Donald Trump

45th President of the United States more on Wikipedia

Trump, Pakistan's Khan discuss way out of Afghanistan war US Pakistan Afghanistan 11m
Police officer sacked for suggesting AOC should be shot 2h
Trump says he could win Afghan war and wipe country 'off the face of the Earth' Afghanistan 2h
Trump and Congress avert US debt ceiling crisis with budget deal US 3h
Stephen Miller's laugh-out-loud excuse for Trump's 'send her back' reaction 3h
India disputes that it asked Trump to mediate Kashmir fight India 3h
Q&A: Alastair Campbell compares Donald Trump to Hitler US 3h
Iran boasts Hamas has 'precision missiles’ to ‘return the Holy Land to Islam’ Iran the Holy Land 3h
Trump seeks Pakistan's help to end long Afghanistan war Pakistan Afghanistan 4h
Trump wants Pakistan to help 'extricate' US from Afghanistan US Pakistan Afghanistan 4h
Donald Trump offers to mediate Kashmir conflict India US Pakistan 4h
‘No such request made’: India DENIES Trump was asked to mediate Kashmir crisis India US Pakistan 5h
The Latest: Trump says he’s ‘best thing’ for Puerto Rico US 5h
Donald Trump says he "could win" Afghanistan "in a week," but doesn't want to kill "10 million... Afghanistan 5h
Trump tells Imran Khan: PM Modi asked me to help with ‘disputed’ Kashmir region India US Pakistan 6h
US working with Pakistan to find way out of Afghan war: Donald Trump India US Pakistan Afghanistan 6h
Analysis: Can Trump-Khan talks improve US-Pakistan ties? 6h
Trump says China's Xi has acted responsibly on Hong Kong protests China US 7h
In meeting with Imran Khan, Donald Trump offers to mediate on Kashmir 7h

