Joe Biden

47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) more on Wikipedia

Biden extends temporary safe haven to Hong Kong residents in US amid China crackdown China US 6m
Biden nominates first LGBT federal appeals court nominee 27m
US to offer Hongkongers ‘safe haven’ amid crackdown on opposition US 56m
Biden to aim for 50% electric vehicles by 2030 with industry support US 56m
South China Sea tensions boil over as Biden and Harris throw down gauntlet to Beijing China US 4h
Joe Biden impeachment: US President faces fresh challenge over 'law violation' US 7h
Joe Biden impeachment: US President faces fresh challenge over 'law violation' US 7h
Will McConnell lift roadblock of Biden for infrastructure? 10h
Florida's governor turns his ire on Biden instead of Covid-19 as it rages in Florida 10h
Vast majority of Republicans still believe 2020 US election was ‘stolen’ from Donald Trump, pol... US 11h
$750mn in artillery gear & smart bomb kits: Biden’s first arms sale to Taiwan gets State Depart... Taiwan 13h
Unvaxxedd Americans blame foreigners, Biden and media for COVID surge 15h
Biden nominates Mark Brzezinski as US ambassador to Poland US Poland 17h
Impeachment of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo over sexual harassment allegations could happen '... US 17h
Florida’s Ron DeSantis complains Biden trying to ‘single out’ his state on Covid-19 17h
America in concern: So Joe Biden increases the vaccine pressure US 20h
Relations between Russia & US haven't improved since Biden-Putin summit & Moscow's diplomats st... US Russia 22h
Jen Psaki delivers ‘epic response’ to Fox News reporter Peter Doocy 23h
Joe Biden demanded withdrawal of Governor Cuomo 23h

