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Australian city council to ban pet cats from going outside to protect wildlife 35m
New Covid drug that cuts death by 80% approved in UK amid fight against Omicron 27m
China rips Abe after former Japanese leader's remarks about Taiwan 1h
Costa Rica celebrates 73 years without an army 7h
After 16 years of rule, Angela Merkel says goodbye with Nina Hagen song as German military hono... 6h
Russia's top diplomat accuses the US and NATO of risking a 'nightmare scenario of military conf... 9h
Satellites have discovered huge cloud of undisclosed methane emissions over Australia, experts... 6h
Canada joins U.S, EU and Britain in imposing new Belarus sanctions 11h
Canada votes to ban LGBTQ ‘conversion therapy’. Conservatives joined Liberals in unanimous vote... 5h
China is launching an aggressive campaign to promote Mandarin, saying 85 percent of its citizen... 22h
Chilean environmental activist who opposed dam projects found dead | Global development 3h
British Columbia releases first animal death toll from its catastrophic floods: 628,000 chicken... 3h
South Korean security adviser visits China as Seoul pushes for formal end to Korean war 9h
US white supremacists targeting under-vaxxed Aboriginal communities, WA Premier says 16h
Russia’s activity on the Ukraine border has put the west on edge 1h
Barclays, RBS, HSBC, Credit Suisse and UBS fined for taking part in forex trading cartel 5h
Polish women protest attempts to further restrict abortion 12h
Covid: Germany puts major restrictions on unvaccinated 2h
Facebook uncovers Chinese network behind fake expert 20h

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Pentagon calls for stop to anti-satellite weapons testing after debris from Russian demo threat... 19h