Donald Trump

45th President of the United States more on Wikipedia

White House expected to lift transgender ban in military as early as Monday 6m
Sarah Sanders expected to announce bid for Arkansas governor on Monday 6m
Jim Acosta: I've never seen Trump this alone 2h
Joe Biden commits to NATO, EU ties in call with France's Macron US France 2h
Republican split widens as Donald Trump intervenes in party elections in Arizona 3h
‘Badge of honor’: Arizona GOP censures state's governor and Rep. McCain for Trump opposition 3h
Growing number of Republican senators oppose impeachment trial of former president US 4h
Trump to use millions in campaign cash, threat of third party to stop Republicans voting to imp... 4h
Israeli cabinet approves deal upgrading ties with Morocco US Israel Morocco United Arab Emirates Sudan Bahrain 6h
Donald Trump splits the Republican Party 6h
National Guard to remain in Washington, DC until MARCH to provide security for impeachment tria... 6h
Why is China building border walls with Vietnam and Myanmar? China US Myanmar Vietnam 7h
Trump loses Dr. Birx too as she claims admin presented ‘parallel’ data and graphs on Covid-19,... 7h
Trump 'wanted to replace AG with one to overturn the election' 8h
Megyn Kelly blames Capitol riot on networks like CNN 9h
Donald Trump spends weekend playing golf and he's still wearing his MAGA hat 10h
'Trump administration had no distribution plan for COVID-19 vaccine' 10h
Germany buys same corona meds used to treat Trump Germany 10h
Members are quitting 'sad' Mar-a-Lago after Trump loses 10h

