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Important Italian mafia boss during major operation arrested in Madrid Spain Italy 13m
Moderna: Coronavaccin effectiveness is barely finished after six months 28m
Football match held: Giga-Mug in Stadium Colombia 48m
Village in California completely destroyed by forest fires 1h
Live | All the Netherlands now red in Corona card thanks to decrease Netherlands 2h
Heavy criminal with help from forklift escapes from Belgian prison Russia Belgium 3h
ANWB: large crowds on European roads this weekend 3h
Glass balcony on 42nd floor! Would you dare? 3h
Bengarde Situation in Metro New York: Man wrapped out just in time for patching train 5h
Impressive: new underwater museum opened Cyprus 5h
Fire reaches Turkish coal-fired power station, residents via sea evacuated Turkey 6h
Bus beats: ten dead and twelve wounded US 7h
Live | France gives risk groups from September third pric France 3h
Brazilian court: research or bolsonaro fake news distributes Brazil 14h
Live | "Coronavaccination obliged to travel to the US" US 16h
Images: Riots break out in Beirut Lebanon 19h
Illegal tigers discovered in many too small cages: "Perpetrators may now be stuck themselves" Vietnam 19h
Belgian WAFID O. (43) abused and dries teenage girls: 'Wake up with only underwear' Belgium 20h
Worry about 'shadow war' between Aartsvijand Israel and Iran Iran Israel Lebanon 21h

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More forest fires in Italy, region wants emergency Italy 21h
Angry American (22) in plane tied with duct tape US 21h
Trump refuses to transfer tax returns to Parliament US 22h
Live | Due to many hospital admissions, 14 regions are 'very serious' 20h
Homeless 'Jesus' is offered sleeping space, but hosts host US 23h
Sprint star from Belarus landed in Vienna Belarus 23h
Father sees car be stolen (with his children in it!) UK 23h
Most burn Turkey extinguished, also rescued power plant Turkey 1d
Italian Diego helps Afke and her family after theft camper: "Giving between driving lessons by... Italy 1d
German newspapers criticize new measures: "On the way to authoritarian state" Germany 1d
Hard criticism of rock-hard German corona approach: "On the way to authoritarian state" Germany 1d
Obama continues stripe by controversial birthday party 1d
Belgium also fined Dutch tourists without a corona certificate Netherlands Belgium 1d
Prices Diamonds rise due to rush consumer 1d
Vaccine developer gets its own barb dop: 'Very separate' US 1d
Lack of wind helps fire brigade in fight against fire Athens Greece 1d
Anger and sadness in Lebanon at commemoration of the harbor disaster Lebanon 1d
It had to become an epic gold, but Dutch garbage man failed hopeless in Germany Germany Netherlands 1d
Dog saved boss Marc (64) when he was dragged through river moving Germany Belgium 1d
Dozens of injured and two killed at frontal train collision Czech Republic Czech Republic 1d
After disaster Beirut, nothing happens at all: "This is a bad movie" Lebanon 1d
One year later: that's how port is now there 1d
Germany struggles after flood with mountains of waste and debris Germany 1d
Grace Couple Missouri After threatening activists with firearms 1d
Aggressive passenger tied with duct tape in plane 1d
Agent stabbed to death during shooting, Pentagon temporarily in Lockdown 1d
Even Joe Biden is finished after 'years of sexual misconduct' with Cuomo, but it doesn't have i... 1d
Young Reebok and Vos posing for Flemish hobby photographer: "As if I were in a living animal fa... Belgium 1d
Young Reebok and Vos posing for Flemish hobby photographer: 'As if I am in a living animal fair... Belgium 1d
Battle for Lot Eitan (5): The only cable brain survivor survivor in Italy Israel Italy 1d
Battle for Lot Eitan (5): The only survivor of cable car crash in Italy Israel Italy 1d