Joe Biden

47th Vice President of the United States (in office from 2009 to 2017) more on Wikipedia

China, US tussle over Biden's 'Summit for Democracy' China US 19m
Biden reveals plan to ‘vaccinate the world’ US 1h
US Senate passes bill to avert government shutdown 1h
Oklahoma sues Biden & Pentagon over vaccine mandate 2h
Opinion | On Health Policy, Donald Trump Beats Joe Biden Hands Down 4h
Biden revives Trump-era policy Mexico 5h
Biden to attend Kennedy Center Honors, resuming tradition 7h
White House points to surprising cause of crime wave US 8h
Biden's winter plan: Push for Covid-19 boosters but no new restrictions on daily life US 8h
Kremlin reveals agenda for talks between Putin and Biden US Russia 10h
Biden’s approval rating tumbles further 10h
Colbert on Mark Meadows’ new book: ‘Happy to undermine democracy, but he won’t swear’ 10h
Joe Biden backs off US travel quarantine in favour of negative pre-departure Covid test US UK 11h
Darkness will be born a new form of democracy US 13h
Joe Biden says he ‘doesn’t think’ about Donald Trump 14h
Coronavirus: What's happening in Canada and around the world on Thursday US Canada 16h
biden: Biden to launch winter Covid-19 booster, testing campaign US 16h
Biden launching winter COVID-19 booster, testing campaign 18h
Joe Biden to announce nationwide coronavirus battle plan 18h

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U.S. and South Korea to update war plans while urging diplomacy with North Korea US North Korea South Korea 22h
Donald Trump 'tested positive for Covid ahead of debate with Joe Biden,' says former top aide 23h
Kamala Harris’s top adviser to leave office after talk of White House rift 1d
'This revelation shocked me': Ex-Trump aide on Trump's positive Covid test 1d
Trump ‘tested Covid positive just ahead of Biden debate’, former aide claims US 1d
Inside the Biden White House's thorny response to the Omicron variant 1d
Analysis: Trump may have lied about Covid status before debate 1d
Opinion | Omicron Reinfects Government 1d
Trump was COVID positive before debate, ex-aide says in book 1d
Trump denies he had Covid during Biden debate US 1d
The Guardian: Trump tested positive for Covid ahead of Biden debate 1d
Due to the US Omisron, they plan to exacerbate the requirements of the entrance to the country US 1d
Aukus deal: US accuses China of 'economic warfare' against Australia China US Australia 2d
China's trade war was intended to bring Australia 'to its knees'. A top US adviser says Canberr... China US Australia 2d
Biden’s vaccine mandates suffer back-to-back blows US 2d
Most Americans say Biden not doing enough to curb gas prices – poll 2d
Putin comments on Biden’s bid to be president in 2024 US Russia 2d
Biden puts focus on infrastructure amid new virus concerns 2d
This is a *super* weird way for Republicans to attack Joe Biden 2d
Trump spoke to Bannon before riot about delaying Biden certification, report says 2d
Biden & Fauci have vocal problem with Omicron US 2d
Joe Biden’s democracy summit risks flattering the enemy 2d
Analysis: One thing Biden will not do to fight the Omicron variant 2d
Biden faces a familiar foe -- uncertainty 2d
Joe Biden: The omicron variant is no cause for panic US UK 3d
Biden attempts to subdue omicron panic, vows no US lockdowns US 3d
Trump as christmas decoration in white house US 3d
Striking detail in Christmas tree Joe Biden 3d
Nord Stream 2: Is the German-American deal? 3d
Judge halts Biden vaccine mandate in 10 states US 3d
Omicron Covid variant prompts nervous governments to impose travel curbs Israel Australia Japan 3d
Biden reveals what new normal will be US 3d
biden: New Covid variant cause for 'concern, not panic', Biden tells US US 3d
Trump and melania back in the white house ... in the Christmas tree US 3d
Biden not ruling out further US travel bans in wake of omicron variant: ‘We’ll see’ US 3d
COVID-19: Omicron variant is a 'cause for concern and not for panic' insists US President Joe B... US 3d
Biden urges America not to panic over omicron variant US 3d
white house: 'Gifts from the Heart' is Biden White House Christmas theme US 3d
Joe Biden to discuss Omicron Covid variant in White House address – live US 3d
Hunter Biden gifted $80,000 diamond in shady Chinese deal – book China US 3d
FBI accused of acting as Biden’s Gestapo 3d
Top Democrats' 2024 presidential election list revealed if Biden doesn't run US 3d
Democrats ‘worried Kamala Harris is almost unelectable’ as they seek alternative 4d
WATCH: Dancing mayor and shopping Biden breach mask mandates US 4d
Why we need to stop with the 2024 predictions 4d
With Kamala Harris looking unelectable, the Democrats are considering the nuclear option 4d
Planned Democracy Summit: Russia and China criticize "America's cold war mentality" China US Russia 4d
US options when Iran nuclear deal talks resume US Iran 4d
Joe Biden's oil supply gamble risks backfiring US 5d
Blaming COVID: Biden sees common culprit for country's woes 5d
Biden wants COVID vaccine IP protections waived amid concern over Omicron variant US 6d
ukraine: Biden reiterates support for Ukraine's territorial integrity, State Dept says all opti... US Ukraine 6d
Biden ignores vegan Thanksgiving push 6d
Biden backtracks on oil drilling ban US 6d
Biden administration calls for hike in federal drilling fees in report that largely sidesteps c... 6d
Biden administration calls for hike in federal drilling fees in report that largely sidesteps c... 6d
Travel restrictions start Monday South Africa 6d
Travel restrictions start Monday South Africa 6d
In Nantucket, Biden shops, attends Christmas tree lighting 6d
Joe Biden is everything he accused Donald Trump of being 6d
‘Dark money’ organization may have helped Biden win 6d
Joe Biden says return of fully fledged Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade shows 'America is back' US 1w
thanksgiving: Americans mark 'closer-to-normal' Thanksgiving; Biden says, 'we're back' US 1w
Doctors remove 'potentially pre-cancerous polyp' from Joe Biden's colon 1w
Polyp in Biden’s colon was benign but potentially pre-cancerous 1w
Georgia: three white men guilty murders African American Ahmaud Arber US 1w
Here’s The Growing List Of Countries Weighing A Diplomatic Boycott Of The Beijing Olympics US 1w
Bloomberg - Are you a robot? China US Ireland Taiwan 1w
Xi-Biden summit previewed by White House press secretary Psaki China US 1w
Australia considering Beijing Olympics diplomatic boycott – reports China US Australia 1w
Polyly retired at Biden is benign US 1w
Flush With Cash, Saudi Prince Snubs Biden And Sends A Message Saudi Arabia 1w
Biden had benign but potentially precancerous lesion removed during colonoscopy 1w
White House shares details of Biden's colonoscopy US 1w
Biden may turn away migrants but offer them free Covid-19 jabs Mexico 1w
American Patrol Boats Arrive in Ukraine Amid US Move to Beef Up Country's Military US Russia Ukraine Ukrania 1w
biden: Biden picks women of colour to lead White House budget office US 1w
Will tapping into emergency oil reserves ease US petrol prices? US 1w
Biden says guilty verdicts in murder of Arbery 'reflect our justice system doing its job' 1w
China to join oil reserve release ‘based on its own needs’ amid price push China US 1w
Joe Biden camp denies reports of 'Anchorman' gaffe 1w