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Manhunt underway in Utah to find local radio personality’s killer 4h
US: FBI raids home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska US Russia 4h
Salah the hero again as Liverpool wins breathless Champions League tie against Atletico 4h
Strong winds forecast as search resumes for three Tasmanians missing at sea 4h
N.Korea confirms submarine launch of ballistic missile North Korea South Korea Japan 4h
Global approval of the US grows to 49% from 30% under Trump US 4h
Prosecutors rest; Giuliani associate considers testifying 4h
Facebook pays $4.75M US fine plus back pay to settle suit alleging it favoured foreign workers US 4h
PayPal founder faces backlash from Kiwi eco-groups over lodge plans 4h
Queen in stitches over New Zealand Governor General's quip - 'Indeed I have' New Zealand 4h
N Korea confirms missile test designed for submarine launch North Korea South Korea 4h
Analysis: Mix-and-match vaccine policy provides two advantages 4h
John King: I have multiple sclerosis and I'm grateful you're all vaccinated 4h
‘Click to pray 2.0’: Vatican rolls app for the digitally devoted 4h
Opinion | Who Gets ‘Canceled’? 4h
Opinion | Ethics Shenanigans at the Labor Board 4h
Opinion | The GameStop Scandal That Wasn’t 4h
Opinion | The West’s Energy Masochism 4h
Opinion | Iran Won’t Stop Until It Has a Nuclear Weapon Iran 4h

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Opinion | What Colin Powell Learned From His Own Story US 4h
Opinion | San Francisco Has Become a Shoplifter’s Paradise 4h
Opinion | Netflix Isn’t Brave, and That’s Fine 4h
North Korea confirms 'successful' submarine-launched missile test North Korea South Korea Japan 4h
New NASA telescope will observe star birth and death in the Milky Way's evolution 4h
US defense chief says Russia is an 'obstacle to peace' US Russia Ukraine 4h
An offer you have to refuse: A city in Sicily has banned godfathers 4h
Video shows intruder breaking into house as mother and baby hid in bathroom 4h
Oklahoma’s anti-’critical race theory’ law is unconstitutional, lawsuit claims 4h
Extinction Rebellion protesters glued to road in Adelaide's CBD call for climate change action 4h
The Insolvency of Frankfurt Hahn Airport has been revealed.| Planeinfo News 4h
All onboard escape unharmed after plane runs off Texas runway and burns 4h
When a cobra became a murder weapon 4h
One dead, another critical after Sydney shooting 4h
Starving dogs cut off by lava from volcano will be rescued by DRONES 4h
‘We were very blessed’: in the Cook Islands the pandemic proved a welcome respite from tourists 4h
Latest news updates: IMF’s first woman chief economist Gopinath to return to Harvard in January 4h
gopinath: IMF Chief Economist Gita Gopinath to leave job and return to Harvard University | Ind... India 3h
Watch: Labrador kisses massive whale shark on the nose during adorable meeting Australia 3h
Bloomberg - Are you a robot? Russia 3h
The Indian women widowed by Covid-19 India 3h
Russia suspends mission to NATO 'in response' to bloc's actions, Moscow minister claims Russia 3h
New Zealand Covid daily cases could reach ‘high hundreds’, says minister New Zealand 3h
Capitol riots officer: The moment the mob took me 3h
The US suburban couple accused of a bungled treason plot US 3h
Shoppers warned to watch out for purchase scams on Black Friday 3h
Gita Gopinath To Leave IMF, Return To Harvard University In January 3h
US Ambassador to the UK: Colin Powell 'was a man of great integrity' US UK 3h
Sudan on the brink amid scramble for democracy Sudan 3h
Hey Bepu, can you speak Konglish? South Korea hopes not South Korea UK 3h
‘Abandoned by 3 countries’: the Chinese-North Koreans in South Korea China South Korea 3h
South Korean companies face own ‘Squid Game’ in Xi Jinping’s China China South Korea 3h
Evergrande share trading halt pushes HKEX suspensions to record $61bn 3h