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COVID-19: Should young people be offered 'cash for jabs'? US England 1d
Biden calls on the Governor of New York to resign 1d
Joe Biden gaffe sees President offering $100k not $100 to get vaccinated 1d
'He should resign': Biden reacts to Cuomo allegations 1d
Biden turns up the pressure on GOP governors as Delta spreads 1d
Biden calls on Andrew Cuomo to resign after sexual harassment report 1d
4 takeaways from Ohio's special congressional primaries 1d
Biden shows he's ready to make drastic moves in Covid-19 fight -- even if he's not sure they're... 1d
Biden chides Republican governors who resist vaccine rules 1d
United States: Facing protests, Joe Biden promulgates a new moratorium on rental evictions US 1d
The Governor of New York State called for resignation after the confirmation of accusations of... 1d
Canada ready to push back against Joe Biden's Buy American pledge, trade minister says US Canada 1d
CDC issues new ban on evictions of most US renters after protest US 1d
Joe Biden urges New York governor Andrew Cuomo to resign after inquiry finds he sexually harass... 1d
CDC issues new moratorium on US evictions to get around Supreme Court ban on previous one US 1d
Cuomo urged to resign after probe finds he harassed 11 women 1d
NY Governor Cuomo urged to resign over sexual harassment allegations US 1d
Biden calls on NY Governor to resign after sexual harassment investigation US 1d
Biden calls on Andrew Cuomo to resign after sexual harassment report – video 1d
Allegations of harassment: Biden calls New York's Governor Cuomo to resign US 1d
‘He should resign’: Biden leads Democrats’ sprint away from Cuomo after sex harassment probe re... US 1d
Even Joe Biden is finished after 'years of sexual misconduct' with Cuomo, but it doesn't have i... 1d
‘American heroes’: Biden hails latest officers to die by suicide following Jan 6 Capitol riot US 1d
"This attack happened": Medals to honor Jan. 6 responders 1d
Joe Biden blasted for 'terrible error' in scathing UK assessment - new terror fears UK Afghanistan 1d
Joe Biden blasted for 'terrible error' in scathing UK assessment - new terror fears UK Afghanistan 1d
Power shift: Why Saudi Arabia is back number one in the golf region Yemen Saudi Arabia United Arab Emirates 1d
Biden is having the worst week of his presidency so far 2d
Pakistan’s security adviser complains Joe Biden has not called Imran Khan Pakistan 2d
Why Joe Biden is such an elusive target for his critics 2d
America’s recovery: is Joe Biden’s presidency vulnerable to inflation? US 2d
US meets Biden’s vaccination target a month late, with virus deaths again rising US 2d
China and the US: where is the relationship heading? China US 2d
US Senate pushes ahead with $1 trillion infrastructure bill US 2d
US senators unveil text of $1tn bipartisan infrastructure bill US 3d
Biden's judges: More diverse and more of them 3d
US senators reach deal on Biden's infrastructure bill US 3d
U.S. President's Late Son Beau Biden Honored In Kosovo US Kosovo 3d
Pro-Biden groups to spend $100 million on August ad blitz US 3d
Pro-Biden groups to spend $100 million on August ad blitz 3d
In the United States, democratic parliamentarians stand up against the risks of mass expulsions US 3d
US to begin new Afghan refugee program US Afghanistan 3d
Nancy Pelosi, Democrats call on Joe Biden to extend eviction ban US 3d
Opinion: Curbing climate change is auto mechanics, not rocket science 3d
Kosovo Awards Posthumous Presidential Medal To Beau Biden US Kosovo 3d
Donald Trump’s influence in Joe Biden’s America US 3d
Afghanistan: Taliban attacks intensify following the withdrawal of western forces from the regi... US Afghanistan 4d
U.S. issues new sanctions on Cuba US Cuba 4d
US President Biden calls for $100 vaccine incentive - BBC News US 4d
Biden accidentally reveals note from staff saying ‘sir, there is something on your chin’ 5d
Pay people $100 each to have Covid vaccine, says Joe Biden US 5d
U.S. issues new Cuba sanctions, Biden promises more to come US Cuba 5d
Under pressure, biden sanctions of cuba and threatens to go further Cuba 5d
The pandemic turning point the White House didn't want 5d
Internet ERUPTS as Joe Biden receives 'something on your chin' note from aide 5d
Evictions loom after Biden, Congress fail to extend ban 5d
Biden lands win, but virus surge threatens to derail agenda 5d
U.S. to send U.N. envoy Linda Thomas-Greenfield for Olympics closing event US 5d
Biden nominates Khizr Khan, a Gold Star father and Trump critic, to religious freedom post 5d
Biden says US to see new Covid restrictions 'in all probability' US 5d
Cuba: US impose more sanctions US Cuba 5d
US sanctions Cuban police force as Biden threatens more penalties at meeting with diaspora grou... US Cuba 5d
House Democrats approve hiring ‘dreamers’ as Congressional STAFF as Biden urges ‘path to citize... US 5d
Biden sees shortages to stop climate-change fueled wildfires 5d
Joe Biden names Indian-American to be first Muslim religious freedom ambassador US 5d
First evacuation flight brings 221 Afghans, many kids, to US US Afghanistan 5d
Biden SNAPS at reporter after confronted about U-turn asking vaccinated to wear masks 5d
Biden unveils picks for key religious freedom roles 5d
US Senate votes to move ahead on trillion-dollar bipartisan infrastructure deal 5d
The great battle of anti-Covid vaccination divides the United States US 5d
Biden sees shortages to stop climate-change fueled wildfires 5d
Pelosi, Schumer to huddle with Biden on voting legislation 5d
US President Biden touched by Kosovo medal for late son Beau US Kosovo Yugoslavia 5d
Biden says Western wildfires demand 'urgent action' in meeting with governors 5d
The Cyberguerre at the dawn of a new era US 5d
Trump told Justice Department to ‘just say that the election was corrupt’ and ‘leave the rest t... 5d
US readies new Cuba sanctions as Biden meets Cuban-Americans US Cuba 5d
First evacuation flight containing Afghan interpreters arrives on U.S. soil US Afghanistan 5d
US flies 200 Afghan interpreters and family members to Virginia US Afghanistan 6d
Biden to discuss new sanctions on Cuban regime with Cuban-American leaders Cuba 6d
James Lankford's vote on January 6 sparks backlash in Trump country 6d