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Green light for travel to France has Britons rushing to book holidays France 11m
Senate expected to vote Saturday on passage of bipartisan infrastructure bill – live 11m
Bill Gates says meetings with Jeffrey Epstein were ‘huge mistake’ 26m
UK backed plan to charge non-EU travellers to enter Europe UK 36m
Britons in Mexico tell of dismay after country put on travel red list Mexico 56m
Getting on the right track with HS2 benefits | Letters 56m
Fledgling success as hen harrier continues to recover in England England 1h
Brian May: ‘I never have a single day without thinking about Freddie’ 1h
A coup or not? Tunisian activists grapple with president’s powergrab Tunisia 1h
Vaccinated Britons can travel 'without looking over their shoulder', says Shapps – video Spain France 56m
Rex Patrick wins FoI case to release national cabinet records 2h
Fredo: Independence Day review – a stark, sombre return to core values 1h
National leaders to discuss easing restrictions for vaccinated Australians as half the country... 2h
First Thing: impeachment efforts against Cuomo take shape after sexual harassment scandal 2h
Cyprus’s haunting new underwater sculpture park – in pictures Cyprus 2h
Police officer shot dead armed robber after being told not to intervene, Victorian coroner’s co... 3h
Chinese liquor and e-cigarette shares fall amid state ‘vice industry’ crackdown China 3h
WHO calls for Covid booster pause so those in poorer nations can be vaccinated – video 2h
Nottingham restaurant Escobar accused of ‘glamourising drug lords’ 3h

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Environmental impact of bottled water ‘up to 3,500 times greater than tap water’ 3h
Even a priest in Brazil is not spared rage of Bolsonaro supporters Brazil 4h
Indonesia Covid deaths pass 100,000 as Delta overwhelms hospitals Indonesia 4h
‘The Pied Piper leading us off a cliff’: Florida governor condemned as Covid surges 4h
Sunken treasure, papal names and an angry Alan Partridge – take the Thursday quiz 4h
Israel launches airstrikes in Lebanon in response to rockets Israel Lebanon 5h
‘Pure gaslighting’: regional NSW residents furious as Covid spreads after vaccines redirected t... 5h
The Delta variant and ‘breakthrough’ infections: should Americans be worried? 5h
Kitchen nightmares: do we need more celebrity cooking shows? 6h
Two adults and teenager charged after boy’s body found in south Wales river 7h
‘They thought Covid only kills white people’: myths and fear hinder jabs in DRC Congo 7h
Top Republicans move to protect Trump from Capitol attack fallout 7h
NSW Covid update: Sydney suffers worst day of pandemic with 262 cases and five deaths as Delta... 7h
Meet the tuatara, the sluggish ‘living fossil’ with the fastest sperm in the reptile world New Zealand 7h
Coronavirus live news: Japan experts urge nationwide state of emergency as Sydney suffers worst... Australia Japan 8h
Fleeing the Taliban: Afghans met with rising anti-refugee hostility in Turkey Turkey 8h
‘The best summer of my life’ – Kae Tempest takes Sophocles on a gender odyssey Greece 8h
Love, courage and solidarity: 20 essential lessons young athletes taught us this summer 8h
The last humanist: how Paul Gilroy became the most vital guide to our age of crisis UK 8h
Cargo bikes deliver faster and cleaner than vans, study finds 8h
Toxic cat food fear as vets struggle with mysterious illness 8h
Gaza conflict led to record rise in UK antisemitic attacks, charity says UK 8h
Welcome to Australia’s pandemic patois: tell us about your lockdown language Australia 9h
Vaccine passports look inevitable, so what rights do New Zealanders have? | Claire Breen 9h
New Zealand farmers have avoided regulation for decades. Now their bill has come due | Baz Macd... New Zealand 9h
Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts likely to miss US tour to recover from procedure US 10h
Google co-founder Larry Page granted entry to New Zealand despite border closure, report says New Zealand Fiji 10h
Why a Belarusian Olympic sprinter refused to fly home Belarus 11h
Greece fires: 150 houses destroyed by wildfires as monks refuse to leave stricken island Greece 11h
Meghan and Prince Harry discussed moving to New Zealand in 2018, governor general says New Zealand 11h
Qld Covid-19 update: 16 new local cases with all of the new infections ‘directly linked’ – vide... 12h