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Taliban warns Pakistan against 'cruel' treatment of Afghans amid deportation - The Independent Pakistan 7mos
'Israeli spies' held in joint operation with Afghanistan: Iran Iran Israel 7mos
Pakistan begins mass deportation of Afghan refugees - CBS News Pakistan 7mos
Afghan opium poppy cultivation plunges by 95 percent under Taliban: UN 7mos
Another 15,000 Afghan Refugees Leave Pakistan In Last 24 Hours Pakistan 7mos
Afghanistan: Opium supply drops 95% after Taliban drug ban – DW – 11/05/2023 7mos
Afghan Farmers Have Lost $1 Billion Since Taliban Banned Poppy Cultivation 7mos
Poppy growth down 95% in Afghanistan since Taliban ban: UN 7mos
'I'll have to marry off my daughters': Refugees await deportation to Taliban-ruled Afghanistan... Pakistan UK 7mos
Afghan commando describes 13 days of Taliban torture after being abandoned by UK UK 7mos
An English teacher who fled the Taliban finds a home at last UK 7mos
Afghanistan slams Pakistan, says expelling refugees move 'unilateral' Pakistan 7mos
Afghanistan still in the hunt for unlikely semifinal spot at Cricket World Cup Netherlands 7mos
Pakistan steps up Afghan expulsions despite international criticism - Financial Times Pakistan UK 7mos
‘Why am I being sent back?’: Hurt, anger for Afghans pushed out by Pakistan - Al Jazeera Englis... Pakistan UK 7mos
‘We’re dreaming’: Afghanistan crush the Netherlands at Cricket World Cup Netherlands 7mos
The Azadi Briefing: Afghanistan Struggles To Cope With Influx Of Refugees From Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan steps up Afghan expulsions despite international criticism Pakistan 7mos
‘There is no school for girls’: Afghans who fled to Pakistan sent back to a homeland that is fo... Pakistan UK 7mos

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Pakistan Opens More Centers At Border To Expedite Afghans' Repatriation Pakistan 7mos
Tens of thousands of Afghans flee Pakistan amid crackdown on migrants - Financial Times Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan demolishes homes, raids neighbourhoods under crackdown to force millions of Afghans to... Pakistan 7mos
Major crackdown on undocumented Afghans in Pakistan - TRT World Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan starts to arrest Afghanistan refugees - BBC News - BBC News Pakistan 7mos
Border crossing with Afghanistan swamped by Afghans after Pakistani expulsion order - Reuters Pakistan 7mos
Afghans Paying A 'Huge Sum Of Money' To Leave Pakistan Amid Crackdown Pakistan 7mos
Afghan-Pakistan Border Swamped With Afghans Following Explusion Order Pakistan 7mos
UK warns Afghans stuck in Pakistan hotels to hide indoors amid refugee crackdown Pakistan UK 7mos
'Nobody Dares To Leave Their Homes': Diary Of An Afghan Refugee In Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan starts mass deportation of undocumented Afghans - The Guardian Pakistan UK 7mos
Pakistan: Tens of thousands of Afghans flee amid crackdown – DW – 11/02/2023 Pakistan 7mos
Photos: Dozens of Afghans deported by Pakistan authorities - Al Jazeera English Pakistan UK 7mos
Pakistan-Afghanistan border crossing overwhelmed as Afghans face expulsion Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan expels thousands of refugees: "I go back to Afghanistan, where I have no one, only God... Pakistan 7mos
Thousands Of Afghan Refugees Leave Pakistan As Deadline Expires Pakistan 7mos
Thousands of Afghan refugees fleeing Pakistan as deportation deadline looms - Al Jazeera Englis... Pakistan UK 7mos
Afghans Boys, Men Rounded Up, Face Deportation From Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan begins rounding up mainly Afghan foreigners ahead of deadline ordering them to leave c... Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan: hundreds of thousands of Afghans forced to leave the territory, before the expulsions... Pakistan 7mos
Dozens of Afghans who were illegally in Pakistan are detained and deported in nationwide sweeps Pakistan 7mos
Afghans Refugee Homes Demolished In Islamabad Ahead Of Deadline To Leave Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
As deadline to leave Pakistan expires, official says over 100,000 Afghans gone home Pakistan 7mos
Afghan refugees forced to leave Pakistan say they have nothing Pakistan 7mos
Murdered, tortured or in hiding: The special forces abandoned to Taliban by UK UK 7mos
Elite Afghan commandos 'betrayed' by the British and left behind to be hunted down UK 7mos
Afghan refugees fear as Pakistan prepares for deportations - BBC Pakistan France UK 7mos