Jan. 6 committee moves to hold Bannon in contempt 3h
Scientists urge UK to consider ‘Plan B’ with Covid-19 cases high and rising UK 3h
Implement ‘plan B’ winter measures now or risk NHS crisis, Johnson warned 3h
IAEA chief: Aukus could set precedent for pursuit of nuclear submarines Iran 3h
Ros Atkins on… Europe's climate challenge 3h
Myanmar: Mass release of political prisoners Myanmar 3h
Redbacks cricketers investigated for possible COVID breach at Adelaide bar 3h
Family pleads for help from Australia after Afghan interpreter murdered by Taliban Australia Afghanistan 3h
If US and EU were divided on China, Aukus ‘betrayal’ just dug the trenches deeper China US 3h
Nazi concentration camp secretary, 96, finally in court after going on the run 3h
Taliban won't be allowed access to Afghan central bank reserves -Adeyemo US Afghanistan 3h
China and Russia send warships between Japanese islands China Russia Japan 3h
Sovereign bonds could soon be in MPF members’ investment portfolio 3h
Squid Game and other popular shows help propel Netflix to higher 3rd-quarter earnings South Korea 3h
Brazil's Bolsonaro should face homicide charge for COVID-19 errors, says Senate report Brazil 3h
Haiti gang seeks $1 million per person for kidnapped missionaries US Canada Haiti 3h
Incredible moment couple FLOAT their 100-year-old dream home across lake Canada 3h
Antony Blinken kicks off three-day Latin America trip US 3h
Capitol riot committee recommends criminal contempt for Bannon 3h
Trump aims to countersue sex assault accuser who sued him 3h
Berlin's Alte Nationalgalerie Returned a Nazi-Looted Pissarro Painting—And Then Bought It Back... 3h
Edita Gruberova, dazzling operatic soprano, dies at 74 3h
khalilzad: People facing great challenges in Afghanistan: Zalmay Khalilzad US Afghanistan 3h
Victoria's privacy commission orders release of secret COVID lockdown briefings 3h
Australia hits 70 per cent vaccine milestone Australia 3h
ACT records 24 new COVID-19 cases, school listed as exposure site 3h
Philippines defends gas deal involving Duterte ally Dennis Uy Philippines 3h
North Korea says submarine-launched missile boasts new capabilities North Korea 3h
Conservative radio host says he caught COVID on purpose: 'What I hoped for the entire time' 3h
Interpreter who assisted ADF executed by Taliban Australia Afghanistan 3h
House Capitol attack committee votes to recommend Steve Bannon prosecution 2h
Ex-soldiers protest in Guatemala to get civil war payment Guatemala 2h
sydney: Melbourne welcomes vaccinated Sydney residents without quarantine Australia 2h
Saudi Arabia postpones return of elementary students to classrooms Saudi Arabia 2h
We will not see his like again: Saudi royal tribute to British journalist Roger Harrison Spain UK Saudi Arabia 2h
Rap star Pitbull to launch Riyadh Season with sold-out concert 2h
UK foreign secretary visits Saudi Arabia, Qatar to boost economic and security ties UK Saudi Arabia Qatar 2h
Saudi cabinet welcomes leaders ahead of Saudi and Middle East green initiative summits Saudi Arabia 2h
Saudi Arabia’s King Salman receives letter from Bahraini counterpart on bilateral relations Saudi Arabia Bahrain 2h
UN delegation briefed on Saudi agency’s reconstruction work in Yemen Yemen Saudi Arabia 2h
‘People threatening Bitar are involved in the port blast’ Lebanon 2h
European court raps Turkey over presidential ‘insults’ law France Turkey 2h
Israel violates international law ‘because it can,’ UN Security Council told Israel 2h
UK, Arab League concerned over Iran’s nuclear program Iran UK 2h
48 Houthi militants killed near Yemen’s Marib: Arab coalition Yemen 2h
Blinken says Yemen conflict is top US foreign policy priority US Yemen 2h
Silicon Valley’s Osh Agabi lifts the lid on Koniku’s disease-detection tech Nigeria 2h
Palestinians clash with Israeli police in Jerusalem Israel Palestine 2h