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Lebanese President to protesters: “If you don’t like your leaders, emigrate” 1h
Turkey silently planted 11 million trees yesterday 51m
Saudi Arabia just declared homosexuality, feminism, and atheism types of “extremism”. 37m
Jimmy Carter in hospital following brain procedure 1h
Mexico has become the first country in the world to receive validation from the World Health Or... 50m
WikiLeaks reveals 30.000 files on Iceland's largest fisheries company bribing Namibian official... 21m
Crazed man in China burns 51 kindergartners with chemical substance 57m
Tribe to argue against expansion of Dakota Access pipeline 1h
Incestuous couple jailed for killing sons and plotting to murder other children 1h
US drones could have footage of Turkish war crimes in Syria: report 43m
Tesla CEO Elon Musk announces Gigafactory, design center near Berlin 33m
Australia fires could be out of control for months, says fire chief 48m
Bolivia: Opposition lawmaker assumes presidential post, says her government to be transitory, w... 1h
Three performers stabbed at Saudi entertainment event: state TV 47m
Trump says US could 'substantially' raise China tariffs if deal isn't reached 26m
Venezuela Currency Has Depreciated by 97.36% So Far This Year 39m
OAS confirms fraud in Bolivian general elections. 30m
The Hong Kong policeman who shot a student protester in Sai Wan Ho on Monday did not deviate fr... 42m
Richard Branson apologises for South Africa photo with only white people 41m

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An Icelandic fishing company bribed officials in Namibia and used Norway's largest bank to tran... 24m