47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) more on Wikipedia

Chinese jets enter Taiwanese airspace for second day China Taiwan 29m
Democrats urge Biden to commute sentences of EVERY death row inmate 44m
Schumer promises quick but fair trial as Trump impeachment heads to Senate 59m
Biden set for ‘buy American’ push to boost domestic manufacturing US 1h
Chuck Schumer: the man who must steer the Biden agenda - Financial Times 2h
China flies warplanes close to Taiwan in early test of Biden China US Taiwan 3h
Biden and Trudeau plan next bilateral confab in reset of Canada-U.S. relations 3h
USA: Biden renews entry ban for Europeans US 3h
Coronavirus, USA: Biden blocks entry from Europe, Brazil and South Africa. The Mexican presiden... US South Africa Mexico Brazil 4h
Church and bagels to go: Biden's first White House Sunday US 4h
Biden to repeal Trump’s ban on transgender people serving in military ‘imminently’ 4h
Biden unlikely to achieve meaningful changes in US energy mix US 4h
Biden’s restrictive oil policy unlikely to continue 4h
Biden plans a busy week of executive action 4h
Officials weigh options to enforce Biden's mask requirement for travelers 4h
Lasting change and America's hopes of overcoming the pandemic will rely on Biden's ability to l... US 4h
Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron pledge to strengthen ties in first phone call Canada France UK Mexico 4h
Biden extends travel restrictions for Europeans US South Africa 5h
Coronavirus digest: Biden reportedly set to reimpose US travel ban US South Africa Brazil 5h

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NZZ STANDPUNKTE - How powerful is Trump? "He has enough sons and daughters to carry on his lega... 6h
China sends warplanes to Taiwan strait in a show of force to Biden China Taiwan 6h
Biden, Johnson talk, but did they discuss US-UK trade deal? US UK 7h
Global coronavirus report: Mexico's president tests positive; Joe Biden to reinstate travel ban... Russia South Africa Mexico 7h
AP source: Biden to drop Trump’s military transgender ban 7h
Biden stops presidential motorcade on return from church to buy bagels 8h
US foreign broadcasters get new chiefs under Biden US 8h
Biden calls Canada's Trudeau, Mexico's López Obrador US Canada Mexico 8h
Biden to reinstate Covid-19 travel bans, says White House official Ireland UK Brazil 8h
Fight over the rules grinds the Senate to a halt, imperiling Biden’s legislative agenda 8h
Biden reinstates US COVID travel restrictions, adds South Africa US South Africa 8h
Chinese incursions seen as early test of Biden administration China Taiwan 9h
How Space Became the Next ‘Great Power’ Contest Between the U.S. and China China US 10h
Five Takeaways From the Developing Space War Between China and the U.S. China US 10h
Covid-19: Why the US hasn't hit vaccine targets so far US 10h
Zuckerberg's Biden problem 10h
This is how Fox News is describing the Biden administration 10h
Fareed: The government has become good at just one thing 11h
Coronavirus live news: Biden to reinstate Covid travel ban as world nears 100m cases US Ireland UK South Africa Brazil 11h
Whitehorse Daily Star: Yukoners laud Biden’s move to protect the ANWR 11h
Readout of President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. Call with President Emmanuel Macron of France | The W... US France 12h
Opinion | Biden’s Chance to End Border Chaos 12h
Opinion | Who Gets to Make the Rules? Washington May Finally Get It Right 12h
Canada Worries About Biden’s ‘Buy American’ After Keystone Blow US Canada 13h
For their first telephone interview, Macron and Biden note "a great convergence of views" Iran 13h
Biden to reinstate Covid-19-related travel restrictions lifted by Trump Ireland UK Brazil 13h
Legal experts say Trump’s pardons include major ‘gaps’ that may expose recipients to further pr... 13h
Biden speaks with France's Macron, seeks to strengthen ties US France 14h
Biden's first 100-day agenda on US road map US 14h
US to strengthen bilateral ties with France, Biden tells Macron US France 14h
