Joe Biden

47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) more on Wikipedia

Biden called Murdoch the 'most dangerous man in the world,' new book alleges US 1mo
Joe Biden’s ill-considered billionaire tax 1mo
Biden cites economic gains, but voters see much more to do 1mo
Trump mocks Biden for ‘mental and physical decline’ in latest rally US 1mo
Biden says submarine he commissioned will enhance US security US Russia Ukraine 1mo
US President Biden wishes Muslims 'Ramadan Kareem' US 1mo
Joe Biden raids US oil reserve after failing to bring Gulf partners on side - Financial Times US 1mo
"Bad for the country, but good for the Republicans»: Biden tilts Covid Special Rule, with which... US Mexico 1mo
Biden says Putin seems to be self-isolating Russia 1mo
Biden says Putin seems to be self-isolating Russia 1mo
Speaker of Joe Biden now changes to TV US 1mo
Texas child welfare workers quit over transgender orders targeting parents 1mo
Sanctions expand as Russia approaches major default US Russia 1mo
Countering loss of Russian oil over penalties, US opens reserve pump US Russia 1mo
Why a great jobs report can't save Joe Biden 1mo
Big Oil has nothing to complain about under Joe Biden 1mo
US warns India against entering into rupee-rouble arrangement with Russia to dodge sanctions India US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Joe Biden wants to tame the oil market with bureaucracy - with the "largest release of strategi... US 1mo
Opinion: What Trump turning to Putin may say about former President's political future Russia 1mo