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Trump offers to mediate Kashmir crisis between India and Pakistan India Pakistan 7h
Trump says U.S. had positive correspondence with North Korea recently US North Korea 7h
‘I don’t want to kill 10 million people’: Trump says he could win Afghanistan war in 10 days US Pakistan Afghanistan 8h
Ivanka Trump gets dog-piled by liberals for gifting her daughter a white pooch 8h
Trump says it is getting harder for him to want a deal with Iran US Iran 8h
Trump says U.S. working with Pakistan to find way out of Afghan war US Pakistan Afghanistan 8h
American woman in Syria posts emotional video pleading with Trump to stop civilian deaths US Syria 8h
Opinion: British bigot who Trump retweets UK 9h
Peace Now: Israeli West Bank outposts boom under Trump Israel 10h
Trump to host Australian PM for official visit, state dinner... US Australia 10h
Huawei helped North Korea build wireless network – US reports China US North Korea 10h
Trump denies Iran arrested 17 people accused of being U.S. spies US Iran 11h
One of Germany's top CEOs calls out racism in White House Germany 11h
Trump says Mueller should not be allowed to tell congress about his obstruction Russia 11h
Trump mirrors Mussolini, campaign events reminiscent of Nuremberg rallies – George Galloway US 13h
Rudy’s Private “Soldiers Of Fortune”: Inside Giuliani’s Ukrainian Campaign To Keep Trump In The... US Ukrania 14h
Donald Trump accused of 'high crimes and misdemeanors' ahead of crunch Mueller hearings 15h
Your Monday Briefing 15h
Donald Trump: President crashes 'MAGA-themed' wedding to surprise happy couple US 15h
PETER OBORNE: Why I blame 'warmonger' whispering in Donald Trump's ear Iran 19h
Mueller to air ‘very substantial evidence’ of wrongdoing by Trump – official US Russia 21h
Trump: Minority Democratic congresswomen should 'apologize to America' US 1d
Ocasio-Cortez: Trump Enjoyed Crowd Saying, ‘Send Her Back!’ US 1d
Donald Trump crashes wedding reception as delighted bride and groom lead guests in chant of 'US... US 1d
Pakistani PM to meet Trump in bid to mend ties Pakistan 1d
Chinese firms want tariff exemptions to buy US agricultural goods China US 1d
U.S. to press Pakistan PM on Afghan peace, terrorism crackdown US Pakistan Afghanistan 1d
Teenage Brexit Party official says he helped expose US ambassador cables that enraged Donald Tr... US Scotland 1d
Imran Khan hopes to win over Donald Trump in first US visit US Pakistan 1d
Trump's tweets: Should the media call the US president 'racist'? | The Listening Post (Lead) US 1d
Donald Trump calls on four congresswomen at centre of racism row to 'apologise to America' US 1d
Michelle Obama takes aim at Trump’s inauguration as she proclaims Barack had ‘no scandal US 1d
Very substantial evidence Trump is guilty of high crimes, House Judiciary Chair says 1d
And now ‘apologize to Israel’: Trump in new rant on ‘weak, insecure’ Omar, Tlaib & co. US Israel 1d
Richard Galant: Trump is trying to repeat history Greece 1d
Cory Booker: Donald Trump is 'worse than a racist' 1d
Swedish Prime Minister Says Rapper A$AP Rocky Won’t Get Special Treatment Because of Donald Tru... Sweden 1d
Donald Trump demands congresswomen he subjected to racist tweets apologise to US and Israel US Israel 1d
Why are evangelicals so pro-Trump? 1d
Labour MP: Donald Trump dragging UK into war with Iran Iran UK 1d
Scotland Yard Chopped: Vulgar and Enigmatic Messages Mailed on behalf of the London Police Scotland 1d
AOC: Trump's immigration policies are about 'ethnicity and racism' 1d
'Moderates are a dead species':  Donald Trump's attack on Ilhan Omar sets up polarised 2020 ele... 1d
Donald Trump calls Sadiq Khan 'incompetent' after hackers target Metropolitan Police website  1d
Brexit Party worker, 19, says he's behind leaks that toppled UK ambassador to US US UK 1d
Ahead of Khan-Trump meet, campaign on Balochistan's enforced disappearances launched in Washing... US Pakistan 1d
Ilhan Omar's constituents 'proud to stand by her' over Trump's racist words 1d
Clash Of The Jeremys: Hunt And Corbyn In Twitter Face-Off Over Oil Tanker Iran 1d
Donald Trump’s race card exploits the Democrats’ weak hand US 1d
Merkel attacks Trump and 'firmly distances' herself from him US Germany 1d
Justin Bieber: I appreciate Trump helping A$AP Rocky, but 'can you also let those kids out of c... Sweden 2d
Is Trump right that US drug prices have fallen? US 2d
Trump sends troops to Saudi Arabia after Iran seizes Brit tankers US Iran UK Saudi Arabia 2d
Trump Offers to 'Vouch' For A$AP Rocky, Swedish PM Offers Trump Choice of Several Seats Sweden 2d US 2d
Ilhan Omar on her 9/11 comments, Trump, and US-Saudi relations | Talk to Al Jazeera US 2d
Donald Trump's baffling response to murder of Nobel Prize winner's family Iraq 2d
Trump’s race card exploits the Democrats’ weak hand US 2d
Michelle Obama savages Donald Trump over ‘racist’ Twitter outburst - ‘It’s OUR America!’ US 2d
Donald Trump's Latest Attack On Sadiq Khan Is Confused To Say The Least 2d
US Women's star calls Trump's racist tweets 'disgusting' US 2d
Trump weighs in on A$AP Rocky's jail treatment US Sweden 2d
'Where are they now?' Trump asks woman whose family killed by ISIS 2d
Corbyn blames Trump for fuelling Iran crisis after UK oil tanker seized Iran UK 2d
Russia blames US for Iran tensions and warns Trump will face ‘catastrophic consequences’ US Iran Russia 2d
Outraged with Trump ICE raids? Remember, he is yet to beat Obama’s deportation record – Lee Cam... 2d
Trump brands London mayor ‘incompetent’ after Met Police Twitter attack 2d
Ben Railton: The 500-year battle over 'who is American' continues US 2d
Trump ‘offers to pay A$AP Rocky’s bail’ to release US rapper from prison US Sweden 2d
Donald Trump in new attack on Sadiq Khan with Katie Hopkins retweet US 2d
War with Iran as 2020 election boost? Ron Paul optimistic Trump may tell Bolton ‘to get lost’ US Iran 2d
Trump voter: How is that racist? 2d
Trump shares Katie Hopkins video defending him over racist tweets US 2d
Trump says he will call Swedish prime minister about rapper A$AP Rocky Sweden 2d
Donald Trump said he tried to stop the 'send her back' chants ... but did he? 2d
Black US politician says white man told her to ‘go back where you came from’ US 2d
Ilhan Omar on her 9/11 comments, Trump, and US-Saudi relations US 2d
Trump offers to help ease tension in Japan-South Korea dispute US South Korea 2d
Nine times Donald Trump has been forced to insist he's 'not racist' US 2d
Trump accuser: This moment was my tipping point 2d
Donald Trump's accusers: 'The forgotten' women of the #MeToo movement 2d