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Israel’s defence minister calls for halt to judicial reforms Israel 55m
Iraq wins landmark case against Turkey over Kurdish oil exports Iraq Turkey 55m
Putin plans to deploy tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus Belarus 2h
Rules for winding up big banks do not work, Swiss finance minister warns Switzerland 5h
Brussels agrees deal with Germany in spat over combustion engines ban Germany 8h
Traders pile into bets on gold price rally 8h
Food producers take up record volumes of UK warehouse space UK 8h
Police draft new guidance to reduce criminalisation of sex workers 8h
Tim Cook praises Apple’s ‘symbiotic’ relationship with China China 9h
Macron confronts a mistrustful France France 9h
Luxury brands to capitalise on coronation jubilation 13h
FT Magazine’s Italy food and drink special Italy 16h
German wine has transformed itself. Why haven’t buyers noticed? Germany 16h
After Impressionism, National Gallery — an engrossing exploration of the roots of Modernism 16h
Jiang Yanyong, surgeon and Sars whistleblower, 1931-2023 16h
Pension ages: reforms focus attention on longevity gaps 16h
A very Swiss identity crisis Switzerland 16h
Delay to UK state pension age rise risks costing £60bn, says think-tank UK 20h
Investing in early childhood is a down payment on all our futures 21h

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Top Democrats lash out at ‘new wave’ of Republican climate denialism 23h
UK government expected to offer energy companies windfall tax relief UK 23h
EY global chair says partners have ‘right to vote’ on spin-off plan 23h
Trussonomics thinker and Vote Leave chief on draft list for honours 1d
Xi’s Russia trip reduced chance of nuclear war, says EU foreign policy chief Russia 1d
Majority of Swiss want new UBS-Credit Suisse mega bank split up Switzerland Suisse 1d
US-China tech tensions intensify 1d
Rishi Sunak and the rout of Tory Eurosceptics 1d
Nicola Sturgeon leaves behind ‘mixed’ legacy for Scotland and SNP Scotland 1d
Alvin Bragg, the district attorney who holds Trump’s charges in the balance 1d
There are glimmers of hope for reform after the exposure of rotten Met culture 1d
EU leaders remain deadlocked on classification of nuclear energy 1d
The fallout from the banking turmoil 1d
Tensions inside Netanyahu government exposed during chaotic week 1d
Sunak warns Netanyahu of ‘international concern’ during UK visit UK 1d
Britain and the EU adopt post-Brexit deal on Northern Ireland Ireland UK 1d
French DIY retailer Leroy Merlin bows to pressure to exit Russia Russia France 1d
US experiences biggest bank failures since Global Financial Crisis US 1d
Rising sales and business activity point to UK economic resilience UK 1d
Crude prices fall as US holds off on replenishing reserves US 1d
IR35 tax receipts set to double to £1.5bn a year 1d
Oil and gas: the transatlantic divide opens up 1d
Olaf Scholz dismisses fears over Deutsche Bank 1d
Fed officials double down on rate rise decision citing high inflation 1d
China is tightening its embrace with Russia as it builds bulwarks against the west China Russia 1d
UK Home Office works with US defence start-up to identify small-boat crossings US 1d
Eurozone businesses report strong surge in activity 1d
Sweep away Ofsted grading and allow teachers to teach 1d
Rahul Gandhi barred from India’s parliament following conviction over Modi remarks India 1d
So you think you know your supply chain? 1d
Journalist Bari Weiss: ‘I hate bullies, period’ 1d