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UK wildlife continues long-term decline in diversity and abundance | Financial Times UK 41m
Prescriptions surge for Novo Nordisk’s Ozempic and similar drugs | Financial Times 41m
Francis Drake’s swashbuckling spirit lives on in Kyiv’s Black Sea battles | Financial Times Russia 41m
US real estate: Trump is not the only developer with hype expectations | Financial Times US 1h
Oilfield approval reignites debate over UK’s green transition | Financial Times UK 1h
Cryptocurrency exchange Binance to exit Russia | Financial Times Russia 2h
Portugal’s Gen-Z sues dozens of governments over climate change | Financial Times Portugal 2h
Indonesian ban on social media transactions deals TikTok major blow | Financial Times Indonesia 3h
UK savers continue to raid pensions as inflation takes its toll | Financial Times UK 3h
Biden, Feinstein and the ageing of US politics | Financial Times US 4h
Disarray of EU migration policy squeezes the space for rational debate | Financial Times 4h
Sri Lanka fails to reach agreement to unlock next IMF bailout tranche | Financial Times Sri Lanka 4h
Director of troubled charities bank to head UK deposit protection scheme | Financial Times UK 4h
Azerbaijan arrests Russian-Armenian billionaire fleeing Nagorno-Karabakh | Financial Times Azerbaijan 5h
Hotter weather boosts growth prospects for English winemaker Chapel Down | Financial Times UK 5h
North Korea to expel detained US soldier Travis King | Financial Times US North Korea South Korea 5h
Beware fiscal rules that are easy answers to complicated problems | Financial Times UK 6h
France unveils modest spending cuts for next year | Financial Times France 7h
The Lex Newsletter: finally, final salary pensions weaken their grip | Financial Times 7h

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Sunak’s new strategy exposes 13 years of Tory failure | Financial Times 8h
Paul Polman: Nagorno-Karabakh crisis reveals CEOs’ ‘shyness’ on human rights | Financial Times 8h
UK regulator to launch review of private market valuations | Financial Times UK 9h
Brazil minister says oil and green ambitions are not contradictory | Financial Times Brazil 9h
Russian frozen assets ‘ought to’ be used to rebuild Ukraine, says US special envoy | Financial... US Russia Ukraine 9h
Jailed oligarch accuses TPG of colluding with Kremlin to seize $14bn assets | Financial Times US 9h
Will Lib Dems capitalise on spotlight come election time? | Financial Times US 10h
UK regulators approve plans for vast new North Sea oilfield | Financial Times UK 11h
London mayoral hopeful Susan Hall: ‘I am marmite’ | Financial Times 11h
Russia is increasingly using China’s currency to evade sanctions | Financial Times China Russia Serbia 13h
Scotland recycling failure doubles National Investment Bank losses | Financial Times Scotland 14h
PwC Australia’s culture attacked in tax leak scandal report | Financial Times Australia 14h
Dispatches from Ukraine that show the big picture | Financial Times Ukraine 14h
US small cap stocks wilt in the heat of higher interest rates | Financial Times US 14h
German far right party surges on immigrant ‘dystopia’ | Financial Times Germany 14h
Chinese battery groups invest in Morocco to serve western markets | Financial Times China US Morocco 14h
Turkey’s finance minister says ‘challenging’ conditions will take time to turn round | Financia... Turkey 14h
Should I have a survey on a flat with a 10-year guarantee? | Financial Times 14h
Farming subsidies trigger row over future of British countryside | Financial Times UK 14h
Horizon 22 trumps the Shard to become London’s highest viewpoint (and it’s free) | Financial Ti... 14h
Nikki Haley seeks breakout moment in second Republican debate | Financial Times 14h
How to rally support for Ukraine on bond markets | Financial Times Ukraine 14h
The FTC is primed for Amazon US 14h
McKinsey pays out another $230mn to settle opioid cases | Financial Times 14h
China’s economic malaise hits efforts to raise $41bn chip fund | Financial Times China 16h
What ‘peak oil’ will mean for China | Financial Times China 18h
US autoworkers strike: when will dealerships run out of cars to sell? | Financial Times US 19h
Scrapping UK inheritance tax hands £1mn to richest 1%, finds IFS | Financial Times UK 19h
Australian vineyards struggle to stay afloat amid wine glut | Financial Times China Australia 19h
Live news: US Senate reaches deal to avoid government shutdown | Financial Times 20h
Donald Trump committed fraud by inflating real estate value, New York judge rules | Financial T... 20h