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China Votes in Favor of UN Resolution Condemning Russian Aggression 7mos
Ethiopia used chemicals to kill locusts. Billions of honeybees disappeared 7mos
South Africa warns Putin of threat of arrest should he attend BRICS Summit in person 7mos
Several nations voiced concern at the United Nations Monday over police violence, including aga... 7mos
Police fired teargas in Paris and other cities as protesters turned out for May Day rallies acr... 7mos
Turkey released new details Monday about its successful operation against the Islamic State's g... 7mos
French police battle black-clad anarchists during May Day rallies 7mos
Stranded in Sudan with passports locked in Western embassies 7mos
Afghanistan's women protest as U.N. hosts meeting in Doha on "how to engage with the Taliban" 7mos
Zoonomia: Genetic research reveals all we share with animals 7mos
May Day protests: Labor rights demonstrations across Europe – DW – 05/01/2023 7mos
Biscuit maker to cough up Swiss Military royalties 7mos
Uzbekistan approves reforms to strengthen president 7mos
Jack Ma, the billionaire co-founder of Alibaba who disappeared from public life in 2020, has ta... 7mos
Russia is building defenses deep inside its own territory, fearing a sweeping Ukrainian counter... 7mos
Railway track blown up in Bryansk Oblast in Russia: train carrying fuel derails 7mos
Ukrainian Ambassador to Ireland Calls on to Boycott Jameson Whiskey after Russian Supply Resume... 7mos
Ukrainian defenders oust Russian forces from some positions in Bakhmut 7mos
South Africa considers inviting Putin to summit via Zoom so that he avoid arrests 7mos

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Nurses across England strike in biggest walkout so far 7mos