Afghan refugees fear as Pakistan prepares for deportations - BBC Pakistan UK 7mos
Afghan Refugees Leave Pakistan As Mass Deportation Deadline Looms Pakistan 7mos
Afghan refugees fear as Pakistan prepares for deportations Pakistan 7mos
UN Experts Urge Taliban To Free Two Women's Rights Defenders In Afghanistan 7mos
Thousands of Afghan refugees fleeing Pakistan as deportation deadline looms Pakistan 7mos
Afghans Scramble To Return Home Ahead Of Pakistan's Deportation Deadline Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan urged to identify, protect thousands of at-risk Afghan deportees -sources Pakistan 7mos
Rights Monitor Slams Pakistan Over Deportations Of Afghan Asylum Seekers Pakistan 7mos
Photos: Settled Afghans forced to flee Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
Expulsion of illegal foreigners to be carried out in phases: security czar - The News Internati... India Pakistan 7mos
Afghan women died in earthquake as they feared Taliban punishment for not wearing hijab - The T... 7mos
Afghanistan beat Sri Lanka to boost Cricket World Cup semifinal hopes Sri Lanka 7mos
Afghanistan:Taliban increase crackdown on girls' education – DW – 10/30/2023 7mos
Taliban push clampdown on education for girls – DW – 10/30/2023 7mos
Taliban girls' crackdown ongoing, despite activist release – DW – 10/30/2023 7mos
Afghanistan earthquake: 'Women were prisoners in their homes and now they're dead' - Sky News UK 7mos
Afghans who fled Taliban to UK ‘set to be made homeless at Christmas’ UK 7mos
Over 8000 Afghan migrants forced to return from Pakistan with just two days remaining in deadli... Pakistan 7mos
After Afghanistan quakes, women and children need urgent aid – DW – 10/28/2023 7mos
Afghans leave Pakistan in droves before deportation deadline – DW – 10/28/2023 Pakistan 7mos
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Soldiers; Troops Kill One Militant In Northwest Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
Afghanistan: The State of Taliban 7mos
Islamic State group claims responsibility for an explosion in Afghanistan, killing 4 7mos
Another Earthquake Hits Western Afghanistan Disaster Zone 7mos
ISIL group claims blast that killed four in Afghanistan 7mos
Afghanistan earthquake: 'Women were prisoners in their homes and now they're dead' 7mos
Islamic State jihadist group claims deadly blast in Kabul 7mos
Afghanistan: the Islamic State claims an attack that killed four people in a Kabul shopping cen... 7mos
Pakistan gives last warning to undocumented immigrants, many Afghan refugees, to leave - Reuter... Pakistan UK 7mos
Rights Groups, Officials Urge Taliban To Continue Releasing Activists After Wesa Freed 7mos
The Azadi Briefing: Afghan Taliban Bans Fighters From Waging 'Jihad' In Pakistan Iran Pakistan 7mos
Afghan women have been 'abandoned' in earthquake aftermath, says expert | CBC Radio Canada 7mos
Leave or face action, Pakistan tells Afghan refugees Pakistan 7mos
Prominent Afghanistan education activist released by Taliban 7mos
Afghan girls rights activist Matiullah Wesa released by Taliban 7mos
‘Vested interests’: why China is backing Taliban regime in Afghanistan China 7mos
Pakistan prepares deportation centres for undocumented migrants - Al Jazeera English India Pakistan UK 7mos
Detained Afghan Education Activist Released, Family Says 7mos
Pakistan issues final warning to illegal immigrants to leave voluntarily before the November 1... Pakistan 7mos
Pakistan prepares deportation centres as deadline for Afghan migrants looms Pakistan 7mos
UK scrambles charter flights to bring Afghans stuck in Pakistan hotels to safety Pakistan UK 7mos
Record 114 million people now displaced worldwide, says U.N. Syria Ukraine 7mos
Can China Learn To Live With The Taliban? China Germany 7mos
Podcast: Can China Learn To Live With The Taliban? China Germany 7mos
In Afghanistan, the Taliban use NGOs to circumvent sanctions US 7mos
UK shame as Afghan refugee faces being sent back to Taliban over admin error UK 7mos
When conflict meets climate change, in Gaza and beyond Sudan 7mos
Afghan Women's Rights Group Reveals Another Member Has Spent A Month In Detention 7mos
Pakistan must not collectively punish Afghan refugees Pakistan 7mos
Rare public joy in Kabul after Afghanistan’s World Cup win over Pakistan Pakistan 7mos
Afghanistan cause another World Cup shock, leaving England at rock bottom Pakistan England 7mos
Taliban exploiting international aid through 'fraudulent' NGOs, says US watchdog US 7mos
Afghanistan shock rivals Pakistan in historic Cricket World Cup win Pakistan England 7mos
Afghanistan stun Pakistan in World Cup thriller Pakistan 7mos