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FM Çavuşoğlu, NATO’s Stoltenberg discuss Afghanistan, wildfires Turkey 3h
Afghan airstrikes hit Taliban in south as insurgents gain in north 4h
'US did not intend to single out Turkey in Afghan migrant plan' US Turkey 5h
Airstrikes pummel Taliban in south; insurgents gain in north 5h
Threat to West as Al Qaeda joins with Taliban to create ‘cradle of jihad' 6h
Former defence ministers: 'British forces must go back to Afghanistan' UK 8h
Taliban chief leading assault on key city was freed last year in prisoner swap 12h
India begins talks for special UNSC meet on Afghanistan situation India 12h
Afghan forces defend besieged cities as Taliban threaten more targeted attacks 12h
UK media unite to urge visas for Afghan reporters at risk from Taliban UK 15h
Ankara unsettled by role in US program to relocate Afghans US Turkey 16h
Journalist was at a cafe when Taliban attacked. Hear his story 16h
Could a full-scale war return to Afghanistan? Qatar 18h
Taliban bomb and attack Afghanistan defence minister's home - BBC News 19h
Violence in Afghanistan: Taliban confesses to Stop on Defense Minister in Kabul 19h
As fanatics advance, this loyal Afghan is denied sanctuary in Britain  UK 20h
Open letter warns of brutal Taliban reprisals against Afghan reporters UK 20h
Afghanistan: biden expands the welcome of refugees 21h
Video: Taliban Raid Kills Eight People in Afghanistan’s Capital 21h

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Afghanistan risks becoming failed state: British general UK 22h
Airstrikes pummel Taliban positions in southern Afghanistan US 22h
Taliban suicide-bomb attack targets defence minister’s Kabul home 23h
Afghanistan: A nation abandoned? Sign up to our exclusive virtual event 23h
Taliban commander on brink of capturing Afghan city was freed in US-led prisoner swap 23h
The Taliban Say They've Changed. Experts Aren't Buying It And Fear For Afghanistan 1d
Meet an Afghan who returned from space with a message of peace 1d
Afghanistan: Advancing Taliban Execute Detainees 1d
Taliban claim responsibility for attack on minister's house in Kabul 1d
Car bomb followed by gun battle leaves eight dead and 20 wounded in Afghanistan 1d
‘Turkey won’t serve as waiting room for US Afghan migrant policy’ US Turkey 1d
Blast in Kabul as Taliban claim attack on minister's compound 1d
Taliban claims responsibility for deadly attack on Afghan defense minister’s residence 1d
Deadly Taliban strike in Afghan capital Kabul 1d
Departure from Afghanistan: Turkey criticizes US program for taking assistants US Turkey 1d
Taliban people claim the attack against a minister's home in Kabul 1d
Civilians run as Afghan security forces defend city from Taliban 1d
Afghanistan: Taliban claim attack targeting defense minister 1d
India embarrassed by the perspective of a return of the Taliban in Afghanistan India Pakistan 1d
After stops in Kabul: deportation flug canceled to Afghanistan 1d
8 dead as Taliban claims attack on Afghanistan's defense minister 1d
Blast in Afghan capital as Taliban battle government forces in south, west 1d
After attack in Kabul: number of death to 13 rose 1d
Afghan families flee homes in south amid Taliban advance: Live 1d
Attack targeting acting Afghan defense minister left 8 dead 1d
Departure from Afghanistan: Turkey criticizes US program for taking assistants US Turkey 1d
Afghanistan after the US: the growing threat of a Taliban takeover - Financial Times US 1d
Explosion in front of the house of the Minister of Defense in Kabul. 8 people died 1d
Former translator trapped in Afghanistan tells of scenes of 'hell' UK 1d
How do Afghanistan forces and Taliban compare? 1d
Turkey rejects US' ‘irresponsible decision' on Afghan refugees US Turkey 1d
Afghanistan faces a humanitarian crisis as 360,000 Afghans displaced this year - BBC Newsnight 1d
How do the Afghan forces and the Taliban compare? 1d
Passports please: Afghans queue up for escape lifeline 1d
Afghan army planning major attack, asks residents to leave southern city 1d
Al-Qaeda fighters join forces with Taliban in Afghanistan 1d
After stops in Kabul: deportation flug canceled to Afghanistan 1d
Taliban slaughtered my mum & threaten to massacre family, says Afghan hero UK 1d
Could Biden change his mind on US withdrawal from Afghanistan? US 1d
Taliban retreat follows public uprising in Herat Pakistan 1d
Taliban on the brink of taking control of major Afghan city 1d
Kabul residents shout in support of Afghan security following attack 1d
UN Security Council condemns attacks on Afghan civilians 1d
Gunmen attack home of Afghan defence minister in Kabul 1d
US says Afghanistan civil war one of many concerns US 1d
Taliban going door to door to hunt down Afghan interpreters US UK 1d
Human rights court defends Afghan's right to stay in Austria Austria 1d
Multiple blasts, gunfire rock Kabul as conflict with Taliban intensifies ahead of U.S. withdraw... US 1d
Pakistan army completes 90% fencing work along Afghan border Pakistan 1d
Afghans chant ‘Allahu Akbar’ in defiant protests against Taliban 1d
Afghanistan: Violent explosion shakes Kabul 1d
Deadly explosion, gunfire hit Kabul near Afghan capital’s fortified ‘Green Zone’ 1d
Afghanistan: Three dead after explosion in Kabul's green zone 1d
According to court decision: Austria stops deportation to Afghanistan Germany Austria 1d
Explosions shake Kabul as Afghanistan defense minister’s residence comes under attack 1d
Civilians instructed to evacuate besieged metropolis of Lashkar Gah as Afghan violence escalate... 1d
Kabul hit by powerful explosion, gunfire, at least three dead 1d
Powerful blast rocks Kabul after Afghan army urges civilians to leave Taliban-controlled areas... 1d
Kabul hit by powerful explosion, gunfire, at least three dead 1d
Acting defence minister targeted in Afghan capital attack 1d
Afghanistan: At least six injured after explosion in Kabul 1d
Huge blast hits Afghan capital Kabul near defence minister’s home 1d
Powerful blast rocks upscale neighborhood in Afghanistan's Kabul 1d
Afghan army tells civilians to flee as Taliban move in on Helmand capital of Lashkar Gar UK 1d
Afghanistan, explosion and shots in Kabul near the Presidential Palace 1d
Powerful explosion rocks upscale neighbourhood of Afghan capital 1d
Blast near Afghanistan Defence Minister's residence in Kabul 1d
‘No military solution’ to conflict in Afghanistan, US envoy says US 1d
Opinion | The U.S. Won Afghanistan Before Losing It US 1d
Powerful explosion in upscale neighborhood of Afghan capital 1d
Afghanistan fighting traps terrified Lashkar Gah residents 1d
Joe Biden blasted for 'terrible error' in scathing UK assessment - new terror fears UK 1d
Taliban ‘Will Be Defeated’ If No Political Settlement: Karzai | TOLOnews 1d
Afghan soldiers execute a villager suspected of aiding the Taliban by IED 1d
US ‘really messed it up’ in Afghanistan, says Pak PM Imran Khan US 1d
Afghan forces order civilians to leave city under Taliban siege 1d
Afghanistan: Next few weeks pivotal as humanitarian crisis and fight for power looms 1d
'Will turn Afghanistan into ruins so that it can't compete with Pak' Pakistan 1d
Taliban take much of provincial capital in south Afghanistan 2d
Afghanistan urges civilians to evacuate besieged city 2d
Fears for Afghan city of Lashkar Gah as fierce clashes continue US 2d