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biden: Joe Biden: Putin may have put some advisors 'under house arrest' US Ukraine 1mo
Democrats grow worried about Biden immigration move as midterms loom US 1mo
Israel-Palestine ‘peace moves ahead with Biden govt working quietly behind the scenes’ US Israel Palestine 1mo
Biden taps oil reserves to ease domestic prices, global supply US 1mo
Biden releasing one million barrels of oil per day to cool prices US 1mo
Biden’s Indo-Pacific strategy lacks market access, US lawmakers say US 1mo
What is the strategic petroleum reserve and why is Joe Biden dipping in 1mo
AP FACT CHECK: Biden overpromises on green energy savings 1mo
Joe Biden hits out at ‘dangerous, un-American’ anti-trans laws US 1mo
biden: Biden commemorates Transgender Day, calls GOP bills 'wrong' US 1mo
Biden floats possibility Putin is firing his advisers over Ukraine war Ukraine 1mo
Oil prices sink as Biden announces largest-ever release of emergency US oil supplies, ASX set t... US Australia 1mo
Russia state TV calls Gabbard ‘our friend Tulsi’ as Tucker Carlson interview aired Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden orders record emergency oil release at 'moment of peril for the world' US 1mo
Biden Announces Move To Ease Pain Of Rising Oil Prices In U.S., Says Putin Appears To Be Self-I... US 1mo
US dipping into oil reserve to curb rising gas prices US 1mo
Explainer: How the US’s strategic petroleum reserve works US 1mo
Biden calls for ‘use it or lose it’ policy for oil leases on federal land US Russia 1mo
EXPLAINER: What is the Strategic Petroleum Reserve? 1mo
Biden tapping US oil reserves for six months to control petrol prices US 1mo
Election skeptics roil GOP contests for secretary of state 1mo
Joe Biden orders 'unprecedented' release of oil reserves US 1mo
Here's exactly why Joe Biden's poll numbers aren't getting better US 1mo
Trevor Reed: Biden meets with parents of ex-marine detained in Russia US Russia 1mo
U.S. to release extra 1 million barrels of oil a day from strategic reserves to battle high pri... US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden to order 1 million barrels of oil per day released from US reserves US 1mo
Biden to announce release of record 180m barrel of oil from US strategic stockpile to ease dome... US 1mo
US weighs largest ever pull from emergency oil reserve to reduce prices US 1mo
Oil prices fall after US ponders record-breaking release of crude reserves US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Brussels after Biden — Hungarian election — World Food Programme boss Ukraine Hungary 1mo
Biden to announce gender X for US passports and neutral airport scanners US 1mo
Biden do Polonii: USA są oddane sprawie bezpieczeństwa Polski US 1mo
Why Russia's elite are the key to Putin's downfall US Russia 1mo
Trump Alleges Hunter Biden Received Millions From Russia’s Wealthiest Woman US Russia 1mo
UK economy grows faster than expected; oil prices drop as US considers big oil reserve release... US UK 1mo
Biden considering releasing 1 million barrels of oil per day from strategic reserves US 1mo
Biden could invoke Defense Production Act for critical minerals as soon as this week 1mo
Parents of man jailed for years in Russia meet with Biden Russia 1mo
Joe Biden is president in name only but the US establishment refuses to admit it US 1mo
Opinion | Biden Saves Ukraine From Russia—by the Inch Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden, Zelensky Discuss additional Capabilities For Ukraine Military - UrduPoint US Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
Biden, Zelenskyy discuss sanctions, aid, talks with Russia US Russia Ukrania 1mo
white house: White House wants India ambassador nominee to receive expeditious vote in the sena... India US 1mo
Eye on China, US to host special Asean summit China US 1mo
Kyle Rittenhouse angry that Biden won’t return his calls 1mo
Biden to lift Trump-era pandemic restrictions on US-Mexico border, reports say 1mo
War in Ukraine, Live: Joe Biden evokes "additional" military capabilities for kyiv; UN believes... US Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
zelenskyy: Biden speaks to Zelenskyy, announces another $500 million in direct aid to Ukraine US Ukraine 1mo
Ketanji Brown Jackson to receive rare Republican vote as Collins says yes 1mo
US to provide Ukraine with further $500M, Biden tells Zelenskyy US Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
Biden to dispatch $500M more in direct aid to Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden to dispatch $500M more in direct aid to Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Joe Biden to send £380m more in direct aid to Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 1mo
US works to gauge peace prospects as it warns Putin 'misinformed' by advisers US Russia Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
'We'll see,' Biden says on Russia's intent to scale back Ukraine war US Russia Ukraine Ukrania 1mo
How would Joe Biden's proposed 'billionaire tax' work? - Financial Times 1mo
‘No progress’ since George Floyd: US police killing three people a day US 1mo
Biden signs law finally making lynching a hate crime US 1mo
Trump: Putin "Know Answer" About Biden's Son US 1mo
Nagasaki mayor repeats call for Biden visit US Japan 1mo
Allegedly compromising: Trump calls for Putin to publish information about Biden's son 1mo
US President Joe Biden signs historic anti-lynching legislation US 1mo
How would Joe Biden’s proposed ‘billionaire tax’ work? 1mo
Joe Biden signs landmark law making lynching a hate crime 1mo
Joe Biden spotted with cheat-sheet as White House attempts to avoid another gaffe US 1mo
More than 100 years later, lynching now a federal hate crime in the U.S. US 1mo
Joe Biden signs anti-lynching bill in historic first US 1mo
Joe Biden's 'extremely radical' billionaire tax plan is doomed to failure 1mo
'We'll see,' US President Biden says on Russia's intent to scale back US Russia Ukrania 1mo
Biden to sign bill making lynching a federal hate crime 1mo
Biden says 'we'll see' if Russia de-escalates in Ukraine US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden says he remains focused on Pacific amid Ukraine crisis US Russia Ukraine Singapore 1mo
Trump asks Putin to provide dirt on Hunter Biden as war in Ukraine rages Russia Ukraine 1mo
Biden, European leaders to discuss Ukraine in call: White House US Russia Germany France UK Italy Ukraine 1mo
War in Ukraine, live: Moscow says he wants to reduce "radically" his activity in the kyiv regio... US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Telephone interview between Biden, Dragons, Macron, Scholz and Johnson US Germany France UK Italy 1mo
Biden to sign bill making lynching a federal hate crime into law 1mo
Judgment in California: Richter sees signs of a trump conspiracy 1mo
U.S. Senators want Russia removed from U.N. Human Rights Council US Russia Ukraine 1mo
Opinon: Biden's double standard on refugees Afghanistan Poland Ukrania 1mo
Biden to host Singapore's prime minister at White House Singapore 1mo