elizabeth as head of state UK Barbados 2d
Can the CSIRO beat Dutch corporate giant DSM to get low emissions cattle feed to market? 3d
Dutch police arrest couple who escaped Covid quarantine hotel 3d
Honeymoon to South Africa ends in quarantine in Dutch hotel: 'If we leave our room, we will be... South Africa Belgium 3d
COVID-positive couple arrested after leaving hotel quarantine in the Netherlands 3d
R&B singer Ari Lennox held for disturbance at Amsterdam airport US 3d
Dutch police arrest a couple who fled quarantine and boarded a plane. South Africa 3d
Dutch people buy 'like crazy' expensive villas in Flanders 3d
Quarantine hotel escapees arrested in Netherlands as Europe enforces new covid measures 3d
Couple detained on plane after leaving Dutch quarantine Spain 3d
Couple who escaped Covid quarantine hotel arrested by Dutch police Spain 3d
Couple with COVID-19 arrested on plane after fleeing Dutch quarantine hotel 3d
Dutch police arrest couple attempting to flee Covid quarantine for Spain Spain 3d
EU countries want to handle tougher against tractor Germany France UK Belgium 3d
Dutch police arrest couple trying to flee quarantine for Spain Spain 3d
Netherlands: Couple fled quarantined hotel 3d
Thirteen positive Omicron cases confirmed after flight to Netherlands South Africa 3d
Covid: Dutch police arrest quarantine hotel escapee couple 3d
Couple who traveled to South Africa arrested for 'fleeing' Amsterdam quarantine hotel South Africa 3d
Two cases of Omicron discovered in Canada from African country not on US banned list US Israel Germany Canada France UK Australia South Africa Italy Belgium Denmark Botswana 3d
omicron: Omicron spreads, cases detected in Netherlands, Denmark, Australia Australia Denmark 4d
Military police stop plane to arrest couple trying to flee quarantine 4d
The world closes before the OmiKron variant. Summary of the Fighting Day with Pandemem Covid-19 Israel Morocco Switzerland 4d
Video: The Netherlands Finds at Least 13 Omicron Variant Cases South Africa 4d
Dutch impose new tighter lockdown amid spiking infections 4d
Omicron variant detected in more countries as scientists race to find answers Australia Denmark 4d
The Netherlands confirmed 13 cases of the new omicron variant of the coronavirus on Sunday and... Australia 4d
Netherlands confirms 13 Omicron cases as new COVID variant continues to spread South Africa 4d
Netherlands detects 13 cases of new Omicron variant from two South Africa flights South Africa 4d
Dutch officials confirm 13 cases of omicron variant as travel rules tighten around the world Australia 4d
Netherlands: 13 omicron cases found from South Africa flights South Africa 4d
The Omicron variant is spreading across Europe with at least 13 cases identified in the Netherl... South Africa 4d
Netherlands confirms 13 Omicron cases as travel curbs tightened across the world South Africa 4d
Netherlands: 13 omicron cases found from South Africa flight South Africa 4d
RIVM: 13 Covid infections linked to Omicron variant, so far South Africa 4d
13 Omicron cases confirmed in Netherlands 4d
COVID-19: Dutch officials find 13 Omicron variant cases among passengers arriving from South Af... South Africa 4d
Air passengers test positive for new variant in Netherlands South Africa 4d
Passengers from South Africa were not tested on arrival, Sajid Javid admits UK South Africa 4d
Dozens on S Africa flights test positive for COVID in Netherlands 4d
Covid: Netherlands enters partial lockdown amid surging infections 4d
Dutch minister 'truly sorry' for discarded transgender law 4d
Switzerland adds Britain, Netherlands, three others to quarantine list UK Malawi Egypt Switzerland Czech Republic 5d
Dutch government ‘truly sorry’ for gender recognition law mandating sterilisation 5d
Dutch government apologizes for sterilizing trans people 5d
Dozens test positive on South Africa-Netherlands flights - BBC News South Africa 5d
Dutch government apologizes for discredited transgender law 5d
New suspected Omicron cases emerge across Europe as the world races to contain new variant Germany South Africa Czech Republic 5d
New lockdown announced in Europe 5d
Dozens test positive for Covid after flights from South Africa to Netherlands South Africa 5d
Coronavirus latest news: Over 60 test positive after flying from South Africa to Amsterdam as f... South Africa 5d
Dutch say 61 Covid positive on flights from S.Africa South Africa 5d
The Netherlands is investigating whether 61 travelers were infected with the new coronavirus va... South Africa 5d
The Netherlands finds 61 Covid cases in air arrivals from South Africa, and is checking for the... South Africa 5d
Netherlands says 61 positive from two SA flights: UAE ‘gives all’ a vaccine UAE 5d
61 test positive for coronavirus on arrival in Netherlands from South Africa South Africa 5d
61 arrivals from South Africa test positive for COVID-19 | AP News South Africa 5d
COVID-19: Netherlands and Belgium decide on a new measurement train Belgium 5d
61 arrivals from South Africa test positive for COVID-19 South Africa 5d
Covid Omicron, in the Netherlands 61 passengers from positive Africa to the variant. In New Yor... South Korea Germany 5d
Netherlands: 61 cases on flights from South Africa South Africa 5d
Omicron covid variant feared at Amsterdam airport as the Netherlands enters night-time lockdown South Africa 5d
Dozens of COVID-19 cases on flight from South Africa, Dutch authorities say South Africa 5d
Netherlands impose new evening-lockdown 6d