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Analysis: Trump's 10 worst abuses of power 10h
Romney: Impeachment trial after Trump has left office is constitutional 10h
For the media outrage machine, Donald Trump will be a hard habit to kick US France 10h
Trump is not a fascist. But that didn't make him any less dangerous to our democracy Germany 11h
Germany buys Trump-touted antibody cocktail against Covid-19 at $2,400 per dose – health minist... Germany 11h
An African lesson in reform for the US after Donald Trump US 12h
Donald Trump's niece prepared to 'change name' to cut ties with him US 12h
Germany uses corona drug that helped Trump recover Germany 13h
Coronavirus: Germany to use new antibody-based drug Germany 13h
What Donald Trump's impeachment means and his chances of a comeback US 14h
Whether you were Prince or a plumber, Larry King would find your story 14h
Arizona GOP censures signal a fractured party in a key swing state 14h
What will Donald Trump do now? How the future could look for the former US president US 14h
Trump holed up in Florida. What awaits him now? Egypt 15h
Donald Trump's impeachment trial delayed by Senate until February 16h
Piers Morgan: Trump thought hoax call to Air Force One was 'hilarious' 16h
President Joe Biden's biggest bloopers - from name blunders to counting mishaps US 17h
Venezuela's Maduro hopes to establish 'new path' with US under Biden US Venezuela 18h
Donald Trump is gone but his big lie is still corrupting America's body politic US 18h
Arizona Republicans censure Cindy McCain, GOP governor 20h
What will Melania Trump do now? A smile replaces a scowl as she slinks into the shadows 21h
Wall Street Journal: Trump pressured DOJ to file case with Supreme Court to overturn election r... 22h
Obituary: Harold Bornstein 23h
Donald Trump's BITTER final snub left Bidens waiting outside White House sources claim 23h
Donald Trump's BITTER final snub left Bidens waiting outside White House sources claim 23h
Supporters' words may come to haunt Trump in Senate trial US 23h
A smile replaces a scowl as Melania Trump slinks into the shadows 23h
Ivanka and Jared Kushner want ‘clean break’ after Donald Trump era sources say US 1d
Venezuela: Nicolas Maduro reaches out to Joe Biden, and calls for "turning the page" Venezuela 1d
Donald Trump 'should be banned from Britain for magnitude of his crimes' say MPs UK Scotland 1d
Trump spends first weekend as ex-POTUS playing golf at West Palm Beach US 1d
Senate Republican warns Trump impeachment could set precedent 1d
Senate Republican threatens impeachments of past Democratic presidents 1d
MyPillow guy to get endorsement from Trump, ‘best president in history,’ if he runs for governo... 1d
Loyal Texas Trump voters want Joe Biden to be less divisive 1d
Ivanka Trump fury over ex-President Donald Trump's 'refusal to trust his children' US 1d
Supporters' words may haunt Trump at impeachment trial US 1d
Biden tells Mexico he will undo Trump immigration policies US Mexico 1d
'Ivanka: Happening': Julie Bishop, Donald Trump's daughter, and the Australian Government's thr... Australia 1d
Melania and Donald Trump 'slept separately' in White House during presidency 1d
Donald Trump news: Did Joe Biden really remove a 'Diet Coke button' from the Oval Office? 1d
Donald Trump news: Did Joe Biden really remove a 'Diet Coke button' from the Oval Office? 1d
'The President threw us under the bus': Trump's intel chief blames him 1d
Trump impeachment starts in the second week of February 1d
Donald Trump's impeachment trial to begin on February 8, Senate confirms US 1d
Joe Biden’s flying start to be derailed by Trump trial 1d
No, this photo doesn’t prove Trump is going to declassify secret documents US 1d
Spot the difference: How Joe Biden has swept away the signs of Donald Trump from the Oval Offic... 1d
Trump breaks post-Inauguration silence to hint at 2024 presidential run 1d
Melania Trump leaves Donald Trump alone in front of the cameras – video 1d
Get golfing like Donald Trump when lockdown's over with these top breaks UK 1d
Get golfing like Donald Trump when lockdown's over with these top breaks UK 1d
Facebook: on moderation, "we are criticized for one thing and its opposite" 1d
Donald Trump and Melania's insanely lavish wedding with 300ft dress & $50k cake 1d
Trump shuns ‘ex-presidents club’ — and the feeling is mutual 1d
Kamala Harris' fury at Joe Biden for 'very hurtful' comments 1d
US ban on China firms ‘could affect US$60bn in bonds’ China US 1d
Iran’s supreme leader has Twitter account BLOCKED after hostile ‘revenge’ threat to Trump US Iran 1d
Trump shuns 'ex-presidents club' — and the feeling is mutual 1d
Donald Trump breaks silence and hints at 2024 Presidential run - 'We'll do something' 1d
Donald Trump breaks silence and hints at 2024 Presidential run - 'We'll do something' 1d
Twitter suspend account 'linked to Iran leader' after Trump ‘revenge’ threat Iran 1d
Senate to start Trump impeachment trial week of Feb. 8 1d
Dr Jill Biden is giving Melania Trump a quick lesson in class 1d
New York Times: Trump and DOJ attorney had plan to replace his acting AG and undo Georgia elect... 1d
Melania Trump's awkward 'SNUB' sparks Donald divorce rumours on 16th wedding anniversary 1d
Analysis: Biden's bipartisan goals will be complicated by impeachment 1d
Twitter suspends Iran's Supreme Leader after tweet threatening Trump Iran 1d
Republican fear of Trump's return 1d
Donald Trump impeachment: Conviction in Senate unlikely as ex-president proves too popular to p... 1d
Donald Trump 'forced Joe Biden to wait outside White House' in final petty act US 1d
CNN, MSNBC viewers flip for Biden; Fox audience slumps 1d
Donald Trump impeachment trial to begin week of February 8 – Chuck Schumer 1d
Chuck Schumer announces timeline for Trump impeachment 1d
Analysis: Graham is playing an odd role in the trial 1d
Sales at Trump businesses hit hard by pandemic, toxic image US 1d
After Trump setbacks, Kim Jong-un starts over with Biden North Korea 1d
Trump's Senate impeachment trial will start week of Feb 8: Chuck Schumer US 1d
Iran’s Supreme Leader banned over tweet threatening revenge on Trump Iran 1d
Trump’s impeachment trial set to begin in days as Democrats push ahead 1d
US election 2024: who are the likely Republican candidates to run for president against Joe Bid... US 1d