Biden's chief of staff says Trump lacked plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccine to all Americans 14h
Biden attends first Mass as president at Holy Trinity church in DC 14h
Biden and Latin America: New Government, Old Fronts US Mexico Brazil Venezuela 15h
President Russia’s President Putin ready for dialogue if US willing: Kremlin US Russia 15h
In first days, Biden flashes action as deep problems loom 15h
North Korea to use Biden talks as chance to advance nuclear weapons programme US North Korea 15h
Trump spent his first weekend in office lying about crowd sizes. Biden used it to quietly enact... 15h
Chinese fighter jets enter Taiwan air space for second day as tensions rise days into Biden ter... China US Taiwan 17h
Biden security adviser vows to consult Israel on regional issues US Israel 18h
Taiwan reports large incursion by Chinese warplanes for second day China Taiwan 18h
China-Taiwan tensions rise days into Biden presidency China US Taiwan 18h
President Biden and Boris Johnson share hopes for end to Covid in first phone call US UK 18h
Saudi Arabia expects 'excellent relations' with Biden administration US Iran Saudi Arabia 18h
Kremlin says Putin ready for dialogue if U.S. willing US Russia 18h
Amanda Gorman at Biden's inauguration reminded me: politics needs poetry 19h
Biden administration to unveil more climate policies, urges China to toughen emissions target China US 20h
U.S. will work with Israel to build on regional normalization agreements: Biden national securi... US Israel 20h
Chuck Schumer: the man who must steer the Biden agenda 20h
Ian Cowie: My US tractors were a bet on Trump, but they will plough ahead with Biden too US United States of America 20h
US executives brace for more corporate prosecutions under Biden US 21h
Majlis Podcast: Biden And Central Asia -- Three Former Ambassadors Weigh In US 21h
Biden gives Johnson cover to spend bigger 21h
Majlis Podcast: Biden And Central Asia -- Three Former Ambassadors Weigh In US 22h
Biden And Central Asia: Three Former Ambassadors Weigh In 22h
War FEARS: North Korea could use Biden talks to ‘further nuclear programme’ claims expert US North Korea 22h
Biden to reverse ‘draconian’ migration policies as Boris Johnson presses for trade deal - follo... 23h
China Sends Warplanes to Taiwan Strait in a Show of Force to Biden China US Taiwan 23h
Biden orders stopgap aid as Congress considers $1.9 trillion plan US 23h
Biden's decrees vault America back onto the global stage. A whiplashed world wonders for how lo... US 23h
‘Please, don’t cancel New York Times subscription,’ says former editor sacked after her ‘chills... 23h
Biden's opening with Republicans is narrow but real US 23h
At the White House, make way for professionals US 1d
Mexico faces challenge to light-touch Covid approach as US restricts travel US Mexico 1d
Can Biden Fix the Mess Trump Made of Our Relationship With Iran? US Iran 1d
First phone call with Europeans: Biden talks to Johnson | Free press - The Courier US 1d
Biden orders review of domestic extremism threat in US US 1d
Donald Trump's impeachment trial delayed by Senate until February 1d
Biden urges patience as frustration grows over vaccine supply 1d
What effect will Biden stimulus plans have on Fed policy? 1d
Undoing Trump's legacy: Biden wastes no time in first 100 hours as president 1d
Venezuela's Maduro hopes to establish 'new path' with US under Biden US Venezuela 1d
Biden to Finally Stop Support to Saudi Arabia in Yemen Yemen Saudi Arabia 1d
Joe Biden warns more U.S. faces more than 600,000 COVID deaths US 1d
Biden's decrees vault America back onto the global stage. A whiplashed world wonders for how lo... US 1d
Canada’s Trudeau ‘disappointed’ with Biden order to cancel Keystone pipeline Canada 1d
Biden inherits a deeply divided America, perhaps that's why he gave a nod to Lincoln US 1d
Big questions hang over Biden's pandemic strategy 1d
First phone call with Europeans: Biden talks to Johnson after López and Trudeau Canada Mexico 1d
Big questions hang over Biden's pandemic strategy Mexico 1d
Biden on mission to build equal and united States US 1d
Johnson, Biden discuss climate change, COVID-19 US UK 1d